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Seven Minute Mindfulness

Seven Minute Mindfulness is an audio targeted at using the most natural way to maintain a good focus and the mindfulness people need for their daily activities. It combines the various religious methods to reach a balance in ensuring the users reach the highest point of mindfulness they can ever attain. To help them reach this height, the program had been prepared to take only seven minutes of your time. Pending the time of its usage, the users will not have to spend a lot of time dealing with it. The Seven Minute Mindfulness was designed to be used on any device. Getting started is simple and will take just a few minutes after ordering. It comes with various bonuses like The Seven Minute Mindfulness Guidebook (A digital manual that comes along with the audio version); Your Little Book Of Mindfulness Exercises (A digital guide to some exercises that can be practised in the house)The product is in a digital format of Audio messages and has been created at a very affordable price. In case it does not meet their demands or desires, the users have the right to ask for a refund of their money within three months. The implication is that they are given the chance to try it at home and if they suddenly become sceptical or grow cold feet, they will get a 100% refund. Read more...

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Highly Recommended

This is one of the best e-books I have read on this field. The writing style was simple and engaging. Content included was worth reading spending my precious time.

This ebook does what it says, and you can read all the claims at his official website. I highly recommend getting this book.

Mobile Body Awareness

Body awareness is normally centered in the eyes, but it does not have to stay there. Mobile body awareness (MBA) the ability to focus body awareness on any specific part of the body i s simple and easily learned, and is an extremely important skill. Combined with other techniques, it enables the dynamic manipulation of the energy body and its energy centers, or chakras, allowing specific parts of the energy body to be directly stimulated, and the flow of energy into and through it to be increased in a controlled way. In these coming exercises, lightly scratch or rub specified body parts as needed, using a small stick or ruler if you have difficulty reaching some parts. This helps to highlight and target specific areas, so that body awareness can be focused more easily and accurately. This scratching is not necessary after you become used to the technique you will be able to target specific areas with body awareness alone. Repeat the MBA exercises below without scratching and see how...

Expanding Your Consciousness to Fill thi Universe

This is a tool thai can be used to begin to comprehend the infinity ol the universe, and that your consciousness is capable of encompassing this infinity. You have already experienced this infinity to a certain extent in your initiation, as well as in your death and rebirth experience. The purpose of this tool is to get you used to the idea of an expanded iden tity so that you will be able to operate with greater and greater power in your life and be prepared for the cosmic consciousness experience. With this tool, you will learn to expand your consciousness in a more or less intellectual way to encompass more and more of the universe. In your initiation, you basically just visualized expanded consciousness. In the Zealot phase, with the Death and Rebirth tool, you began to feel expanded consciousness emotionally. With this tool, you will come to understand expanded consciousness intellectually. Likewise, at the Philosopher level, you will expand your consciousness with your will,...

Beginning and Advanced Mantras

In other words, you begin your practice and over time you achieve greater levels of self-mastery, expand your awareness, connect with deeper levels of who you and establish your relationship with universal forces. Practice or Sadhana is an on-going, evolutionary process with no fixed end goal. Of course, we are all going for eventual enlightenment, but there are even different levels of enlightenment before liberation.

Three Basic Aspects of the Projectable Double

They will also always look slimmer and younger, fitter and better looking than in actuality. All projected doubles are shaped by body awareness, and will always look younger and fitter than their actual physical body. With older projectors, the age of their projectable double's appearance is usually about thirty-five.

The Four Noble Truths

And what, monks, is the Middle Path, of which the Tathagata has gained enlightenment, which produces insight and knowledge, and tends to calm, to higher knowledge, enlightenment, Nirvana This is the Eightfold Way namely, right view, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, right concentration. This, monks, is the Middle Path, of which Tathagata has gained enlightenment, which produces insight and knowledge, and tends to calm, to higher knowledge, enlightenment, Nirvana. Now this, monks, is the noble truth of the way that leads to the cessation of pain this is the noble Eightfold Way namely, right views, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, right concentration.

The Primary Magical Operations

The second operation consists of leaving the physical cosmic plane and traveling through the subtle cosmic planes that surround the Earth in your subtle body. This is sometimes called traveling in the astral body, or astral traveling. However, the Enochian system views the astral as only one of several cosmic planes and therefore prefers to cali the process traveling in the Spirit Vision. The terco Spirit Vision implies maintaining a consciousness which is higher than the normal brain consciousness. Traveling in the Spirit Vision differs from dreaming in that you must retain full consciousness during the operation and return to your physical body with unbroken memory. 3. Skrying. A third operation is called skrying. This consists of using a shewstone or other appropriate device to focus your consciousness on the subtle planes while retaining awareness of, and control over, your physical body. Skrying is a form of meditation. While the mind roams the Watchtowers...

Planetary Consciousness

Indeed, it is high time that planetary consciousness was rediscovered. We used to think that the typical, normal human consciousness is what we capture with our five senses. We considered everything else imaginary. The common perception was that we ended where our skin ended. Other views were considered new age, mystical, or esoteric. Ideas that we somehow belong together, that there is a context in which we are parts of a greater whole, have been considered the exception in the history of civilization.

The Sword

The Sword may, however, be clasped in both hands, and kept steady and erect, symbolizing that thought has become one with the single aspiration, and burnt up like a flame. This flame is the Shin, the Ruach Alhim, not the mere Ruach Adam. The divine and not the human consciousness.

The Art of Silence A Silent Meditation for 40 Days

Here is a simple mindful meditation to practice for the next 40 days. Actually silent, mindful meditation is our first, last and on-going lesson. We will use this meditation as a touchstone overtime to review our progress and assess our goal of achieving inner peace, contentment and a richer, fuller life.

Our World According To Enochian Magick

Enochian Magick

The magical system presented by Sir John Dee, court astrologer to Queen Elizabeth 1, views the physical world as only the lowest in a graduated series of cosmic planes. There are many invisible worlds surrounding this Earth. The reason they are invisible is because they are composed of matter that is so tenuous that our eyes cannot see it. There are many degrees of matter's density. The most dense is the physical plane. The next, more ethereal and very close to the physical plane, is the etheric plane symbolized by the element Earth. The next more ethereal world is the astral plane which is usually divided into a lower half, symbolized by the element Air, anda higher half symbolized by the element Fire. The highest plane conceivable to human consciousness is the spiritual plane symbolized by the element Spirit (the Enochian system uses Spirit as a fifth element). Aboye this is the divine piane which is inconceivable to the human mirad and no descriptions are possible.

Jesus Christ and Logos

Generally speaking the ancient Gnostics primarily viewed Christ as an eternal, celestial power, the Logos with which it is possible to have an intimate, personal relation, since our higher consciousness is made in its image. For this reason, Gnostics stressed the experience union with the divine and showed little interest in the historical Jesus, whom it has always been impossible to know in a concrete sense or even accurately in a historical sense. Jesus Christ, Sun of God. David Fideler, Quest Books. 1993.

Faith Above Reason

Our brains and even our consciousnesses are only secondary factors. They process and support the fulfillment of our desires. The mind is but an accessory. As soon as one understands that it is the feeling that should be cultivated, not the mind, one will immediately begin to see the path that leads to the spiritual world. The problem lies in our habits and our lack of trust.

