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Memorizing Spells

Sometimes it is better to sit down and memorize the formulae, ritual, and methodology for casting a particular spell. Often it can be a burden to lug tomes and grimoires around, and you never know when you might lose your books or be caught unprepared. Most shamans (and such) do not use grimoires, and so memorization is common place. This is why most natural, elemental, or bardic spells are songs-like, it makes them that much easier to remember To memorize a spell it becomes like a skill (based on INT), and OP must be put into the skill to increase its levels. For example, Shanni the Shaman has formulated an excellent healing spell. She knows how useful it could be, so proceeds to memorize it. Every OP dedicated to the spell skill (each memorized spell is a unique skill), gives that skill a +1. Shanni dedicates 2 OP, so her level in that spell is 2. When she wants to recall the spell to cast, she can make a INT + Skill + 3D6 roll vs. 1 2 the spell's Difficulty to Cast (just as it is...

Do you actually expect me to believe this kind of magic works

King Solomon Conjuring Spell

Who whole-heartedly embrace the art form of the classic Goetic workings. They operate by-the-book and, as much as humanly possible, conform with every instruction found in the text. They wear the proper attire, construct and use the proper magical tools and equipment, observe the proper hours, memorize all the conjurations and constraints -everything. It offends their sense of art (and after all, magic is an art) if the instructions in the classic text are violated. It bolsters their magical confidence to know in their hearts they are doing things just like the ancient practitioners. Doing this is thejyoga - the of their art. All these lengthy and verbose conjurations, constraints, and curses - Do I have to memorize and recite them What purpose do they serve In the same way the modern devotee of Transcendental Meditation repeats a mantra in order to step out of the stream of everyday consciousness, the ancient magician (and the modern Solomonic purist) memorized and recited page upon...

The Book of the Dead Chapter Cxlvii the sixth Arit

In addition to the cards used in the beginning exercise, you must memorize the signposts of the desired square. This includes the proper Call, the Enochian Names of Power and the presiding Egyptian deity and sphinx if the goal is one of the lesser Watchtower squares.

Mundane Concoctions

These enchantments only function while the instrument is being played. As the bard doesn't need to memorize her spells like other classes, the bonus spells imparted by the various types of imperial bardwood instruments are spells the bard may cast in addition to her existing daily allotment, but only while playing the instrument (this makes casting spells with somatic components impossible). She may cast each bonus spell once per day, regardless of how often she plays her instrument. The Perform skill bonus, however, applies each time the instrument is played, as it supernaturally augments her performance.

Yehhahshuah Yehhohvahsha

Now, before you tear these pages into little bits and decide to abandon Magick forever because it is so complicated, stop for just a second and notice that this time I have not included a summary. This is because for this ritual you should make up your own summaries. Instead of using regular-sized paper, I used 4x5 index cards. I was able to fit the entire ritual on both sides of three cards. It looks much longer than it really is because of all the added instructions I have given you here. In practice, it takes little more than ten minutes if the LBRP and BRH are memorized. At this point in your studies it would be a good idea to practice this ritual at least once a week. Notice that I said, practice this ritual, not perform it. Separate it into sections and go over each section several times until you are very familiar with it. It would be best if you could memorize this ritual as it will be a major focus of all the practical or grey magick work which is to follow.

The Realm Of The Hidden Knowledge

-It accepts to sacrifice one point of Ka immediately to Memorize the spell. -It agrees to sacrifice one point of Ka immediately to Memorize the spell. -it agrees to sacrifice one point of Ka immediately to Memorize the spell. -it agrees to sacrifice one point of Ka immediately to Memorize the spell. -it agrees to sacrifice one point of Ka immediately to Memorize the spell.

Who Practice Grey Magick Spells In India

The subconscious does not think in words, it thinks in symbols or images. You see the word tree, but the subconscious (and your memory) keeps an image of a tree you have seen or imagined at one time or another. Therefore, all you have to do is make up a symbol to represent what you want. Symbols, shapes and objects can stay with you through an Orgasmically Potent orgasm while words will not. Simply keep the symbol in mind when you have an orgasm. And though this is not difficult, it does require practice.

