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Life Force Follows Negative Entropy

The research of Wilhelm Reich was a giganitc step towards our scientific understanding of the characteristics of life force. This is so because Wilhelm Reich was the first scientist who recognized that life force, or orgone (as he called it) follows the principle of negative entropy. To understand this principle, let's first explain what we mean with entropy. Entropy is a term that appears in physics. Physicists observed that two energy systems of different potentials end up with the same potential some time after they came in contact with each other. We call this process of establishing balance entropy. For instance, if you bring a hot object in contact with a cold object, both objects will have the same temperature after some time. One object will be colder, while the other object will be warmer. The energy that the physicist refers to is electromagnetic in nature, of course. The average academic physicist of our days is still hos-

Faith Healing30 points

You can heal people without resorting to a ritual, using your mystical influence to channel spiritual energy into the body of a patient. You can heal up to HT 2 points of damage on a successful Will roll. Each use of this power costs 5 Fatigue points if you exceed your limits or are reduced to 0 Fatigue, you pass out if you attempt to spend more Fatigue than you have, you fall into a coma that lasts 1d hours for every Fatigue point over your capacity that you spent. Faith healing can cure disease and repair crippled limbs. You cannot, however, replace missing limbs you can restore a lame leg to full use, but cannot regrow a severed one from thin air. The roll to cure a disease is up to the GM it could range from +1 to cure the common cold to -15 to heal an AIDS sufferer. The Fatigue cost to heal disease is equal to twice the penalty applied to the Will roll (minimum of1). Crippled limbs are restored on a Will-5 roll, at the cost of 10 Fatigue. Halve this if the crippling was not...

Secondary Energy Centers

Secondary energy centers are similar to primary energy centers, but are smaller and have fewer functions. Their main purpose is to transform and condition energies received through the tertiary system (energy exchange ports) into the specific qualities required. These smaller parts of the energy body can be likened to something like bioenergetic electronic components. The diagram on the following page represents a typical skeletal-type secondary energy center. These have four poles each and a central connecting core running through their center. Each pole is a small vortexlike energy structure that flowers on the surface of the skin directly above the joint. These poles are connected to a larger internal conduit that runs through the center of all bones, through the bone marrow. Energy flowing through these cores is the cause of the bone-deep tingling sensations commonly felt while raising energy, especially during early exercises. The skeletal secondary centers are interconnected...

Intermediate Healing Ritual Healing Yourself

See the healing forces of the Names of Power leave the Magick Square of OLAP and enter your Pantacle. Let these forces radiate outward from your Pantacle through your arm until your entire body is enveloped in a rose-pink hue of healing mist Feel this Intermediate Healing Ritual. Healing Others at a Distance.

Magical Healing Machine

It is unknown where the Magical Healing Machine came from or who even made it. It is some sort of magical machine that can transfer life-energy from one person to another. The device is small, and can easily fit into a backpack. There are two cables with armbands at the end -- one labeled Patient the other, Donor . Obviously, the wounded (or dead) subject is tied into one end and a donor is tied into the other. When activated, the machine will being transferring energy from the donor to the patient. It will transfer 1 Hit (Stun and or Lethal) per Phase. That is, every Phase the patient will be healed 1 hit while the donor takes 1 hit of damage. The dead may also be resurrected with this machine. It takes ten minutes for the resurrection process to complete, but, although the patient is healed and resurrected, the donor dies a slow painful death.

Stimulating Primary Energy Centers

What have the primary energy centers (major chakras) to do with projection Well, just as the NEW secondary system conditions the energy body and helps prepare it for conscious-exit projection, so does a little work on the primary circuit. With conscious-exit projection, energy is simply everything. During an OBE, the entire energy body, including all the primary centers, becomes active and contributes energetically toward the generation, projection, and maintenance of the projected double. Using today's visualization-based methods, successfully stimulating and developing the primary energy centers (major chakras) can take many years. The NEW techniques make successful primary-center activation possible even in the very early stages of development. Because of this, I urge you to be careful when using these techniques on the primary centers. The NEW techniques are far more effective than are the more obtuse visualization-based methods commonly taught. You may have heard a lot of hype...