The Magical Theory Of The Universe

An excellent man of great intelligence, a learned Qabalist, once amazed the Master Therion by stating that the Tree of Life was the framework of the Universe. It was as if some one had seriously maintained that a cat was a creature constructed by placing the letters C. A. T. in that order. It is no wonder that Magick has excited the ridicule of the unintelligent, since even its educated students can be guilty of so gross a violation of the first principles of common sense. The absurdity of any such disturbance of the arrangement of the Paths is evident to any sober student from such examples as the following. Binah, the Supernal Understanding, is connected with Tiphereth, the Human Consciousness, by Zain, Gemini, the Oracles of the Gods, or the Intuition. That is, the attribution represents a psychological fact to replace it by The Devil is either humour or plain idiocy. Again, the card Fortitude , Leo, balances Majesty and Mercy with Strength and Severity what sense is there in...

Thought Control discipline of thoughts subordination of thoughts

Up to now we have learned to control our thoughts. The next exercise will consist in not giving way in our mind to thoughts obtruding themselves on our mind, unwanted and obstinate. For instance, we must be able not to occupy ourselves any longer with the tasks and worries of our profession when we come home from work and return the family circle and privacy. All thoughts not belonging to our privacy must be set aside, and we ought to manage to become quite a different personality instantly. And just the other way round in our job, all thoughts have to be concentrated in it exclusively, and we must not allow them to digress or wander home, to private affairs, or elsewhere. This has to be practiced time and again until it has developed into a habit. Above all, one ought to accustom oneself to achieve whatever one does with full consciousness, whether in professional work or in private, regardless whether the point is a big one or a trifle. This exercise should be kept for a lifetime,...

Special Knowledge That Differentiates Man From Animal

An animal is not able to know itself. It has only physical consciousness. It has no self-consciousness. An animal feels the discomfort and pain. It is not able to analyse its own mental states. A man not only knows , but he knows that he knows. This is either mental consciousness or self-consciousness. The man not only feels or senses things, but he has words to express his feelings and sensations. He can vividly describe his feelings. He may think of himself as experiencing them. He can separate himself from the sensation of feeling. He is able to think, I feel I hear I see I smell I taste I desire I act I enjoy,

The Barbarous Names Of Evocation

Furthermore we make our measurements in terms ofthe object measured, thus avoiding the absurdity of defining metaphysical ideas by mutable standards, (Cf. Eddington Space, Time, and Gravitation . Prologue.) ofbeing forced to attribute the qualities of human consciousness to inanimate things (Poincare, La mesure du temps ), and of asserting that we know anything ofthe universe in itself, though the nature of our senses and our minds necessarily determines our observations, so that the limit of our knowledge is subjective, just as a thermometer can record nothing but its own reaction to one particular type of Energy

Vision 6 The Retinal Circus

As before, this negative vision occurs only if the person attempts to control or rationalize the magic panorama. Relax and accept whatever comes. Remember that all visions are created by your mind, the happy and the unhappy, the beautiful and the ugly, the delightful and the horrifying. Your consciousness is creator, performer and spectator of the retinal circus.

Five Awareness Actions

Five tactile imaging actions are used to manipulate the energy body, using the same basic techniques throughout. Scratch or rub each energy center or energetic pathway as needed, to help target it and make it easier to follow with awareness alone. As well as feeling these actions on the surface, feel them happening beneath the skin and slightly inside the body. With all the above awareness actions, it is the action of feeling a point of body awareness moving on or through the physical body that stimulates the substance of the energy body. The size of the awareness actions given below are to be varied to suit the body part or energy center being worked on. Stirring Action Move your point of awareness in a clockwise circle through the surface of your skin. This is as if you were stirring the target area with a single finger of one of your awareness hands. This action can be counterclockwise if preferred. Tearing Action Use your awareness hands in a two-handed tearing action. Imagine you...

Technique Of True Meditation

The State of True Meditation At this point, a very interesting phenomenon will occur. Your consciousness which has been caught up in the act of de-scanning the visualized card, will also be gone (actually it will only be silent) by the time the card is gone. Your consciousness will be silent and the monologue in your head will be stopped. This will give your subconscious a chance to speak to you and give you possibly important messages and information.

The Building And Evolution Of The Mental Body

The method by which consciousness builds up its vehicle is one which should be clearly grasped, for every day and hour of life gives opportunity for its application to high ends. Waking or sleeping, we are ever building our mental bodies for when consciousness vibrates it affects the mind stuff surrounding it, and every quiver of consciousness, though it be due only to a passing thought, draws into the mental body some particles of mind stuff, and shakes out other particles from it. So far as the vehicle - the body - is concerned, this is due to the vibration but it should not be forgotten that the very essence of consciousness is to constantly identify itself with the Not-Self, and as constantly to re-assert itself by rejecting the Not-Self consciousness consists of the alternating assertion and negation, I am this, I am not this hence its motion is and causes, in matter, the attracting and repelling that we call a vibration. The surrounding matter is also thrown into waves, thus...

Clairvoyance Of The Future

Keen perception of the subconscious faculties. Subconscious reasoning from cause to effect. Coming events cast their shadows before. Fate vs. Free-Will. Time is but a relative mode of regarding things. Events may, in some sense, exist always, both past and future. Time like a moving-picture reel, containing the future scene at the present moment, though out of sight. Analogy of dream-time. An Absolute Consciousness in which past, present and future exist as a single perception. A glimpse of a transcendental truth. How to acquire the faculty of Future-Clairvoyance.

What and Why is Reformed Druidism in the 70s

The RDNA itself neither categorically denies nor accepts the validity of any particular faith, including its own. This is one of the most important principles of the RDNA. It means that anyone may become this kind of Druid without feeling obligated to renounce her or his present religious beliefs and without being committed to anything but the Basic Tenets. Many find this approach to mysticism liberating, although some may also feel that it prevents them from answering the question, Is my Druidism valid The answer to that question must be found on an individual level and a Druid would say It will come with awareness.

Moving the Pinpoint of Consciousness

Close your eyes and spend a few minutes relaxing as completely as you can and clearing your mind of all worries and idle thoughts. Then spend a few minutes trying to decide where your consciousness is seated. Is your consciousness in the center of your head, or perhaps somewhere between the eyes Wherever it is, visualize a tiny pinpoint of light at that point. You don't have to be exact about the location. If you're not comfortable with where you have visualized the pinpoint of light, move it until you are comfortable with it. Spend a few minutes visualizing that pinpoint of light as clearly as you can. Try to shrink your awareness until you are only aware of your head. Then shrink your awareness even further, so that you can't feel anything except that pinpoint of light.

Magick Is A Continuous Process

What we have been calling 'magick' is actually a continuous process. Since your subconscious never rests, your environment is continually being shifted into line with your model. This is true whether you study magick or not. For most people, these effects are usually very subtle, and they are probably not aware of them. However, as you work with the occult, the flow of psychic energy and your awareness of it increases. Your true will is more likely to be strongly expressed. Your luck may be affected (either in a positive or a negative way). Remember, our lives tend to follow what we want down deep. That is why a positive outlook is so very beneficial to us.