Awareness Hands Massage

Feel y our awareness hands massaging deep inside your neck and shoulders and up into your skull, as if someone were actually massaging them for you. Use your memory to re-create these awareness actions. Feel your hands penetrating deeply within the muscles and tendons and spine in your neck and shoulders. Feel your hands stroking deeply along your spine and up into and through your head. Feel all the tension leaving your body and feel it sinking and growing warmer and heavier and more deeply and blissfully relaxed.

How To Use This Manual

If you planto practice Enochian Magick, you will need to memorize the Pentagram Ritual and the Hexagram Ritual presented in this manual because these will be used in most of your operations.You will also need to construct your own magical weapons, robe, and talismans, and begin a Magical Diary. The Test will be up to you. If you already have some experience then you should be able to begin at your own level and pace without difficulty. If you are a novice or beginner, then you should practice the exercises for beginners that are presented. Thirteen important Enochian rituals are presented at the end of this manual. Study them carefully .before practicing them. Memorize the words and prepare the necessary weapons and instrumenta yourself. They do not have to be elaborate or expensive. The Ritual of TEX is designed for use by beginners. The Ritual of IAO invokes the feminine current and simulates a journey to the 5th

The Nursing Home Circuit

Apparently, things they just witnessed, without EXPERIENCING, just didn't become part of long term memory. I've heard purely visual experiences compared to bubble gum for the eyes. And while there's nothing wrong with that, I've grown to believe that, except in rare cases, the purely visual experiences don't go any deeper than the eyes. And personally, I wanted more than that I wanted to go past the eyes, working my way deep into their psyche. I wanted my magic to move them. I wanted to deeply etch the experience into their long-term memory. In a nutshell, and no pun intended, I wanted to be the talk of the Nursing Home Circuit in the year 2030. Trying to create experiences worthy of long-term memory with technique alone would have been like trying to lounge backwards with my feet proped up in a chair with only one leg. Granted. Maybe SOMEBODY could do it. But why take a chance

Negative Magic Zones Con TinaEd

Forgotten Spell The character temporarily loses one spell. For wizards (and other spellcasters who memorize spells) this means forgetting one of the spells memorized for that day, which is then lost as if it had been cast. Sorcerers (and other spontaneous spellcasters) lose one spell slot for that day. The GM should randomly determine which spell or spell slot is lost. This is in addition to the spell cast in the negative magic zone. It can be regained normally, through rest and re-memorization. Forgotten Spells The character temporarily loses 1d6 spells. For wizards (and other spellcasters who memorize spells) this means forgetting one or more of the spells memorized for that day, which are lost as if they had been cast. Sorcerers (and other spontaneous spell-casters) lose one or more spell slots for that day. The GM should randomly determine which spells or spell slots are lost. This is in addition to the spell cast in the

Extreme Thoughtforms Matos Spells And Magic

Before moving on to the next part of this lesson, there is another thing I wish to clarify for you. You may be thinking that I will be adding on to the basic daily rituals until you have no time to do anything else This is not the case. There is only one more basic ritual which you must learn. Do not give up. Do not omit any part of the rituals. Do not skip a day unless it is impossible not to. Everything that you are now doing is White Magick, moving you toward unity with Divinity. It is also your preparation for doing Grey Magick. If you memorize the rituals they should not take longer than 15 minutes. And, in a short time, this course will give you a method for doing the rituals anytime, anywhere via a special mental process. It will take even less time to perform the rituals, and it will give you more personal power.

Matos Spells And Magic Thoughtforms Wish Grey Magick

The important part of this is your ability to use your conscious and unconscious Will to control magickal energy and put it to the uses you desire. Perhaps you have seen books with other exercises on how to raise and control magickal energy. Some are very good. But it is my feeling that repetition of a few basic exercises with millenia of development will work much better than spreading out your personal energies by memorizing large numbers of practices with fewer repetitions of each exercise.

Principle Number Eiglit

It seems the human mind just isn't capable of remembering complex details vividly over time. If we ever hope to make it to long-term memory, we have to be as simple as a slogan. Say it in a sentence, and you stand a great chance of being remembered. The coin in the bottle. The pencil through the coin. The card on the ceiling. The floating bill. The bill in lemon. Make it easy, give them a handle. A memory class I took once explained that memories can be recalled more easily if they are effects, catch phrases into your performance, and select slogan simple effects. Taking advantage of legitimate memory techniques might skew the odds ever so slightly in our favor.

