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Omens Defined

In life we come across many unusual things, like twitching or throbbing of body parts, various call sounds of birds, moles on the body, mysterious sounds, knocks, movements of pictures,dreams, etc.

All such incidents are known as Omens and they are unintentional, sudden and unplanned. Any unnatural and preplanned action is not an omen. According to the great sage Varahamihira "Omens are indications of past deed, good or bad, that are about to bear fruits. A true Astrologer can never brush away these omens as superstitions."

Omens are of various kinds. Some are those caused by domestic animals like horses, elephants, cats, dogs etc., or wild animals like lions, tigers, hogs, deer etc. Some omens are due to aquatic ones, namely swans, crocodiles, frogs and the like. Terrestrial ones are mongoose, serpents etc. Also omens are atmospheric (Ulkapat), diurnal or nocturnal. The sex of the creatures should be considered along with their cry, gait and utterances.

Shakoon Shastra

Shakoon Shastra means The Science of Omens. Omens may be good or bad, indicating forthcoming incidents or events. In mantra, yantra, tantra and astrology this carries a special importance but it is often neglected. In the day-to-day life, we come across many omens but many of the people ignore them or do not believe in them but later on repent.

Omens are nature's warning, which must be followed.

Suppose a man puts a query to the astrologer or sadhaka and somebody sneezes simultaneously or a cat appears on the scene, nature has given the answer in the negative. Nature thus gives warning through omens many times.

In Hora Sara (an ancient book on astrology) Part XXXII Slokas 1-4, 5 and 6 clearly indicate the results of certain omens. These are reproduced below:

Sloka No 1-4: On a clean spot in a lonely place, the Sadhaka should seat himself comfortably, facing the Sun and saluting the preceptor, God, and all the planets, observing silence. He should closely watch all the omens as directed by Sage Siddhanta. Anyone hit by a weapon, quarrels, fall from a precipice etc. are declared as bad omens at the commencement of the predictions and they indicate death, separation or destruction of property. Should a naked medicant etc. appear on the scene, it is untoward; even a reference or talk about them is indicative of evil and certainly forebodes danger or disaster.

Sloka No 5: A cry of a lizard on the left side and a sneeze on the right side are inauspicious. So also are the howling of a jackal, the moving buffalo or a cow very near as they portend death.

Sloka No 6: A person will be able to answer queries correctly of one's future and intelligently predict good or evil, by observing omens occurring at that time within a time limit of two years.

Omens are of many kinds. Nature warns through birds, animals, through twitching of body parts, through voice, sound and its modulation, moles etc.

1, Omens of a Dog

Whenaperson starts onajourney or leaves thehouseforofficeorforsome work,

1. if the dog licks his feet, or flutters his ears it indicates hindrances in journey or non-completion of work. In such a case he will not attain his object and should avoid the journey.

2. if a dog brings a wet bone before a person it is auspicious.

3. if a dog brings a dry bone or aburning wood it denotes death during journey.

4. if a cloth is found in the mouth of a dog, it predicts troubles.

5. if a dog scactches the wall of a house, there is danger of burglary.

6. if a dog, standing facing the South-East direction and the Sun, howls, it indicates danger and loss through thieves or a fire.

7. if a dog howls facing the Sun at noon, it indicates death or loss through fire and bloodshed, injury or accident

8. if a dog picks up the shoes of a person and approaches him with his mouth upward, it is auspicious for doing any work or to proceed on a journey to gain one's object

9. when a dog sits with his head on the step leading to the house and the remaining portion of his body is below the step and he looks at the lady of the house or any other family member, it denotes ill-health or disease.

10. if a dog smells the shoes inside the house, the wearer of the shoes will have a journey which will be good and fruitful.

11. if a dog weeps on the house top it indicates calamity.

12. If a dog licks your feet it indicates gain and success.

Commencement of Journey

There are certain omens which portend to bring ill-luck at the time of departure on a journey from your residence or while going to office on business or for any important work.

