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Magic Love Spells For Everyone

This eBook teaches Anyone, even if they are not Wiccan or a witch of any kind how to cast powerful and innocent love spells. Hiring a witch or wizard does not work as well as learning to cast the spell yourself, because the spell is over 100 time more powerful if the person casting is the one who desires the outcome of the spell. This book contains spells that can stir new love, attract a new person, help a relationship, heal a broken heart, return a lost lover, and add sexual magick. When you order this book, you are also entitled to a FREE eBook, the Getting Back Together Consultation System and the Elements of a Successful Relationship eBook. This set of eBooks contains everything that you need to cast powerful spells to take control of your love life into your own hands. You have access to hundreds of spells in this one book. Read more...

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Lovage Herb Court Spell

Great in sleep pillows and bath spells. Believed to preserve chastity when mixed with rosemary. Burn the flowers to induce sleep and rest, then scatter the ashes around the home to bring peace and harmony. Use in love spells and sachets, especially those to attract men. LETTUCE Lunar magick, divination, sleep, protection, love spells, and male sex magick. LINDEN FLOWERS Used in love spells mixtures and protection spells and also incense. Mix equal parts of Linden and Lavender flowers and place in a sachet under your pillowcase to relieve insomnia. Keep Linden on a table to release the energies needed to keep the spirit alive and healthy. Also known as Lime Blossoms, Linden Flowers, and Tilia.

Home Lightning Matos Spells And Magic

Use in love spells or place in food to strengthen love. Carry for protection or place in money mixture and sachets to draw wealth. This herb is also good as a love spell. Wear as a protective amulet. A good anti-lightening charm. Extinguishes fires. MYRTLE Great herb for fertility, love, youth, peace, and money. Carry myrtle leaves to attract love. Burn as an incense to bring beauty. Wear myrtle while preparing love spells and mixes to increase their intent. Wear or carry to attract true friendship. Use in sachets to ensure a peaceful and loving atmosphere. Also called Bayberry Tree.

Cubeb Berries Magick

Protection, mental powers, memory, passion, and anti-theft. Prevents lovers from straying when used in love spells and protection. Ideal for consecrating ritual tools. Carry this herb to improve and to strengthen memory, (especially powerful to Gemini's), or use in dream pillows to help you to remember your dreams. CHERRY BARK Lust, direction, frugality, favors, invisibility, and magickal potency. Burn as an incense while performing divination to enhance the results, or while performing love spells to find a partner. Use to revitalize the Magical energy needed to finish an old project. Also called Virginia Prune Bark. CUMIN Good for fidelity, protection, and exorcism. The seed is said to prevent the theft of any objects which contains it. Burn with frankincense for protection. Scatter on the floor alone or with salt to drive out evil. Use in love spells to promote fidelity. Steep in wine to make love potions.

Love Spells

Love Spells

Get All The Support And Guidance You Need To Be A Success At Your Love Life. This Book Is One Of The Most Valuable Resources In The World When It Comes To A Look At The Voodoo Of Love.

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