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Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

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ere before you now is my Look of magick and wonderment — a tract of mysteries and spells and secrets, whereof some hath spoken hut few have taken unto their hearts and souls. And I leave this hook with you lest my learning upon the mystic Path of M agick he lost forever.

For it is surely true that these mysteries have come forth from the earth and sky, from the forests an d the mountain streams. And this magick is the magick of my people, of my forefathers and womenfolk. This is magick from the dawn of the first times — magick which sings true, and whose echoes whisper through the ages.

This is magick that others have perchance lost or forgotten — and so it is that I bequeath it here to you.

My name is Merlin — many know me hy that name — and so too am I also called Myrdd in or Merlinus Amhrosius. Some also call me mad - possessed hy spirits and intoxicated hy demons. Some have asked why it is that I prefer to haunt the craggy mountains or take refuge in caves. Or why it is that I love the depths of the forests and the solitary life of a wanderer. For it is true — I find my happiness and my strength in the life of a

recluse. Indeed I liketk kest to ke hy myself, alone witli my wild tkougkts and my kaunted songs, kut in truth never am I really alone. For I find my company amidst the chirpings of the raven, in the dance of the hlue butterfly, in the graceful prancings of the deer, and in the distant rumblings of dragons. As ni gkt falls, tk en do I become drowsy and yield to tke radiance of tke inner world — and my mind kecometk enckanted ky tke strange journeys of tke soul. I wander tkrougk many lands and ages, and speak witk kirds and animals of tkis world an d tke next. Tkere do I meet my spirit-kelpers in tke ways of magick, and I receivetk my knowledge from tke Ancient Ones wko once walked upon tkis eartk — tkose wko were called to tke Patk of Mysteries, did conjure its spells and secrets, and wko now dwell in tke timeless lands keyond tke Veil of Mist.

But more sna 11 I tell you of wko I am, and kow I came to tkis calling in tke ways of magick and enckantment...

For it is said tkat my spirit-fatker was indeed tke Devil kimself, and tkat ke sougkt to wreak kavoc on a world wkere propkets, kings and emperors wislied witk tkeir arrogance to kecome as powerful as ke — to usurp kis rigktful role as Lord of Magick and Host of tke Forces of tke Nigkt. And so did ke curse tkose wko kad forgotten tke old ways of Nature, and ke did wisk mightily for a son who would lead the world away from sanctimonious righteousness and hack to the forgotten paths of magick. And so it came to pass that my spirit-father did sow his seed in this world and then take h is leave to the nether-regions. In this way was his magick horn again into the world and thus did it spread to many distant realms — nurtured and reawakened all the while hy those who could hear his whisperings in the wind. I, Merlin, prophet of the depths, am his spirit-son. My soul doth sing hoth unto the Heavens and in the dark recesses of the Earth.

But what of my mother? I knew not her name, for soon after I was horn and nursed did she retreat unto a life of religious penance. But this much is clear — that all are agreed that she was an innocent maiden who until my hirth had lived a simple life, hoth pure and good. And it is said that once my spirit-father had espied her, and sought to make her his lover, he did fill her dreams with ribald thoughts and visions of sensual pleasures. Now, for her part, my mother was troubled hy these visions and these passions and in haste did seek counsel from a kindly priest named Blaise, who urged her strongly — her soul for to protect - to make the sign of the cross before going to sleep at night and before rising for her work each day. One night, though, did she take herself to sleep without making all around her the sign of the cross, and my spirit- fath er liath seize d this time to be with her alone, within the half-light of her room.

Thus did he conjure his heing into the form of a handsome priest and appear before her as a counsellor and as a friend. And soon hath he entranced her with his gentle whisperings of spiritual love and companionship. But having cast aside her fears, now did he hegin to entrance her with sensual caresses, awakening in her feelings and emotions not glimpsed before. And yielding to his advances, my mother did then spend the night within his arms — her hody folding into his — and by morning time the magick deed was done. Yet when she did awake there was no person to be seen and only then did she realise that unbeknownst to her perchance she had fallen prey to lovemaking with the Devil. Then with haste did she seek counsel with Blaise — for to put herself at ease that this too was a dark imagining in her min d - but to no avail. For the priest did confirm her fears an d hath told her she must surely now be pregnant with this evil see d - that in due course would she give birth to the Devil's child.

And so it came to pass that I was born. It is said that when I nestled at her breast I was a cheerful, smiling child with chubby ch eeks — a delight for any mother and a source of great pride and joy. And Blaise did then baptise me, so to annul the hold of the Devil and to lay to rest those demons who still lay claim to my soul. But though I was of happy disposition, many thou ght that I was somewhat strange in my appearance. People who took me in their arms did say quietly to one another

(3) bib like greatlg to take mçself aioag anb make mg explorations iuitljin tlje forest all alone.

that at times they glimpsed an ancient, restless soul residing within this baby's body — that my eyes, whilst full of life and radiance, yet also showed a depth and mystery that were not of this wor Id. And my body was covered in soft black down, like that of a young bird, bo they named me Merlin — which means 'blackbird'.