1. If a man, animal or birds cut across your way from the right side, it is a bad omen.

2. If you stumble, it is considered inauspicious.

3. If wind is blowing from the front to the back or from the left to the right some calamity is indicated.

4. If any of your clothes get caught in a thorn or a door etc., it denotes loss.

5. If your left foot trips, the work will remain incomplete.

6. If a marriage party on its way confronts a dead body, it is a bad omen for the bride.

7. If a marriage party, on its way back confronts a dead body, it is a bad omen for the bridegroom.

10. A dog barking behind a man when he sets out indicates danger to him.

11. If adog has tears in eyes, looking pitiable and eating less, there will be misery in the house.

12. If a dog amongst a pack howls at night it indicates an earthquake.

2, Omens of a Cow

The cow is worshipped and honoured by all human beings in India. In Hindu mythology all divine deities dwell in the body of the cow. The cow's milk, urine and cowdung all are considered pure and are used for yagya. Hindus use it for the purpose of purification.

1. If a cow looks sad, it is inauspicious for the owner and indicates disease and theft in the house.

2. If she burrows her feet in the earth with her hoofs, it indicates disease.

3. If a cow weeps and has tears in her eyes, it denotes death of the owner.

4. If a cow moos during the night, it is not good whereas a bull's cry is good.

5. If a cow is surrounded by many flies or dogs it indicates that rain will set in.

6. If a cow's hairs are standing on ends, good fortune to owner is predicted.

7. If you see a cow at the start of a journey it is auspicious.

8. The insipid taste and unnatural colour of cow's milk is bad for the king and the country.

3. Omens of a Cat

A "black cat is regarded as unlucky". Superstitions of the black cat are still widespread. The actions of a black cat at various times and occasions have significant meanings.

The omens do not apply to domesticated cats.

It is believed that black cats are witches in disguise according to a medieval book titled Beware the Cat (1584). The book says that killing the cat does not necessarily mean killing the witch, for a witch like the cat has nine lives.

Not only in India but also in other countries of the world, the cat is regarded as unlucky. For instance in Anatolia, it is believed that the greatest misfortune will befall a dead person if a cat jumps over or upon his coffin, the body will not decompose and the deceased person will not go to Heaven. According to Conelius Agrippe, in Salvonia, women believe that they can compel a man to fall in love with them if they can persuade him to eat the beast of a black cat killed on New" Moon night Sir J.G. Frazes cites many instances of the customs in Continental Europe, one of which is burning a sackful of cats during Easter, or mid-summer.

1. If a cat cuts across in front of a man while he is leaving for work, it indicates hindrances or fruitless results in his work.

2. If a cat mews without having a piece of food in its mouth when a man sets out on a journey, it is unauspicious.

3. A cat crossing the road from any side during the course of a journey is inauspicious.

4. When a person, proceeding on a journey, sees a cat on the left side of the road, it is auspicious.

5. When a cat, having a piece of food in its mouth, mews at the time of commencement of a journey, it is auspicious.

6. A cat falling on a sleeping person is inauspicious and indicates his death or some disease.

8. If a cat licks the forehead of a woman, her husband may die.

9. If a cat licks the feet of a woman, her father-in-law may die.

10. If a person enters a house, city or village and a cat is coming out of the house from his right side it is auspicious.

11. If a pregnant cat delivers its kittens in a house it indicates prosperity and wealth to the owner. It is further stated that such a house remains free from the evil eye.

12. A cat's navel chord is very auspicious for wealth and prosperity to its owner. The cat eats up its navel chord after delivering kittens and so the chord is scarcely available. It is used for tantric sadhanas.

13. When a cat washes its face or ears it indicates rain.

14. A cat washing one ear thrice denotes the arrival of guests.

15. When a cat follows you while going out it indicates gain of money.

16. When a cat climbs on the furniture, it denotes rain.

17. A cat that unaccountably leaves your home, means disaster.

18. A grey cat indicates good luck.

19. A black cat entering your house denotes goods luck.

20. A black cat crossing your path denotes luck in Britain, misfortune in India and the USA and some European countries.

21. A white cat crossing your path indicates illness and disease.

22. A black cat walking under a ladder indicates bad luck for the person who is on the ladder.

23. A cat sneezing a day before the wedding is considered unlucky in the USA for the bride but is treated as lucky for bride a elsewhere.

