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The Goals Of Enochian Magick

Aleister Crowley, Magick Without Tears The ultimate goal or objective from practicing Enochian Magick is to unite the microcosm with the macrocosm the subjective self with the objective universe. A more immediate goal for you, the Enochian magician, is to gain conscious control over your own lile. Enochian Magick is nothing less than a path of spiritual development. The rise upward through the thirty Aethyrs is a progressive, spiritual journey toward the essential nature of all things.It is a climb from Earth through Water, Air, and Fire finto indescribable spiritual realms and beyond. Along the way you, the magician, will learn to see through illusion and deception.The innerbeing of your self and of others will slowly unveil before you. As you approach the Uitimate Ritual, you will discover your true purpose in life (called your True Will) arad can then set about to express it in your daily life. Those who seek personal gain, psychic powers, or mastery over others, are advised to...

Our World According To Enochian Magick

Enochian Magick

The first step in Magick is travel beyond the world of the senses. Aleister Crowley, Magick Without Tears The Hermetic axiom, as aboye so below, is used in Enochian Magick to explain how each cosmic plane can be divided into subplanes. There is an Air of Water subplane, and an Earth of Fire subplane, and so on. In addition, at the outer boundary of each cosmic plane is located a Ring-PassNot. This effectively prohibits passage of a lower cosmic element frito a higher sphere. Earth can not pass finto Water, nor Air finto Fire. These are outlined in Figure 2. Figure 1.Our World According to Enochian Magick.

The Foundations Of Sex Magick

Sex Magick has been practiced in many forms since the dawn of mankind. The ancient Sumerians had Gods which held rites at shrines, the ancient adversaries to the Zoroastrians known as the Yatus, those who practice yatuk-dinoih (witchcraft) worshiped Az-Jeh the Whore, whose was kissed by Ahriman and caused menstruation in women. Ahriman had many Pairikas who were essentially Sex Magickians, Succubi who initiated men into their cult by their charms and wares. The path of the Indian Tantrics involves the hypocrisy of the human condition itself, the misery and pain is a way of bringing insight into the practitioner. In the context of the work in question, the Luciferian uses similar methods. Not to transform the consciousness into some exterior divine God, rather to strengthen and transform conscious into an isolate spirit, similar to the archetype of Samael (Lucifer) or Ahriman, Lilith or Az-Jeh. To bring light in the path of Forbidden Sex Magick, you must awaken the Shakti, the...

Principles of Chaos Magick

Whilst magical systems usually base themselves around a model or map of the spiritual physical universe, such as the Tree of Life (which can sometimes described as a cosmic filofax), Chaos Magick is based on a very few 'Core Principles' which generally underlie its approach to magick (they are not universal axioms however, so feel free to swap 'em around). 2. Personal Experience is paramount. In other words, don't take my word that such-and-such is the case, check it out for yourself. Magick has suffered extensively from 'armchair theorists' who have perpetuated myths and out-of-date information purely due to laziness of one kind or another. Sometimes it's interesting to ask awkward questions just to see what the selfappointed experts come out with. Some will emit a stream of verbal diahorrea rather than admit to not knowing the answer, whereas a true adept will probably say I haven't a f*****g clue. Quite early on, Chaos magicians came to the startling discovery that once you strip...

Magick Preliminary Remarks

CEREMONIAL MAGICK,< < footnote The old spelling MAGICK has been adopted throughout in order to distinguish the Science of the Magi from all its counterfeits The whole question has been threshed out and organized 53 by wise men of old they have made a Science of Life complete and perfect and they have given to it the name of MAGICK> It is the chief secret of the Ancients, and if the keys have never been actually lost, they have certainly been little used. footnote The holders of those keys have always kept very quiet about it. This has been especially necessary in Europe, because of the dominance of persecuting churches. We shall consider a simple form of magick, harmonized from many systems old and new, describing the various weapons of the Magician and the furniture of his temple. We shall explain to what each really corresponds, and discuss the construction and the use of everything. The oil consecrates everything that is touched with it it is his aspiration all acts performed...

Magick Is A Continuous Process

What we have been calling 'magick' is actually a continuous process. Since your subconscious never rests, your environment is continually being shifted into line with your model. This is true whether you study magick or not. For most people, these effects are usually very subtle, and they are probably not aware of them. However, as you work with the occult, the flow of psychic energy and your awareness of it increases. Your true will is more likely to be strongly expressed. Your luck may be affected (either in a positive or a negative way). Remember, our lives tend to follow what we want down deep. That is why a positive outlook is so very beneficial to us.

Sexual Magick And Transformation

The Luciferian Magick

The preparations for Sexual Magick are as systematic as any other workings, take note that discipline and self-imposed isolation is essential for initiation before working with another. While your actual work may be very loose and hermetic, the preparation should be disciplined. Firstly, know what your goal is - the very aim of the working. Will you seek orgasm or will you use the method of Karezza, being excitement to the brink of orgasm and then focusing that energy on your goal, then allowing a mental release rather than a physical orgasm. Second, when practicing the rite, allow your mind to stay focused on the goal, not the pleasure itself. If it a solitary working, keep your thoughts focused on the object or goal. Although Luciferian Witchcraft and Sorcery holds many ciphers and symbols, in the circle it is merely you and the Gods Goddesses and Daemons which you have given power to - nothing else. One who seeks to explore the primal hungers and spiritual evolution of the path of...

How To Use The Magick Squares

If thou shalt perfectly observe these rules, all the followingSymbols (i.e., Magick Squares) and an infinitude of others will be granted unto thee by the Holy Guardian Angel thou thus living for the Honour and Glory of the True and only God, for thine own good, and that of thy neighbors. Another view of the square of ROR will show Spirit (D) within equal areas of Air (0) and Water (R). This suggests the creative emergence of consciousness from its unconscious Source. This scenario is symbolized in nature by the rising sun, and in Magick by the scarab or beetle-headed god of the Egyptians, Khepera. Further reflection on this square will yield additional solar correspondences. As an exercise, you should meditate on all of the Magick Squares in this manual.

Austin Osman Spare And Sethian Magick

Image Set Typhon

Austin Osman Spare (1888-1956) was the modem artist who brought conscious magickal and The Storm of Set-Typhon, the evil if you will is nothing more than the subconscious desires of the sorcerer, once unlocked in a dreaming sense, through sorcery itself, can be used to achieve what the practitioner may wish to flesh out or manifest in the waking world. The process Spare employed are indeed found in older systems of Magick. Systematically, Austin Osman Spare had made quite a detailed study of classical grimoires, such as The Goetia, Grimoirium Verum and other such works. From 1904 Spare had already formulated his creative technique which was no doubt a result of his early artistic influence rather than anything overtly occult. It was during his study with Aleister Crowley that Spare really found his own gnosis of sorcerous study he went creatively further to found a system of obsession through Will-Desire-Belief. It has been suggested that Spare had developed his sigillic method from...

Kali White And Black Magick Powers

Kali is one of the 17 names of Lilith, whom is our patron Goddess of Sorcery and Magick. She is the devourer of all she who awakens man and woman to the positive aspects of consciousness the Mind itself. Go forth to Kali without fear, like a child to his mother. Kali is first shown as being Black, covered in ashes and covered in a garland of human skulls and heads, she stands upon the corpse of Shiva who is her mate, she devours and nurtures those who come unto her.

The Ritual Of Magickal Obligation

I, (state your magickal name or motto), do this day spiritually bind myself to a magickal way of life. I will to the utmost lead an unselfish life and will prove myself a faithful and devoted servant to the Divine Source of All, who works in silence and naught but silence can express, the unity beyond duality, the unity beyond comprehensible unity. I will not claim to be anything more than I am, a student of the magickal way of life, light, love and freedom. Not being an initiate of an order, I will not initiate anyone. I will perform all practical magick in a place concealed and apart from the gaze of the outer world. I will not display my magickal implements nor reveal the use of them to those who are not at a level where they need to know of them. I will not make any symbol or talisman for those who are not truly in need of such help. Before those with little knowledge of magick I will only perform simple and well-known techniques, keeping the deeper wisdom and meth I further more...

The Kabalistic System Of Mental Magick

For help, you can make a 'Treasure Map. To do this, simply go through magazines or newspapers and cut out images of your goal. Now paste them together on a piece of cardboard or paper to form a magickal collage. If you prefer, you may draw the images rather than cut them out. Be sure to include yourself in the Treasure Map either by putting a picture of yourself in the Map or writing the word me in the center of your Map. a. Only do this process at morning and at night. However, anytime during the day you realize that you are having thoughts contrary to your goal (as with John Magus), immediately begin repeating your magickal phrase until the contrary thoughts pass away. positive attitude about his magick that he went into town and spent some of his remaining meager funds on ice cream. Oh, by the way, he did get the money which was necessary to pay his rent. That, very simply, is the Kabalistic System of Mental Magick. Practice the system daily until you get what you want. Then...

