Physical limitations.

1. It is desirable that you should discover for yourself your physical limitations.

2. To this end ascertain for how many hours you can subsist without food or drink before your working capacity is seriously interfered with.

3. Ascertain how much alcohol you can take, and what forms of drunkenness assail you. {372}

4. Ascertain how far you can walk without once stopping; likewise with dancing, swimming, running, etc.

5. Ascertain for how many hours you can do without sleep.

6. Test your endurance with various gymnastic exercises, club swinging, and so on.

7. Ascertain for how long you can keep silence.

8. Investigate any other capacities and aptitudes which may occur to you.

9. Let all these things be carefully and conscientiously recorded; for according to your powers will it be demanded of you.

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