24. Meeting three black cats in succession indicates good luck.

25. A cat sleeping with its back to the fire denotes rain.

26. The moving of a cat in a ship is considered inauspicious.

27. The death of a cat in your house is a bad omen.

28. The weeping of a black cat in a house forewarns about some unknown fear, death or calamity.

29. Watching the fight between male and female cats indicates quarrels and defamation.

30. The mewing of a cat is never favourable to a person going out

4. Omens of a Crow

The crow is a bird found in all countries. They are large, harsh-voiced birds normally of black colour or of some mixed colours. Their beaks are heavy and feet stout

A crow's voice heard in the southern direction is of a strong value. For the people of the eastern countries the sight of crows to their right or a female crow to their left is favourable. This to be reversed in other countries.

L If a crow is sighted in the early part of the day, flying from the north-east direction, then you will receive some important and auspicious message.

2. If a number of crows assemble at one corner of a city or village and caw loudly it denotes some calamity to the city. The head of that place may face some difficulty.

3. If such crows caw on the house top it is inauspicious. And in case they crow inside the house, it is a warning of serious trouble to the owner of the house.

4. If a crow sits on anybody's head he becomes lazy. It is a sign of bad luck.

5. If a crow sits on the head of a girl or a lady, it denotes the death of her lover, paramour or husband.

6. If in the last part of the day you see a crow coming from the southwest, it indicates early disaster.

7. If in the last part of the day you see a crow coming from the southeast direction, you will surely gain money.

8. If a crow appears during night it denotes the death of a person.

9. If a crow brings meat, bone, ash etc. and puts it on the cot it indicates death or a calamity for the person who sleeps on this cot

10. If a crow sits in a circle, loss through enemy is indicated.

11. If a crow crows from the left side of a person setting out on a journey or for work and flies beside him it is always auspicious.

12. But if it appears from the opposite direction it indicates some hindrances in work etc.

13. In case two crows feed each other, the person proceeding on a journey will remain comfortable. Persons living in the house where crows feed each other will be comfortable and have gains.

14. The crowing of a crow from behind when proceeding on a journey is not good.

15. When you see acrow sitting on a pig it indicates some legal trouble for you leading to imprisonment. If the crow sits on an ass or a camel, it is auspicious.

16. If a crow strikes at a person fearlessly with its beak or wings, there will be an increase of the man's enemies.

17. If crows fly at night, destruction of people is indicated.

18. If crows raise their beaks and flap their wings, a traveller will experience danger on his way.

19. If crows fly in a clockwise direction, the person seeing this will have troubles from his relations.

20. When a crow's beak is filled with sand, corn, wet clay, flower or the like, there will be gain of wealth.

21. If a crow throws a gem, flower or even fruits on the bed of a person, it means the birth of a son and gain of money.

22. When a crow takes away any vessel or valuables from the house it indicates danger.

23. If a crow bathes in dust or water in the rainy season there will be rain. In other seasons only a cloudy sky in the area where such a bath is taken.

24. If a crow brings some burnt thing, grass or wood it forewarns of danger from fire.

25. If a crow facing the Sun caws from a house the owner of the house will have troubles from the king, thieves, imprisonment or quarrels.

26. If a crow sitting calmly facing the east caws, the person will meet the kijhg's officers and friends, acquiring gold and having good food. If it faces the west he will get toddy, gems etc.

27. If a crow caws while facing the south-west it denotes good wealth.

28. If it faces the south-east when cawing the person gets plenty of jewellery and costly gems. If it faces the south, he will get good food and meet famous musicians.

29. If a crow caws facing the north-west, one will get weapons, fruits, and food. If facing the north the person will get horses, good clothes etc.

30. If a crow caws while facing the north-east, one will get wealth.

NOTE >The effects mentioned from Serial Nos. 26 to 30 above will accrue to the owner of the house on whose roof the crow sits and caws.

31. A crow flying at a man's ear's level leads to good health but not success in his work. If coming towards him, it obstructs his journey.

32. If a crow caws at first to the left and then to the right of a traveller, his wealth will be stolen. If it is vice versa he will get wealth.