Projectable Body Loosening

Put yourself in the required state for projection with a deeply relaxed body and mind. Ideally, use the full-body deep physical relaxation and trance-induction techniques, then use the full-body energy circuit for a couple of minutes. Leave your primary centers alone for this exercise. Feel the room around you with your mind and imagination, and build a picture of it in your mind's eye. Using your memory, take note of how everything would look from your position if your eyes were open where doors, windows, ceilings, walls, and furniture are. Take a good look and memorize everything before starting. As your awareness bounces off the wall, ceiling, or floor, use your memory-based imagination to sense what each surface would look and feel like close up. See this as if you were really there, right up close to it. Try to momentarily feel your new spatial position as it would be if you were actually there. Be aware of the spatial change and of the new position, of where your physical body,...

Universe Hierophant

The only way to learn the Tarot is to use it constantly. Try memorizing the meanings of the cards, one card per day. Also try giving yourself small readings on a daily basis. However, don't count on the accurateness for at least a month. You were probably not too accurate when you first learned to ride a bicycle or drive a car. Be sure to also continue with the Tarot Contemplation Ritual. Doing a reading or a ritual does not overcome the need for doing both.


Most spells which are invoked directly from ancient texts require a great deal of preparation to avoid mistakes. These preparations are often redundant, overlapping, and some parts are outright unnecessary, thus taking much longer than they need to. As a mage studies the dynamics of magic (Thaumaturgy) and delves into the workings of a certain spell, studying it intently, he can eventually memorize the spell (thus becoming skilled, allowing him to perform it without the books). Mages such as these can cast earthshaking spells in seconds, whereas the same spell straight from the text might have taken days to prepare. Skilled mages may also create new spells, based upon his knowledge of the inner workings of magic.


There are several reasons for beginning and updating a Magical Diary. It allows you to check your progress in a systematic and scientific manner. For example, any repetitive experiences or cyclic magical encounters will be more easily noted if a diary is at hand. It also allows you to record your psychic experiences while fresh in your memory so that you can accurately check them against known signposts and correspondences at a later date.

Power Of Memory

Those who overwork mentally, who do not observe the rules of Brahmacharya and who are tormented by many cares, worries and anxieties, lose their power of memory soon. When you show symptoms of losing your memory, as you grow old, the first symptom is that you find it difficult to remember the names of persons. The reason is not far to seek. All the names are arbitrary. They are like labels. There are no associations with the names. The mind generally remembers through associations, as the impressions become deep thereby.


Metrodorus' great contribution was the memory palace. He taught his students to build an imaginary mansion in their minds, one room at a time. Each imaginary room was associated with a single memorization task a passage from an epic poem. His students were to imagine each room's door marked with a memorable symbol, pattern, or image called a locus. Instead of trying to recall the entire passage, the student need only remember the locus associated with it, and stroll through the imaginary house in his or her mind to the proper door that unlocked the memory of the passage. Once inside a locus-room, a student could create sub-loci (such as imaginary furniture, people, or works of art). In this way, the daunting task of memorizing a poem with a thousand verses was broken down into discrete, easy tasks. His students could use their palaces and loci to memorize anything with amazing detail. They went on to become famous chamberlains, able to recall a King's retinue, castle inventory, and...

Head Rocking

Sit up straight (not leaning back), close your eyes, and very gently and slowly start nodding your head, yes. Don't analyze any of this, just try to feel that rocking sensation. Memorize that feeling of gentle swaying. Pretend that your whole astral body is also swaying just like your physical head is swaying. This exercise is good for many reasons. First, it will get you used to the feeling of being disoriented. OBE exercises can sometimes leave you disoriented. Becoming familiar with that feeling makes it easier to handle. Second, if you memorize this feeling of rocking, you'll be able to trigger the pre-OBE state easier, which may have its own rocking sensations.

Part Eight

The ancient magickal student would learn that he or she must have a positive attitude, and would also do hours of exercises to learn how to generate and control energy (just as you have been doing). But memorizing large quantities of knowledge as to what to do with that energy would be difficult for anyone. This is true even for those who lived in periods Where techniques of memory were far more in practice than today. Thus, this knowledge aspect of magick was written down to aid the student and help the student avoid possibly dangerous mistakes. It is these workbooks which are known as grimoires. We will deal with some of the methods of these texts in later lessons in this course.