Energy Flow and Effort

As I have mentioned, a deeply relaxed physical state usually is not required for learning the NEW system. Effort can thus be put into the energy-raising actions without breaking any delicate mental state. The amount of energy that can be raised is greatly affected by the application of will. This is particularly useful when there are low background energy conditions, or for times when a greater energy flow is needed, e.g., for clearing stubborn, unresponsive, and blocked areas with brute awareness force. Apart from clearing blockages, for normal development I strongly recommend that only a normal level of effort be used. This is not only easier but is far more natural. It will encourage more even and robust development of the energy body as a whole. Too great an effort can cause too rapid expansion and growth in certain areas, which can make developing energetic structures far too delicate to be of much practical use. Forced development through excessive effort grows large but weak,...

Life Force And The Mind

Although magicians used life force throughout the millennia, they never became aware of the principle of negative entropy. This is quite amazing because negative entropy is the characteristic of life energy that makes magic work. The JU 99 is a bare-bones Welz Chi Generator (orgone generator ) for individual use. This extraordinary device contains all the essential parts of the larger orgone generators . Its excellent qualities make it a powerful utensil for all whose budget does not allow them yet to acquire a larger, stronger, and more versatile Welz Chi Generator and who are very serious about bringing the magic of success into their lives and who are ready to work on decisive changes towards prosperity, satisfying relationships, self-confidence, peace of mind and happiness. For the entry level, the JU 99 CE is excellent for basic energy and relaxation work and to get acquainted with life force technologies. It is easy to use for any person and it can be the most important utensil...

Life Force

In the first lesson we found out that life force is the essential ingredient in any magical operation. Life force provides us with the medium, so to say, that allows transfer by means of structural links. Magicians of all ages knew that. They taught practices to work with life force. Often these practices became so interwoven with religious practice that people were incapable of realizing the essence of the magical practice. They confounded the expression of raw life force with the specific religious practice that they use to make it appear. Quite naturally they thought it was the religious practice that caused the miracle to happen. From there it was just a small step to the wrong assumption that only their specific religion could deliver such miracles. If miracles happened in other religious systems, they logically interpreted them as being the work of the force that opposed their religion such as the devil in the Christian religion. The miracles appeared no longer as results of an...

Energy Flow

The average person normally absorbs only a small amount of the energy and vitality available each day, and steadily less with age. Energy is absorbed during sleep, digestion, breathing, and exposure to sunlight. Let us say that you absorb 100 units of raw energy per day, enough for your average daily requirements. Energy-development exercises increase energy usage, and you begin using 200 or more units of raw energy (vitality) per day. This deficit of 100 units will usually be made up for by the energy body's storage areas, sometimes causing the physical symptoms of energy body disruption and depletion. With a little time and attention, the energy body can be conditioned to handle just about anything. The best way to start is by stimulating, developing, and nurturing the all-important secondary and tertiary energetic structures. The energy body is then better able to adapt and develop in response to its new energetic requirements.

Healing Ritual

By this time he or she should be next to the circle of people. With the tool, he or she should point either toward the top of the ill person's head or toward the particular part of the body wherein lies the problem to be healed. At this instant, all in the circle should imagine a giant, bright light above the center of the circle. This is a group Keter rather than an individual Keter. Each ritualist should see a beam of light shoot out toward the space of the person with the tool. When the lone ritualist feels this has been accomplished, he or she should direct this huge amount of combined group and spiritual energy down to the tool and into the body of the person being healed.

Pranic Healing

Those who practise Pranayama, can impart their Prana for healing morbid diseases. They can also recharge themselves with Prana in no time by practising Kumbhaka. Never think that you will be depleted of your Prana by distributing it to others. The more you will give, the more it will flow to you from the cosmic source (Hiranyagarbha). That is the law of Nature. Do not become a niggard. If there is a rheumatic patient, gently shampoo his legs with your hands. When you do shampooing (massage), do Kumbhaka and imagine that the Prana is flowing from your hands towards your patient. Connect yourself with Hiranyagarbha or the cosmic Prana and imagine that the cosmic energy is flowing through your hands towards the patient. The patient will at once feel warmth, relief and strength. You can cure headache, intestinal colic or any other disease by massage and by your magnetic touch. When you massage the liver, spleen, stomach or any other portion or organ of the body you can speak to the cells...

The Orgone Generator

Before you begin to use the Orgone Generator to help you achieve decisive positive permanent solutions, you can now examine thoroughly your innermost desires and ask yourself a few key questions Now, in this course you are learning that it is your Power that carries your decision, obeys your command. This Power is a manifestation of the life force that you have available. Wise people in the Far East called this life force, or power, Chi and they developed many techniques of self-improvement from this knowledge such as Tai Chi and Chi Gong. Modern Western terms for life force are orgone, animal magnetism, Od, Solar ether, and others. To understand the advantage that this Power, i.e., life force, can give you, imagine the following Bring a native in from a remote jungle to a city. The electricity will not work for him until he realizes that this button turns on that light and that switch turns on this radio. Naturally, for him the effects of electricity are magic . His friends who never...