Reducing Primary Center Activity

No localized awareness action, and no visualized action either, will be found to cause an energy center vortex or chakra to reduce activity, deactivate, or close. A visualized stimulation action (commonly called a chakra opening or closing action) will only affect the energy body if it is localized to the site of a primary energy center. It thus becomes a type of body-awareness action, albeit a fairly obtuse one.

Nonexistence Of The Worldwhat It Means

The play of the mind arising out of Chaitanya (pure consciousness) constitutes this universe. Mind is Maya. Maya is mind. The workings of the mind are nothing but the workings of Maya itself. Attraction or attachment in the mind towards forms is Maya. Identification of one's own self with the mind is Maya.

Clear Thinkinghow It Is Accomplished

Clarify your ideas again and again. Introspect in solitude. Purify your thoughts to a considerable degree. Silence the thoughts. Do not allow the mind to bubble. Let one thought-wave rise and settle down calmly. Then allow another thought to enter. Drive off all extraneous thoughts that have no connection with the subject-matter you are handling at the present moment.

Action The Gateway to Transformation

With this tool, you become conscious of what you are eating, increasing your awareness of the immense power in your food. You can then imbue this powerful food with specific intention so that it fortifies you in whatever way you can conceive. The following tools will follow sim ilar procedures with water and breathing. Conscious Drinking With this tool, you becomc conscious of what you drink, increasing your awareness oi its immense power. You can then imbue these liquids with specific intention so that they fortify you in whatever way you can conceive.

Therapy and Group Healing

I used to believe that I could just do Kundalini yoga and meditate and everything would be taken care of over time. Kundalini yoga and meditation does much to purge us of the emotional charges of past traumas. However, to achieve lasting empowerment and inner peace, we must look at and consciously resolve our inner wounds. Kundalini yoga and meditation help us become aware of our wounds and give us the strength and perspective to consciously deal with them.

Spirit Form100 points

This power allows you to leave your body and travel away from it as an incorporeal spirit Your body lapses into a deep sleep while your consciousness soars through the world invisible and intangible. This is not a form of astral projection the spirit is still in the material world, but is an entity of spiritual energy. While in this state, you can move in any direction at a maximum speed equal to twice your normal Move plus your level of Initiation (use your normal Move to determine Dodge and initiative, however). You can also expend 1 Fatigue per hour to stay connected enough to hitch a ride inside a vehicle. You can see everything in the real world, as well as any spirit entities there. You can enter the spirit world or the astral plane (see p. 44) with a Will roll. The spirit form has the same stats as your material body, with 1 level of Extra Fatigue per level of Initiation. While in this state, you have all the spirit abilities listed in Chapter

Magic Mental Training VIII

It would be well for the scholar to pass at first through some preliminary exercises to get a sort of preparatory training. A very important preliminary exercise for the mental wandering is as follows Sit down in your conventional asana in front of a mirror in which you can see yourself entirely. If you have a big mirror, you need not have a great distance between your body and the mirror, but with a small mirror the distance must be so great that the mirror reflects your entire figure. Regard your reflected image for a few moments, then close your eyes and imagine mentally your reflection in the mirror. Provided you have been able to imprint your features very distinctly on your imaginative faculty, you may continue. If you did not accomplish any result, you have to repeat the experiment until you have managed mentally to retain each detail of your reflected image. A particular attention has to be given to the head and the facial expression. As soon as you have been able to...

Tips and Summary Notes on the Rope Technique

When the vibrations start, they may be localized to just one part of your body. If you focus your awareness on these vibrations, you will find you can move them, and may often be able to intensify and spread them with your awareness hands. The vibrations will respond to and follow body-awareness actions. I do not advise this during a projection attempt, however, as this will draw your attention away from the rope-climbing action. Stay relaxed and concentrate on your projection technique and the vibrations will spread naturally. They can be especially strong during early attempts be ready for a huge buzz when they hit.

Variations on the Rope Technique

One-Handed Rope If one awareness hand does not appear to obey or feels weak or uncontrollable, the rope technique can be done with one hand only, using the hand that is most responsive. If you can manage it, have the weaker hand just hold on to the rope (as if the rope were slipping through the grip of the weaker hand), while the stronger hand does the real climbing. Feel the strong hand reaching out and pulling the rope toward your chest, then reaching out and pulling again, in a continual one-handed climbing action. Try reaching out much farther than your physical arms could. Imagine that your awareness arms are made of rubber and feel they are stretching way out as you climb up the rope.

Vti The First Stage Of The Beast

All three Governors are concerned with those regions of the mind that are just beyond logic and reason. They represent those psychic forces that conned the superconscious with normal human consciousness. For example, the name OBVA-ORS means she who is half darkness. This clearly suggests a being who is halfway between consciousness and unconsciousness. You must directly confront your ego in DES. You must rise above your ego in order to enter VTL Consciousness that is just above the normal egoic human consciousness is viewed as a beast because it is as yet unruly and undisciplined. If you are a novice magician entering VTI for the first time, you will be a beast indeed. You will also be susceptible to the intense spiritual pride that permeates this Aethyr. Although your consciousness has now risen into a higher, more rarified atmosphere, it is nevertheless still joined to the lower personality and physical body. This union will inevitably distort your spiritual vision for as long

The Inner Way Of Claude De Saintmartin

For Claude de Saint-Martin, if the Word of the Absolute necessarily manifests in concrete form in a new hypostasis , penetrating the causal world, then in turn it is possible for the word of realized Man to access the Spiritual Universe , when it is suitably loved and guided by his Higher Consciousness.

New Hermetics Grounding and Centering

His tool is based loosely upon the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the entagram of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.The formula is the same, but the sectarian words of power have been replaced with odem archetypal equivalents. It was originally written by one of my latest teachers, but she does not wish to be credited. It has been edited, daptcd, and incorporated as the official grounding and centering prac- cc of the New Hermetics. The ritual has been reduced to a simple set of mental maneuvers so that it can be conducted quickly, entirely in our inner temple. You may want to practice it physically as a ritual a few 'mes to get a sense of how the movements work, but this isn't entirely eccssarv. The purpose of this tool is to focus your mind and to put all of the pieces of your consciousness symbolically into their proper places so that you can work most effectively on the inner planes.

Rocking Chair Visualization

You can do this either laying down or sitting. First, close your eyes and relax. As vividly as you can, imagine that you're sitting in a rocking-chair, rocking gently forward and backward. Take your time doing this. In this exercise, it's not important to visualize at all. As a matter of fact, you can completely ignore any visual images that come to mind. In previous exercises, I wanted you to vividly pretend you were seeing images, like the yoyo exercise in chapter 9. This time, I want you to vividly imagine the feeling of rocking back and forth. Keep at it until it seems as if your consciousness is really rocking.

Chapter Twelve Yesod The Hall of Mirrors

The attribution of throne and ego to Yesod are of note in light of the description by the Golden Dawn of the tasks undertaken by an Adeptus Minor (attributed to Tiphareth), where the ego is seen as enthroned in human consciousness as a usurpation , and the task is to return the correct functioning to each of the aspects of the Psyche from this original fallen state, where the light shineth in the darkness, but the darkness comprehendeth it not.