The Formulas Of Enochian Magick

Magical formulas are an expression of natural motion. They establish procedures for action ways of doing something in the world. The best formulas, and among the most powerful, are those that dovetail with natural law. The fact that a natural law is not widely known, or perhaps e ve n re j e c te d as im p o ssib le b y the lo gic al thinking of the majority, in no way negates the power of the formula itself. Formulas of immense power include those that corre spond with the cyclic laws o f manifestation and creative expression. This manual addresses twelve formulas of Enochian Magick as shown in Table VIII. Their meaning and derivations are presented together with their gematric correspondences. Each represents an attitude toward life and describes a particular form of motion through time and space. Each is also an intelligent force and as such, defines the name of a powerful deity that may be invoked into the psychic constitution of the magician by means of appropriate ritual...

Aleister Crowley Magick Without Tears

Knowledge of the sexual currents that flow within the subtle spheres surounding our Earth will be essential if you are to advance in Enochian Magick. Several Aethyrs, .for example, are so highly charged sexually that ignorance of these currents can lead you to disastrous consequences. The story of John Dee's psychic partner, Edward Kelly, directly confronting the sexual forces in DEO, the seventh Aethyr, is told in Enochian Magic. Kelly, totally unprepared for such an encounter, left Dee and gave up Magick from that moment. Crowley on the other hand, was fully pre-pared and so was able to directly experience all of the Aethyrs up to and including LIL. Aleister Crowley, Magick Without Tears The use of sexual techniques to aid in invocations, evocations or traveling in the Spirit Vision is, in the last analysis, an option that you will have to decide for yourself. Similarly the decision to practice Magick alone or with one or more partners is a personal one which you must make for...

School Magick Mastery [Magick Third Practice

Your mastery of magick within your chosen school increases as you learn new and more powerful spells. Prerequisite To learn or cast spells you must have a score in your primary casting ability, dependent on school, equal to at least 10 + your number of Magick Mastery feats. The total must be at least an 11 the first time you take the feat. The GM may impose other prerequisites as suitable for the campaign. Benefit The first time you take this feat you gain one of the eight schools of magick skills as a permanent class skill. Thereafter, each time you take this feat you choose to apply it to either the same skill or to add a new school skill as a permanent class skill. Thus a character could have Illusion Magick Mastery 3, Evocation Magick Mastery 2, and Abjuration Magick Mastery 1, with each of the respective skills being subjected to a maximum spell casting DC as indicated on the table below.

Sex Magick Ritual For A Couple

Let both participants be aware that a magickal act, a spiritual act, is about to be performed, not just a common act of sexual intercourse. STEP ONE. Let both participants know the purpose of this act. A divination should be done, with both persons present, to insure the karmic correctness of the magickal act. STEP TWO. Let a suitable sigil, representing the purpose of the magickal act, be designed. Although a sigil taken from a grimoire will do, designing an original sigil is a good idea. The system of A.O. Spare is quite good for this. STEP THREE. Let large versions of the above sigil be made and placed around the room. This must include the ceiling so that no matter which way you look you will see the magickal sigil. Missionary Position (man on top) is good for situations where magick is done to positively affect the man's environment (i.e., allow him to get a raise, get a better job, etc.) Woman Superior (woman on top) is for situations where magick is done to positively affect...

Llewellyns Teutonic Magick Series

Teutonic Magick is as vast as the northern sky and as deep as the shrouded northern mists. Many of the most powerful forms of magick in the West were developed to an early perfection by Teutonic magicians Albertus Magnus, Agrippa, Paracelsus some were even elevated to the level of legend, such as Faustus. Teutonic Magick is multifaceted it has its own innate traditions those of the ancient Germanic peoples (Anglo-Saxons, Germans, Dutch, Scandinavians) and in addition it has those of the general Western Tradition which they received from southern Europe in the Middle Ages and proceeded to develop with characteristic scientific zeal. The world of Teutonic Magick is full of truly secret, some sinister, corners as well. Many of these like so much else that we believe to be sinister are thus characterized simply because they are unknown and perhaps also misunderstood. There are whole realms of Teutonic Magick that have largely been kept truly secret until the latter part of this century....

Magick And Witchcraft

A number of other occult disciplines are prevalent today besides magick. There are many cults and sects which profess their own views, but there are really few differences between them. One popular area in the occult today is witchcraft. This is far removed from the cliche of devil worship. Real witchcraft is a nature religion (pagan). Witchcraft has much in common with magick. Alchemy also has much in common with magick. It's heritage comes from the middle ages. Alchemy fathered chemistry and the physical sciences. But the avowed purpose of alchemy, turning lead into gold, is too limiting to be called magick. Sometimes the goal of alchemy is interpreted in another way, as the transformation of man into a spiritual being. Of course, everything I have said here is a generalization. Magick, witchcraft, alchemy, or any occult field are complex subjects. Suffice it to say that magick includes them all (it is eclectic). For magick is undoubtedly a philosophy which has, as the late Aleister...

Suggested use in Ritual Magick

Within the sacred circle of Az, or the Triangle as you have drawn it, the daemon within may ascend above you as Azothoz, the Angel-Dragon who is born of shadow. In the rites of Sexual Magick, the practitioner has become essentially a self-created separate being, one which stands outside the bliss of nirvana. The Luciferian shall seek the ecstasy of self-love, but also that which focuses future self-creation and progression. Concentration is essential in such workings, as it is between lovers the daemonic ecstasy of self-invoked power. It is not rare during such tantric practice that the practitioners feel a type of shadow or force surrounding them this is the gathering of the Sabbat in one of many of its forms. It is the widdershins circle-dance of beast and daemon, or servitor and lilitu. Your desire empowers their drive, their activity and movement. Use these created and attracted forces well they shall be servitors of your very lust and desire.

Belief A Key to Magick

Chaos Magic

One aspect of Chaos Magick that seems to upset some people is the Chaos Magician's (or Chaoist, if you like) occasional fondness for working with images culled from non-historical sources, such as invoking H.P Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos beings, mapping the Rocky Horror Show onto the Tree of Life, slamming through the astral void in an X-Wing fighter, and 'channeling' communications from gods that didn't exist five minutes ago. So you might see why using this sort of thing as a basis for serious magical work raises one or two eyebrows in some quarters. Isn't after all, the Lovecraft stuff fiction What about linking in with 'inner planes contacts', 'traditions', etc - surely you can't do magick with something that doesn't bear any relation to history or mythology The first point to make is that magick requires a belief system within which to work. The belief system is the symbolic & linguistic construct through which the magician learns to interpret her experiences and can range from...

New Hermetics Sex Magick

Sex magick does not form an official part of the New Hermetics instructions, but it is an important and useful technique for the adept, and I thought I should address it in some way. A lot of wordy drivel has been written on this subject in the last few years. In truth, sex magick is very simple and straightforward and can be entirely explained in just a few sentences. Sex magick has often been thought of as an unsavory and sometimes evil technique, relegated to the left-hand path or black magick side of a number of magical and mystical traditions. However, this is not at all true. The idea that sex magick is evil came from the antiquated and malignant idea that women were, in and of themselves, somehow impure. Hence any connection with them was viewed as necessarily partaking of evil. We are now capable of recognizing the absurdity of this. Sex magick is a beautiful sacrament, an ecstatic communion with a lover. Through this connection, you can achieve communion with the cosmic...

Of Geometrical Figures and Bodies by what vertue they are powerful in Magick and which are agreeable to each Element

Of time, and modulated to the same intention, when one is touched the other shakes also Also the figures, of which we have spoken, & what characters soever concern the vertues of the Celestial figures as they shall be opportunely impressed upon things, those ruling, or be rightly framed, as one figure is of affinity with, and doth express an other. And as these are spoken of figures, so also they are to be understood of Geometrical bodies, which are a Sphear sphere , a Tetracedron, Hexacedron, Octocedron, Icocedron, Dodecacedron tetrahedron, hexahedron, octohedron, icohedron, dodecahedron , and such like. Neither must we pass over what figures Phythagoras Pythagoras and his followers, Timeus, Locrus, and Plato assigned to the Elements and Heavens for first of all they assigned to the earth a four square, and a square of eight solid angles, and of twenty four plains planes , and six bases in form of a Dice to the fire, a Pryamis pyramid of a four triangular basis, and of so many...

Magick White And Black

'Personal magick' is that magick used to affect the self often involving affirmation, self-suggestion, and self-hypnosis. 'Active magick' is outer directed magick (as in PK) used to affect someone or thing, or to bring about an event. 'Passive magick' is to be affected (as in ESP) by an outside non-physical cause. Everyone possesses some magical (and psychic) potential. Some are especially gifted. Usually people are better at one kind of magick (ie. active or passive) than they are at the other kind only rarely does an individual excell at both. Traning and practice will, of course, improve ability somewhat. Although the forces of magick are neutral, various systems may take on the qualities of good and evil. There is so-called white magick or good magick, black magick or evil magick, and gray magick between them. When many people refer to white magick they mean magick for unselfish purposes, also healing and mental influence with specific permission. By black magick they refer to...

Quick Study [Magick First or Second Practice

You learn spells more quickly than normal Prerequisite Magick Mastery Benefit Each time you take the Magick Mastery feat you gain 1 additional spell Second Sight Magick, First or Second Practice You have innate arcane senses. Prerequisite Magick Mastery Summon Familiar Magick You have the ability to attain a familiar. Prerequisite Magick Mastery Versatile Practitioner Magick, Third Practice Your insights into magick allow you to apply what you know to multiple disciplines. Prerequisite Magick Mastery in 2 or more Magick Schools, at least 1 rank in 2 or more Magick skills. Benefit Select one School Magick skill as your primary school and up to two additional Magick skills in which you have already placed at least 1 rank as secondary schools. For every 2 ranks you increase your primary magick skill your secondary skills receive 1 virtual rank (a virtual rank increases your ranks in these skills but does not count against your total number of skill points per level maximum rank...