After this, and perhaps to atone for her terrible transgressions in the way of virtue, my mother did spend much of her time within the convent walls, praying and making peace with her God. Meantime, Blaise hath fathered me as best he could. And so it was that my early years were spent more with the farm animals or wandering alone in the countryside, than playing with the other children in the village. Even though quite young, I did like greatly to take myself away and make my explorations within the forest all alone. For I never was afraid. Sometimes indeed would I rest upon a bed of fallen leaves — and rabbits, foxes and badgers would then come close by, as curious about me as I was about them. Blackbirds and finches would perch themselves above me and red-breasted robins would sing their sweet songs. Meanwhile I would close my eyes and float into a reverie — sliding deep within my dreams wherein these creatures would take me welcomingly into their world. Soon, in these times of wonderment did I learn to speak with the birds and animals, and then did they become my true friends.

Now at this time our land was ruled over by King

Vortigern, who had usurped power following the death of King Constantine. Vortigern had seized the throne from Constantine's brothers Uther and Pendragon, who were forced to retreat to far-off realms. King Vortigern had learnt from those about him that I was a 'child of the Devil' - the ill egitimate offspring of a convent nun — ana that I d id appear to harbour within my heart and soul strange powers that were not of this world. And so it came to pass one day, soon after my fifth birthday, that my mother and I were summoned unto the King's Court, and the King did begin to question my mother at length about my strange conception.

'Upon his soul and mine, my lord King, never have I known the man who impregnated me,' she did reply with an anguisked voice. I know only one tking. I was resting in my ckamber, and there appeared to me a most handsome young priest. He urged me not to be afraid and began speaking with me in a friendly and comforting way. However he then took me in his arms and began to kiss me on tke moutk. Tken he made love to me and made me pregnant. And wken I awoke in tke morning ke kad gone. No-one knew wko ke was or wkence ke came. A monk in my village told me I kad keen witk tke Devil...'

Now d id King Vortigern turn to one of kis most trusted, elderly advisors and asked if suck a spirit-visitation could indeed ke possikle. And tke wise and learned man katk replied: 'I kave read in tke books of our philosophers and in numerous histories that many men have heen conceived in this way. As Apuleius maintained, concerning the god of Socrates, there are between the earth and the moon certain spirits whom we call incuhi. They have elements of hoth human and angelic nature and, when it pleases them, they assume human form and have relations with women...'

Perplexed and still unsure concerning these affairs, King Vortigern hath now turned his gaze to me. Full well do I remember his lined and wrinkled skin, the menace in his eyes, and his gruff, unfriendly voice.

So you are the devil-child, young Merl in Ambrosius,' he sayeth, a sneer upon his lips.

By what means have you acquired your magickal soul — are you in truth the offspring of an incubus? For then indeed shall we make claim to test your mystic powers...'

Yet was I too young in years to gauge the nature of his question but I did feel within myself the challenge in his words, and I knew full well that the magick in my soul would now be put unto the test.

King Vortigern now did tell me of the great fortress he was building on Salisbury Plain, for to keep back any threat from the hostile armies of Uther and Pendragon. And yet was he was deeply puzzled for, even though the walls had indeed been fashioned strong and true from thick and sturdy stone, each time the fortress did near completion, then during the night would a rumbling force erupt from beneath the ground, shattering the walls and causing the fortress to crumble into ruins. And as he spoke I did half-close my eyes, falling once again into a reverie. A swirling mist now arose from all quarters, and a strange and wondrous vision did come before me:

I saw two mighty and fearful dragons — one red, the other white — writhing beneath the ground, locked in w hat seemed to me to be a never-ending combat. Flames did blaze forth from their nostrils as the dragons engaged each other in their deadly contest, shaking the earth around them — and wreaking havoc upon the troubled fortress above.

And this strug die of the warring dragons brought yet another portent: For I was warned in my vision that the death of the red dragon would portend the death of King Vortigern himself. Then did I convey the import of these omens as well as I was able, for I was still young in the ways of magick and prophecy, and yet the King was loathe to heed my truth. For though he was troubled by my words, chose he not to heed my warnings.

Later hath the King's followers escorted me back unto the village with my mother. And on our arrival there I did overhear the courtiers urging good priest Blaise to do whatever he might to banish the demons from my soul. But soon I heard as well that my prophecy had indeed come to pass. For Uther and his brother Pendragon did land in Britain with a new army and did with ease overcome the forces of King Vortigern. And the King himself hath burnt to death, his fortress on Salisbury Plain engulfed by flames, and Uther and his brother did then become joint sovereigns of our land.

Several years later, whi le I was yet still a young man, Uther and Pendragon took themselves to war against Hengist, leader of the S axon invaders. And I knew that tragedy would befall one of our Kings. For in my dream I saw two ravens — one clutching a feather in its beak and the other pierced through its heart by a bloody arrow. Pendragon fell in battle, mortally wounded by an attacker, but Uther did rally his forces and claim a mighty victory. And he was able still to rule, taking the name Pendragon to honour his dead brother.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

Magick is the art and practice of moving natural energies to effect needed or wanted change. Magick is natural, there is absolutely nothing supernatural about it. What is taught here are various techniques of magick for beginners. Magick is natural and simple and the techniques to develop abilities should be simple and natural as well. What is taught on this site is not only the basics of magick, but the basics of many things.

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