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Make Him a Monogamy Junkie

This series of eBooks teaches you everything about the way that a man's mind works, and how to spark attraction with him that will lead to more than just hot sex; you will unlock a way that shows him that he wants to have a married relationship with you. Once you learn the secrets in this book, your man will be falling all over himself to have a life with your forever. All it takes are a few key pushes in the right direction, and your man will want nothing but to marry you and settle down into a happy, bliss-filled life. You will get bonus packages such as the training CDs to give you further training, an interview with Carlos Cavallo to teach you more about your relationship, and 99 Dirty Talk Scripts that make him want to have a future with you, and only you, as long as you both shall live. Continue reading...

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Satanic Copulations Transformation of Therionick Desire

Lilith And Samael

On the Evening of the Full Moon exhume the Demon Vessel and perform a final incantation to it, then copulate with the vessel near and upon the white sheet which should be stained and crusted with blood and semen. Ensure that your fornication is intense and drawn out as long as possible, both envisioning the spirit you are creating. Allow this force to move within you as you fuck. When ejaculation occurs, the female or male (if both are consenting and monogamy is trusted) may take the semen in their mouth and mixed with their saliva or blood, spit into the vessel to empower the demon. If the rite is homosexual, a incubi with a preference for men will no doubt be created. If the couple are lesbians, a succubi will no doubt be empowered and bound to them. It is the combination of fluids of both male and female which seem to create a demon which may mutate between both and be able to perform various tasks depending on the sorcerers.

Augustine 354430

Adeodatus was born in the summer of 372, and it was probably the mother of this child whose charms enthralled him soon after his arrival at Carthage about the end of 370. But he remained faithful to her until about 385, and the grief which he felt at parting from her shows what the relation had been. In the view of the civilization of that period, such a monogamous union was distinguished from a formal marriage only by certain legal restrictions, in addition to the informality of its beginning and the possibility of a voluntary dissolution. Even the Church was slow to condemn such unions absolutely, and Monnica seems to have received the child and his mother publicly at Thagaste. In any case Augustine was known to Carthage not as a roysterer but as a quiet honorable student. He was, however, internally dissatisfied with his life. The Hortensius of Cicero, now lost with the exception of a few fragments, made a deep impression on him. To know the truth was henceforth his deepest wish....

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