The arrangement in this molecule is somewhat like that in Potassium Nitrate.

Potassium is a spike element having a globe consisting of N110 surrounded by six Li4 balls. Above this come nine Li63 spikes.

The Chlorine atom is a dumb-bell, having a rod C1.19 and two flowers, one at each end, each consisting of twelve funnels and a centre sphere.

The Oxygen atoms have the usual spiral form.

The molecule KCIO, has a dumb-bell in the middle and the three Oxygen atoms round it at the points of an equilateral triangle. These are probably on a plane at right angles to the paper as in Nitric acid and Potassium Nitrate.

The centre of the whole molecule and of the rod of the dumb-bell, is the N110 with six Li4 round it. This comes from the Potassium and seems to push its way into the rod. The middle group of the rod, which is a ball of five Anu. forms a ring round the large group. The rest of the rod, two groups of four Anu and two groups of three Anu, are placed as shown, and complete the enlarged rod of the dumb-bell. The remainder of the Chlorine atom, consisting of the two flowers, appears in the normal position, at the top and bottom of the rod.

The nine spikes from the Potassium atom are at the corners of a triangle and the Oxygen atoms outside these.

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