Loading by Magic Formulas Mantrams Tantra c

This kind represents one of the greatest and most powerful loadings but it requires high knowledge and a lot of preparation that I will describe in my following two works concerning magic evocation and the practical Quabbalah. Therefore I shall restrict myself to a short remark only.

The first kind of loading is realized by repeating a magic formula and the desired effect is accomplished with the help of an entity selected for this purpose.

The loading by mantrams is done by imagining or speaking a magic sentence in worship of a deity many times into a suitable talisman - Japa Yoga. The quality of the deity in question becomes materialized in this manner. It is absolutely certain that fabulous results can be compassed on all planes in this manner.

A loading by tantra is nothing else but the correct use of word magic where certain cosmic powers are employed with the help of suitable letters, words, etc., regarding the cosmic rhythm, sound, colour and quality.

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