The Cycle of Transfiguration

The Structure of the Festivals is revealed in the cycles of the Churches and the Days of Creation. These function to outline to us the physiology and psychology of the septenary system. However, it is imperative that they do not simply stay on a theoretical plane. The Festivals offer a method to link these structures into a practical application. Within the evolution of the Gnostic teachings there has been two distinct phases within the development of the Festival structure, the Old and New Festivals. Within the Older tradition Israel as a national body developed a sequence of Seven feasts which related to the esoteric teachings. In other locations, Aryan man developed similar patterns which were adaptations of the same teachings, but expressed in terms of the surrounding culture. We can certainly see, for example, a correlation of the esoteric teachings with the Vedic feasts and festivals. Within the New Festivals a more cross-cultural sequence of feasts is outlined since the focus is on the energies which emanate from the Solar sphere, these feasts relate to the Solstices and the Equinoxes. In addition, we find that groups such as the Essenes moved from Lunar to Solar Calenders in line with the new revelations revealed to them from the Pleroma. While certainly the Seven feasts of Israel still apply (and some Gnostic groups still use them) they tend to link to the national identity of Israel in the past rather than to the Pan-Aryan tradition as presently expounded, hence, the Solar tradition of the feasts is now used by the Gnostic Apostolic Church. The Solar Festivals of Israel offer a practical way in which these various systems can be united and practically used. When we appreciate that the aim of the Gnostic system is to transcend the dialectic field while the cycles of earth reflect the Dialectic plane, then it is only a small step to see that Feasts based on the perfection of the individual are the only feasts to reflect the Treasury of Light. A simple correlation of the Solar feasts with the sevenfold patterns outlined in our earlier study will show how each of the festivities rather than being simple folk occurrences are actual periods of psychic and spiritual focus. Each of the feasts may be related to a specific state of consciousness, colour, Chakra and so forth. This creates a pattern by which the feasts celebrate the creation of the New Man, the being who transcends the World of the Archons and reaches the higher planes.

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