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Sufism is well defined in the dictionary as a system and practice of mysticism (and Magick) developed especially in Persia into an elaborate symbolic system much used by their poets.

In fact, there is very little adequately written, even in Arabic, in plain language. The Sufi poets date from the ninth century up to the time of the Sufi poet, best known in this country for his Rubaiyat, Omar Khayyam, circa 1123 A.D.

About the translation of the Rubaiyat by Fitzgerald, a high Sufi says, "Fitzgerald, in spite of himself, was permeated with Sufistic ideas and his translation shows how he was filled with Omar's spirit." Therefore, the tranlation by Fitzgerald is adequate; however, the import of the symbolism is dark to the reader without adequate explanatory notes by a high Sufi. For this reason the commentary is appended to the poetry which is included in this book.

The Sufi commentator writes, "Besides writing the commentary notes, we have also endeavored to retouch a few lines that they may stand out more distinctly. In the name of Al-Ahad."

Only those portions of the Rubaiyat which apply to Sex Magick are given herein. It is given in this text as having great magickal value by itself. Here is the magick: if the aspirant reads these lines from the Rubaiyat on several occasions, he will attain, as if by magic, a great amount of inspiration in the practice of the ecstatic congrex. In the same manner do religious people gain great spiritual inspiration when reading certain parts of the "Song of Solomon" from the Bible, or from listening to the music, "Elizabet's Prayer" by Wagner.

Inspiration is a precious thing to invoke and there is no doubt that when these verses are understood there will result much added inspiration. It is for this reason that these verses and the commentary are included in this book, albeit it also shows clearly the source fountain of Western Sex Magick.

Thus sang Fitzgerald:

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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