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T^P'-mj or it has always been since ancient times that wise wizards and witches who doth have the mystic power within their grasp could fly across the shy and then take themselves unto the Otherworld and midst the Ancient Ones who do dwell within the hallowed realms heyond the Veil of Mist. And yet amongst the commonfolk many have heen seized with fear on learning this, and then have ashed: how could this he, that through wizardry and magic k that one may come to fly unto the heavens as if he were a hir d? And so now will I tell you of these things.

For, as I have said, first must you come unto a quiet place within the midst of night and in this place prepare a resting place within your circle of magick and heneath the gaze of the Guardians of the Four Quarters so that your hody may yet slumher undisturbed. And then shall you once again prepare to take yourself again from Earth unto ^Kiter and thence unto Fire and unto Air — and then unto the form of the wise raven who doth take its flight across the skies.

And now, as you resteth quiet upon the ground, perhaps almost to the edge of slumher and yet with your mind and vision ever watchful, call now ror the Ancient Ones to fill your hody with the sacred light that doth come forth from the Cauldron of the Wise, this light f or to give you strength and throw its welcome light upon the mystic path of your travail. And now as this light do th fill your hody and your heart, and doth illumine your soul forthwith to fly, then once more shall you feel your hody pass from Earth and dissolve within the Water, and reach out then unto the further shores. Aaid now shall you feel the inner Fire which all foil owers upon the mystic path do conjure forth to rise within themselves — from within the cauldron that hath become the heart's desire — and now shall you make ready to rise up into the Air like the ever curling streams of vapour that d o rise up from the cauldron and yield their flow unto the stars. Now shall you shape your form to take unto yourself tlie visage of tke wise raven. And as you do call upon Lord Dagda, wko art Lord of Life and Deatk and wko dotk guard tke door to Otkerworld, tkat ke might aid you in tkis task — so too skall you conjure in your own mind's vision tkat a keak katk formed ketween your eyes, tkat featkers do now come fortk upon your kreast and from your flanks, and from your arms katk strong and glorious wings emerged. And you do feel tke urge strong witkin your keart tkat now skall you fly unto tke keavens, and a mystic force katk come unto your strong and glorious wings and tke keen vision of tke raven hath come unto your eyes. And now do you rise up m flight for tk ou kast kecome tke sacred raven, and now may you look downwards to see your kuman form keneatk, slumkering all tke wkile upon tke eartk wkilst your soul skall yet take fligkt witkin tke spirit-vision.

And now skall you kold firm witkin your keart tke strong desire in magick wkick katk brought you forth, and then with the cawing of the raven an d the power of magick in your soul as you do fly wi tk all your keart's desire, tken skall you make your way unto tke Ancient Ones — tke wise and skining ones wko do dwell beyond the Veil of Mist. For nothing now may hold you back upon your quest, and now do you seize your freedom witk your wings, and so may you fly unto tke Gods and dwell amongst tkem, tkeir sacred knowing to receive.

And tken wken you kave travailed amongst tkese Ancient Ones and gloried in tkeir light, an d hath th eir knowledge and tkeir mystic gifts received, tken may you turn in fligkt once more and take yourself back unto tke nigkt skies of tke komeland and to tke magick circle wkence your slumkering form still restetk upon tke ground. And now as surely as you katk tke Air emkraced, so too will Fire once more rise up witkin your kuman keart — for tke torck of sacred tkings hath b een lit by the Gods — and then do the Waters of Life flow ami dst the embers of the Fire and draw you back witkin tke mystic stream tkat dotk tkese faculties enrick. And now surely do these waters flow upon the Earth and so too do you dissolve your raven form and become yet again one within the human shape that slumbers on the ground. And ever gently, and in the depths of quiet, do you return to human rorm. And in good time shall you arise within that mystic circle and give your thanks and praise unto Lord Dagda and his host of Gods and spirits, for the gifts they have bestowed.

Upon the coming of the dawn, then shall you erase this magick circle from the face of the earth and take yourself away. And then shall you spend much time in deep reflection, and once again give thanks unto the Ancient Ones for the ways in magick that hath been granted unto you, and which are surely blessed and sacred in this world. For magick is known in truth as the Path of the Wise, and so it is that I do bequeath this book henceforth unto your watchful care, so that this knowledge be not lost or scattered forth unto the wind.

MeviLL örurv was born in Hastings in 1947 and was inspired as a ckild by tbe fantasy illustrations of Arthur Rackkam and

Ed mund Dulac, wkick evoked a timeless feeling of magic and tke 'Otkerworld'. Still fascinated by tbis genre, be bas also been influenced by tbe mystical tales of Lord Dunsany and Arthur Macken, wkick kave left an enduring mark on kis own writing. Since tke release of kis first b ook, The Search for Abraxas, in 1972, Nevill Drury has continued to research and publish books on tke western esoteric tradition and kas specialised in the fields of magic, mythology, shamanism and visionary states of consciousness.

His most recent books include The Elements of Shamanism,

Visionary Human, Pan 's Daughter and Echoes from the Void. He kolds a Masters degree in antkropology and is tke Puhl ishing Director of a company specialising in books on contemporary Australian and international art.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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