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Using a magic item is fairly straight foreword. If the item is always active, such as a sword with extra damage, then the user needs do nothing. The item is "always in effect", and thus, its enchantment is a permanent feature (such magic items will be visible to Detect and See Magic spells, just like other magic items).

True magically enchanted items, such as the classical fireball-throwing sword, requires the user to speak a word or two of invocation (the spell's Trigger) and supply the required MP. This is simply a way to command the magical powers to activate and bend to patterns forged by the enchantment. A Task Resolution may also be called for, but not always. For instance, using the Fire-Sword to throw a fireball requires the user to make a Task Roll to hit. The logical skill of choice is his Melee Weapons skill, which he normally uses to wield the sword, even though it is technically a ranged attack. Other magic items may require Task Rolls as well. If in doubt, the GM has the final say. In most cases, the skill and

Characteristic to use should be obvious. If not, ask yourself if a Task Roll even needs to be made. In most cases, the item simple works, though other people may have to make Task Rolls to avoid the effects (see Defending Against Magic).

Invoking the power of a magic item only takes one Action. The effects are immediate, but may last for a certain length of time (the Duration of the actual spell). The Effect will be just as prescribed by the spell's function.

Many 'for-sale' magic items have instructions on how to use them. The words of invocation are usually written somewhere on the item itself. However, some magic items have no such instructions. This insures that if the item ever fell into the wrong hands the thief could not use it. It may be possible for a group of adventurers to find the words to use the item, or hack it out by trail and error. Other magical items may have Triggers which are not verbal. It could be activated just by touching it, throwing it, opening it, reading it, or anything else the wizard set as the Trigger (possibilities are endless).

For instance, a box with an Explosive Fireball spell enchanted on it may activate when the box is opened, unless a certain word is spoken, thus making it a deadly trap! A mage creating a magic item can be very creative in formulating Triggers.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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