atomic no. 63.


This element resembles Tellurium in its arrangement Fig. 64.

Centred globe. The central globe of Europium is similar to that of Tellurium except that a tiny sphere of two Anu is added to each arm of the cross. Thus eight Anu are added to the globe of Tellurium, making Eu59.

Funnels. The funnels each consist of three identical segments, each of 232 Anu. Each segment contains, first the three SelO as in previous elements, then three pillars each of 26 Anu, Eu26, and above these, four spheres, each Eu31. The total for one funnel is 696 Anu.

Europium = Eu59+4 [3 (3Sel0+3Eu26+4Eu31)] Central globe =

4 funnels of 696 Anu =


59 Anu


2843 Anu

Number weight = 157.95




atomic no. 67. HOLMIUM

This element is similar to Europium except that its central globe is much more complex. Fig. 65.

Central globe. The grand centre of the globe is made up of a sphere of seven Anu. surrounded by three groups of 15 Anu. The seven central Anu are arranged at the six points of space with one in the centre.

The groups of 15 Anu suggest the rings in Occultum, Ocl5.

Outside this sphere there radiate groups of bodies composed of two sets of four similar groups. Each set of four points in a definite direction fixed by the tetrahedron. One set of four points to the four faces and the other set to the four corners. The set that points to the four faces is that which occurs in the central globe of Europium.

In the set which points to the four corners each contains N6, three Ad6 and B5, some of which groups are found in Occultum. The B5 at the end comes to a point as if it were a prong.

When we take the three groups of 3B5 and the remaining groups which make the four pointers to the four corners, it is possible to account for three Occultum atoms except for one Anu. When the three groups and the four pointers were taken out they promptly rearranged themselves as three Occultum atoms. It was found that the missing Anu was that which acted as the grand centre of the whole Holmium atom.

Funnel. The four funnels are exactly as those in Europium. Each funnel has three segments and each segment contains 232 Anu arranged as in Europium.

Central globe = 220 Anu

4 funnels of 696 Anu = 2784

Total = 3004 Anu Number weight = 166.9


atomic no. 80. MERCURY

Mercury keeps to the tetrahedral form but adopts a much more complex central globe. Figs. 66, 67.

Here we have an element with a decided individuality of its own. True, its component parts are all borrowed, but the combination of them is unique.

Funnel. Mercury borrows its funnels from Tellurium, though dropping two Anu from each column, and then captures the lovely Selenium star, but turns it into a solid looking and vigorously rotating sphere. The star is no longer flat but has its arms projecting towards the six directions. We may credit what is borrowed from Tellurium and Selenium to the type to which all three belong, but what is taken from Gold must represent the influence of the evolutionary force, since Gold comes just before it on the spiral, though on quite a different line.

The funnels have three segments as in Cadmium. Each segment contains three SelO, three pillars, C1.19, and four globes Te22. Above the three segments there floats a sphere made of the Selenium star. Each funnel contains three segments+Sel53, making 678 Anu.




The Central Globe. With splendid audacity, Mercury seizes upon the wonderful system of 864 Anu which makes the connccting rod in Gold, and uses that as its centrepiece. Fig. 67.

Mercury = Au864+4 [3 (3Sel0+3C1.19+4Te22)+Sel53]

Central globe 864 Anu

4 funnels of 678 Anu ^ 2712

Number weight - 198.66

An Isotope of Mercury. Mercury B is also a tetrahedron and closely resembles Mercury, the difference being only the addition of six Anu to each of the four funnels of Mercury. This produces a new element, a solid Mercury. A specimen of this rare form of Mercury exists in an occult museum.

The six extra Anu are added in the centre of the Selenium star in the funnels. Fig. 69.

Mercury B.

Central globe = 864 Anu

4 funnels of 684 Anu = 2736

Total = 3600 Anu

Number weight = 200

atomic no. m. POLONIUM

Polonium, though a tetrahedron, is still heavier and more complicated than the earlier members of the group. It is rare and appears to be unstable. Figs. 69, 70.

Central globe. The globe goes back to the pattern of Holmium. It contains a grand centre of a sphere 1.7 surrounded by six groups of (3B5) = Hol5. This again is surrounded by eight groups as in Holmium. Four of these are Po42 and four Po35, making a globe of 405 Anu as the centre-piece of Polonium.

Funnel. Each of the funnels has three segments. Each segment contains at the bottom three ovoids Pol7, then three pillars Po33 and then four spheres Po33\ These make up 282 Anu. Three segments of 282 make 846 Anu in each funnel.

Central globe = 405 Anu

4 funnels of 846 Anu = 3384

Total = 3789 Anu



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