Distant Healing

This is known as absent treatment also. You can transmit Prana through space to your friend who is living at a distance. He should have a receptive mental attitude. You must feel yourself en rapport (in direct relation and in sympathy) with the people whom you heal with this Distant Healing method. Say mentally to the patient, 'I am transmitting a supply of Prana (vital force)'. Do Kumbhaka when you send the Prana. Practise rhythmical breathing also. Have a mental image that the Prana is leaving your mind, passing through space, and is entering the system of the patient. The Prana travels unseen like the wireless (radio) waves and flashes like lightning across space. The Prana that is coloured by the thought of the healer is projected outside. You can re-charge yourself with Prana by practising Kumbhaka. This requires long, steady and regular practice.

The sin of Creation and the Correction

The more one learns about these laws and begins to spiritually execute them, in their corrected form, the closer he comes to the degree of the Creator. Meaning, there is a ladder of 613 rungs that stands between our degree and the degree of the Creator. To climb a rung means to acquire a screen and yet another of the 613 desires of the soul. After the sin, the vessel (the desire of the first man) kept breaking ever deeper, in order to be freed from the screen in the secondary desires as well, where it is difficult to tell anything apart. That is why the Torah speaks of the sin of Cain who killed Abel, and that is in fact, the next sin, the next breakdown in the vessels of the first man. In order to

The Dense Body Introduction

(2) A VITAL BODY, which is made of ether and pervades the visible body as ether permeates all other forms, except that human beings specialize a greater amount of the universal ether than other forms. That ethereal body is our instrument for specializing the vital energy of the Sun.

The Celltheory and the Thoughts

Some people are extremely body-conscious, and possess no idea of the Self. They live irregular, indisciplined lives and fill their stomachs with sweets, pastries, and so on. There is no rest for the digestive and the eliminating organs. They suffer from physical weakness and diseases. The atoms, molecules and cells in their bodies produce discordant or inharmonious vibrations. They have no hope, confidence, faith, serenity and cheerfulness. They are unhappy. The life-force is not operating properly. Their vitality is at a low ebb. Their mind is filled with fear, despair, worry and anxiety.

Chapter the Second

John was a spiritual guru for me and taught me to play the harp. Sine Ceolbhinn, my harp, is an identical twin of his harp. John loved Hostess Ho-Hos, M&Ms, and Caffeine. He lived in a spiritually powerful house with peeling orange paint called Orange Awareness House. It was the second oldest house in all of Northfield. Many Druids had lived there including Jon, Dave, Andrea and John.

When Food Can Be Dispensed With

Water supplies energy to the body. Air also furnishes energy. You can live without food for very many days, but you cannot live without air even for some minutes. Oxygen is even more important. What is wanted to support the body is energy. If you can supply the energy from any other source, you can dispense with food entirely. Yogins keep up the body without food by drinking nectar. This nectar flows through a hole in the palate. It dribbles and nourishes the body. A Jnani can draw energy directly from his pure, irresistible will and support the body without food. If you know the process of drawing the energy from the cosmic energy or solar energy, you can maintain the body with this energy alone for any length of time and can dispense with food.

Ways to Break Paralysis

Learning and practicing conscious-exit projection reduces the frequency of paralysis episodes. Projection attempts encourage the energetic development of the projection mechanism within the etheric body. If projection is unacceptable due to fear of OBE, short daytime projection attempts are advised. Energetic development work, like meditation and energy work, as well as developing other core skills, will also help resolve projection-related energetic and mind-split conflicts, which are the underlying causes of waking paralysis.

Question Is it possible to go from this life to the next without dying

Answer In order for this 'breakthrough' to happen, in order for the soul to jump over this corporeal incision for the purpose of instigating a new degree of development, where a new body will carry it, a person has to die physically, or be detached from his body in a different way, mentally spiritually, like the Kabbalist. Thus he experiences many cycles during his physical life. In one lifetime he can go the whole way from beginning to end, to the purpose of creation, to the starting point of the soul. We will be able to see the changes that occur in us with our own eyes, only if we exit the degree of our world to the spiritual world, much like a person in a state of clinical death, watching from the side how the doctors fight for his life. From the upper level we can see what happens to us, research and manage our own lives and control their quality.

