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In a world governed by propaganda and media manipulation Occultism has a very bad name. From the press we hear constantly of human sacrifice, violence, murder, destruction and evil in the name of Occultism and Magick. The problem, however, arises when we critically examine the claims that are made. The term Occultism, for example, simply means "unknown", in medicine, for example, you can have occult bleeding (bleeding which has an unknown origin). Magick (whether you spell it with a K or a C) comes from the Science of the Magi and is related to the early traditions of Persia, particularly Zoroasterianism and has little in common with its image propagated by the Media. It seems somewhat strange that most of the extreme claims of destruction that are associated with Occultism come from Christian fundamentalism sources, sources which, in most cases, have a strong link to Zionism and are hence intricately connected to the very bodies who manipulate the media that controls the thinking of the average man on the street.

In the Gnostic tradition we do not ignore the power of evil nor overestimate it. The Gnostic tradition affirms that a being was cast down from the heavens and due to this fall gained dominion over the earth and caused the destruction we know as material existence. Further, the Gnostic tradition believes that Satan or the Demiurge has control over matter itself, as matter was not originally part of the divine plan. However, over the centuries the apostate Christian church has carefully and with deliberation moved areas of Occultism and esoteric teachings into what it calls " the Satanic " arena to stop Christians (and others) studying it. For example, the Kabbalah, the original esoteric traditions behind the Old Testament are pictured as sorcery and worse, yet represent the original spiritual " code " on which the Old Testament itself was based. (It is fairly clear why the Kabbalah is debunked for it shows how badly distorted the Old Testament really is !).

In the Gnostic tradition there is a whole secret tradition known as Sethianic Occultism which encompasses an esoteric and inner technology of power. It has a light and dark side and is only for those prepared to drink deep from the well of Gnosis. At the same time there is a fallen Occultism, a Satanic tradition which corrupts the teachings and distorts the mind. In the Media and in the apostate Church, these two are mixed together and again error is taught as truth. Many of the most sublime Sethian mysteries are denounced as Satanism and the secret wisdom of the Pleroma is blasphemed and adjured.

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