Bible Narratives

Biblical criticism has shown that there are at least four intermingled narratives within the Old Testament, most of which specifically seem to be in conflict. The Epic tradition seems to date from the original Exodus while the Priestly tradition dates from the Babylonian captivity. This second narrative was probably written by Talmudic Pagans and hence was not even Israelite in origin ! Therefore, it is clear that most sections of the Old Testament have been re-worked. A number of examples may help you to get the overall picture.

In the Epic Tradition the original covenant includes the Ten Words or Ten commandments only, while the Priestly tradition includes the Covenant code laws. (These laws could not have been written at the Exodus as they include agricultural regulations and references to the Canaanites which obviously originate after their settlement in Palestine).

In the Epic Tradition the Covenant Code was an adaptation of the Ten Words into civil law yet we can show how this code has been re-written time and time again (producing the Priestly Version) and moved back into Scripture in an attempt to prove that the latest set of laws were actually written by Moses.

In the Epic Tradition Moses crosses the Reed Sea (not the Red Sea) when the wind blows the waves apart (this still occurs today), the emphasis being on God using nature to achieve a miracle. The Priestly tradition has Moses raising his arms and opening the Red Sea, this second tradition emphasises the nearly magical power of Moses and hence, by inference, the occult power of the later Priesthood.

In the Epic Tradition there are eight plagues upon Egypt, in the Priestly tradition, Ten.

These differences, and many others, are major and show that while in Babylon the Pharisees mixing Babylonian Paganism and Judaism not only wrote such texts as the Talmud but also edited together the Old Testament. Hence, the task of restoration becomes even more daunting and reference to documents such as the Dead Sea Scrolls becomes imperative.

A further issue is with the clear intimation that the Bible has an inner meaning. Certainly the oral tradition of the Israelites known as " Kabbalah " taught the Bible had at least three levels and the modern Biblical scholar Barbara Thiering outlines how the Essenes used a " Pesher " code to hide certain Mysteries from the profane. All these things must be considered when we start to quote the Bible or use Scripture to prove a certain viewpoint. The Gnostic Apostolic Church is working hard to help in the restoration of the Bible to its original purity and to reinstate the esoteric or Mystery teachings that are central to real Christianity.

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