Crystal Gazing

Crystal gazing is an ancient art. Through it, crimes have been solved, lost articles found, hidden facts have been uncovered and unrealised aspects of relationships with others have been revealed. It also reveals the future.

Methods of Crystal Gazing

For successful crystal gazing the person should be highly sensitive and receptive.

The ability to concentrate is the way of success. Everything around should be completely shut out from your thinking.

You must have a clear crystal ball without blemishes or bubbles.

The gazer should seek to put everything out of his mind except the problem. There should be no noise in the room, otherwise it will distract and make concentration impossible.

Once your practice and concentration are complete you will see the clear crystal becoming cloudy. It will seem as if a milky cloud has floated into the crystal. This is a sign that the spell is operating. Then this cloud will change colour. It usually becomes red and then green and finally completely black as your concentration is complete. This black colour serves as a shade or curtain behind which is the information you wish to gain.

The final stage is when this black cloud rolls away as if a curtain has been lifted. Then you will see in the crystal what you are looking for. Often the rolling away of the black curtain will be so startling that you are awakened from your trance and the message is lost If this happens, wait a bit and try again. It may take a number of sittings before you are able to master this and hold yourself in the trance.

When you do succeed, you will find behind the dark curtain sights which are meaningful in terms of your problem. You may see people, houses, places where you have never been, words or sentences, symbols or other object? ^'hich have meaning for you. To interpret these is difficult and requires imagination and understanding.

Very often, all that you can do is to describe what you see and allow the person whose life you are reading to make his own interpretations. The place you see may have a meaning for him but none for you. The face you see may be that of somebody he knows intimately.

The above are the views of "Paul Shower". But now we shall describe the Scientific Method of Training Crystal visions from the book Human Personality and Its Survival of Body Death by F.W.H. Myers, Volume 1, 1903 edition and corresponding appendices.

Can you really see anything in a crystal ball?

Crystal visions occur to a greater or lesser extent with many persons of sanity.

Perhaps one man or woman in twenty will be able by practice to develop the faculty to a point where it will sometimes convey information not attainable by ordinary means.

Is crystal gazing dangerous?

Crystal gazing appears to be absolutely harmless. I know of no kind of injury resulting from it; and I have probably heard of most experiments made with any scientific aim or care.

How to Use the Crystal Ball

Dim the Light: The first preparation for crystal gazing is to arrange the lighting in the room. A dim light is most likely to allow the seer to see a picture in the ball. Pictures may be seen in quite bright light, but never in absolute darkness.

Cover the Ball: After arrranging the light, the seer should prepare the ball for viewing. The ball should be so arranged that no reflection is allowed. By this is meant that the ball should be covered with a black cloth or special cloth or else placed in a half-open drawer so that the observer gazes into it with as little distraction as possible from the reflection of his own face or of surrounding objects. When the ball is clear enough, it may be held in the hands, with just a portion revealed through the observer's spread fingers.

Practise in Private:The beginner must practise solitude to eliminate the distraction of stray reflections.

Mental State:When the light and ball have been arranged and when uninterrupted quiet has been assured, the seer should sit quietly for a few moments to attain a passive mental state, then gaze steadily but not intensely into the ball. These practice periods should not exceed ten minutes.

After three or more practice sessions the beginner will perhaps begin to see the ball clouding, or see some figure in the ball.

Pictures in the Crystal Ball: Few phenomena strike one as more fantastic and incredible than crystal visions. The visions appear flawless, one may see a skeleton, a scene of one's childhood, a nonsensical string of letters, or a picture of what a friend is doing far away.

The vision often begins with a milky clouding of the ball. Its cloudiness obscures any extraneous reflected image and out of the cloudiness is formed the clear images of the crystal vision.

The cloudiness may persist for sometime. It comes at the beginning of the series of pictures.

The Scientific Explanation of Crystal Vision : On the whole it seems safest to attempt no further explanation of crystal gazing than to say that it is an imperical method of seeing visions, of externalizing pictures which are associated with changes in the sensory portions of the brain, due partly to external stimuli, and partly to stimuli which may come from minds outside the seer's own.

Normal and supernormal knowledge and imagination are blended in strongly mingled rays. Memory, dreams, telepathy recognition, all are there along with indications of spiritual communications and a kind of ecstacy.

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