Magick Mysticism and Magnetism

The most simple and direct method of magnetically attracting an idea into our lives is by constructing a precise summary of the desire for our minds. A talisman is a perfect example of this. Talismans have the advantage of convenience over many other forms of magick because, as physical objects, they tend to work even in the case of a totally incompetent magician. The only thing left to you, the magician, is to construct a talisman that accurately reflects your desire and to create an atmosphere wherein it can be charged by the invisible force you seek. This section does not present an actual tool per se, but rather a set of tools that will enable you to connect with the planetary energies for the purpose of creating talismans. These archetypal energies form the basis of most sophisticated forms of magick, as well as a system for understanding your unconscious drives and repressions. Table 12 (below) reviews the basic correspondences of the planetary energies. You should also review t...

Man According To Enochian Magick

Niut Hadit

Man below the first Aethyr LIL is dualistic. However, aboye LIL, man is monadic. This monadic nature, often called monadic essence in occult terminology, is symbolized by a circle with a point in the center as shown in the figure on the following page. The cirde's center is a geometric point of consciousness often called a consciousness center. The surrounding circumference in the microcosm is called the aura, while in the macrocosm it is called the magical universe. A well-known axiom of occultism is that the aura of man is a magical mirror of the universe. In E no c hia n Magick, your aura is your personal replica of the magical universe. Man is like a circle whose center is nowhere (microscopic) and whose circumference is everywhere (infinite). Enochian Magick represents this center by the god Hadit. The circumference is represented by the goddess Nuit.

The Grimoire of Honorius

Despite the iniquities of the Pacta Conventa Dxmonum, the Grand Grimoire has failed, however, to invoke upon itself such severe condemnation as the Grimoire of Honorius the Great, otherwise Honorius the Third. It is scarcely too much to say that almost every accusation preferred against this remarkable work is false generally and specifically, the chief distinction between them being that some are the misrepresentations of ignorance and others the false interpretations of prejudgment. The French occultist, Papus, alone seems to take the middle view, though he speaks with some vagueness when he says that the sorcery of this Grimoire is more dangerous for weak experimentalists than for the enemies of the sorcerer. Eliphas Levi observes that the work is not without importance for the students of occult science. 1 At first sight it seems to be nothing but a tissue of repulsive absurdities, but for those who are initiated in the signs and secrets of the Kabalah, it is said that it becomes...

Brief History Of Western Magick

There are many who insist upon evaluating various magick practices and philosophy by such things as its antiquity. Therefore, a brief history of Western Sex Magick, which has been practiced by high initiates for a known period of one thousand years to this present day, is well advised. There are those who stoutly maintain that all Occultism and Magick originated in the Far East. Even though this may be so in going back to unrecorded history, nevertheless, for many centuries there have been essential differences between the East and the West. Again, there are those who maintain that there is nothing in Western Magick that is not in the Eastern. Their arguments are astute enough but there is one flaw they do not know enough Western Magick to know about the very essential differences. It is hazardous to go back beyond the Middle Ages for documented history of Magick in Europe, dating the Middle Ages from 400 A.D. to 1541 A.D. The earlier part of this is what is called the Dark Ages, with...

Who Practice Grey Magick Spells In India

There are several different aspects to sexual magick, and it is difficult to divide them into categories as they overlap a great deal. Even so, it is necessary to make loose categories in order to discuss the subject. Do understand that these divisions are just for communication's sake, and other writers may not follow them I divide the types of magick which use the sexual energies as a fundamental source into three groups 2. Inner Alchemy. This is a type of White Magick which could be called White Sex Magick. It is an important part of Taoist Alchemy (also called Taoist Yoga) and Tantrik Yoga. Some purists may be upset that I am introducing Oriental elements into this course. However, as I have said, I am very eclectic. Since the writings of Helena Blavatsky, Oriental mysticism has been incorporated into Western mystical philosophy and practice. Even the Golden Dawn took much from the East. This includes both the ideas of Karma and the Tatvic Tides, a system which can help in...

All Magick Skills Check

Other circumstances may modify this check, particularly the application of the Laws of Magick. You need not prepare your spells ahead of time, and may attempt to cast any spell you know at any time. For level-based effects your caster level is equal to your character level. The DC of any saving throw is equal to the casting DC. Detect Magick You may use your School skill to detect magick of that School, and only that School, as if through the use of the spell Detect Magick. Doing so first requires a School skill check your roll determines the strongest magick aura you can detect. Use the School skill, rather than Spellcraft, to identify the spells in place.

Let the Magician clasp his hands upon his Wand his fingers and thumbs interlaced crying LAShTal Thelema Fiaof Agape

Each of these Words has the numerical value of 93. Since there are five ofthem and they are repeated once, plus an extra THELEMA in the middle, there are a total ofll 93 Words in the rite. Note that the F's in FIAOF are silent, as is the GN in AUMGN. For more on these words see Book 4 Part III, Magick in Theory & Practice.

Magick Mastery [Magick First Practice

Your mastery of magick increases as you learn new and more powerful spells. Prerequisite To learn or cast spells you must have a score in your primary casting ability equal to at least 10 + your new Magick Mastery, at least an 11 the first time you take the feat. The GM may impose other prerequisites as suitable for the campaign.

The Three Schools of Magick

The Black School of Magick, which must by no means be confused with the School of Black Magick or Sorcery, which latter is a perversion of the White tradition, is distinguished fundamentally from the Yellow School in that it considers the Universe not as neutral, but as definitely a curse. Its primary theorem is the 'First Noble Truth' of the Buddha Everything is Sorrow. In the primitive classics of this School the idea of sorrow is confused with that of sin. (This idea of universal lamentation is presumably responsible for the choice of black as its symbolic colour. And yet Is not white the Chinese hue of mourning ) We may complete the whole tradition of the Indian peninsula very simply. To the Vedas, the Upanishads, and the Tripitaka of the Buddhists, we have only to add the Tantras of what are called the Vamacharya Schools. Paradoxical as it may sound the Tantrics are in reality the most advanced of the Hindus. Their theory is, in its philosophical ultimatum, a primitive stage of...

Summon all back from the Tree to their home in this magickal temple Come home now

If you have a member of the group who is functioning as an observer, he or she should keep the candles lit and the incense burning. When energy is to be sent to a Higher Spiritual Entity, it can be the duty of this person or persons to raise and direct the energy. Thus, they may dance or run to raise the energy and then direct it up through the top of the Rainbow Wand while holding the appropriately colored band of the Wand. If sex is to be used as a means of raising energy, the sex magick may be performed by one or more couples who are not going on the Pathworking rather than having to break the circle. Direction of the energy is again controlled by holding the Rainbow Wand as above. Although I personally have not participated in such a ceremony, I have it from a reliable source that if you have a group of people, only one person may choose to do the Pathworking while the rest supply the raised and directed energy. This, it is claimed, can be very power- J ful magickally. I You may...

Matos Spells And Magic Grey Magick Circle

Magick Circle Spell

The Greater Key is divided into two major sections or books. The second of these books describes the various tools or weapons of the magician, including several which do not seem appropriate for the practice of High Magick at all. But this is necessary, as the first book of the Greater Key is a combination of High and Low magickal methods. As an example of the later, the Greater Key includes a method of making oneself invisible using a small image of yellow wax, in the form of a man This type of image magick, sometimes called poppet magick, is not in the repertoire of most Kabalistic magicians. This is far more in the realm of Natural or Low Magick. It is because there are Natural Magickal methods in this grimoire, along with the lack of appeals to Jesus and the Trinity which gives internal evidence of an earlier date for the Greater Key than the Lesser Key. In fact, the earliest written versions of the Greater Key date from the 15th or 16th centuries, while the earliest copies of the...

Matos Spells And Magic Thoughtforms Wish Grey Magick

It is said that the true deep secrets of magick cannot be told. It is said that the true secrets of magick are hidden and shown only to initiates of secret occult bodies such as the true Rosicrucians or Illuminati, and then only after the student has spent years of study and practice and has passed serious and even life-threatening tests. All of this is true. From this point on lean show you no more. lean teach you no more magickal secrets. 1 Yet, there are still many pages more in this book. Why should this 1 be To answer this question I have to teach you what I consider to be j the ultimate secret of true magick. j There are three things needed to work any magick 1. The ability to raise, control and direct magickal energy. In the past lessons I have described these things and given you exercises and rituals to help you develop all three of the above talents. , It is interesting to note that no books on magick ever clearly state all of the above three points. The famous magickal...