Even when he maintains that his subtler principles are merely symptomatic of the changes in his gross vehicle A similar

(Illustration One does not confuse the pain of a toothache with the decay that causes it. Inanimate objects are sensitive to certain physical forces, such as electrical and thermal conductivity but neither in us nor in them--so far as we know--is there any direct conscious perception of these forces. Imperceptible influences are therefore associated with all material phenomena and there is no reason why we should not work upon matter through these subtle energies as we do through their material bases. In fact, we use magnetic force to move iron and solar radiation to reproduce images.)

Cool Object Hot Object Average Temperature

Life force operates the opposite way. If you bring an object with a high potential of life force in contact with an object that has a low potential, the object with the higher potential will draw from the object with the lower potential. The second observation that Wilhelm Reich made was the following Organic matter attracts and holds orgone energy while metallic matter attracts and immediately repels orgone. He designed his orgone accumulators following these two principles. An orgone accumulator is a box that has alternating layers of organic and metallic materials. The outermost layer is organic while the innermost layer is metallic. As a consequence there will be a flow of orgone energy from the outside of the orgone box to the inside. The life force inside the accumulator will become stronger and stronger. A thermometer on the inside of the orgone box shows consistently a higher temperature. This fact contradicts the law of entropy. According to the second law of thermodynamics...

The Origins Of The Doctrine

Spiritually made in the image of his Creator, as Genesis tells us, he is materially conceived as being of the Cosmos, as the Kabbalah teaches us, and, by comparison to the Macrocosm, he constitutes the Microcosm. Bu as Adam Kadmon died spiritually to have his glorious nature robed in a dark, inferior first matter, in the same way the phallus dies in exteriorizing the Life that it carries within itself.

Q Can you prove that Kabbalah aims us toward the purpose of creation

A spiritual connection to the student, but the student will understand it only after attaining the Upper World independently. And when it says that a body has been revived, it refers to a will to receive that was once uncorrected, not spiritual meaning spiritually dead.

Sixteenth To Twentieth Edition

The content of what is spiritually perceived can only be reproduced in pictures (imaginations) through which inspirations speak, which have their origin in spiritual entity intuitively perceived.1 Whoever permits his judgment to be influenced be it ever so slightly by the assertion that the spiritually perceived is incomprehensible to the everyday, still unperceiving consciousness because of its limitations will find his comprehension obscured by this judgment as though by a dark cloud, and he really cannot understand. What is spiritually perceived is fully comprehensible to the unprejudiced, unperceiving consciousness if the seer gives his perceptions thought form. It is just as comprehensible as the finished picture of the painter is to the man who does not paint. Moreover, the comprehension of the spirit world is not of the nature of artistic feeling employed in the comprehension of a work of art, but it bears the stamp of thought employed in natural science. In order, however, to...

Supporting Energy Structures

To project out of body while fully conscious and have some hope of remembering it afterward, it is an enormous help to be able to increase the flow of energy into and through the energy body. A well-known side effect of the trance state is that it produces a stronger flow of energy than does the normal waking state and with regular use causes slow but progressive development. At a very early stage, when I saw the many conflicts between New Age thought and various Eastern schools of thought over energetic manipulation and development, I decided to take a fresh hands-on approach with my investigations. My research and experimentation with the energy body over the years has yielded significant discoveries and a great deal of insight. Almost a decade ago, I decided to map out the energy body the hard way, using tactile imaging to feel my way through my own energy body. I literally picked my way through every inch, searching out the smaller energy centers. I probed and stimulated and felt...

Other ways to get Mana

A person can also be sacrificed to steal their life-force for use in spells. Ritualistically sacrificing someone (or an animal), will release mana equal to 5x their INT + WILL. Sacrificing a victim with an INT of 4 and WILL of 4 will release 80 MP Sacrificing a large mammal (INT 1, WILL 3) will release 20 MP, still a fairly significant amount. Sacrifices must always involve a complex ritual to focus and control the mana energy. Usually these are very elaborate and can often be darkly aligned.