Tribute To Lama Anagarika Govinda

The present moment in human history (as Lama Govinda points out) is critical. Now, for the first time, we possess the means of providing the enlightenment to any prepared volunteer. (The enlightenment always comes, we remember, in the form of a new energy process, a physical, neurological event.) For these reasons we have prepared this psychedelic version of The Tibetan Book of the Dead. The secret is released once again, in a new dialect, and we sit back quietly to observe whether man is ready to move ahead and to make use of the new tools provided by modern science.

An Invitation to turn Inward

Some of the above are easy to identify. We know when don't like our job and feel abused in our relationships. However, other problems in our psyche lie outside our conscious awareness. The result is that we think our problem is our depression. However, depression is a symptom of a deeper problem that we can't consciously identify. Our inability to connect with our own self-love and experience our connection with the Divine is the most fundamental of these unidentifiable problems. And even if we identify it consciously, as we are now doing, we cannot access the connection and thus the solution through our conscious rational mind.

Do you actually expect me to believe this kind of magic works

King Solomon Conjuring Spell

In the same way the modern devotee of Transcendental Meditation repeats a mantra in order to step out of the stream of everyday consciousness, the ancient magician (and the modern Solomonic purist) memorized and recited page upon page of conjurations filled with strings of strange sounding names and magic words. Curiously, these words

The Sensory System and the Aquarian

Our personal relationship with our own energy is a vitally important aspect of our sensory system. In fact, the cultivation of our sensitivity to energy, in the many ways that this manifests, is the basis of our path to conscious awareness. You will notice this theme played out in many different ways in these lessons and in the New Millennium Being. As you identify the themes that resonate with you, use them to establish an energetic relationship with yourself. As you do so, you will actively embody the new energies and participate in the shift to the Aquarian Age. These are revolutionary times. It is my prayer that you enjoy the power, potential and the positive heart-centered energy that are available to all of those who choose to tune in and turn on with gratitude and grace.

Tiie Superphysical Laws Of Nature

To speak of the change which has come over the public mind, or that portion of the public mind which represents the advanced culture of the period, as a movement of thought, is, in truth, to use an inadequate expression, for that movement is largely due to an inflow of new knowledge and information concerning the super-physical mysteries of nature, which were not at the disposal of those who, in the middle of the last century, represented the incredulity which then prevailed in reference to all matters having to do with mystic research. Those of us whose memories stretch back to the middle of the last century will remember how determined and contemptuous that incredulity generally was. To attain any knowledge concerning super-physical states of human consciousness was held to be eternally impossible. Sporadic phenomena, reported from time to time as indicating that it might be possible to obtain communication with the surviving consciousness of people who had departed this life, were...

STEP 2 Quiesce and Focus Your Mind

The fifth point, passivity, is also very important. The more passive you are, the easier it is to enter the OBE state. As long as you have a conscious controlling interest in your experience, you are too focused in this reality. Develop the attitude of doing the exercises, not because you are interested in watching them, but just for passive reasons Just to see what happens next, or just for the sake of doing it. While practicing, you should only be concerned with the current moment in time. Be accepting of what comes. Try to assume an attitude where you really don't care what will happen. Be completely in the present moment, with no thoughts of what will happen next. The American Heritage Dictionary defines passive as In this passive state, you can initiate actions (like the visualizations) without responding to them. You fall asleep by becoming interested in, and responding to your own thoughts and visualizations. If you can initiate that state and keep your consciousness out of...

The Relaxation Ritual

What made you turn left According to Crowley's definition, your magickal ritual would have caused some change in the physical world which resulted in your turning in an unusual direction. Perhaps it was a smell, or a telepathic message from your friend or from a higher entity telling you to turn left If you ascribe to Dion Fortune's definition, then you would say that your ritual made a change in your consciousness which gave you the information to turn to the left instead of the right. 2. The result functions as if there had been a change in the physical world, regardless of whether there had been a change in the physical world or just a change in your consciousness.

The Ritual Of The Middle Pillar

How Visualize Yourself Middle Pillar

STEP FIVE Keeping the above in mind, cause a beam of light to descend from the ball of light at your neck, go down your torso, and light up the solar plexus in the form of a sphere. Understand that this represents your consciousness, and the ball should increase in brightness and intensity. You may feel as if you are being warmed by an internal sun. Vibrate the God name Yud-Heh-Vahv-He El-oh-ah V'dah-aht three or four times.

Step 8 Grab The Object And Let It Pull You

After the image becomes very vivid, when it swings close to you, grab onto the image with your mind. As the image swings away, your consciousness will follow it and will be consciously pulled away from your body. At this point you will be out of your body. Then you can let go of that quiesced state of mind, expand your consciousness and you will be very wide awake and very alert. You are then free to explore the nonphysical world It is important to examine your consciousness during the experience to make sure that you are not dreaming. During the experience, ask yourself, Is this really happening, or is it a dream After you return to your body recall how conscious you were during the experience.

Magic Mental Training III

Sit in your usual position and close your eyes. Transfer yourself with your consciousness into one of your legs. It will not matter whether you start with the right or left leg. Imagine your leg, like the lungs, inhaling and exhaling the vital force together with your pulmonary breath from the universe. Consequently the vital power is inhaled (sucked in) from the universe and exhaled (secreted) back into the universe. If you have succeeded in doing so, after seven breaths, turn to the other leg. Having been successful herein as well, start with your hands, taking one first, then the other hand in order to breath, and later with both hands at the same time. If you have achieved the desired result, let us step up to the next organs. Such as the genitals, bowels, stomach, liver, lungs, heart, larynx and head.

Question Is the positive force what makes us evolve

So after you have examined everything inside you with your own mind, in your awareness, all the negative and positive, the phenomena and consequences and the properties, you come to know your own degree. But what do you do with it afterwards, how can you know what to do if it's above you

B r rath awaren essM a h as all patilana

This is a very simple cool, hut it is quite significant in its potential impact on your consciousness. After all, it is the technique that the Buddha used to obtain his liberation. Its basic purpose is to increase and enhance your awareness of the simple process of being. This is one example of awareness meditation. It can be expanded to awareness of thoughts and other elements of consciousness as well.

The Magical Development of the Astral Clairaudience

When you have loaded these two cotton plugs with air element, whether simultaneously or separately, put both into your ears so that they are completely crammed. Now introduce the akasa principle into your entire head imaginarily, transfer your consciousness to the ear region, and imagine the faculty of absolute clairaudience. Imagine the akasa principle introduced into your ears is instantly

More Kundalini Meditations For Physical Wisdom

Meditation is the mindful direction of your awareness. It can be active, passive, ecstatic, serious, quiet, loud, in retreat, or during daily activities. Not all meditations do the same thing. It is like climbing a mountain. All paths lead to the top, but some paths develop leg strength (straight up the north wall), some develop aesthetic sense (the gradual path along the fields of flowers), and some enhance interpersonal skills (the path that crosses all the way stations and camps). All meditations will develop self-mastery and will engage aspects of the mind so you can live from your soul and awareness. Each meditation has its own signature and distinct effects. That is the power and vastness of Kundalini Yoga in the Raja Yoga tradition of Guru Ram Das. There are entire schools of practice based on one or two meditations. Kundalini is the compilation of effective meditations from all authentic endeavors across many times and cultures. Its diversity is both challenging and useful....

