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In the previous chapter, we have expounded the meaning of Physiognomy and Chiromancy as also the parts ruled by different planets and signs.

Now we explain the physiognomy of men.

1. Height

A tall man with well-proportioned body parts is lucky and leads a comfortable life. A short-statured man is sexy in nature, often he is clever and cunning, subject to other conditions detailed below.

2. Head

If the head is round and big in size, it denotes that such a person will be a good administrator and will hold a good position in life. When the head is level and full of hair, it indicates an intelligent, witty nature full of good qualities. If the head is more broad than long, it means that such a person will be unlucky and devoid of wealth. If the head is small, the person will be devoid of intelligence and will not be so lucky.

3- Hair on Head

If the hair on the head is jet-black and thick, it shows a person who is endowed with manly qualities. But when the hair is thin and black, such a person is likely to be passionate and sexy. If the hair is reddish in colour, it denotes that he will lead a life of comfort. But if the hair is thick and rough, he may be poor. If he has red-coloured hair, he may become the head of a section, community, army, etc.

4. Forehead

If the forehead is broad, the subject will be generous, intelligent and learned. And when it is short, it denotes that he will be poor and have a short life. If the forehead is high and broad, the person will be learned, intelligent and wealthy. If the forehead is curved and broad, the indications are of wealthy and spiritually inclined persons.

Often we find lines on the forehead. When there are five lines, the person lives for 100 years and amasses wealth. If there are four lines, he may live for 80 years. If there are one, two or three lines, the man will live for 40, 60 or 70 years, respectively. A person without a line is usually short-lived.

5. Eyebrows

When the eyebrows are curved like a bow, the mm is wealthy and will lead a comfortable life. If they are shaped like a fish, the person may turn out to be a thief or be of a wicked nature. If the ends of the eyebrows are turned towards the tip of the nose, such persons are often mischievous and shrewd. If both eyebrows join together, the subject will be under the influence of the opposite sex but will be kind-hearted. If the eyebrows are long and bushy, the person will be conceited, selfish, and even foolhardy. If the eyebrows are broad, the person is likely to be generous. If they are hairless, such a person may be poor and unlucky.

6. Eyes

When the ends of eyes are red, it denotes that such a person is very popular amongst the fair sex. When the eyes are red, they indicate a sexy and passionate nature; the man will always like to remain in the company of women.

When the eyes are deep-sunk and deep-set, such persons are likely to be wicked, liars and unfaithful. The yellow colour of the eyes indicates that such persons are not contented in their life. But if the eyes are white, it shows intelligence; if wheatish, the man likes to work with his own hands.

When the eyes are round, the person is brave or a thief. When the eyes are round but small, he may be a liar, selfish and unfaithful. If a man is blind, he will be very intelligent. A one-eyed man is selfish and unreliable and a squint-eyed man is a cheat and a conspirator and is to be avoided.

7. Ears

When the ears of a man are small in size, it indicates his foolish nature. A long-eared person is very often intelligent If the ears axe twisted and hard like a stone, the person will be stout of body and be a wrestler. If the ear-frame is thin, the person will be either a king or a scholar, but if it is thick, he will be a cheat, unreliable and may commit evil acts.

8. Face

When the face is round, the person is quite jovial in nature, he will like to meet people. If it is big and out of proportion, the person is likely to be poor and unlucky.

9. Nose

When the nose is long and of yellow colour, the person will be wealthy, lucky and will enjoy power. When it is very long, he is shameless. If it is small, he will be religious-minded and kind-hearted. A parrot-like nose denotes that the possessor will enjoy ruling power, be wealthy, lucky and have all comforts of life. If the nose is depressed in the centre, the subject will be wicked and shrewd. When it is bulging upwards in the centre, it means that he will be a mature thinker, a good planner, wealthy and a good organiser.

10. Cheeks

When the cheeks are raised, the person is selfish. If dimples are seen while laughing or talking, the subject will be wealthy and lucky. In case the cheeks are quite broad and fleshy, the person is destined to be a ruler, a wealthy man and will enjoy power.

11. Chin

When the chin is long and hangs down, he is talkative. But when there is only a little hair on the chin, the man should be classed as selfish, of a rash temperament and a spendthrift. When there is no hair on the chin, the man is unlucky and cowardly.


A big mouth indicates a bold nature. If it is broad, it is not lucky. If short, such a person will be greedy, quarrelsome and wicked.

13. Lips

When the colour of the lips is red, the person is of a sanguine nature. If it is black, white or if the lips are long or broad, they are indications of ill-luck. Such persons have a blemished character. Thin lips indicate intelligence. In case the lower lip is big and protruding, it indicates a hard-working man but he is rarely faithful

14. Belly

When the belly is not very big but is of a good size, it indicates a lucky disposition. A long but thin belly denotes a high rank in administration. Red veins on the belly are indications of a wicked nature and of loose morals. If the veins are of blue colour, the man is lucky. The number of veins should be counted. These can be 1,2,3,4 or 5 and indicate, respectively, a person of a quarrelsome nature, sexy and passionate, fond of the opposite sex, a head of a section and a learned scholar who is intelligent. When there is no vein or line on the belly, the person is wealthy and lucky.

15. Navel

When the navel is big and round, the man is generous and wealthy. If it is deep and fleshy, he attains good rank and position in life. If it is small and uneven, he is of loose morals and poor.

16. Waist

When the waist is of a sandwich type, the man will lead a miserable life. If he has a long, broad and fleshy waist, he will be wealthy, lucky and have many children.

17. Back

There are bones at the back which may number 9,10,12 or 14; they indicate a person who is popular, wealthy, spiritually inclined or unlucky, respectively. In case there are 13 bones, he will be wealthy and lucky.

18. Thighs

Broad and fleshy thighs are an indication of good luck; if otherwise, they show bad luck. If there is thick hair, he is popular amongst women. Hairless thighs are a sign of ill-luck.

Calf Muscles

When the muscles of the calf are tapering, well-shaped and fleshy, they show a man to be wealthy, lucky and popular who will enjoy a good life.

20. Feet

When one has long and fleshy feet, one is wealthy and enjoys power. If the feet are of average size, one leads an average life.

21. Hair on Body

If there is thick hair on the body, it denotes a miserable life, if the hair is scanty, the man will be lucky. If the hair is thin, the man may suffer in life.

Having explained the above traits of the different parts of the body, it will be easy to foretell the nature, charactcr and traits of a man easily and one, therefore is likely to make a good palmist, equipped with this knowledge.

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