33. If a crow is seen sitting on a fruit-bearing tree it brings wealth and success.

34. A cawing of crows or crow in a house is a signal for the arrival of a guest or loved ones.

35. If a man sees a crow sitting on the tail of a cow and cawing he gets fever.

36. When a crow caws sitting on a stack of straw or on water to the left of a person it indicates hindrances in work.

37. If a crow sits on a water-filled pot on the head of a damsel, the lady will gain a husband of her choice and wealth. If it strikes at the pot, there will be danger.

38. If a crow caws sitting on the back of a horse, one will get vehicles.

39. If a crow caws following a man or a traveller, he will gain his object.

40. When a craw scratches with its beak its own feathers, looking at the sun and standing on its feathers, then massacre of men is indicated.

5. Omens of a Horse

In Brihisamhita, an ancient Hindu book, much stress is laid on the fact that the neighing of a horse is valued very much in India and abroad.

Certain omens with regard to horse are listed below:

1. The appearance of a horse from the north is always auspicious while one is proceeding on a journey or going for an important work.

2. In Mahabharata it is stated that the neighing of horses during the great war foretold of destruction of the Kauravas. Lord Krishna had taken the neighing of a horse at the time of departure as an omen of,victory.

3. During horse races, if a horse neighs before the race commences, it indicates loss to the horse-better. But if it neighs during the race it denotes victory.

4. The neighing of a horse, the rapid movements of its tail, and the thumping of its right leg again and again on the ground at the time of departure, is a very good omen for victory and success.

5. Meeting a horse decorated with a saddle and ornaments is always treated as auspicious. It indicate success and promotion in one's job.

6. Seeing a white and reddish-brown horse indicates realisation of hopes.

7. A black horse coming towards the left side is a good omen but towards the right and front sides are treated as inauspicious.

8. A horse who willingly takes his fodder, drink or bit, or casts glances on its right side indicates all desires fulfilled.

9. If a horse stamps the earth with its left hoofs it indicates foreign travel or a long journey for its master.

10. If a horse neighs too frequently, shakes its tails or is sleepy it means a journey is indicated for its master.

11. If it sheds hair, makes a feeble or a harsh sound or eats dust they indicate danger to the master.

12. If a horse lies on its right side or stands on the ground with its right legs raised, success to its master is indicated.

13. A horse having tears in its eyes predicts loss or sadness to its master.

14. Seeing two white horses together indicates good luck. A single white horse seen by a pair of lovers means good luck.

6* Omens of a Monkey

1. If a person finds a monkey by his left side at the time of starting on a journey or for some work it indicates gain of object and wealth.

2. If a person starts on a journey and sees a monkey at twilight it indicates fulfilment of hopes.

3. It is auspicious for a man to see a monkey on his left or right at midday.

4. In the evening if he sees a monkey on his right side it indicates gain of object.

5. If a group of monkey s begin to chatter in a loud voice death of head of a family, a village or a city is predicted.

7* Omens of an Owl

The owl lives in dark and dirty places and its sharp and fearful hooting is termed inauspicious throughout the world. In Britain its rough and dreadful voice is considered unlucky. In South Africa it indicates death. In Canada three days of regular hooting of an owl foretells death of a family member. In China the hooting of an owl denotes death of a neighbour. In Greece and Rome its hoot is taken to bring misfortune. In New Zealand its hoot during consultation is considered bad but it is termed auspicious for war consultations. It is considered as a sign of success and prosperity when an owl flies overhead. In Turkey the white owl's hoot is considered auspicious whereas those of other owls are considered a bad omen.

1. If an owl sits on a house top or on the head of a man it indicates destruction.

2. Seeing an owl on the left side is considered a good omen.

3. The hoot of an owl heard on the right side is good. To see an owl behind a traveller is a good omen.

4. If a man sees two owls mating, his life will be shortened.

5. The claws of an owl are very auspicious for gain of money, if they are kept in the house or in a cash box.

6. The owl's bones are used for causing a rift between two persons.

8. Omens of a Lizard

The lizard falls many times from walls, roofs or from any other place in the house. Its fall carries a special significance.

1. When it falls on the left side of a woman and on the right side of a man, it is termed auspicious.

2. The cry of a lizard from the left and a sneezing on the right side are inauspicious.

3. When a lizard falls on the top of one's head it indicates benefits and gain from the government and promotion in service.