Wish Exercises Grey Magick Matos Spells And Magic

In the last three lessons we have been examining the archetypal magickal elements. In this lesson we will continue the pattern by studying the last of the four elements, Fire. I remind you that there is a fifth element, Spirit. The reason it is not discussed in the same way as the other elements is because it is the source of the four archetypal elements. The way to come to know Spirit is by a thorough knowledge and understanding of Air, Earth, Fire and Water. The element Spirit is nothing less than the Spirit (Ruach, energy or Shakti) of Divinity. It is only through those manifestations of Divinity of which the Godhead wishes us to become aware that we can come to know the ultimate deity. The infinitude of the Divine Source of All is beyond the comprehension of our finite minds save the ways in which the Godhead chooses to be revealed to us. The following exercises will help you to become more aware of this magickal element in your daily life. EXERCISE 1. Observe those things around...

Magick is the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will

(Illustration It is my Will to inform the World of certain facts within my knowledge. I therefore take magickal weapons, pen, ink, and paper I write incantations---these sentences in the magickal language ie, that which is understood by the people I wish to instruct I call forth spirits, such as printers, publishers, booksellers and so forth and constrain them to convey my message to those people. The composition and distribution of this book is thus an act of Magick by which I cause Changes to take place in conformity with my Will.) In one sense Magick may be defined as the name given to Science by the vulgar.

Magick Talisman Stop Time

The word talisman is said to come from the Arabic words talis ma which means magick writing. However, there is no proof of this. It may come from the Turkish meaning one who is learned in divinity For thousands of years, writing was a magickal art. It was held in secret by the privileged classes and magicians. It was believed that certain symbols had magick power in and of themselves. This tradition has been carried even into modern movies where Count Dracula cringes in fear from the very sight of a cross. Thus, symbols placed upon a rock or piece of parchment were, of themselves, considered to be powerful. This is what I call the animistic theory of how talismans work. Today, many magicians do not believe in this theory. Rather, they take what I call the energetics theory of how talismans work. They believe that the charging of the talisman is the important part putting magickal energy into the object chosen to be a talisman. The time taken to carefully put the proper symbols on the...

What Magick is What are the Parts thereof and how the Professors thereof must be Qualified

Magick is a faculty of wonderfull vertue, full of most high mysteries, containing the most profound Contemplation of most secret things, together with the nature, power, quality, substance, and vertues thereof, as also the knowledge of whole nature, and it doth instruct us concerning the differing, and agreement of things amongst themselves, whence it produceth its wonderfull effects, by uniting the vertues of things through the application of them one to the other, and to their inferior sutable subjects, joyning and knitting them together thoroughly by the powers, and vertues of the superior Bodies. This is the most perfect and chief Science, that sacred and sublimer kind of Phylosophy philosophy , and lastly the most absolute perfection of all most excellent Philosophy. For seeing that all regulative Philosophy is divided into Naturall, Mathematicall, and Theologicall (Naturall Philosophy teacheth the nature of those things which are in the world, searching and enquiring into their...

Sex Magick Workings

Sigil Azazel

The model of Left Hand Path Sexual Magick is a challenge which moves beyond the constraints of sociological limitation it is taboo without psychological degradation, self-motivational empowerment through becoming as a God or Goddess, to discover your weaknesses and strengths. The God forms of Sexual Magick within the Witches Sabbat or Luciferian Path is best described through Lilith, Lucifer, Ahriman and Cain. Lilith represents the Black or earth bound control manipulation of the world around you in accordance to the Will of the practitioner. Lilith is the patron mother of beasts, demons and the nightside of nature. Lucifer is the Bringer of Light and Wisdom, the Solar side of Ahriman. Cain represents the Son of Samael (the Devil) and Lilith, whom is known in many Luciferian circles as Baphomet. Cain represents initiation and the process of the Great Work itself be it within a sexual magick format or not. Sexual Magick through Samael (Azazel Lucifer) is self-transformative Magick...

The Magickal Child

I have received many different letters from readers of my book, The Complete Magick Curriculum of the Secret Order G .B .G ., but 75 percent have been requests for more details on the subject of the Magickal Child. For this reason I am devoting this chapter to this particular subject. The ancient Semites (Arabs, Hebrews, Phoenicians and Egyptians jwere the race deeply involved in Sex Mapck.l Tou remember the account of the noted Jewish patriarch who pronounced his blessing upon his sons what they would be, who they would be, and how they would become it. What he actually was doing was repeating his magickal will held at the time of their conception. In other words, he was practicing Sex Magick in the act of making his wife conceive. Thus we see that, in such a case, the Magickal Child was an actual living person. This is what will be covered more explicitly in this chapter. In that remarkable, most secret doctrine in the book called Le Compte de Gabalis, the Magickal Child was a...

Cubeb Berries Magick

CABBAGE Is good for fertility, profit, prosperity, good luck, lunar magick, money magick. CARNATION Protection, strength, healing, enhancing magickal powers, and achieving balance. Burn to enhance creativity. Use in bath spells. Also called Jove's Flower, Gilliflower, Nelka, Scaffold Flower, Sops-in-Wine, and Gillies. Blood to rid oneself of a behavioral problem or bad habit. Burn dried leaves for love magick. Grow near the home or hang over the door to attract good spirits and luck. Also known as Cat's Play, Catmint, Nip, Nepeta, Field Balm, Catswort, and Catnip. CEDAR Confidence, strength, power, money, protection, healing and purification. Used in the consecration of magick wands. CENTAURY Counter magick herb snake removing. Adds power to any magickal workings. Used to repell anger and hurtful energy. Also known as Bitter Herb, Lesser Centaury, and Feverwort. CHAMOMILE Good for love, healing, and reducing stress. Add to a sachet or spell to increase the chances of its success....

Theory Of Magick

Fundamental to magick is a belief that the phenomenal world of the five senses is incomplete. Magickians believe that we live in a world quite different from the one our five senses show to us - they believe that every living thing possesses, because it is living, certain energies which we as individuals can sense and 'see' if we become receptive to them. This receptiveness is one of the aims of magickal or Occult Initiation - and may be said to involve the individual in becoming aware of the essence of things that is hidden by their outward appearance (and this applies to other individuals, as well as 'things'). According to the Septenary tradition, these magickal energies possessed by things and 'life' derive from what it is convenient to describe the acausal - that is, every living entity is a point or region where acausal energies manifest in our causal, phenomenal, universe, the amount and type of this energy being dependant on the type of entity. These acausal energies (which...

Gray Magick Spells

It is an excellent banishing ritual, although its effect is quite different from the LBRP. The LBRP ritual will protect you, but it also lights up the entire Astral Plane with its lines and pentagrams. It is very powerful. It can also have the effect of attracting the attention of sometimes unwanted astral entities (little nasties) as we have already discussed. The Rose Cross Ritual, on the other hand, works like a curtain by containing your aura. It will protect you from unwanted outside influences in a different way. Do no substitute the Rose Cross Ritual for the LBRP. Be sure to do the LBRP before any magickal ritual. Use the Rose Cross Ritual for self-enclosure. As an example, if you feel troubled and cannot focus your attention, do the LBRP to banish any outside influences which may be distracting you. Follow this with the Rose Cross Ritual to regain your peace of mind. At this time I will explain the Tetragrammaton and the Pen-tagrammaton. The Tetragrammaton is dealt with...

Systems Of Magick

Magick always involves self-hypnosis. However, it is more than that too. For one thing, there are objective forces involved (or so it would seem). Deities, spirits, and cosmic force can have an independent existence. And the repetitive physical movement sometimes involved in ritual can itself generate PK force. On the other hand, it could be argued that all of this is subjective to the magician. Perhaps all magical effects could be produced through hypnosis alone. But the effects are certainly real. Great complexity is not necessary in magick. Although basicly magick is a medieval system of symbolism (in a modern context), any cosmological system will work from Cabala to Star Wars. We usually use the medieval one in magick because it is convenient and traditional, and because it seems to fit our thought processes well. What really matters is that the model of the magician be understood and programmed, and thus that the model and the cosmological system do correspond.

The Grand Grimoire

The Grand Grimoire is the most fantastic of the cycle and is introduced with great pomp by its pretended editor, Antonio Venitiana del Rabina, a personage whose name indicates the Italian origin of the work. By reason of its rarity and the great request in which it is, we are informed that it must be regarded as the veritable Magnum Opus--a view which may appear inconsequential, but for which the authority of Rabbinical writers is cited. It is to these authors that we owe the priceless treasure which innumerable charlatans have endeavoured to counterfeit, but have never succeeded in discovering. The copy made use of by Antonio in preparing his edition was transcribed from the genuine writings of the mighty King Solomon, which were obtained by pure chance. Of Such is the preamble of the Grand Grimoire. The work is divided into two parts, the first containing the evocation of Lucifuge 1 Rofocale by means of the Blasting Rod, the second being that which Antonio inscrutably regards as the...

What is Chaos Magick

Press released Julian Wilde's Grimoire of Chaos magic, the first book on Chaos magic outside the Sherwin Carroll circles. Despite heavy criticism from other Chaos factions, Mr. Wilde never came forth to explain his ideas, nor has much been heard from him since. Grimoire departed radically from the other approaches to Chaos, particularly with his assertion that Chaos magic was in itself, a 'system'. Grimoire was followed by a tape The Chaosphere, and later, another book The Apogeton, by Alawn Tickhill which was marketed as a 'Chaos Manual' although the book itself made little reference to Chaos magic. None of these releases were received very favourably by the other Chaos factions and this 'third wave' of Chaos development further rang to the sound of voices raised in acrimony, slanging matches in print, and behind-the-scenes bickering.

