Stannous Oxide



Tin is a member of the Octahedron Group. It consists of a central globe, Nel20. eight funnels opening on the faces of the octahedron and six spikes pointing to the six corners. Fig. 179.

In Stannous Oxide the Oxygen enters into the middle of the central sphere. This sphere, Nel20, consists of five interlaced tetrahedrons at each corner of which is a group of six Anu. The centre of this tetrahedral arrangement is hollow and the Oxygen gets inside it and stands upright. Before the Oxygen enters the 20 Ad6 groups are held together at a certain distance apart. The Oxygen drives them further apart and the central sphere increases its size without altering its general character. The 20 Ad6 groups, however, which previously lay horizontally at the tetrahedron corners, now stick out vertically, all pointing to the middle.

When the Stannous Oxide is heated Oxygen is expelled and the Tin returns to its normal condition and shrinks again.

In the diagram only four faces of the octahedron are shown. Thus we show four funnels only and four spikes out of the six Four funnels and two spikes are not shown. Similarly the inner sphere cannot be properly represented and the reader must imagine the 20 Ad6 groups sticking out all pointing to the centre.

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