4. Its falling on the right arm denotes victory over enemies and gain of money whereas on the left arm it means defeat and humiliation.

5. A lizard falling on the thighs is auspicious, whereas on the knees it indicates inprisonment.

6. On the waist, the falling of a lizard means gain of a vehicle.

7. When a lizard falls on the forehead a meeting with a beloved is indicated whereas its falling on the right ear indicates the longevity of the person.

8. A lizard falling on the left ear means good news and profit, on the neck, defeat of enemy. Mental satisfaction is denoted when a lizard falls on the wrist of the right hand.

9. On the chest it denotes ill-luck, on hands or clothes or left wrist defamation is indicated.

10. The fall of a lizard on the right leg indicates journey, while on the left leg means loss.

11. On the eyes, gain of wealth and on the stomach or belly it means possession of ornaments.

12. When a lizard falls on the shoulders it denotes victory over opponents. On the chest gain of wealth and property result

13. On ones's back, loss of wisdom and on feet death arc indicated.

14. On thumb a lizard's fall indicates gain of wealth.

15. If a lizard falls on the body and then goes down quickly, it is a bad omen signifying one's downfall.

16. If it falls on the lower part of the body and then goes up it indicates a rise in life after some struggle.

17. If a lizard falls on the body on a Saturday or a Sunday, the results good or bad, will materialise within a year. On a Monday, within nine months, Thursday, within a month. Friday indicates results within fifteen days.

18. On new Moon day, and on the 2nd and 3rd lunar days if it is seen gain of wealth and good health throughout the year is assured.

19. The sound made by a lizard while one is taking food is a good sign. If the sound emanates from the east side at night it is good but just before sunrise its sound is inauspicious.

20. If a lizard makes a sound when you are lighting a lamp it indicates new happenings and prosperity.

23. If it falls in your plate while you are eating it indicates wealth to you.

Snakes have great powers. Generally the omens of a snake are not good, especially dreadful to man.

1. At the start of a journey or during a journey if a snake crawls from his right to his left is it inauspicious as the purpose of the journey will not be achieved.

2. A snake moving towards a man or a traveller indicates quarrels with enemies and death or ruin of his relatives.

3. While entering a city, a village or a house, if you see a black snake on your right side it indicates success and victory over enemies.

4. While on a journey, if you see a black cobra raising its head high it indicates wealth and success.

5. When a snake strikes the ground in anger it indicates death of the man. The journey should be abandoned.

6. At the time of a journey, if you see a snake, it is not a good omen.

7. If a snake crosses your way, it is not auspicious.

8. A white snake is inauspicious.

9. During or at the start of a journey if you see a snake and simultaneously you notice an ass on your left, the bad effects are neutralised and is termed as a good omen.

10. Omens of a Donkey or an Ass

The donkey is the significator of the demon according to the Hindu mythology. Its omens are very auspicious and the best amongst all living things.

1. When a person is setting out on or coming back from a journey, the braying of a donkey from the left side is an auspicious omen,

2. The braying of a donkey from the back or the front is inauspicious.

3. A donkey standing still in a place to the left of a person who is going out is termed auspicious.

Animals are termed as significators of planets also.

Tabulated below are some of them:


Significator Animal












White Horse







Significator for deities are:




Vehicle of Lord Ganapati (Ganesh)


Vehicle of Lord Shiva


Vehicle of Lord Durga


Vehicle of Lord Karthikeya


Neck garland of Lord Shiva


Vehicle of Lakshmi


Vehicle of Lord Vishnu


Vehicle of Bheema


Vehicle of Yama


Vehicle of Brahma


Vehicle of Indra


Vehicle of Kalji


Vehicle of Sitlamata


Vehicle of Ganga

Auspicious Nakshatras for Journey

Auspicious Nakshatras for Journey

The following nakshatras are auspicious for starting on a journey in a definite direction.

East: Krittika, Rohini, Mrigasira, Aridra, Punarvasu, Pushya and Ashlesha are auspicious.

West: Anuradha, Jyeshtha, Moola, Poorvashada, Uttarashada and Shravan are auspicious.

North: Dhanishta, Satbhisha, Uttara Bhadra, Revati, Aswini and Bharani are good.

