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There are many who insist upon evaluating various magick practices and philosophy by such things as its antiquity. Therefore, a brief history of Western Sex Magick, which has been practiced by high initiates for a known period of one thousand years to this present day, is well advised.

There are those who stoutly maintain that all Occultism and Magick originated in the Far East. Even though this may be so in going back to unrecorded history, nevertheless, for many centuries there have been essential differences between the East and the West.

Again, there are those who maintain that there is nothing in Western Magick that is not in the Eastern. Their arguments are astute enough but there is one flaw—they do not know enough Western Magick to know about the very essential differences.

It is hazardous to go back beyond the Middle Ages for documented history of Magick in Europe, dating the Middle Ages from 400 A.D. to 1541 A.D. The earlier part of this is what is called the Dark Ages, with Europe losing most of its culture to such a great extent that the Semites (Arabs and Jews) put Europe back on its feet, so to speak.

For clarity and convenience we date this new emergence of Europe at the time of the Crusades, from the eleventh century to the fourteenth century, inclusive.

Among the various knighthood orders of the Crusades, the one of importance to us is the Order of Knights Templars, established in Jerusalem in 1118, for the protection of pilgrims on their way to the Holy Sepulcher.

Contrary to popular notion, the only time of outright war during the Crusades was in the time of Saladin (1174-1193), Sultan of Syria, who determinedly fought the Crusaders. Even in his time there were periods of truce with one order—the more civilized Knights Templar Order—and at times there was even fraternizing with the enemy Arabs. Many of the Templars of higher rank were initiated in the then very secret Arabian Order, the Sufis. They thus became initiated members of the sanctum of Sex Magick. Here is the beginning of real Western Sex Magick. From the days of the crusading Templars to this day, these secrets have been kept inviolate, even though the Church Inquisition and the State persecuted the Templars to the point near complete extinction.

The Holy Roman Christian Church had instigated an unchristian war against the Arabs of Jerusalem, unless it is considered Christian when in the "First Crusade," on Friday, July 15, 1099, thirty thousand Moslems were massacred in Jerusalem before the blood lust was satiated. It is deemed necessary to recount this unsavory mess in order to explain various incidents between the Church and one of the crusading orders, the Order of Knights Templars.

After the Crusades, the Templars in France became the richest and most powerful international banking establishment of the Middle Ages. But their doom was sealed.

King Phillipe le Be coveted their wealth. Pope Clement was easily persuaded to cooperate by sanctioning a charge against the Templars for heresy, sacrilege, blasphemy, and sexual perversion. On Friday, October 13, 1307, King Phillipe issued the orders for the arrest of all known

Templars. These were turned over to the Inquisitors of the Holy Roman Apostalic Catholic Church for interrogation by the Grand Inquisitor General of France. Anyone who knows anything about the ways of the Inquisition certainly need not be surprised to read that soon fifteen thousand Templars were either unmercifully tortured, Starved to death, or burned at the stake.

Grand Master Jaques de Molay was one of several thousand who got the most merciful treatment-burning at the stake. Then came what I call a good example of "valueless compensation". De Molay had said, "I cite you two before the Tribunal of God." Within one month, Pope Clement died in torment with the dread disease Lupus. Within eight months, King Phillipe was killed in a hunting accident. However, this may well have been a tremendous, persisting inspiration to the few remaining Knights Templars who turned to secrecy and took their movement underground.

Although the persecuting Inquisitors may have tortured some of the Templars into telling about the Sufi secrets of Sex Magick, nevertheless all of this meant only "sex perversion" to the Inquisitors. To this day it is the same. Although more idealistic and spiritually inspiring than thp wav|| of common sexual relations, lit is not an uncommon thing for restricted minds to yelp, "Sex Magick! That's immoral sex perversion!"

The Sufi secret workings did not die with the end of the Templars. They were perpetuated through descending generations of apparently unorganized individuals. The chain is evidenced in the writings of such isolated individuals as Levi, Papus, Franz Hartmann, Hargrave Jennings, Edward Kelley, Thomas Vaughn and others, who revealed in their writings that they were guardians of the secrets, but the actual secrets were not set in writing.

(There was one woman, Ida Craddock, who actually did put out a few of the secrets in a privately circulated manuscript. For this, she was unmercifully persecuted by acquaintances and even by friends.)

The first record of any organized group was one of an obscure society in Austria and Germany at the early turn of this century. This was transmitted to England under the name of O.'.T.'.O.'., Order of Oriental Templars, headed by Aleister Crowley, which was in turn transmitted to the Order G.\B.\G.\, 1932, which closed its doors in 1937.

The secret workings of the Sufis were also given to Europe in another way, through Alchemy, from the Arabic Al-kimiya, which originated in Arabia but had made strides in Europe as early as the noted Swiss philosopher, physician, and alchemist, Paracelsus (1493-1541). There are four kinds of alchemical writings: (1) medicinal, (2) actual chemical and metallic experiments, (3) mystical philosophy, (4) disguised Sex Magick. In the writings of {the alchemi^f si there are scores ofjdisguised writings on Sex MagickJ but one must be well acquainted with the subject in order to decode these writings.

It is found that many of the terms used in these writings are uniquely valuable to employ; therefore, at the end of this text, there are listed a number of key words used in the alchemical writings. In fact, these words were originally exclusive keys of Sex Magick which the writers inserted in the metallic and chemical format of Alchemy.

This sums up the relevant history of Western Sex Magick which did not come from the Far East, but from Arabia and is distinctly and uniquely Western, both in its religious philosophy and in its workings.

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