This is an ancient word which early people wore printed on clothes or etched on the bark of a tree and carried on their person, usually fastened around the neck. Its chief function is to protect the wearer from evil spirits and the evil eye and bring good luck. These words are written in a specific order as shown:


So, written, it spells the words across the line down the left side and then the right side.

2. Acorn

It is nut or fruit of the oak tree. The dried acorn is worn around the neck or carried on the person. It is believed that it gives youth. Many also believe that it will cause a lover to return or a husband to repent for leaving his beloved, wife or children.

3. Anchor

The sign brings safety, hope and good luck.

4. Angles

A right angle, the shape of an "L" is the harbinger of learning and deep understanding for those who arc scholarly.

5. Arrowhead

It is a protection against the evil eye and other evils. It is worn around the neck.

6. Axe Head

It can be made from stone or any metal. It is a charm against evil and enemies and brings victory over them. It is worn round the neck.

7. Bear's Tooth

The tooth of a bear is specially useful for children, who weep too much or have ill-health or are subjected to the evil eye and shiver while sleeping.

On both sides of the tooth, silver is mounted and after pooja, it is worn with black thread round the neck by the child. If the child is too small, it is kept under the pillow of the child.

8. Badger Tooth

A badger is an animal about the size of a fox. Its tooth when worn round the neck gives success in gambling.

9. Bamboo and Serpent

Usually this charm consists of a circle around the edges of which are inscribed numerous triangles, one following the other around the circle. Across the circle lies a bamboo stick of seven sections crossed by a serpent. The charm is supposed to bring skill in learning and is worn by students. This is a complicated symbol

10. Bangles

When one accepts bangles from another and wears them, he or she becomes the willing slave of the giver. Lovers give bangles to their beloved and their acceptance signifies that the beloved will be the willing slave of the other.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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