A tall, dark, restless man, with keen flame-coloured eyes, bearing a sword.

A woman with long and beautiful hair, clad in flame-coloured robes

A beautiful woman with her two horses

A man with distorted face and hards, a horse's body, white feet, and a girdle of leaves

A man in sordid raiment, with him a nobleman on horseback, accompanied by bears and dogs

A virgin clad in linen, with an apple or pomegranate

A dark man, in his right hand a spear and laurel branch and in his left a book

A man with a lance in his right hand, in his left a human head

A man holding in his right hand a javelin and in his left a lapwing.

A man with bowed head and a bag in his hand.

A man with two bodies, but joining their hand.

A green-clad woman, with one left bare from the ankle to the knee.

A man of like figure (to the ascendant), with cloven hoofs like an ox.

An eagle-headed man, with a bow and arrow. Wears crowned steel helmet.

A beautiful woman wreathed with myrtle. She holds a lyre and sings of love and gladness.

A man crowned with a white myrtle wreath, holding a bow

Tall, fair, large man, with him a woman holding a large black oil jar

A man, dark, yet delicious of countenance

A man riding a camel, with a scorpion in his hand

A man leading cows, and before him an ape and bear

A man with an ape running before him

A man arrayed like a king, looking with pride and conceit on all around him.

A grave man pointing to the sky.

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