Neurolinguistic Programming NLP

Nlp Eye Accessing Cues

The ability to change our states of consciousness is fundamental to the New Hermetics. The technologies that you will soon explore are simply many different states of consciousness. The New I lermetics is essentially based on the fact that all mystical phenomena are states of consciousness and that, by moving our minds into these states, we obtain the rewards of mysticism and magick. In our lives, we usually travel from one state of consciousness to another without any real control or even an awareness that we are changing. I lappiness, excitement, enthusiasm, motivation, inner peace, and illumination are all just states. Wc all have characteristic strategies for getting into these states. We also have strategies lor getting into unresourceful states such as boredom, depression, sadness, and stress. Each circuit is based on a period in the evolution of consciousness from the simple state of the amoeba to the infinitely complex spiritual minds of human beings. Leary felt that each of...

Conscious Communion with Cosmic Consciousness

If you have conscientiously explored all of the other cools in this book, then you are ready to use this one. Your results will directly reflect the quality of your previous work. This tool is somewhat different from the previous tools because your conscious mind is incapable of fully producing a successful result on its own. This tool requires the cooperation of your unconscious in a very special way. Your unconscious must choose to allow you access to the experience of the totality of your-self. 1 he purpose of all the previous tools has been to shift your consciousness in ways that will facilitate this special experience with your unconscious.

Women Earth and Creator Spirit pg 34 Iron in our Blood

Living in the present moment, furthermore, involves us in a continuous exchange of material with the earth and other living creatures. Every time we breathe we take in millions of atoms breathed by the rest of humanity within the last two weeks. In our bodies seven percent of the protein molecules break down each day and have to be rebuilt out of matter from the earth (food) and energy from the sun. Seven percent per day is the statistical measure of our inter dependence. In view of the consistent recycling of the human body, the epidermis of our skin can be likened ecologically to a pond surface, not so much a shell or wall as a place of exchange. In a very real sense the world is our body.

Weaken The Storms Matos Spells Nd Magic

INITIATORY FOCUS The Whore or Az-Jeh is the very driving power of the Yatus, the Temple of Druj is unmoved until the Blackened Flame is brought to life. When you become depressed or exhausted, rest with clarity and the mindfulness of rising from it to conquer once again. Do not sell yourself short by becoming a depressive person - that equates to loser and is not a trait of a Luciferian or Satanist.

Chapter Two The Sephiroth and the Four Worlds

The neverness of AIN and its negativity is due in part to the infinite nature of the light, which is thus by virtue undefinable and hence negative to human consciousness. This aspect of divinity is examined in such mystical treatises as The Cloud of Unknowing and The Ascent of Mount Carmel

Virtual Reality Projection

A projector is a point of consciousness with no actual size or shape. The body of the projected double is created by the projector's own sense of body awareness, and only becomes apparent when noticed or deliberately observed, with the act of self-observation affecting the appearance of what is seen. If no body is being observed, projectors revert to being a point of consciousness. This variability in size can be used to create some very interesting out-of-body special effects. Because this point of consciousness is so small, anything it approaches and observes closely can be perceived as steadily growing in size as the distance between it and the projector decreases.

Diagram 5 The Numbers Of The Planets

But the whole of this formula depends upon ignorance of the laws of nature there is in fact no catastrophe. Natura non facit saltum all change proceeds with perfect order, ease and harmony. It is the great task set before mankind at the present moment to realize, and therefore to adjust, means of action to the facts of the case, thus preventing the illusion of catastrophe by eliminating the element of surprise. It is of course also of supreme importance to eliminate that prejudiced desire which is the poison of will, For pure will, unassuaged of purpose, delivered from the lust of result, is every way perfect .

Magical Symbolism

Parts of such a system of classification have already been presented, with various tables of planetary and zodiacal attributions, but these are too limited in scope for our purposes, since at no point do their attributions go beyond the sphere of ordinary human consciousness. Even Sephiroth. They stand beyond the range of ordinary states of human experience, although the third of them, Binah, bringing Being within the limitations of Form, is within sight of the furthest brink of human consciousness.

Conscious Separation of the Astral Body from the Physical Body

Sit in your asana posture (though these exercises also can be done when lying down) and let your mental body escape from your physical body. Your consciousness now being transferred into your mental body, watch your physical body. You will have the sensation of your physical body being asleep. By means of imagination you must now think that your astral body, much the same as your mental body before, is being drawn out of your physical body by your willpower. The shape of the astral body must be equal to the shape of your mental and physical body. Then unite yourself with your astral body by entering the astral shape. When doing so you will have a queer sensation, as though the astral body were not quite yours, and therefore you must at once consciously connect your mental to your astral matrix. Otherwise you would not succeed in keeping your astral body in your imagination, the astral being constantly pulled towards your body as though an invisible magnet were working on it. If you...

Development of the Astral Clairfeeling Clairsentience

In the previously mentioned imagination you transferred yourself with your consciousness to the sensory area now imagine that the magnetic power of the water you have accumulated within yourself will enliven the finest particles of your sensation-field and produce the astral clairfeeling. You must be able to imagine the magnetic attractive power of the water so intensely that it becomes an incontestable reality. If by long meditation you have the firm conviction that you duly enough enlivened this sensory field, dissolve the water element within your body into the universal element again, take off the fluid condenser, and reduce the concentrated element to the universal element. Now the exercise is at an end. In case you would like to use the sensation field practically at one time or another, the transfer of consciousness into this field will be sufficient to put this faculty into action immediately.

The Kabalistic System Of Mental Magick

Some people wonder why the peculiar wording is used for the magickal phrase given in Step One.The choice of words is very important and should always be used. It is my will means that you are using your Will, your consciousness, and putting that aspect of yourself in charge of the subconscious. Most people tend to allow their subconscious to control them without even knowing it. These four words indicate a change in your life that you are no longer an ordinary person. You are becoming a true magician.

Aleister Crowley Magick Without Tears

Supernal Father is said to have risen up from the depths and uttered the Word which led to the creation of the world. It was not a deliberate conscious act so much as a spontaneous outward expession of inherent internal creative forces. The same is true of the phallus, at least to a degree. The entire world arose from the creative impulse of the divine Father contacting the material nature of the divine Mother. The Father is Chockmah, Wisdom and Pure Consciousness. The Mother is Binah, Understanding, the Sea, the Matrix, Field, or Space, in which creation finds itself. The Self is masculine. The N o t Self is feminine. Subjectivity is masculine. Objectivity is feminine. Every being is a geometric point of consciousness (the masculine Hadit) Iooking out at a world of things and events (the feminine Nuit). The sexual force thus lies at the very roots of our essential nature and it is the same creative force that originally split Non-duality into the dualistic universe of Fire, Air,...