Practical and Divine Theology Meet

First, so as to understand the basis of power for the Cleric, one must examine their lifestyle and philosophy. The Cleric must possess three attributes in order to use their magics. Firstly, a Cleric must be spiritually ordained in Christ. This does not imply that an earthly second part be present, but rather that a belief in the saving power of Jesus Christ and the repentance of sins are parts of the Cleric's life. Secondly, a Cleric must aspire to spiritual and moral perfection in everyday life, based on 1 Thessalonians 4 2 that each of you know how to possess his own vessel in sanctification and honour. As a Cleric, you must show yourself to be an example of good deeds with purity in doctrine dignified, and sound in speech which is beyond reproach in order that the opponent may be put to shame, having nothing bad to say . (Titus 2 7,8). A Cleric lives their life in holiness, always striving to be of the best moral and spiritual character that they can be. A day filled with prayer...

Learn How To Direct Life Energy

You had your first experience with directing life energy when you practiced seeing it with the wand. For some the following practices you will need a partner. To be more effective you need also learn a preliminary practice that employs your capability to imagine. Anything that you image is structure and life energy follows structural principles easier than space-time distances. This characteristic of life force opens up truly fantastic potentials for the person who learns to use it. The whole science of magic is a result This is the diagram of a typical magical operation that lacks the supply of life force, usually because the operator is unaware of the importance of life force. Some life force is drawn from the surroundings or from the operator. Results are possible. This type operation has a high rate of failure The same magical operation as above, when performed by a knowledgeable magician who supplies the operation with life force, either his own using various practices or by...

Counteracting the Desire for Self Gratification

In the same way, one who is spiritually inanimate maintains one's existence as is. This individual has the same desires as others who are similar. This person is incapable and unwilling to make any spiritual effort of his own. However, those who wish to ascend from the spiritually inanimate level must find a new reason to replace what previously motivated them to commit their actions force of habit, upbringing, and environment. A person who wants to grow further, to come alive spiritually, to make spiritual strides independently, refuses to blindly follow others, but moves forward irrespective of the opinion of others, or the habits or education of society.

Five Awareness Actions

Five tactile imaging actions are used to manipulate the energy body, using the same basic techniques throughout. Scratch or rub each energy center or energetic pathway as needed, to help target it and make it easier to follow with awareness alone. As well as feeling these actions on the surface, feel them happening beneath the skin and slightly inside the body. With all the above awareness actions, it is the action of feeling a point of body awareness moving on or through the physical body that stimulates the substance of the energy body. The size of the awareness actions given below are to be varied to suit the body part or energy center being worked on. Tearing Action Use your awareness hands in a two-handed tearing action. Imagine you are holding a small bread roll or do-nut on the skin, or just under it, and are repeatedly tearing this apart with your awareness hands, over and over. This action is mainly used on primary energy centers, but can also be used as an alternative method...

Learn How To Direct Life Energy Into Your Body

Of recent, several small outfits offer orgone generators , chi generators , orgonite , etc., mostly over the Internet. Besides of the use of these words being blatant violations of trademark laws, much of the equipment that is offered has little to do with the generation of orgone energy, and the orgonite formulas are poor, since I was very careful in not revealing my formula, so there was nothing to steal besides the most rudimentary and obvious ingeredients. Naturally, the JU 99 CE, which is in the price range of the cheapest copy cat devices, has silver tubing, Voltage Regulator and other features that put it light years ahead of those poor imitations. We strongly believe in offering high quality equipent at very low prices, something that tinkerers are unable to do.

Advancing toward Altruistic Pleasure

In order to commit spiritual acts consciously, we must invest a lot of effort into realizing that our thoughts need to be for the sake of the Creator. At this point, we may begin to feel that we are not ascending spiritually. Yet, in truth, every time we observe something, it becomes evident that we are farther than ever from possessing the appropriate intention However, the child may wish to grow spiritually by taking spiritual nourishment independently. This may occur after having developed an appetite for it (realizing the necessity or experienced the pleasure from the Light). Then, not only does one grow spiritually, but one also enjoys the process of living, that is, of developing spiritual perception.

The Essenes Jesus and the Foundations of Gnosticism

In the sense of doctrine or belief was not enough, Jesus himself had to spiritually transform the nature of the Dialectic plane, so redemption from the Archons could become possible. Prior to the advent of Jesus no escape from the World of the Archons was available Even the astral etheric worlds were under the influence of the fallen system. Jesus therefore came to demonstrate that the power of death inherent in the Dialectic kingdom could be overcome.

Starting with Primary Centers

Primary center development work be undertaken to any great extent until the NEW secondary system given earlier has been practiced for at least three months. The energy body must first become used to the secondary system and be given time to stabilize. All heavy energy-movement sensations, as caused by the NEW system, should be given time to reduce before primary centers are worked on. A great variety of potential problems can be avoided simply by conditioning the energy body first. This will make the energy body more robust and responsive, while generally increasing conscious control over energetic flow through hands-on experience.

