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Alchemy can replicate most spells, however, there are some cases where this does not make since. You may have a potion that has the same effect as Lesser Healing, but there are no potions to cast fireballs! As a rule of thumb, elixirs only work on the person using the elixirs. Thus, elixirs that affect others people cannot exist. There are no attack elixirs (but certainly there are protection and defense elixirs), no Summoning elixirs, and so forth. The GM should be the judge of what can logically be made into an elixir.

Creation (and Entropy) Spells

These types of elixirs are the hallmark of alchemy, especially those using the Transmute and Alteration effects. Again, there should be no range or area effect, elixirs only effect the target. Elemental (Primal) Spells

Certainly, alchemy deals with the elements (fire, water, etc.), but not in the same way as magic. In general, just remember the general guideline that alchemy can only affect the self, and "fireball" potions should be a big no-no (that's not what alchemy is about).

Knowledge (Wisdom) Spells

Alchemy itself rarely grants wisdom or knowledge. Danger Sense might be valid, but the others are probably not.

Mental (Psychic) Spells

Mental alchemy is somewhat limited. It may be used particular potions which give Mental Defense (as protection), or deliver hostile effects such as Mind Wipe, Mind Control, and Influence (for truth serums and mind control potions).

Movement (Portation) Spells

The only valid use for Movement elixirs are those which "energize" the drinker to run fast, swim fast, and so forth. A magical "spider-blood" potion may allow for Walk-Walker, and there could be teleport potions in some special cases (such has been shown in fiction and fantasy).

Natural (Shamanic) Spells

Potions and elixirs which effect nature are uncommon. There may be a special need for Nature elixirs, and if so, just remember the general guideline that alchemy can only affect the self. Necromancy (Spiritual) Spell Any potions which deal with death (or the Death SFX) can be considered a Necromantic elixir. There are not too many uses for this, however, aside from creating zombies or inflicting necromantic damage. Physiology (Healing) Spells Most physiology spells can also be made into elixirs. The most common ones are, of course, healing potions. Polymorphism potions are also very common in fantasy literature. Sensory (Wyrdsight) Spells Most Sensory spells can be made into elixirs. Invisibility and See Invisible are classic examples very common in fantasy literature. Other spells which allow one to see or detect things can also be made into elixirs.

Summoning (Conjuring) Spells

There are practically no cases where alchemy was used to raise spirits, demons, or other entities. Therefore, you cannot have Summoning Elixirs, unless it is strictly to inflict possession upon yourself or a target.

Temporal (Chronomancy) Spells

Probably not. There may be rare cases where a potion of time travel exists, but for the most part, Temporal Alchemy is very limited. Wizardry (Enchantment) Spells A Dispel Elixir would make a sort of counter-elixir against another type of elixir effect, or an antidote against a harmful potion or poison. Such a tonic could be mixed with an elixir to nullify its effect, or break the effect of an elixir which has been drunk. Enchantment spells should never be made into alchemical elixirs unless the GM declares otherwise. Spells which Adjust Complications and Talents would also be possible, and such could be common.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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