HP Blavatsky The Theosophist Vol V No 5

But you are more than human. Just as you left the physical body behind to enter TEX and the astral body to enter TOR so you must now cast off the mental body and raise your consciousness to the spiritual body. ZAX is a Ring-PassNot for the mental body. With consciousness firmly centered in your spiritual body you can cross ZAX and enter the higher Aethyrs easily and safely.

Matos Spells And Magic Angels Lightb

The proper method is as follows --- Develop the body of Light until it is just as real to you as your other body, teach it to travel to any desired symbol, and enable it to perform all necessary Rites and Invocations. In short, educate it. Ultimately, the relation of that body with your own must be exceedingly intimate but before this harmonizing takes place, you should begin by a careful differentiation. The first thing to do, therefore, is to get the body outside your own. To avoid muddling the two, you begin by imagining a shape resembling yourself standing in front of you. Do not say Oh, it's only imagination The time to test that is later on, when you have secured a fairly clear mental image of such a body. Try to imagine how your own body would look if you were standing in its place try to transfer your consciousness to the Body of Light. Your own body has its eyes shut. Use the eyes of the Body of Light to describe the objects in the room behind you. Don't say. It's only an...

Opening Up to Experiences

(1) Everyone has his or her own experiences. The more we acknowledge and appreciate our own experiences, the more we develop our own sensory awareness system. Sensory awareness is what KY is all about. One of the principal goals of this training is to guide you in expanding your awareness.

Who Practice Grey Magick Spells In India

Reich believed that during sexual excitation an energy which he called Orgone built up in the body. For full mental health this energy needed to be discharged during orgasm. You could compare this to blowing up a balloon. As the sexual excitation increases, more air is blown into the balloon. If you lose control over your consciousness, the air will be safely discharged through the valve on the balloon. If, on the other hand, you do not lose control, the balloon increases in size and pressure until it pops.

Awareness Hands Massage

The head, neck, and shoulder areas are the most difficult of all body parts to deeply relax. Stress and inner tension particularly affect the muscles in these areas. This tension comes from within, so we must go deeper to remove it. Use your awareness hands to massage the tension from these areas. After you've been through the whole relaxation process, relax and focus on your breathing while you move your awareness hands throughout your body, searching for muscular knots, tension, or other problem areas. Note these tight areas for future reference, to save having to search for them every time. Recheck all known problem areas occasionally, during all the coming exercises, and rerelax them as needed.

Great Names In Occultism

The Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic is the major source of western magical knowledge, the only magical gnosis of any real worth that the West has known. This enlarged system can do nothing but enthrall the dedicated student on the path to Enlightenment and Higher consciousness. But as Regardie has warned and has emphasized to me the emotional makeup of the student must be purified before the real and true benefits of the Golden Dawn System of Magic can become completely understood and made organic to the student's life. For several decades he has asserted that the best preparation for the magical life is a protracted course in any form of psychotherapy, though his own preferences, as mine, point in the direction mainly of Reichian work.

Astral Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram

There are two techniques which are frequently called Astral Projection. The first one is frequently mistaken for Astral Projection but is nothing of the kind. It is actually Mental Projection. In Mental Projection you send your mind and senses away from your body by force of will. You still will retain your consciousness and some sense awareness in your physical body. Another name for this is bi-locationality. Or, your consciousness may seem to jump back and forth between the two forms. Now, firmly desire to transfer your consciousness to the double. If you feel a sudden change in your body, described by some as a lightening or vibrating feeling, will yourself to open your eyes. Do not try to physically open your eyes by using your muscles. Just will yourself to see. Do not be surprised when you see your physical body in front of you. Spend no more than three minutes concentrating on trying to cause your consciousness to leave your body and join your Astral self. If it works, fine. If...

Magic Mental Training V

Now put some larger objects in front of you, perhaps a solid ball, a die, a cube, etc. It will be profitable at first to select objects with full contents. Fix your eyes for a short time on one of these objects, then close your eyes and transfer your consciousness to the depth-point, that is, to the centre. The transplantation of your consciousness has to be so close that you forget your body entirely. This exercise is very difficult indeed, but practice will make perfect Nobody should be scared away by failures in the beginning, but keep on working diligently. Man being accustomed to three dimensions only, some difficulties will occur at first, but they will diminish from one exercise to the next, and gradually one gets accustomed to concentrate on being in the depth-point of any object. If you have been successful in staying for at least five minutes with your consciousness in the centre of the object you choose, you may go on to the next object....

The Super Secret Seduction Patterns

It's like you GO INSIDE YOtJR MIND WITH ME right now and start to FEEL A POWERFUL CONNECTION with this special, memorable character you're dealing with. It's almost as if you CREATE AN OPENING for that character and you NOTICE HOW YOUR INNER VOICE BEGINS TO SAY THAT CHARACTER'S WORDS. You LET HIM PENETRATE your consciousness and SPREAD throughout ever cell of your being.

Defective Astral Vision

The cause of all OBE vision problems is a lack of energy flowing into the projected double from the physical etheric body. The projected double is pure energy, generated and maintained for the entire projection by the physical etheric body. The energy flowing into it gives it life and greatly affects its functionality and abilities. The most effective method I have found to overcome vision problems is to draw energy directly from the physical etheric body during the projection. This is quite simple to do and very effective. Use your awareness and feel yourself drawing energy from your physical etheric body. If you can, use your imagination to see a flow of sparkling energy coursing into you. You don't have lungs and do not have to breathe while out of body, but you can use the remembered feeling of breathing to aid with this process. Re-create the feeling of breathing IN and of drawing in energy, feeling yourself sucking energy from your physical etheric body and feeling energy...

The Mysterious Kundalini

Kundalini is the Goddess of speech and is praised by all. She Herself, when awakened by the Yogin, achieves for him the illumination. It is She who gives Mukti and Jnana for She is Herself that. She is also called Sarasvati, as She is the form of Sabda Brahman. She is the source of all Knowledge and Bliss. She is pure consciousness itself. She is Brahman. She is Prana Sakti, the Supreme Force, the Mother of Prana, Agni, Bindu, and Nada. It is by this Sakti that the world exists. Creation, preservation and dissolution are in Her. Only by her Sakti the world is kept up. It is through Her Sakti on subtle Prana, Nada is produced. While you utter a continuous sound or chant

Dharana Concentration

If you read with concentration Bhagavad Gita or the Vicar of Wakefield several times, you can get new ideas each time. Through concentration you will get insight. Subtle esoteric meanings will flash out in the field of mental consciousness. You will understand the inner depth of philosophical significance.

HP Blavatsky The Voice of the Silence

Many magical orders have taught that each Sephiroth on the Tree of Life corresponda to a magical grade. The ten Sephiroth often structure the grades of an Order. Under the conditions of self-initiation, if you could raise your consciousness sufficiently to enter a Sephiroth (i.e., a cosmic subplane between the most spiritual, Kether, and the most material, Malkuth) then you effectively attained that magical grade. The same is true in Enochian Magick with the Aethyrs. Table VI shows these correspondences. For example, if you raise your consciousness to the 21st Aethyr, ASP, and meet your own Reincarnating Ego and see yourself in past lives, then you will have effectively achieved the grade of Adeptus Minor and can be considered a Minor Adept in Enochian Magick. If you are able to enter VTA and see the City of the Pyramids withoutbecoming ensnared by it, then you will have effectively attained the grade of an Exempt Adept in Enochian Magick. Remember here that entering any Aethyr...