Magic Vs Magick

The whole question has been threshed out and organized by wise men of old they have made a Science ofLife complete andperfect and they have given to it the name of MAGICK Enochian Magic uses the more general and familiar term magic You should note that this Magican's Manual uses the spelling of Magick with a final '' K' ' This is in keeping with Crowley's use of a final ''k' for reasons of gematria as well as to distinguish his more specific system from Magic in general. Crowley defined Magick as the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will. This extremely broad definition is exactly the meaning intended throughout this manual. Magic is both a science and an art. Like music, only so much can be communicated in words. Its study demands practice. You will not become a magician simply by reading this or any other book You must put what you read hito practical application. Enochian Magick is a ve ry special category of Magick. After learning of the Watchtowers...


MAGICK the essential factor in the life of ALL. In presenting this book to the world, I must then explain and justify my position by formulating a definition of MAGICK may understand instantly that their souls, their lives, in every relation with every other human being and every circumstance, depend upon MAGICK

Sigil Magick

Sigilisation is one of the simplest and most effective forms of results magick used by contemporary magicians. Once you have grasped the basic principles of sigilisation and experimented with some of the most popular methods of casting sigils, you can go on to experimenting with forms of sigil magick which are unique to you.

The Tarot And Magick

Magick is the scince and art of causing change to occur in conformity with the Will. In other words, it is Science, Pure and Applied. This thesis has been worked out at great length by Dr. Sir J. G. Frazer. But in common parlance the word Magic has been used to niean the kind of science which ordinary people do not understand. It is in this restricted sense, for the most part, that the word will be used ill this essay.

What is Magick

What is Magick Several definitions float into my mind, but none of them do it full justice. The world is magical we might get a sense of this after climbing a mountain and looking down upon the landscape below, or in the quiet satisfaction at the end of one of 'those days' when everything has gone right for us. Magick is a doorway through which we step into mystery, wildness, and immanence. We live in a world subject to extensive and seemingly, all-embracing systems of social & personal control that continually feed us the lie that we are each alone, helpless, and powerless to effect change. Magick is about change. Changing your circumstances so that you strive to live according to a developing sense of personal responsibility that you can effect change around you if you choose that we are not helpless cogs in some clockwork universe. All acts of personal collective liberation are magical acts. Magick leads us into exhiliration and ecstacy into insight and understanding into...

Magickal Chant

Chant Return Atazoth

Magickal chant is essentially monophonic and for this reason is generally (when it is written down at all) represented in Gregorian notation - as distinct from the 'blob' notation used in modern music. Magickal chant is sung unaccompanied in one of the seven fundamental (or Greek) modes - Lydian, Dorian and so on, the modes themselves being representations of Septenary forces as described by the Septenary Tree of Life and the correspondences associated with it. There are three basic ways of performing this chant - by a solo cantor by several voices in unison and by two cantors (or choirs) singing 'vox principalis' and 'vox organalis' a fourth or fifth apart as in organum. The music of this type of chant is similar to Gregorian chant sung in proportional rhythm and the texts used are usually magickal invokations or calls. Magickal chant of this type is used for three purposes - first, as keys to the Abyss or to open various acausal Gates (as, for example, their use in the Nine Angles...

The Magick Circle

Often an important part of formal ritual is the magick circle. Medieval magicians considered the circle essential, and placed great emphasis upon its exactness. Elaborate designs were invented with many layers of complex symbols and words. It was very important that the circle be completely intact with no breaks in it. The magician and any other participants stand in the circle during ritual. Today, circles are made on the floor with chalk or paint, rock salt, or a rope. Whatever its form, the circle is still an important part of magical protection for the magician. This is especially important for aversive entities and purposes. The circle also helps in focusing the energy of the ritual toward its purpose, that is, it keeps it contained until the magician is ready to release it. Of course, the magick circle is basicly only a symbol, but it may eventually be possible to supplement the circle with electronic equipment for a similar purpose. We are researching the practicality of...

The Major Magical Instruments And Weapons

Let theAdeptbe armed with his MagickRood jandpro de. It symbolizes the foundation of your work. The altar should be foursquare to symbolize the stable basis of the Magick to be used as well as your fixed will. The altar can be made of either oak (rigidity) or acacia (resurrection). well as your Wisdom and your Word. It is the principie weapon of the Magias. The Wand is used in both invocations and evocations. Yours is aLso ara embodiment of your creative power. When charged with a masculine force iit symbolizes the lingam. In Enochian Magick the Wand is the symbol of Fire, and is especially used in those operations involving tthe Watchtower of Fire. THE CUP. The Cup is a passive instrument. It represents your magical understanding. In the beginning, your Cup is usually empty. Gradually, with effort and experience, it filas with your understanding of truth. It is by nature round, vulnerable, and receptive. When charged with a feminine force, iit symbolizesthe yoni. In Enochian Magick...

The Holy Guardian Angel

Aleister Crowley, Magick Without Tears The Term Holy Guardian Angel was adopted by Crowley from the Golden Dawn, particularly from S.L. MacGregor Mathers' translation of The Sacred Magic of Abramelin, The Mage. Crowley used Abramelin to attain the Knowledge and Conversation of his Holy Guardian Angel. This name is especially appropriate in Enochian Magick. In each Aethyr that you enter, you will encounter at least one governing Angel. Crowley demonstrated that if you are properly prepared beforehand, at least one Angel will serve as your personal Cuide through each Aethyr. The Cuide that awaits you in the 8th Aethyr, ZID, is your own Holy Guardian Angel. You will confront him face to face when you enter ZID. But what is your Holy Guardian Angel It is none other than your own spiritual self or genius. Enochian Magick teaches that every person has a spiritual counterpart, a spiritual.Your physical body is an expression of your mirad. Your mirad is an expression of your soul. Your soul...

The Formula Enochian Magic Table

Our World According to Enochian Magick 15 Figure 4. Typical Circle for Conducting Enochian Magick 62 Figure 5. Sample Talisman for Table VIII.Formulas of Enochian Magick 174 This manual is meant to provide a convenient and reasonably complete source of all information required by the serious practitioner of Enochian Magick. The branch of Magick called Enochian was disclosed in modere times by Dr. John Dee (1527-1608). Dee was an authority on mathematics, navigation, astronomy, and optics. He was also the Astrologer Royal to Elizabeth 1. His magical Partner, Edward Talbott, who changed his name to Kelly, assisted him in the descriptions of the subtle regions known as the four Watchtowers and thirty Aethyrs. These, together with their presiding deities, formed the kernel of the powerful magical system now known as Enochian Magick. Dee has been called a pioneerin spiritualism,because he kept meticulous records of all of his magical operations. However, his primary approach was...

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn

Enochian Magick

A typical Magick Circle is shown in Figure 4. The four triangles outside the circle represent the four Watchtowers. When conducting magical operations on the Watchtowers, sit or stand in a green circle (in general, green is appropraite for most operations. However, the color to use should correspond with the magical operation in which it is used) and face the appropriate triangle as follows Whether you use a physical or mental circle, it must be properly consecrated before any operation. This includes an appropriate banishing ritual. In Enochian Magick, you can Figure 4. Typical Circle for Conducting Enochian Magick.

Not unto me but unto Thee be the power and the glory forever

Another purpose of the sudden breaking of the circle with claps and a shout is to prevent any of the energy from going back into the ritualists. Although it would not hurt them, since it is positive, it would lower the power of the healing. It also prevents a negative backlash which is frequently suffered by healers who are naturally talented but have no magickal experience or knowledge. Sometimes, this type of healer ends up temporarily suffering from the same symptoms as the person being healed. This negative backlash is totally avoided by the techniques of the above ceremony.

Second and Third Practice Application

Most magick practitioners have at least a few names, and magickal beings may have many. A human spell caster will have been given a birth name through the usual means. In even a moderately historical Imperial Age setting this is most likely a Christening name. Next they will have a surface name, often a nickname given in childhood or a pseudonym chosen by the practitioner to prevent misuse of his birth name. This surface name does not grant any special magickal knowledge, but can be a key to finding out the person's birth name or secret name. Most magick practitioners will also be given a secret, or ritual, name when inducted into an occult society or by a mentor when they first begin to learn the secrets of the art of magick. Others may receive a secret name in a vision or dream. Typically this name reflects some aspect of the practitioner's inner power and self-knowledge, and is frequently taken from mythology and nature. One might be Artus, another Athena, Corbie, Grendle, Rat's...

Quodosch The Third Degree

When the reader scans a short list of suggested uses for the Third Degree, he should be able to see that the Second Degree is equally applicable though not as potent. In other cases the work comes exclusively under the Third Degree. If one depends on a letter to influence the recipient, then what better method could there be than to charge the letter with the force of one's will, which in the case of Sex Magick would be to dribble the letter with the actual quintessence which had been charged with the magick intent If one should desire to bring soul transcendence to the woman partner, one cannot imagine anything more potent than to feed some of the transmuted quintessence to her We have the rule to practice often. Well then, consider the fact that much can be accomplished to this end in the Second Degree congrex. Consider well the idea of interspersing the Second Degree rite with the Third Degree rite. This is of great value because the partners do not become tired by frequent...

