Methods of Channeling

The exact method of Channeling energy is up to the GM for his particular world or magic system. It could be a form of meditation, chanting, some kabalistic ritual, prayer to the gods, singing of songs and poems to the elements of nature, and so on.

Channeled energy enters into ones Mana Pool at the speed given by MR. This should be denoted in the lowest practical form. As show above, Shanni the Shaman, whose MR is 24, lists her practical MR as "2 MP every 5 minutes", which means she will gain 2 maits of energy every 5 minutes, or more basically, 1 MP every 2.5 minutes.

The GM may require the character to pass a Competent (18) Will + Concentration Roll to Channel, but under non-combat conditions it should be assumed that the character is automatically successful (combat or other stressful situation may be a different matter). Any interruption to the Channeling process does not lose the gained amount. You can abort or be interrupted at any time (though most mages hate being interrupted). If the

GM allows it, you may also engage in some light activity, such as conversation or reading (but nothing that requires skill checks) unless the activity itself prohibits such (singing or praying would prohibit talking, for example).

If Channeling is not to your liking, or you want a more "D&D"-like system, see Mana Recovery.

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