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ABRAHADABRA is a word to be studied in Equinox I, V., "The Temple of Solomon the King". It represents the Great Work complete, and it is therefore an archetype of all lesser magical operations. It is in a way too perfect to be applied in {42} advance to any of them. But an example of such an operation may be studied in Equinox I, VII, "The Temple of Solomon the King", where an invocation of Horus on this formula is given in full. Note the reverberation of the ideas one against another. The formula of Horus has not yet been so fully worked out in details as to justify a treatise upon its exoteric theory and practice; but one may say that it is, to the formula of Osiris, what the turbine is to the reciprocating engine.

There are many other sacred words which enshrine formulae of great efficacity in particular operations.

For example, V.I.T.R.I.O.L. gives a certain Regimen of the Planets useful in Alchemical work. Ararita is a formula of the macrocosm potent in certain very lofty Operations of the Magick of the Inmost Light. (See Liber 813.)

The formula of Thelema may be summarized thus: Theta "Babalon and the Beast conjoined" — epsilon unto Nuith (CCXX, I, 51) — lambda The Work accomplished in Justice — eta The Holy Graal — mu The Water therein — alpha The Babe in the Egg (Harpocrates on the Lotus.)

That of "Agape" is as follows:

Dionysus (Capital Alpha) — The Virgin Earth gamma — The Babe in the Egg (small alpha — the image of the Father) — The Massacre of the Innocents, pi (winepress) — The Draught of Ecstasy, eta.

The student will find it well worth his while to seek out these ideas in detail, and develop the technique of their application.

There is also the Gnostic Name of the Seven Vowels, which gives a musical formula most puissant in evocations of the Soul of Nature. There is moreover ABRAXAS; there is XNOUBIS; there is MEITHRAS; and indeed it may briefly be stated that every true name of God gives the formula of the invocation of that God.<<Members of the IV Degree of the O.T.O. are well aware of a Magick Word whose analysis contains all truth, human and Divine, a word indeed potent for any group which dares to use it.>> It would therefore be impossible, even were it desirable, to analyse all such names. The general method of doing so has been {43} given, and the magician must himself work out his own formula for particular cases.<<The Holy Qabalah (see Liber D in Equinox I, VIII, Supplement, and Liber 777) affords the means of analysis and application required. See also Equinox I, V, "The Temple of Solomon The King".>>

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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