Our Inner Journey Tuning In

I practiced Hatha and then Kundalini yoga for many years before I realized that I must sit still and be with what was going on with my thoughts, body, and emotions in order to make conscious shifts especially in my mental and emotional states. The Buddhists call this attention mindfulness. The experience of being with our fears and resistance in our bodies is not comfortable. We have trained ourselves to avoid feeling uncomfortable at all costs. Unfortunately the price we pay is very high. We lose our power to what remains unconscious. We often think that we just have to do more yoga or more chanting and all our disfunctions will all go away. Our issues do not simply all disappear. Some do. And that is wonderful. But many require our conscious awareness, and choice, in order to be changed and transmuted. Kundalini yoga and meditation bring our issues into the light so we can choose to release them and move on.

Befriending Your Body

Here are a few guidelines to use to practice being in your body. Add to the list as your experiences enrich your awareness. 5. When a sensation feels good, keep your awareness there and enjoy it. 6. When a sensation feels uncomfortable, keep your awareness there and allow it to express itself.

Instructions For The Wrathful Visions

O (name), listen well You are now entering the Third Bardo. Before, while experiencing the peaceful and wrathful visions of the Second Bardo, You could not recognize them. Through fear you became unconscious. Now, as you recover, Your consciousness rises up, Like a trout leaping forth out of water, Striving for its original form. Your former ego has started to operate again. Do not struggle to figure things out. If through weakness you are attracted to action and thinking, You will have to wander amidst the world of game existence, And suffer pain. Relax your restless mind.

Wish Exercises Matos Spells And Magic

Once you have learned how to be Air (without allowing it to take over your life), the next step is to take greater conscious control of the element Air. Take a moment and imagine yourself to be Air. Bring the feeling from the last exercise into your consciousness. Next, hold your hands 9 to 12 inches apart, palms facing each other. Imagine a bottle or box between your hands. Now, as you exhale, visualize all of the Air element which is in you going out with your breath and being trapped in the container between your hands. Three to five breaths should be enough to fill it. Then, with three breaths, inhale it back into yourself and go back to normal consciousness.

Third Series Advanced Exercises

Logically then, the natural means against all intruders would invariably be, to select one thought and hold it, and by that fact not allow room in your consciousness for other thoughts whether wandering aimlessly through mental 'space', or especially directed against us. (b) An occultist who is not too religious, or a yogi may use a mantra taken from the Western or Eastern books of occult philosophy. There are plenty given by Patanjali, Sankaracharya and also in many of the Gitas of the Indian spiritual tradition. But the essence of both practices, i.e. (a) and (b) is essentially the same. These methods are very effective against all the occasional invaders from the astro-mental planes, which contact your mind, only by reason of certain affinities, colourings and by the 'odour' of your still not extinct vasanas, i.e. the particular attractions of your emotions and mind along with the unfulfilled desires and passions. But as regards these vasanas, there is just a weak point in these...

Earth the First Chakra and Intuition

There are five elements or tattvas - air, water, earth, fire and ether. One of the goals of yoga is to balance and integrate all five elements of our being. Practice of the techniques and postures goes a long way to achieving this goal. However, performance of techniques is only half of the story. We must also cultivate a conscious awareness of the shifts that are taking place. The mechanics are the masculine aspect of the practice. The awareness is the feminine aspect of the practice. It is important to remember to integrate your awareness after every yoga and meditation session. We do all the exercises so that we can shift our awareness. Jumping up after a yoga session without a conscious deep relaxation or silent meditation is like meal without dessert or going to the beach and not going for a swim.

Rope Projection Technique

If you have worked through all the core skills and energy-work training units in this book, you will have learned how to use your awareness hands very well. Now is the time to put into practice all that you have learned, and use your awareness hands to climb out of your body. The rope technique optimizes the use of mental energy resources and enthusiasm by shortening the time needed to trigger the projection reflex during a projection attempt Center your awareness hands in the middle of your chest. Reach out with both of them and grasp the rope. Climb hand over hand strongly up the rope. Pull the rope to your chest with each climbing hand action. Feel yourself, in your projectable double, moving up the rope as you climb it. Stay aware of your physical body remaining behind as you climb out of it. Concentrate on the climbing action, but don't let your physical body respond or tense. Breathe naturally and do not hold your breath or allow it to become ragged. Hold your mind clear and...

Wish Exercises Grey Magick Matos Spells And Magic

Now that you have learned to be fire, the next step is to learn how to consciously control this magickal element. Take a moment and again imagine yourself to be fire. Bring the feelings you had in the last exercise into your awareness. Next, hold your hands 912 inches apart with the palms facing each other. Visualize between your hands a bottle, cylinder or small cask. Next, as you exhale, imagine all of the Fire element which is in you going out with your breath and being deposited in the container between your hands. Three to five times should be enough to fill it. If it gets too hot to hold between your hands, move your hands farther apart. Once it has been filled, simply obsenre it for a short space of time. Then, with three breaths, inhale it back into yourself and return to your normal consciousness. Spend about a week with this exercise.

Increasing Sensitivity

To improve your body awareness sensitivity, do the following MBA exercises as often as you can until you get the feel for this technique. They will progressively improve your sensitivity, which is extremely important for all the exercises and techniques given in this book. When first learning to move awareness through the surface of your body, it helps if you trace the pathway along your skin with fingertips or a paintbrush, to highlight the path for your body awareness, making it easier to follow with your point of awareness alone. If this is not enough, lightly and slowly scratch or rub the pathway along your skin with your fingernails or a ruler. Follow the slightly tingling trail this leaves behind on your skin with your point of body awareness alone. sensations caused by the touch of the moving brush with your point of body awareness. Or you can rub a pathway with your fingers, stroking them repeatedly along the chosen pathway. To start with, I suggest tracing a pathway from the...

Beginners Exercise For Subtle Body Development

Transfer the seat of your consciousness to your imagined body. STEP 6. Return to your physical body and transfer the seat of your consciousness back to it. you have a magical temple, or special room used only for Magick, use it. lf not, wear something confortable (or nothing at all) and use a room that is quiet and confortable for you to be in. Hold a magical weapon, if you have one. Try incense of various kinds. Try the exercise while either standing or sitting. Always use a banishing ritual, but otherwise it is a good idea to experiment with different things. What will work well for one person may not work for another. Your Magical Diary will show you what works or doesn't work for you. NOTES TO STEP 2. This technique is used in Tibetan Yoga and is remarkably effective. When you feei your empty body coexisting with your physical body, then you will be able to experience your subtle body or aura. With mastery you will find that this subtle body contains the naclis and chakras...

