Psychic Siddhisa Source Of Great Danger To Spiritual Sadhakas

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A man may have psychic powers and Siddhis through concentration of the mind. But, he may not have mental purity. Mental purity is of paramount importance for Self-realisation.

Do not think too much of psychic Siddhis. Clairvoyance and clairaudience are not worth having when far greater illumination and peace are possible without the Siddhis than with them.

Why do you care for psychic Siddhis? They are absolutely useless. Shun them ruthlessly even when they try to manifest. They will mislead you and cause your downfall. Beware, Lord Buddha shunned Mara (temptations and Siddhis). Try to get Brahma-Jnana. Then you will have everything. All spiritual Siddhis will welcome you with outstretched hands. You cannot have a downfall then.

A Jnani never cares for psychic powers, for he does not need them in his daily life. Through his Sat-Sankalpa, a Jnani does whatever a Raja Yogi does through his Yogic Samyama. He simply wills. Whatever he desires, then and there it materialises.

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