Card Cubes

Force a card by whatever method you fancy. Have a spectator memorize it and shuffle the card into the deck. Afterthe card is returned, run through the deck face upio show him the cards are well mixed and that nothing has happened yet. As you sight the forced card, get a left little finger break below it then continue running through the rest of the deck and finally square the cards. Side-steal the selection into the right hand and give the cards back to the spectator. (See Side-Steal Technique,) When this is well done, nothingis suspected and the spectator is positive the card is lost


Invoking Banishing Pentagrams

As well as being a very effective banishing, this ritual follows a form that is of great use in leaming or developing more complex rituals. It has been claimed that daily use of the Lesser Pentagram Ritual can also develop permanent magickal defenses. In any case, daily use will increase your effectiveness (practice can at least provide perfection in memorizing the words and motions, freeing your mind and will to increase the strength of your intent). If you follow this course, keep good records. You will thank yourself later, days, months or years down the road when perspective on this practice can provide you with vital clues as to how to continue.

Part Three

Lesser Banishing Ritual The Pentagram

The actual instructions for doing the next ritual which you will learn, The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, will be given in the next lesson. Now, at this point there are probably some of you reading this who are groaning and thinking, But I learned that ritual years ago Besides, it's so simple. Well, if you think it is simple, you have never done it correctly and with full knowledge of the ritual. It is I a basic ritual, but it is not simple. It is short and easy to memorize, but not simple. There are several physical things which you may want to use when you perform the LBRP. However there is only one thing which you must have, and that is a place where you can be alone and undisturbed. To do this ritual requires no more than ten minutes, and once it is memorized even less time is necessary. Make sure you will be undisturbed for this brief length of time. This ritual is not meant for the public's eyes.


Search your memory and find at least three different times (and places) when you were active and effective. If these do not come readily, you can simply imagine a time or situation in which you are acting effectively. To define action and effectiveness just a little bit more action is doing, being decisive, manipulating things skillfully, it could involve skilled movements of the limbs, or of the mind, or speaking, but always in some way causing change.

Second Series

The accessories such as time, posture, breath, and the 'talks with yourself, which we call 'preparation', are standard for every exercise. But now, instead of the watch and its second hand, take a medium-sized steel pin. Study its head from all sides with the utmost attention. You may also use a magnifying glass in order to examine the tiny metallic ball in detail, so that you can easily memorize everything about it.


Now, while looking at the picture, relive in your memory the entire exercise, with as much detail as possible. Begin with the start of it, from the moment that you closed your eyes and felt the blindfold being put on and take your memory through to the end. As your memory picks out an emotion, analyze it, look at it in your mind and think of why you felt that way at that particular moment. Exercise 16. Repeat the above exercise only this time use the photograph taken with your hands tied. Again, study the records of the exercise first and then repeat it in your memory looking at your emotional responses in turn. Relive in your memory that moment when the cord first began to tighten and you realized that you would be helpless.

Holding Spells

Invocation takes only one Action and requires no energy (that energy was expended when the spell was Cast). You need only say the words and perhaps make a gesture or two, and must make the Task Roll to succeed. You may invoke the spell only once, unless it has Reusability enhancement. You do not need to carry anything with you, unless the spell requires some Focus, and perhaps a written note of the invocation words, unless you have spent some time memorizing the words (spending no less than ten minutes to memorize them, but do not recite out loud ) The GM may make the player himself memorize the invocation words.


But those things are there. You cannot see them because the conditions are not right. But there are other things that your eye sees indeed, but you, not because you have not been trained to see them for what they are. See Capri in the morning sun How do you know it is an island, not a dream, or a cloud, or a sea-monster Only by comparison with previous knowledge and experience. You can only see things that are already in your own mind -- or things so like them that you can adjust yourself to the small percentage of difference. But you cannot observe or apprehend things that are utterly unfamiliar except by training and experience. How does the alphabet look to you when you first learn it Don't you confuse the letters Arabic looks 'fantastic' to you, as the Roman script does to the Arab you can memorize

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