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Witchcraft Secret Spells Manual

This spell system you are about to discover has been thoroughly tested in practice, so I can promise that it will work for you. It is build on the Ancient Ties that were taught to Esteban Jose Portela, the author of this book and over the past 35 years he has improved them. The Spells that are detailed in the Witchcraft Secret Manual are the most effective that can exist, with simple processing and homemade. You should not rush to find any foreign element that you do not know where to get. This is a real book on tried and tested witchcraft techniques. These spells are from many many many years back, but you will still find the ingredients and materials easily in this modern day. Unlike other witchcraft spells, these ones are highly doable. Read more here...

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Contents: Ebook
Author: Esteban Portela
Official Website: witchcraftsecretmanual.com
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Highly Recommended

All of the information that the author discovered has been compiled into a downloadable pdf so that purchasers of Witchcraft Secret Spells Manual can begin putting the methods it teaches to use as soon as possible.

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The Iceman Cometh

EFFECT A card is selected and a corner is removed for idtnsificarion. The card is then further torn and finally vanishes in a flash of fire. The card box is then opened, letting out a block of ice which exactly fills the inside of the box. In the very center of the block of ice is frozen the selected card. Chipping away the ice from the corner verifies that this is indeed the original selection. COMMT,NIl RCX EDlJRES The card, of course, needs to be forced. I dribble the cards from the right...

Nauthiz nowthese

For all forms of success and all types of achievement. However, remember that a gift, and take note of the associated god. Useful for harnessing internal power, intuition and creativity, the ability to achieve, as with a sudden rush of adrenaline or creation of momentum. The fourth of Odin's runes frees one from locks and fetters, which ties in well with the meaning of nyd. Cooper, Esoteric Rune Magic. n n n n n n n n n nu na nu ne no nudh nadh hudh nedh niodh nut nat nit net not un an in en on...

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