The Magical Development of the Astral Clairaudience

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This development is very much in line with the one of clairvoyance. The faculty of the astral clairaudience is based on the fact that one is able to hear voices even at the remotest distance and, at the same time, to understand the language of all beings. At the beginning this faculty manifests itself in thinking aloud, coming from the inside, whether from the heart region or from the solar plexus. After a long spell of exercising, the astral clairvoyance will develop to such a perfection that one can distinctly perceive everything with the supernormal hearing, similarly as if there were normal talking to anybody. This faculty is a privilege of all magicians, and without it there would scarcely be any progress in magic. For this particular reason, this type of astral clairaudience has to be handled with the same carefulness as astral seeing, and the exercises therefore must not be neglected at any rate. All that has been said about clairvoyance, about predisposition for it, about pathological symptoms will turn out to be true as well for clairaudience and clairfeeling. Let us turn now to the practice of clairaudience:

For this exercise, nothing is required but a fluid condenser and a small piece of cotton wool. Make two small tampons from it to fit in the ear. Moisten these cotton plugs with the fluid condenser and put both of them in front of you. According to the instructions you were given for training the astral eyes, you will now work with the air element, filling your body with it by breathing through the lungs and pores. The whole body is assumed to be filled with air like a balloon. Imagine into this air principle the desire for the faculty of clairaudience in your astral body as well as in the material one. Provided you have the inward certainty that the air element has been sufficiently impregnated with your desire and with your imagination, project the prepared air element into the two cotton plugs, whether through the solar plexus, your hands, or your breath by compressing and accumulating the air element that fills your body, to such a degree that it will adopt the same size as the cotton plugs. You may magically impregnate both plugs at the same time, or one at a time with the entire amount of the element. The main point of this experiment is the firm conviction and unshakeable faith that this faculty is developing swiftly in you. You can use as a fluid condenser a strong decoction of chamomile flowers in distilled water. Take two tablespoons of chamomile flowers per cup of water, filter them after scalding, and keep the liquid cool to prevent the fluid condenser from getting mouldy. A mouldy condenser is not ineffective, but it is unsanitary.

When you have loaded these two cotton plugs with air element, whether simultaneously or separately, put both into your ears so that they are completely crammed. Now introduce the akasa principle into your entire head imaginarily, transfer your consciousness to the ear region, and imagine the faculty of absolute clairaudience. Imagine the akasa principle introduced into your ears is instantly producing the absolute clairaudience power in you. After a long period of meditating and concentrating on this effect, dissolve the akasa principle into the universal akasa, remove the cotton plugs, and keep them carefully because they must not be touched by anyone else. If the plugs fall into the hands of some incompetent person, you will have to prepare new ones for yourself. Otherwise, it will be sufficient to remove the plugs from the ears to allow the accumulated air element to dissolve again with the help of the imagination. It is obviously of greater advantage to use new cotton plugs for every experiment and to load them anew, if you can afford the necessary time. Should you like to resort to your astral sense of hearing, all you need to do is lead the akasa in the size of your ear passages, into the inner chambers of both your ears. After a long time of exercising, you will be able to use your clairaudience for your purposes. As soon as you do not need this faculty any more, lead the akasa in your ear back into the universal akasa. By introducing the akasa principle into the acoustic chambers, the mental as well as the astral hearing is influenced and developed and you will attain to the physical clairaudience with the help of the concentrated air element. Anyone meditating intensely on this problem will instantly find the coherence and may compare the operation with the wireless, where the ether as the akasa principle of matter and the air likewise are playing their part as transmitters of the sound waves.

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