Zartoant Zen Tol Za Talho

Draconis) the formula itself can have three separate modes of operation. The first, acting through the number 54, is the way of the lover. The second, acting through the number 36, is the way of the adherent. The third, acting through the number 18, is the way of the hermit (See Crowley's Magick Without Tears for a detailed explanation of these three magi-cal types, and also ZIM, The Garden of Nemo later in this manual).

Second and Third Practice Applications

At the GM's discretion, any Metamagic feats may be appropriate for campaigns using the First Practice magick system. Item Creation feats from d20 Fantasy core books and supplements may also be appropriate in any of the Practices In addition to the various Magick Mastery feats mentioned earlier, the following new feats are available in an Imperial Age campaign.

Golden Dawn Air Dagger

Golden Dawn Air Dagger

Earlier in this lesson I mentioned that I was going to discuss the difference between the wand and the dagger. Although the wand has traditionally been associated with the magickal element of Fire and the dagger has been associated with Air, some people, especially in recent years, have reversed these associations. This is in a large part due to those people who have been using what they call Wicca or Witchcraft. While it is true that Witchcraft is thousands of years old, it is also true that much of what is today called Witchcraft is either a creation of or a re-construction by the late Gerald B. Gardner. This is not meant to belittle anybody who follows a Pagan path. In fact, those who follow one of the various Pagan paths in many cases seem to have regained the link between humanity and nature that most Ceremonial Magicians only talk about and secretly envy. As you may have noticed, one of the important areas which this course has emphasized is the attunement to the elements,...

Magical Operations Of The Vrelp

The VRELP (Var-el-peh), the mystical Seer of Enochian Magick, is one who aspires to become a Magus. A Magus is one who has mastered the third Aethyr, ZOM. The VRELP is an important stage in the development of any Enochian magician and one in which each magician works to attain. To aid in this development, use the Magick Square for VRELP as a talisman This Magick Square adds gematrically to 680, where 68 is the

HP Blavatsky Isis Unveiled

Abramelin Squares

These Symbols (i.e., Magick Squares), then, be made for you to avail yourself of them when you be in the company of other persons also you must have them upon you, so that in touching or handling them simply, they may represent your wish. Immediately then he unto whom the Symbol appertaineth will serve you punctually. The theory of Magick Squares is a very old one. Their use stems from the principle of the power of words to name things, and that knowing the name of something gives you a degree of power or control over it. Refer to The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage translated by Mathers for the theory and use of Magick Squares. Enochian Magick also includes Magick Squares. They can be used as aids in meditation or as talismans. Five of the most important of these squares are presented below. reduces 524 to 2, the number for Divine Will. ROR is the Enochian word for the sun and ODO means to open. The name of the Egyptian solar god, Ptah, means the Opener and this Magick Square...

Ol Sonuf Vaorsagi Goho Iada Balta Elexarpeh Comananu Tabitom Zodakara Eka Zodakare Od Zodameranu Odo Kdcle Qaa Piap

This means I reign overtoil, says the God of JusJkfe. (Three Magickal Names who rule over th Tablet of Union.) Movjeftherefore, move and appear. Open the jriysteries of creation balance, righteousness and truth. It is pronounced in this mannen 'Oh-ell soh-noof vay-oh-air-sah-jee gohu-hoh ee-ah-dah bahl-tahrfcl-ex-ar-pay-hay Co-mah-nah-noo Talwbee-toh-ehm. Zohd-aK-kah-rah eh-kah zohd-ah-kah-ray oh-dan zohd-ah-mehr-ah-npo oh-doh kee-klay kah-ah pee-ah-pay j> e ah-moh-ehl oh-dah ay-oh-ah-noo. The boldfaced words of power should be vibrated in the usual manner. Now spend a few moments trying to sense and balance the four Magickal Elements here at the center of your circle. STEP FOURTEEN. Do your Grey Magick. STEP FIFTEEN. When you have finished your magickal work, say y

Dealing With Psychic Attack

Magickally, another way of becoming more awake to the world around us involves becoming more in tune with the universe. One way to do this is to record in your magickal diary the day, date and phase of the Moon. There are also four brief (less than 30 seconds each) rituals Which will help attune you to the Sun as it daily traverses the sky.

Powers which thou dost rule that with it I may also govern those spirits over whom thou art Lord

When you have finished performing these rites to your satisfaction (we are harder judges of ourselves than we are of others) you will no longer be a beginner or neophyte in the world of magick. Very few have started down the path leading to a magickal way of life. Fewer go past the first few faltering steps. It is a miniscule number, indeed, who can claim to be true masters of the magickal art. No, you are by no means a master of Ceremonial Magick even if you have really practiced and learned from these first six lessons. But from my experience, if you have practiced and learned, you probably are more knowledgeable and magickally adept than 75 -95 of those calling themselves magicians. This is true even though you have not as yet done any real practical or Grey Magick. It is not well-known, but there were really two inner Orders in the Golden Dawn. No members of the Outer Order were supposed to know about either of these inner Orders or their workings. One of these Inner Orders only...

What Is Bloodroot Good For In Voodoo Curses

Devil Shoestring Hoodoo

BAKULI PODS Difficult to find magick items also used in sachets and potpourri. BALM OF GILEAD TEARS Good for love, manifestations, protection, healing, de-stessing, and assisting in healing from the loss of a loved one. Use in love sachets carry for healing, protection and mending a broken heart. Used to dress candles for any form of magickal healing. Burn to attract spirits. Also is called Poplar Buds, Balsam Poplar, Balm of Gilead, Mecca, Mecca Balsam, Balessan, Bechan. wishes come true. Or write a wish on a bay leaf with dragons blood ink for a powerful out come. Place under the pillow (or use in dream pillow) to induce inspiration and prophetic dreams. For the best power, do this with the full moon in Scorpio. Place in the corner of each room in the house to protect all that dwell there. Carry bay leaf to protect yourself against black magick. BEET Love, Beet juice can be used as ink for love magick or as a substitute for blood in spells and other rituals. BUCKTHORN Sorceries, elf...

The Relaxation Ritual

WHAT IS MAGICK In the first few pages we have already covered a great deal of material. We discussed dreams, ritual work, gave you a ritual to do daily, and told you how to keep a record of your work. This was to get you started on Practical Work as opposed to theoretical knowledge. The assumption was made, however, that you have a basic idea of exactly what magick is. But your definition may not be the same as mine, so let us now try to come to a workable definition of magick. According to the famous occultist Aleister Crowley, magick is the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will. Crowley was a member of the famous Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, which was mentioned earlier. Another member of the Golden Dawn was Dion Fortune. Her definition of magick was the same as Crowley's, except that she considered the change to be a change in consciousness (Note Fortune was a lay psychologist with several books on psychology to her credit under her real name,...

Ritual Outline For A Journey To Square B Of Oyvb In Water Of

Consecrate a arde and enscribe it with the formulas of KAL and TOOG (see Formulas of Enochian Magick). Execute the Banishing Rituals of the Pentagram and Hexagram. Stand with your Sword or Dagger and face East. Trace the yellow Banishing Pentagram and Hexagram of Air. Fill the room with the scent of galbanum or peppermint.

The Circulation Of The Body Of Light

Circulation Light Druid Ritual

On the next page is a diagram of the Tarot as it exists on the Tree of life. I am not going to make any comments on it at this time. Rather, I want you to spend some time looking at it and trying to discover the relationships between the Tarot and the Kabalistic Correspondences given earlier in the lesson. I am presenting it now, seemingly unrelated to the material in the preceding and following paragraphs, to draw attention to it. It may be the most important diagram for the magickal

Construction Of The Rainbow Wand

Spells For Grey Witchcraft

It is in these ways that the wand slowly absorbs the energy you have been controlling and becomes a magickal part of you. Similarly, you become a magickal part of it. Magickally, it more than represents you, it is your magickal counterpart. Second, notice that the color spectrum, the rainbow, only occupies the center part of the wand. In a similar manner, the Wand, as a representation of our magickal power, takes us beyond the physical realms represented by the visible spectrum. Once you have spent at least one month working with your Rainbow Wand as described above, you will be ready to consecrate it to magickal purposes. Be sure you work with it for at least one month before doing the following consecration.

Matos Spells And Magic Rainbow

Pentacle Candles

Oh great Goddess of the forces of nature, great one who has been known by a thousand-thousand names since before remembered time, let thy influence descend and consecrate this Rainbow Wand which I dedicate to thee for the performance of the works of the Magick of Light. . STEP SIX. Wrap your charged and consecrated Rainbow Wand in the silk or cotton cloth which you have for this purpose. From this moment on do not allow anyone else to touch it. Do not unwrap it except when you are going to need it for magickal purposes. Should someone else handle it, it would be a good idea to re-do this entire ritual. Your Rainbow Wand is now ready for magickal usage. Take a while and make sure that you have the time to do the above ritual correctly. Do not rush it. Also, do not go on to the next section until you have prepared your Rainbow Wand as above, for the next part of the lesson uses the consecrated and empowered Rainbow Wand to charge and consecrate your magickal tools. On page 266 you will...