Q How do I maintain that awakening and strengthen it

To avoid pain and suffering, we must ask the Creator to direct our thoughts not toward the pain, but toward its source -Him. We have to ask Him never to detach us from that thought, and to maintain continuous spiritual connection with us through that thought. This prayer is the single most important thing we can do. Here lies the beginning of everyone's way to salvation.

Summary Of The Previous Lessons

Nadis are the Sukshma (astral) channels through which Prana (vital energy) flows to different parts of the body. Ida, Pingala and Sushumna are the most important of the innumerable Nadis. All Nadis start from the Kanda. Kanda is located in the space between the origin of the reproductory organ and the anus. Sushumna Nadi is situated within the Spinal Column, in the spinal canal. Within the Sushumna Nadi there is a Nadi by name Vajra. Chitra Nadi, a minute canal, which is also called Brahmanadi, is within this Vajra Nadi. Kundalini, when awakened, passes through Chitra Nadi. These are all Sukshma centres and you cannot have any laboratory tests and test-tube experiments. Without these subtle centres, the gross physical body cannot exist and function.

All Each Of Us With Our Own Sacrifices

G We need Your strength and wisdom, Your healing and joy, so that we may accomplish our goals, and fulfill our dedications. Bless this Grove, and bring us all that that we may need, materially and spiritually, so that we may grow ever stronger, in beauty, wisdom, health and joy.

The Awakening Process

(3) Alignment is the integration or the result of activation and allowing. The goal is two fold (1) to align our energy with universal energy, so that universal energy effortlessly flows (3) Alignment has both and active and a passive component. The active component involves applying the locks or performing subtle internal movements in the chakras and along the spine. The passive component happens naturally when the blocks in the body have been released. The physical and energy bodies automatically align when the resistance to the natural state and flow is gone.

Reducing Primary Center Activity

After any type of energetic work involving the primary centers it is, traditionally, thought to be very important to close all energy centers that have been opened (that is, stimulated). This is illogical and ineffectual. No localized awareness action, and no visualized action either, will be found to cause an energy center vortex or chakra to reduce activity, deactivate, or close. A visualized stimulation action (commonly called a chakra opening or closing action) will only affect the energy body if it is localized to the site of a primary energy center. It thus becomes a type of body-awareness action, albeit a fairly obtuse one. Whatever the technique used, opening and closing methods both involve a similar localized action at the site of a primary center. Primary energy centers (chakras) are complex nonphysical organs, each with many subtle bioenergetic and pure-energetic functions. They should not be likened to simple mechanical devices that can be opened and closed. Primary...

Parapsychology and Subconscious Thoughts

Practice of telepathy, thought-reading, hypnotism, mesmerism and psychic healing clearly proves that the mind exists and that a higher mind can influence and subjugate the lower mind. From the automatic writing and the experiences of a hypnotized person, we can clearly infer the existence of the subconscious mind which operates throughout the twenty-four hours. Through spiritual Sadhana change the subconscious thoughts and mind and become a new being.

From The Afterword To The Zohar

The bigger the distinction between their properties, the more remote they are from one another. If they love each other, they are spiritually close, and the distance between their corporeal shells is unimportant. The relationship between them is determined by their spiritual affinity. There are two parts to Kabbalah revealed and hidden. Both constitute the Creator's thoughts. Kabbalah is like a rope thrown from above to a drowning person in a sea of egoism. By observing spiritual laws, a person prepares for the second, main stage when the one who observes and the one who obliges spiritually merge.

Energy Movement Sensations

I would like to make one thing very clear. Strong energy-movement sensations are primarily caused by resistance within the energy body natural resistance to an increased flow of energy through blocked or narrowed energy centers and circuitry. Many people, during the early stages of development, will feel some very strong energy-movement sensations indeed. These sensations fluctuate, gradually reducing in severity as the energy body develops to handle increased energy flow. Several peculiar energy-movement sensations, often very strong, can be caused by the NEW system. It is fairly normal, while stimulating the feet, legs, hands, and arms, to feel extremely strong buzzing and tingling sensations within them. These sensations will fade slowly with regular use and development, reducing to a warm and comfortable, gently tingling, energy flow. Levels of sensation can also be affected by other factors, such as the condition of the physical body and the strength and availability of free...