South: Satbhisha, Poovaphalguni, Hasta, Chitra and Visakha are auspicious.


1. If one sneezes behind you while you are going out it is termed good. From the left and from a height it one sneezes, it too is considered to be auspicious. Sneezing from the right or the front leads to loss. If you yourself sneeze it is bad.

2. Sneezing while asking a question indicates that work will not be accomplished.

3. Sneezing at the start of a journey indicates obstacles in work.

4. While putting on shoes if one sneezes, it is an omen of bad luck as believed in Germany.

5. If one sneezes, one should stop work for a while and start again.

6. Sneezing at the time of purchase is auspicious.

7. Sneezing at the commencement of a religious performance is auspicious.

8. Sneezing at the time of starting a business is good.

9. Sneezing while entering a house is bad.


Ulkapat means atmospheric upheavals. Broadly, this includes breaking up of big planets on full Moon or on new Moon day during any month. Also occurrence of earthquakes, severe lightnings, thunder, Eclipses of Sun and Moon. Visibility of rainbow, sighting of Comets etc.

. Such Ulkapat is warned by nature forehand. When some voices are heard inside wells, they denote earthquakes, landslides or the ground will give way.

When you feel a smile on the idol of a Deva or Devi or some harsh sound is heard it indicates a cyclone.

If a comet is sighted or the Sun sets during an eclipse it indicates disturbances in the country. The yield of fruits will be less, there will be war between countries, epidemics will be rampant. If this phenomena occurs on any day other than on full Moon day, new Moon day or Sankrant (starting day of Vikrami month) day, then it is not favourable for kings and leaders.

1. If any ulkapat occurs when the Sun is in Pisces sign (15th March to 12th April) coinciding with Sankrant or new Moon day, one should purchase gold, silver and jewels for trading and sell them after 5 or 6 months and double the profit

2. If ulkapat occurs during the period when the Sun transits the Aries sign (13th April-14 May) coinciding with Sankrant of Vaisakha Vikrami month or on new Moon day, buying and then selling of cotton, wheat, barley after the 3rd or 4th month will yield good profit.

3. When the Sun is in Taurus sign or when ulkapat occurs on full Moon or new Moon day it indicates sale of wheat at double the rates of those in the 7th month.

4. In the month of Asar, when the Sun is in Gemini sign or on full Moon or new Moon days, the occurrence of ulkapat results in fruits having juice, salts, and all sorts of grains yielding profits after six months.

5. On full Moon or new Moon day in Sharavan month or when the Sun is in Cancer sign, if ulkapat occurs then all sorts of metals, ghee, oil, sugar will be sold at double their rates in the 2nd month.

6. During the transit period of Sun in Leo sign or on full Moon or new Moon day of Bhadrapad month, the effects of ulkapat will be profitable in a month and gold, silver, other jewels and fruits containing juice will be sold at double their rates

7. The transit of Sun in Virgo in Vikrami month of Aswij or on full Moon or new Moon day if some ulkapat occurs wheat, jewels, cattle will become dearer and will give profit during two months.

8. With the transit of Sun in Libra or on full Moon or new Moon day, the effects of ulkapat will be on the rates of yellow articles, ghee, oil, jewels including wheat which will show profits after the 4th or 5th month.

9. On full or half Moon day and when the Sun transits Scorpio, the effects of ulkapat will be on the crops which grow underground and on jewels profits will accrue after the 4th month after purchase.

10. With the Sun transitting in Sagittarius or on full or new Moon day, the occurrence of ulkapat indicates increase in prices of sugar, rice, coral and pearl. Their sale in the 6th month will indicate gain.

11. When the Sun transits in Capricorn and on full or new Moon day, the effects of ulkapat are in the form of increase in prices of wheat, linseed oil, lac, gold and jewels after the 7th month.

12. When the Sun transits in Aquarius sign and on full or new Moon day and if ulkapat occurs there is an increase in the prices of wheat and grains after one or 9 months.

Sun Signs

The transit of Sun in various signs has been provided and the following is the tabulation to indicate the relevant periods of English months.