Gigipaollo Gnapzsolprt

Enochian Spell For Healing

The letters of this formula express the idea that motion or action (the Chariot of Cancer) is on the left while death (Death in Scorpio) is on the right-a clear choice being available. However, surrounding death on each side is one's karma (Justice in Libra). The formula thus implies that the decision to accept death (the ultimate result of disease) or to restore health (the ultimate result of moving away from death) is purely karmic. The formula for healing in Enochian Magick must therefore take karma and the patient's personal karmic burden into account. This fact is further sustained when we consider that 118 59x2, where 59 is the number for BALTOH which means righteous or just. The following Magick Square is especially related to healing and can be a powerful talisman when used properly The Gematric value for the Magick Square of OLAP is 318. AIQ BKR reduces 318 to 3, the number for the manifestation of the soul in matter (i.e., the sickness or health of the soul is expressed in...

Intermediate Healing Ritual Healing Yourself

See the healing forces of the Names of Power leave the Magick Square of OLAP and enter your Pantacle. Let these forces radiate outward from your Pantacle through your arm until your entire body is enveloped in a rose-pink hue of healing mist Feel this STEP 3. The Visualization. While continuously chanting the four words of the Magick Square of OLAP, visualize a Vortex of Power over the patient. This Vortex of Power must extend from beyond the Abyss downward through the Aethyrs into the patient. It consists of a funnel-like swirling force of healing and cleansing energy. The patient must be clearly seen as becoming healthy and whole as a result of this Vortex of Power. Let the Vortex mingle with the subtle bodies of the patient and harmonize their elements. Know that you control this Vortex of Power through your

Ritual For The Knowledge And Conversation Of Your Holy Guardian Angel

This invocation, the Knowledge and Conversation of your Holy Guardian Angel, is the primary goal of Enochian Magick. It is the magical experience of your encounter with your own inner divinity, the divine spark at the core of your being. It will be fully experienced in the 8th Aethyr, ZID. Until then, you can achieve various degrees of this Knowledge and Conversation. The exercise below can be practiced at any time to prepare you for this encounter, but it must be done on a regular basis for best results. NOTES TO STEP 3. While invoking the four elements, thereby drawing to yourself the combined forces of the Watchtowers, attain one-pointed concentration on your inner divinity-your Holy Guardian Angel whose symbol is the geometric point, the center of your Magical Universe whose circumference is symbolized by the Magick Circle. The point is masculine while the surrounding circle is feminine. See yourself as an infinitesimal point of consciousness surrounded in all directions by...

Let the Divine light descend

Inhale, drawing in energy, while bringing your hands next to your ears. As you exhale, take a step forward with the left foot and thrust both hands toward the center of the Fire Hexagram (the middle of the base line of the top triangle). At the same time vibrate the magickal word of power ARARITA. Review the LBRP for exact instructions on inhaling and exhaling energy and the position of the Enterer. Both are duplicated in this ritual. good when doing White Magick rituals, as you can bask in the glow of the Divine Light for as long as you desire at the end. The intensity of this light is increased by the act of formulating the hexagrams. For general purposes, this is the ending I prefer. shorter and has the effect of creating a stronger link between the LBRP and the BRH. It is good for grey magick rituals. On a practical level, it will save some time if you are doing a long, involved ritual. Remember, there is only one way to succeed in Ritual Magick. That way is to...

Lovage Herb Court Spell

LADY'S MANTEL Aphrodisiac, transmutation. Use in love potions or to increase the power of any magickal workings. LAVENDER FLOWER The magickal uses for this herb includes love, protection, healing, sleep, purification, harmony and peace. for magickal objects to remove unwanted negativity, especially for objects received second-hand. Use an infusion of lemon to induce lust. Also known as Limoun, Limone, Citronnier, and Neemoo. LETTUCE Lunar magick, divination, sleep, protection, love spells, and male sex magick. LILY OF THE VALLEY Used for soothing, calming, draws peace and tranquility, and repels negativity. Assists in empowering happiness and mental powers. Use in magick workings to stop harassment. Married couples should plant Lily of the Valley in their first garden to promote longevity of the marriage. (Note Poisonous, please use with caution.) LOVAGE Prophetic dreams, energy, and purification. Use in bath spells for psychic cleansing. Use in sachets, amulets, or bath magick to...

HP Blavatsky The Secret Doctrine

NEMO is the title of the Silent Watcher who tends the garden in ZIM. It is therefore a magical grade in the Great White Brotherhood (white refers to the color of the Magick used, not to race) which is sometimes called the Hierarchy of Compassion. It is this esoteric organization that keeps the spirit of love and brotherhood alive in the world. If you have love for your fellow man in your heart, then you are already a member of this organization. It is this organization or Lodge that periodically sends selected members into our world to keep truth alive and to stir the human mind to see beyond itself. Such beings are known as avatars, mahatmas, adepts, bodisattvas or simply good people who try as best as they can to make the world a better place to live. Most remain anonymous and shun publicity. Many are not consciously aware of their self-imposed tasks but diligently carry them out anyway. Some are cast into the public limelight and must bear the jeers and derision of those whom they...

Enochian Ritual Of

This ritual is for magicians at all levels of Enochian Magick. It employs the formula of IAO. Perform it to transmute your karmic debts by letting them become projected from you and then dispelled. The ritual first invokes a typical feminine current and then uses the masculine current of MAZ for balance and completeness. PART I. The Preparation. Charge your Talismans for IAO, ZTZTZT, NIAKOD and the Magick Square of LAHALASA. Stand wearing your white robe. Place your Cup and Sword (or Dagger) on your Altar. Hold your Wand in your right hand. Consecrate a circle with the Banishing Rituals of the Pentagram and Hexagram. Replace the Wand with either a Sword or Dagger.

CI invoke the power of vibrate God name Charge and consecrate this talisman for thy names sake revibrate God name

Sigils For Money

Before doing any Grey Magick, such as talismanic magick, always do a divination, such as with Tarot cards, to learn if it is a good idea to do this magick. a. ask their permission to do the magick for them first. This form of magick is quite solitary in nature. Obviously, nobody else is necessary to allow you to perform the charging and consecration of a talisman. However, this Simple Talisman Charging and Consecration Ritual does make a wonderful and powerful group rite. Rather than repeating the whole ritual, I am just going to give you notes on how this ritual magick can be turned into ceremonial magick NINE. All present should be inside the magickal circle. No interested bystanders remaining outside the circle should be allowed.

Is The Lbrp Dangerous

Supreme Invoking Ritual The Pentagram

I am often amazed at the incompetence of people claiming to be Ceremonial Magicians. Many of those whom I have met seem to think that the LBRP is the highest level of Ritual Magick, then wonder why Pagans criticize them for their complicated rituals. In fact, some self-described magicians drop the Lesser so that the LBRP becomes THE Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. This is totally wrong and totally in error. The LBRP was given to the members of the Golden Dawn (remember, they were a non-magjckal group) to prepare them for the magickal work to come in the Inner Order of that organization. It is hoped that you have been practicing the LBRP for many months. Time will not wait, and it is important that you are fully competent As you probably remember, the points of the pentagram represent the five magickal elements Spirit at the top, then, going counterclockwise, Air, Earth, Fire and Water (see diagram).

The Conditioned Reflex

At the turn of the century, the shift from religion to science as the dominant ethos for defining reality exposed the fact that us apes required an ontonological dimension of action, to remain secure in a world increasingly percieved as hostile. The space left by the declining power of religion was quickly filled the the cults of the psyche - psychoanalysis, and various mystical magical cults. These provided a comfortable rationale for the evolving Middle Classes. Enlightenment was captured into being another source of demonstrating status over one's neighbours. This attitude has become increasingly prevalent over recent decades. A magick which is acceptable to mass culture loses its transformative power, becoming a support to the status quo. By all means explore your inner worlds, but don't rock the boat. Evolution is sacrificed to security. In a world of caterpillers, the butterfly is a dangerous enemy of the way things are.

Tow to fTlY 1KJ Tle spiritvision

For, as I have said, first must you come unto a quiet place within the midst of night and in this place prepare a resting place within your circle of magick and heneath the gaze of the Guardians of the Four Quarters so that your hody may yet slumher undisturbed. And then shall you once again prepare to take yourself again from Earth unto Kiter and thence unto Fire and unto Air and then unto the form of the wise raven who doth take its flight across the skies. And now skall you kold firm witkin your keart tke strong desire in magick wkick katk brought you forth, and then with the cawing of the raven an d the power of magick in your soul as you do fly wi tk all your keart's desire, tken skall you make your way unto tke Ancient Ones tke wise and skining ones wko do dwell beyond the Veil of Mist. For nothing now may hold you back upon your quest, and now do you seize your freedom witk your wings, and so may you fly unto tke Gods and dwell amongst tkem, tkeir sacred knowing to receive. And...

Consecration Ritual For The Pentacle

Face North and hold your Pentacle in the left hand by the black section. Always remember to move and pivot clockwise within your temple unless told otherwise. In your right hand hold the consecrated Rainbow Wand by the red-orange stripe, the stripe associated with Taurus representing elemental Earth. The Pentacle should be held horizontally. As you vibrate each magickal word, title or name, trace in the air above the Pentacle the Hebrew letters and sigils which are on the tool. If you have any questions about this, go back to the lesson which showed you how to make the Pentacle. The symbols are drawn over the tool with the Earth (black) end of the Rainbow Wand, representing the making physical of the spiritual forces. These spiritual forces are, of course, represented by the white end of the Rainbow Wand. Thus, you are sending pure magickal energy down into the Pentacle. Say May the ruler of the Earth, the powerful prince (vibrate and trace) KERUB, by the permission of the...