Advancement to Higher Levels

A Necromancer, of course, works only with death, so things such as using the Fire element or calling on God or Zeus are out of the question. Necromancers work with Death Essence, so now the question is How do I get strength through death Well, as normal people walk around and use strength in the process, a Necromancer does too. To get strength then, could be to rob their strength. In this case, the Necromancer fills their hand with death essence and uses it to switch with a target. While draining (some would say forcing out ) life force from a target, death essence is replacing the stolen life force. In this way, the target will become weaker and the Necromancer becomes stronger by supercharging their energy reserves. To turn this abililty into a bona fide spell, all you have to do is give it a name. Something simple and straight-forward, like Life Drain . This, then, is the Life Drain spell.

Techniques Of Thoughtcontrol

There are four ways of destroying evil thoughts. A Jnana Yogin (student of the path of Knowledge) does it by living in OM or Truth. He destroys the evil thoughts by Vichara and attitude of indifference. He says, This has nothing to do with me. I am Satchidananda-Svarupa, Sivoham, Sivoham. These impulses belong to the mind. I am distinct from the mind. A Bhakta destroys the same by prayer and self-surrender. He says, O God I have surrendered myself, the fruits of all actions and the actions themselves to Thee. Give me strength to drive away and destroy these evil thoughts. He gets help from God through self-surrender. God sublimates the sex-impulse into Sattva or Ojas (spiritual energy). The Raja Yogin destroys evil thoughts either by destroying the Vrittis as they arise or by substituting opposite, positive thoughts of Sattvic nature, by supplanting sublime thoughts in their stead (Pratipaksha-Bhavana).

Therapy and Group Healing

Kundalini yoga is a powerful tool that helps us unleash our vital energy. Regular practice unblocks and transmutes energy that is being held as stress, pain, anger and fear. Combined with the meditations, the breathing, movement and positions help clear our psyche, cleanse our subconscious and balance our emotional energy. However, the dynamics of the healing process often require outside support and interaction as well.

Lucky Days Matos Spells For

If the forehead is broad, the subject will be generous, intelligent and learned. And when it is short, it denotes that he will be poor and have a short life. If the forehead is high and broad, the person will be learned, intelligent and wealthy. If the forehead is curved and broad, the indications are of wealthy and spiritually inclined persons. There are bones at the back which may number 9,10,12 or 14 they indicate a person who is popular, wealthy, spiritually inclined or unlucky, respectively. In case there are 13 bones, he will be wealthy and lucky.

The Ten Quabbalistic Keys

In comparison to number five, representing the microcosm, i.e., man in his perfection, number six, on the other hand, represents the macrocosm in its perfection. Graphically, number six is expressed by an equilateral hexagram. Seen from the quabbalistic angle, the two interlacing triangles point to the manifested light, to life, but also to the possible connection to God. The hexagram is also the symbol of the magician who, after having struggled through to the sixth sphere, the sphere of the Sun, may attain the connection to God. This means that the quabbalist must rise aloft to the quabbalistic six, the Sun sphere, spiritually as well as psychically, if he wants to achieve a connection to number one, i.e., to God. Six is the visible symbol of the Hermes plate, which starts with the words saying that which is above is also that which is below . The lower triangle of the hexagram denotes, in the magical sense, man with his three dimensional aspect of body, soul and spirit. The upper...

The Language Of Kabbalah

A person is born only with the will to receive pleasure for self. All our personal desires originate from the system of impure forces. In other words, we are infinitely remote from the Creator, we cannot feel Him, and are therefore considered spiritually dead. Meanwhile, as people who work on themselves ascend spiritually, their eyes begin to open and other worlds become visible. Thus, while still living in this world, they attain all the worlds. For them, the seemingly absurd language of Kabbalah becomes the language of actions, thoughts, and sensations the concepts that are opposite in our world then unite in the single Supernal Root.

Spirit Form100 points

This power allows you to leave your body and travel away from it as an incorporeal spirit Your body lapses into a deep sleep while your consciousness soars through the world invisible and intangible. This is not a form of astral projection the spirit is still in the material world, but is an entity of spiritual energy. While in this state, you can move in any direction at a maximum speed equal to twice your normal Move plus your level of Initiation (use your normal Move to determine Dodge and initiative, however). You can also expend 1 Fatigue per hour to stay connected enough to hitch a ride inside a vehicle. You can see everything in the real world, as well as any spirit entities there. You can enter the spirit world or the astral plane (see p. 44) with a Will roll. The spirit form has the same stats as your material body, with 1 level of Extra Fatigue per level of Initiation. While in this state, you have all the spirit abilities listed in Chapter

Experiments With Structural Links

The orgone wand. (from lesson 2) Then individualize them. You do this by adding whatever design you want equally on both copies. Take one of the two diagrams. Project energy into this drawing, first with your hand, then with the magical wand. Have your partner feel the energy flowing from the other diagram by holding the palm of the hand about one inch above it.