Sign Period Vikrami Month

Aries Taurus

14th April-15th May 16th May-15th June

Vaisakha Jestha










16th June-15th July 16th July-15 th August 16th August-15th Sept

16th Sept-15th Oct 16th Oct-15th Nov. 16th No v.-15 th Dec. 16th Dec.-15th Jan. 16th Jan.-13th Feb. 14th Feb.-13th March

14th March-13th April











Other Effects of Ulkapat

1. If a rainbow is sighted after sunset it indicates riots in the country or death or illness of head of the country.

2. A rainbow appearing in the east brings about rain at a time when there are little prospects of rain.

3. During rainy season, if a rainbow is seen, it indicates no rain after that sighting.

4. About three hours after sunrise, if a cloud hiding the Sun shines brilliantly like the S un, it iscalled "Prati S urya" meaning aparallel Sun. If the Prati Surya is located north of the Sun it indicates rain.

5. If a crow caws during the night and a jackal howls during daytime it indicates famine and riots in the country.

6. If there is a fire and smoke emits around the trees, it is an indication of war and death of many people.

7. When water in ponds in villages become dry it indicates famine in the country.

8. If a crow drops water from its beak in the paddy fields it denotes famine.

9. When a sudden light is seen in the house it indicates troubles to the head of the family.

10. If the mirror in the house breaks or cracks on its own a change in residence is indicated.

11. If a mare in the month of Sharavan, a cow in the month of Bhadrapad or a buffalo in the month of Maghsar gives birth to its offspring, it indicates that either the animal will die or the owner of the animal will be in trouble.

12. During the first quarter of the rainy season if it pour, it indicates insufficient rain during the season.

13. If on the full Moon of Asar (16th June-15th July) the wind blows from the north-east side it indicates bountiful crops during the following cropping season.

14. If for no apparent reasons ants carry their eggs from one place to another, or snakes creep on to trees or the cows jump about, there will be sudden showers of rain.

15 If a cat digs the earth constantly with its nails, if children playing make bridges on the wayside or path, mountains seem dark, caves look foggy, or the atmosphere and the Moon look reddish, rain is indicated.

16. Rains come soon if a lizard looks at the sky while climbing up the tree or if a cow turns her eyes towards the Sun.

17. Heavy rain is indicated, if a cock sitting on the terrace, facing the sky, crows or if lightning is seen during the day.

18. If there is thunder very near the earth it indicates good rain.

19. Frogs croaking during daytime or snakes crawling towards higher ground indicate sure signs of rain.

20. Rain also comes when the tree leaves face upwards or a red sky is seen in the morning.

Quick results follow in the following cases:

1. If at the start of a journey one sneezes it denotes obstacles in the work, and when one hears two sneezes it is auspicious. Sneezing while walking portends end of troubles; while holding copper or bronze vessels or articles, indicates gain and succcss. S neczing at the time of asking a question, denotes that one's work will not be completed. Sneezing by a child, a prostitute, or a nursing mother is considered auspicious. A sneezing of a lame man, a butcher, a scavenger or a village servant indicates success, promotion and honour.

2. If at the time of the start of a journey, one is hit by weapons or one stumbles, or is hit by a stone it indicates failures. The journey can be postponed for a while by removing the shoes.

3. Sighting a prostitute or a dancing girl at the time of commencing the journey indicates profits and success.

4. A bangle trader coming from the opposite direction is an auspicious sign.

5. To see the approach of a funeral procession is auspicious indicating gain. To see a funeral procession proceeding in the same direction that you take is inauspicious.

6. Seeing a deformed person or begger at the time of leaving the house or starting any work indicates evil, failure and difficulties.

7. Drizzling at the time of starting a journey is inauspicious.

8. Hearing of ringing bells, vocal or instrumental music is auspicious for success of events.

9. If you come across a person carrying a milk can or a curd pot it is auspicious.

10. If you are accosted by an old man or woman, it is auspicious.

11. The appearance of a horse or any white-coloured object from the north is always auspicious.

12. To meet or come across brahmins, priests, bishop and mullahs in odd numbers coming from the opposite direction is very inauspicious.

