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The Instant. Seduction

1. Get their attention using humor and make an introduction

2. Create a sense of incredible connection, comfort, and rapport

3. Anchor them to intense pleasure states in their body.

4. Use submodalities, embedded commands; magic phrases, quotes and other "technical"

persuasion techniques to heighten the state of sexual chemistry.

Example using the Instant Magnetic Attraction Phrase

"Have you ever felt and Instant Magnetic Attraction with someone? (point to yourself.)

Maybe as you were looking at them and you started to LISTEN INTENTLY as you found every word fascinating.

Sometimes this JUST NATURALLY HAPPENS, it seems as if there is just a chord of light (gesture from your solar plexes to his/hers) connecting you with that special person.

And as that beam of light begins to GLOW and PULSATE with the strength of that connection, it just seems NATURAL that they are BEING PULLED CLOSER AND more intimate as time passes.

As time goes by.maybe you were even able to IMAGINE CLEARLY a time in the future (gesture a direction) say six months from now, STILL FEELING THAT SENSE OF INCREDIBLE CONNECTION, and look back on today (point back to you) as having been the start of it? "

Pause for response as you nod your head yes.

"Isn't it funny how some people can JUST LET THAT HAPPEN and LET IT HAPPEN very quickly as that feeling of TRUST and EXCITEMENT just sinks in?

As I think about all the good reasonsit could HAPPEN SO QUICKLY, I START TO REALIZE those value and qualities in them that you hold so dear for yourself., .pause...WITH ME that's when you MARE THAT CONNECTION and FEEL THAT GROWING BOND

For me, it sometimes takes more time, but during a ROMANTIC EVENING between just the two of us, those same feelings can just-MAGICALLY APPEAR and FEEL LIKE TWO MAGNETS PULLING US CLOSER TOGETHER, Until SUDDENLY it just seems obvious WEWEREMEANTTOBETOGETHER

Can you feel THAT (reach out and touch) is an incredible experience to have?

Isn't The Mind Interesting Combo Super Deluxe Pattern

In this pattern you use all the techniques you have learned and actual share some of this information with the person you about to seduce. You talk about how the mind holds memories and the body holds emotions. In order to help him/her fully understand, you demonstrate using real memories and setting real anchors. Get it? Then, after you have set the anchors and elicited the submodalities that you need, you put them all together and Wallah!.. .you have a love slave!

The Procedure:

1. Introduce the concept of how interesting the mind is and you've been studying some interesting things that s/he might find fascinating.

2. Use the Instantaneous connection pattern to create a certain level of comfort

3. Find the submodality location for someone she doesn't like. Point to that location.

4. Find the submodality location for someone she does like. Point to that location.

5. For fun, have him TRY and move a picture of someone that he doesn't like into the location of someone he does like. He will discover the picture won't move.

6. Find the submodality location for falling in love. Point to the location in space.

7. Explain the concept of association and disassociating. Use the Roller Coaster example.

8. Associate into a memory of greatpassion and intense physical pleasure.

9. Anchor at the peak.

10. Repeat the process

11. Re-associate into the pleasure state firing the anchor and noticing how your voice comes directly from the space s/he just pointed that represent falling in love.

12. Use language patterns and quotes to have herexperience intense states as a picture of the two of you mysteriously appears in that location as the anchors are fired.

13. Turn out the lights.


Creating Your Future Lover Elicit vour time line

Think of some particular event that happened in the past

Did you go to high school? How do you know?

(Is it a feeling, sound, or picture.)

If you could, just point to that now.

Will you go to work next week? How do you know?

(Is it a feeling, sound, or picture.)

If you could, just point to that now.

Now, if you connect those two 'points in space, that is your time line.


Time line inductron exercise, above your time line. Choose a particular event Float down to it. Choose your outcome. Put the new picture into the slide. Lock it into place. Notice your feelings now.


A Pattern to Seduce Female Poets or Writers

Have you ever EXPERIENCED AN INTENSE PASSION for a special creative process you find yourself in the midst of? With me and my writing, I IMAGINE THE BIGGEST PLEASURE OF ALL is how I BECOME ABLE TO FEEL THAT WAY instantaneously over and over again just BEING ALONE WITH ME AND MY LAPTOP, RIGHT DOWN THERE JUST POUNDING AWAY at the keyboard.

It's like you're sitting there face to face with whatever it is you have to do it, and deep down you really want to do it. so you take a deep breath and allow yourself to relax completely as you SHED YOUR INHIBITIONS AND start to feel just PURR-FECT as you FEEL THIS VIBRANT. FORCE COMING FROM DEEP IN YOUR GUT and EXPERIENCE IT SPREADING to eveiy cell of your being as you NOTICE YOUR HEART BEAT FASTER AND FASTER and how you GASP FOR EACH BREATH as you find yourself able to EXPERIENCE THE SHEER EXCITEMENT OF THOSE CREATIVE MCES PULSING THROUGHOUT YOUR ENTIRE BODY.

And as THAT SENSATION BUILDS AND BUILDS; you begin to FEEL ABSOLUTELY COMPELLED TO JUST DO THIS THING RIGHT NOW, and that's when the genuinely amazing stuff starts to flow out of you.

It's as if YOUR ENVIRONMENT DISAPPEARS and you FOCUS COMPLETELY on what's right in front of you. And you notice that it's like THIS THING is this bulls-eye target of your attention, and IT BECOMES YOUR ENTIRE WORLD.

For instance, if you were to FIND YOURSELF CONCENTRATING on one particular character you cannot IMAGINE HOW AMAZING IT IS TO FEEL THIS INTENSE FASCINATION as it BUILDS AND BUILDS to the point that you GIVE YOURSELF OVER TO THE MOMENT and BECOME COMPLETELY ABSORBED in that special world of the creative process you're EXPERIENCING RIGHT NOW.

It's like you GO INSIDE YOtJR MIND WITH ME right now and start to FEEL A POWERFUL CONNECTION with this special, memorable character you're dealing with. It's almost as if you CREATE AN OPENING for that character and you NOTICE HOW YOUR INNER VOICE BEGINS TO SAY THAT CHARACTER'S WORDS. You LET HIM PENETRATE your consciousness and SPREAD throughout ever cell of your being.

You find yourself able to FEEL THE EXTRAORDINARY SENSATIONS of BEING WITH THIS CHARACTER in a special way. You allow yourself to OPEN THE SECRET PARTS OF YOURSELF and you LET THAT CHARACTER COME INSIDE YOU (Remember to anchor.)


-Rob Meadows

This special seminar supplement is copyrighted by Bart A. Baggett 1994. Except certain sections that are reprinted with permission from the author and noted as such. This material is the foundation of Bart Baggett upcoming book "The Secrets To Creating Chemistry." by Empresse" Publishing. Publication date: August 1995.

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