Low i CACioe to T coy coQickAL poweRS

Ere before you now is my Look of magick and wonderment a tract of mysteries and spells and secrets, whereof some hath spoken hut few have taken unto their hearts and souls. And I leave this hook with you lest mountain streams. And this magick is the magick of my people, of my forefathers and womenfolk. This is magick from the dawn of the first times magick which sings true, and whose echoes whisper through the ages. is magick that others have perchance lost or forgotten and so it is that I bequeath it here to you. recluse. Indeed I liketk kest to ke hy myself, alone witli my wild tkougkts and my kaunted songs, kut in truth never am I really alone. For I find my company amidst the chirpings of the raven, in the dance of the hlue butterfly, in the graceful prancings of the deer, and in the distant rumblings of dragons. As ni gkt falls, tk en do I become drowsy and yield to tke radiance of tke inner world and my mind kecometk enckanted ky tke strange journeys of tke soul. I wander...

Another Magical Theorem

Another major theorem of Enochian Magick is that man is capable of being and or using, anything that he encounters, because everything that can be encountered by man is a part of his being. You will probably not fully realize this theorem until you enter the higher Aethyrs (especially the third Aethyr, ZOM) but at least an intellectual understanding of it should be obtained at the beginning of your practice.This theorem is the underlying principie behindall operations of Enochian Magick.It explains how these operations work. The practice of Enochian Magick will demonstrate the truth of this theorem. The deities and demons encountered in the Watchtowers and Aethyrs will appear to be independent, of you, the magician. However, in the same way that dream images appear autonomous but are actually dependent, so are the deities of Enochian Magick. It is only after you become conscious of these esoteric correspondences that you can hope to control the Watchtower deities. There is a mystical...

Yehhahshuah Yehhohvahsha

Now, before you tear these pages into little bits and decide to abandon Magick forever because it is so complicated, stop for just a second and notice that this time I have not included a summary. This is because for this ritual you should make up your own summaries. Instead of using regular-sized paper, I used 4x5 index cards. I was able to fit the entire ritual on both sides of three cards. It looks much longer than it really is because of all the added instructions I have given you here. In practice, it takes little more than ten minutes if the LBRP and BRH are memorized. When you are making up your summaries or cards, be sure to go over how the invoking pentagrams are made. This was described in the last lesson. The Watchtower Ritual is a potent preparation for any Magickal ritual. Some of you may be familiar with the version published by Israel Regardie in his book, Ceremonial Magick I must warn you, however, that that book is filled with many errors. This can be verified by...

Matos Spells And Magic 30 Seconds Ritual

The next technique I wish to talk about is that which I call Outer Alchemy. Of the three techniques of sex magick it is the easiest in that it requires the least amount of self-discipline. Sex Magick of Outer Alchemy, unlike the other two forms of sex magick, requires the use of a partner of the opposite sex. Thus it is by its very nature not a technique which can be adapted to male or female homosexual practices. This must lead us to a brief discussion of magick and sexuality. When I perform the ritual I may visualize God as a concept which exists before the gods and goddesses of creation. Others may see God as the Christian Trinity. Still others may view the source of the energy in the LBRP as Jah of the Rastafarians. It does not matter, if it works for you. The point I am trying to make is that although our magickal practices are spiritual, they need not follow any particular religious viewpoint. True, the Kabalah has an intrinsic Jewish flavor to it, but this is because it has...

Sufi Philosophy

Sufism is well defined in the dictionary as a system and practice of mysticism (and Magick) developed especially in Persia into an elaborate symbolic system much used by their poets. Only those portions of the Rubaiyat which apply to Sex Magick are given herein. It is given in this text as having great magickal value by itself. Here is the magick if the Inspiration is a precious thing to invoke and there is no doubt that when these verses are understood there will result much added inspiration. It is for this reason that these verses and the commentary are included in this book, albeit it also shows clearly the source fountain of Western Sex Magick.


' hile Imperial Age Magick offers a variety of magickal styles abased on skills and feats, there are some GMs that may wish to opt for a more traditional d20 approach and limit magick to an 3dvanced class. The Hermetic Disciple is an example of a class-based magickal practitioner, using the Third Practice and the First Price (Option Three). GMs can use the Hermetic Disciple as is or as an example for modelling an advanced class on other Practices and Prices. Arcane skills, Magick Mastery Bonus Feat, Magick Mastery Imbue Talisman, Magick Mastery Magick Mastery Bonus Feat, Magick Mastery Magick Mastery The Hermetic Disciple follows the Third Practice and is limited to the Schools of Abjuration, Divination, Enchantment, and Illusion. Empower Circle Hermetic Disciples learn how to focus spells through the use of elaborate circles decorated with magickal symbols. At 2nd level, a Hermetic Disciple can ritually create a circle that focuses the Hermetic Disciple's efforts, reducing the DC to...

Other Books By Author

The Felfoldi's Medical Herbal Encyclopedia The Complete Book On Herbal Magick The Herbs And Animals Of The Bible The Road To Better Health The Gnomes In Mythology The Magic Of Heaving Great Sex The Healing Powers Of Strawberries The Backyard Terror Squirrels Changing The Way We Look At Wolves Cooking With Eggs Cookbook The Healing Powers Of Watermelons The Healing Powers Of Avocados The Complete Book On Herbal Magick (2nd Edition)

Golden Dawn Enochian Magic

MODERN MAGICK by Don Kraig MakmMagfikis the most comprehensive step-by-step introduction to the art of ceremonial magic ever offered. The eleven lessons in this bookwl guide you from the easiest of rituals and the construction of your magickaltools through the highest forms of magckdesigning your own rituals and doing pathworking. Along the way you will learn the secrets of the Kabalah in a clear and easy-to--understand manner. You will also discover the true secrets of invocation (channeling and evocation, and the missing information that will finally make the an-dent grimoires such as the Keys of Solomon, not only comprehensible, but usable. Modern Magck is designed so anyone can use it, and is the perfect guidebook for students and classes. It will also help to round out the knowledge of long-time practitioners of the magickalarts. 0-87542-324-8, 608 pages, 6 x 9, illus. 14.95 For years, Denning and Phillips headed the international occult Order Aurum Solis. In this book they...

HP Blavatsky The Theosophist Vol V No 5

One of the most significant milestones in the life of a magician is the crossing of the Great Outer Abyss. Enochian Magick reserves the 10th Aethyr for the Abyss which is called ZAX. Much has been said about the Abyss, some wise and some foolish. If you have been able to enter the Aethyrs below the Abyss in serial order, then you will be well prepared to enter ZAX. The information and suggestions given here should aid in your task. However, you must supply the courage and determination t o perform the actual operation from within yourself. Because of the importance and serious nature of this operation, it is suggested that you sit in an especially protected circle. Use Names of Power to fortify the circle as well as the powerful formula of NIAKOD. Wear your black robe and arm yourself with your Magick Dagger. Perform the

Evocation Ritual The Earth Angel Axir

To the North create a triangle so that the triangle lies just outside the circle. The deity is to be evoked into this triangle while you, the magician, remain in the circle. Consecrate your circle using the Banishing Rituals of the Pentagram and Hexagram. Use a strong heavy-bodied incense (for example, musk) for this ritual. Create a Pantacle inscribed with the name AXIR, the number 566, and his sigil from the Rose. Place it on the Altar before you.

The Book of Enoch Elemental System

The Watchtower structure is probably the most familiar part of Enochian magick. It has been popularized by the Golden Dawn and its descendants. In fact much of the material presented in the initial degrees of these orders, such as the Lesser Pentagram and Hexagram Rituals10 , are designed to prepare the student for working with the ultimate integration of the various symbols of Hermetic and Cabalistic magick that is the heart of the second order of the Golden Dawn11 . This integration and correlation of symbols is sometimes

Home Lightning Matos Spells And Magic

MAGNOLIA BARK Magickal uses include fidelity, love and hair growth. This herb is also known as Cucumber Tree, Blue Magnolia, Swamp Sassafras, and Magnolia Tripetata. MANDRAKE (American) (Mayapple). The magickal use of this herb includes protection, prosperity, fertility, and exorcising evil. Carry to attract love. Wear to preserve health. Be sure to gather your Marigolds for magickal workings at noon. A fresh Marigold flowers can be worn to court for a favorable outcome of a trial. If you place Marigold in your mattress, you will have prophetic dreams, and if you place it under your mattress it will make whatever you dream of come true. MEADOWSWEET Use to increase the chances of getting a job. Aids one during times of distress. Useful as an alter offering, especially during love magick. Burn or strew about the house to relieve disharmony in the home or remove tensions. Carry to gain popularity and friendship. MILK THISTLE Magickal uses include strength, perseverance, wisdom, aid in...

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

Magick is the art and practice of moving natural energies to effect needed or wanted change. Magick is natural, there is absolutely nothing supernatural about it. What is taught here are various techniques of magick for beginners. Magick is natural and simple and the techniques to develop abilities should be simple and natural as well. What is taught on this site is not only the basics of magick, but the basics of many things.

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