13. If while setting out anyone asks you your destination, it indicates difficulties and failures.

14. To be advised not to go on a journey or asked to take food before leaving, indicates harm and difficulties.

15. When leaving the house if someone scratching his head approaches it portends failure and loss.

16. If you see someone bringing wine, liquor etc. from the opposite direction it means success and profit.

17. If someone throws leftover meals over your head it indicates gain.

18. To see a monkey or a bear is auspicious. But to talk about them is not good. Conversations about a rabbit or a snake are good while starting on a journey.

19. If you see a couple coming from the opposite direction it is good.

20. The sight of coal, a coal bag, a basket or a cot bemg brought from the opposite direction, when going out portends evil.

21. The cawing of a crow at the time of leaving the house or commencing a new work portends loss.

22. Coming across a drunken person at the start of a journey or leaving the house or to start a new work is inauspicious.

23. A crow appears from the east when leaving the house indicates gain in the near future.

24. If a crow is sighted in the early morning or during the first part of the day, flying from the north-east, you will receive some important and auspicious message.

25. If a number of crows assemble at the corner of a city, village or house and make loud noises some calamity may fall on that place or the head of that place will face difficulty or even death.

26. If somebody carrying fire or firewood approaches you, anaccident and ill-health are indicated.

27. If you are accosted by a goldsmith at the start of your journey it indicates loss.

28. A person with unkempt or uncombed hair approaching you while you are leaving your home forewarns of difficulties

29. While setting out on a journey or starting a new business, hearing the following numbers uttered by someone indicates:

Numbers Portents

One Evils

Two Indecision

Three, four Quarrels

Five Serious troubles

Six Benefits

Seven,eight Death

Nine Profits

Ten Wealth

Eleven and fourteen Benefits

30. If you see someone holding your clothes while going out, it indicates evils and failures.

31. At the time of prayer, if a lit lamp or candle extinguishes by itself or a lime or water pot is broken it indicates difficulties.

32. If an umbrella, a stick, a cap, a turban, an apron or a handker-chief falls on the ground while starting from the house it indicates failure and loss.

33. If you hear quarrels in the neighbourhood while going out it indicates failures and loss.

34. Coming across or being accosted by a menial while starting on a journey or starting a new work indicates failures.

35. Tears in the eyes of a domestic animal forewarns of calamity.

36. In the last part of the day if you see a crow coming from the southwest it indicates early disaster like quarrel, murder etc.

37. But if the crow comes from the south-east it is a sure sign of gain of money.

38. When a crow enters a house and crows it is warning of a serious trouble to the house owner.

39. If a crow sits on the head of a girl or a lady, it denotes death of her lover, paramour or husband.

Other Omens

Again at the time of commencement of a new work or a journey, the following omens will indicate effects:

1. If a man, animal or bird cuts across your way from the right side, it is a bad omen. But cutting across from the left is auspicious.

2. If a wind is blowing from the front to the back or from the left to the right, it is a bad omen.

3. If a marriage party on its way confronts a dead body, it is a bad omen for the bride but if it confronts the party on its way back it is bad for the bridegroom.

4. At the time of a person leaving the house, a parrot talking while facing the east indicates success in work.

5. If at the last part of the day, a parrot facing the south-east talks, your enemies will be destroyed.

6. If a parrot in a cage faces the north-east and becomes restless it indicates theft in the house.

7. If a parrot facing the south dances while his eyes too are dancing, it indicates that your lover or beloved awaits you and you are sure to meet.

8. To sec a snake at the time of going out is not good.

9. If an owl si ts on the top of a house or on the head of a m an, it denotes destruction.

10. If a crow appears during the night it denotes death of persons.

11. The crawing of a crow from behind when starting on a journey is not good.

12. If you meet an elephant, a horse, a peacock, a bull, or see a pot full of water, ornaments, an open umbrella, a sitar or any other musical instrument it indicates success in your work.

13. If you meet anybody with flowers or if somebody follows you with a pitcher, it indicates success.

14. When a woman with a child in her lap meets a sadhu, it is auspicious. It denotes gain.

15. If you meet a bride and a bridegroom, you will gain success.

16. A washerman or a woman with laundered clothes coming from the opposite direction indicates failure.

17. Coming across a window indicates failure.

18. Sighting a child eating soil or earth indicates inflation and shortage of foodstuff.

19. A heavy breeze or a wind storm while commencing a journey or work is inauspicious.

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