Tribute To Carl G Jung

Eastern psychology, by contrast, offers us a long history of detailed observation and systematization of the range of human consciousness along with an enormous literature of practical methods for controlling and changing consciousness. Western intellectuals tend to dismiss Oriental psychology. The theories of consciousness are seen as occult and mystical. The methods of investigating consciousness change, such as meditation, yoga, monastic retreat, and sensory deprivation, and are seen as alien to scientific investigation. And most damning of all in the eyes of the European scholar, is the alleged disregard of eastern psychologies for the practical, behavioral and social aspects of life. Such criticism betrays limited concepts and the inability to deal with the available historical data on a meaningful level. The psychologies of the east have always found practical application in the running of the state, in the running of daily life and family. A wealth of guides and handbooks...

Dissolving Negative Emotions

There are essentially two ways of moving past negative emotions. rou can either shift the focus of your awareness, allowing the emotion to dissipate, or change your body's physiology in some way that allows the emotion to dissolve. 1. Notice a negative emotion that you are experiencing sadness, fear, depression, anger, doubt. It will likely be a feeling, bur it may also be connected with images or inner voices. As this emotion comes into your awareness, discover the positive intention behind it to alert you to danger, a problem, to inform you that you don't like something or that you arc-involved in an unhealthy situation. To do this, simply be present with the emotion, feeling where it is in your body, and what it is signaling to you. You may experience an image or inner voice. When you know the purpose of the emotion, you no longer need to be held back by it. 2. Move your awareness to the place where you feel the emotion is stuck. This will be a feeling of tension somewhere. Move...

Publication in Class B Imprimatur N Fra A A

Let there be an image of the Deity first because in meditation there is mindfulness induced thereby and second because a certain power enters and inhabits it by virtue of the ceremonies or so it is said, and We deny it not. Let this image be the most beautiful and perfect which the devotee is able to procure or if he be able to paint or to carve the same, it is all the better. As for Deities with whose nature no Image is compatible, let them be worshipped in an empty shrine. Such are Brahma, and Allah. Also some postcaptivity conceptions of Jehovah.

Nonsighted Adjustment

Note Some of these early exercises may cause slight feelings of vertigo or localized dizziness in the stomach and lower chest areas, and even some bone-deep tickling sensations in the arms and legs. Many of these exercises move a point of body awareness outside the bounds of the physical body, which tends to affect the etheric body and often causes energy-movement sensations.

The Magic Mirror as a Transit Gate to all Planes

When performing this experiment, take care that you are not disturbed by your surroundings. Sit comfortably in front of your mirror and load its surface with the akasa, which you suck into your body by lung and pore breathing. The loading of the mirror with the personal akasa can take place whether by your hands or directly via the solar plexus. Now forget all about your body and think of yourself as a spirit, able to adopt any shape and size. Now imagine your body becoming so small that it is able to go right through the mirror. Doing this with the help of the imagination, you will then be on the astral plane. Stay there deliberately for some time, and have a good look around without losing your consciousness or falling asleep. Having done so, return via the mirror and connect yourself again in complete darkness on the astral plane. After frequent repetition you will perceive light. A strange feeling of freedom, timelessness and spacelessness will overcome you. Now you happen to be...

Primary Center Stimulation Process

Once you have completed the above primary center stimulation exercises, it helps if you keep some energy flowing gently through all these centers. You do not need to repeat the above process to do this. Using an upwardly sponging awareness action from the feet, sponge energy smoothly upward through all the primary centers to the crown center in one long sweep, then flick awareness back to your feet again. Move your awareness through all the primary centers during the upward

Alternative Exercises and Techniques

Steam Engine Exercise Hold both awareness arms out in front of you. Imagine a circle whose diameter is the distance between your chest and hands. Circle your awareness hands around each other, following the outside diameter of this circle (something like the hand and arm actions if you were playing at being a steam engine). After a short time, the action will settle into a rhythm. Now, here comes the difficult part after doing it for twenty seconds or more, stop and reverse the action. The awareness action momentum will force this circling to continue in its original direction, making it difficult to stop or change it. If you concentrate, you will find this can be achieved with effort. Don't worry if you fail to do this the first few times you try. Keep at it and you'll succeed. The difficulty of this exercise shows its training value. If you practice this regularly you will quickly gain better control and strength with all awareness hand and arm actions. This benefits all stimulation...

Projectable Body Loosening

Projectable body loosening involves temporarily shifting body awareness outside the bounds of the physical body with simple awareness exercises. The following exercises are all designed to loosen up the projectable double. They also get the projector used to exterior body-awareness actions during a deeply relaxed and or tranced state. While deep physical relaxation and trance are recommended for these exercises, they can also be done from a lightly relaxed state only and still make for good practice. The exercises are very easy to do and are capable of triggering an OBE on their own, so be prepared. If this does happen, or a partial projection is achieved, use the exercise that caused this as the basis for your main projection technique, or adapt and combine this with a similar method. With projection, if you do something that works, stick to it and build on it, as what works works Start a full-body awareness bounce action from head to feet, arms resting comfortably at sides (see...

Confusing Astral Effects

You do not have a real body during an OBE. You are an infinitesimally small point of consciousness, a spark created by the pure energies of your consciousness. You have no real size or shape. You are totally free of the limitations of your physical body and of all the laws of the physical universe.

The different types of sight

I never read about it happening, nor did I think it was possible until I experienced it. This happens when you try to open your astral eyes and your physical eyes open instead, giving you a completely different and confusing perspective. With this type of sight, you can only see in the direction that the body's eyes are pointing. It is often out of focus. This resembles split-consciousness, except that your consciousness is still fully within the astral body. Here are a few examples from my journals

Learning Tactile Imaging

Focus body awareness alone on the specified target area and try not to use your eyes unless you really have to. Many people find they cannot learn MBA or T.I. techniques without using their eyes to help target specific areas. Do what is necessary, but wean yourself from using your eyes as soon as you can. Many advanced exercises and techniques given later in this book do not allow the use of eyes or other targeting or highlighting aids. The best way to learn tactile imaging is by doing it. Rest your hands comfortably in your lap, or on the arms of your chair, palms down and fingers slightly spread. Close your eyes, relax, and shift your awareness to the base of your right thumb, topside. There are important secondary energy centers (small chakras) in the thumb joints and you are now going to stimulate one of them. Many people will feel one of the thumb centers (small chakras) activate the first time they work on them. The first area to work on is on top of the large joint where your...

Chapter Three Yoga Sadhana How To Awaken The Kundalini

Freedom from Kama, Krodha, Raga and Dvesha and possession of balance of mind, cosmic love, astral vision, supreme fearlessness, desirelessness, Siddhis, divine intoxication and spiritual Ananda are the signs to denote the awakening of Kundalini. When it is at rest, a man has full consciousness of the world and its surroundings. When it is awakened he is dead to the world. He has no body-consciousness. He attains Unmani state. When Kundalini travels from Chakra to Chakra, layer after layer of the mind becomes opened and the Yogi acquires psychic powers. He gets control over the five elements. When it reaches the Sahasrara Chakra, he is in the Chidakasa (knowledge space).

Comments by Yogi Bhajan

There are three things in life, which are very important - your consciousness, your caliber and your character. Trouble is like waves - they hit you. But there's nothing wrong. Trouble comes to everyone. At that time, what should you do You should go within your Self. Because minus you out of you, you are ugly.

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