The Two Principles The Logos and Sophia

Emanating from the Lord of Wisdom and through the Pleroma are two currents, these are known as Logos and Sophia. The Logos is the mind of the Lord of Wisdom, the Sophia is the intuition. These two currents form the manifestation of the Lord of Wisdom into the higher worlds. (See Fig 1). There are many hierarchical locations for these two principles, for example, Valentinus sees the Logos as the first created form (Barbelo), while Sophia is the last emanated Aeon. Regardless of tradition, the Logos and Sophia play major significant roles in the Gnostic hierarchy and are hence seen as the two principles. They should not really be seen as separate or discrete deities but as facets of the Lord of Wisdom in action. Since the Lord of Wisdom is beyond definition when the Lord initiates activity, results take place through the various facets of his being and via a hierarchy or dynasty of forces and forms. The two most important of these are the Logos and Sophia. The Logos is known as Spenta Mainyu in the Zoroastrian tradition and is the Mind of the Lord of Wisdom in action, in mythology this facet of the Lord is known as his first son.

Fig 1

Lord of Wisdom


.Lord of Wisdom

The Immortals


The Immortals

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