Radionics Experiments

Practice 24 Make a photo of floor of the room. Make a target cross onto the photo. Put the photo into the radionics device, set the dials of the radionics device and point your wand at the device. Have your partner feel the location on the floor to which the cross on the photo corresponds. Be sure not to boost the radionics device with orgone.

Nd and 3rd Chakras Digestion and Power Center

When the belly is relaxed, digestion and elimination can occur in a natural and peaceful matter. Imagine you were a large or small intestine and that you had to carry out your job under the adverse circumstances that we create by holding in our bellies, blocking the energy flow and cutting off the breath. You wouldn't get the job done properly, so matter how hard you tried.

Meeting with your Inner Teacher

Your inner teacher knows everything about you and your universe, because this teacher is a representation in the aethyr of your own connection to cosmic consciousness. You have always had this inner teacher it is the inner voice that gives you sound advice when you are troubled. Your inner teacher is a real connection with cosmic consciousness, and you will gain tremendously, spiritually and practically, from the use of this technique. You will have access to your inner teacher any time you need assistance through the use of this tool. As you proceed into the future, you can call upon this inner teacher anytime, to help you discover and enhance your creativity, solve problems, and guide you in your inner-temple experiences, lo some, this tool may appear to be merely a New Age meditation, but 1 suggest these readers make a siud of ancient Greek magical papyri, where similar techniques are legion.

Initiation Without Knowledge

At the end of his improvised ritual, Julio fell back on the bed. Pain wracked his body a nosebleed stained the pillow. Lacking any other sacrifice to appease the spirits, he had given of himself to the loas, and they had accepted some of his life force as payment. He would be protected for the rest of the night, but his sleep would not be restful.

The Projection Reflex

When the energetic balance between the physical body, the expanded energy body, and the mind reaches the critical point where projection can occur, a built-in energetic event that I call the projection reflex triggers the full generation and extrusion of the projectable double.

Preliminary Stimulation Work

These exercises are designed to isolate and stimulate individual secondary centers and small clusters of exchange ports. Picking through them like this allows blocked areas to be identified so they can be cleared and strengthened. Each successfully cleared area significantly increases the flow of energies into the energy body. Individual fingers and toes do not have to be worked on every time, only in the early stages and to remove blockages. Connecting pathways in the energy body can become blocked and narrowed to the point where they become virtually disconnected, just as the physical body can malfunction in similar ways. Energy pathways can be healed and redefined by repeatedly drawing energy through and around them. The energy body, like the physical body, learns very quickly and develops a kind of energetic memory of often-repeated awareness actions. Toes are important parts of the larger and more powerful energy structures within the feet. Each toe joint contains a secondary...

From The Introduction To The Zohar

And merge, while those who hate each other are as spiritually distant as two poles. All the other created beings populating this world spiritually ascend and descend along with us, and along with us they attain perfection. Since the third state affects the first, we are destined to achieve the set goal by two means voluntary spiritual development or undergoing suffering, which affects only our bodies. 2. In the second period, the pure point in our hearts (which has existed since we were born spiritually) receives power and an opportunity to ascend by observing the spiritual laws with the help of the Light worlds ABYA. It follows that even the Light of the spiritually inanimate level in the world Assiya cannot be reached without these four kinds of attainment. No one can be dismissed from studying Kabbalah and observing the spiritual laws by means of thought for the good of people and the Creator. No one, either, can attain the level of Ruach or the level of Neshama without studying...

Archons as World Powers

If we believe that spiritually destructive forces are working on many different levels, then we cannot ignore the existence of these forces on the physical plane as well as on the spiritual. For centuries there has been a belief in a Secret Government which manipulates and controls world politics, while conspiracy theories may seem, at first glance, unbelievable, when we consider the current state of world affairs then it does seem that some sort of nefarious plan has been in operation. In Conspiracy or Degeneracy by Revilo.P.Oliver we read the following

Mouna And Introspection Mounaits Practice And Benefits

Do not allow anything to come out from the mind through the Vag-Indriyas (organ of speech). Observe Mouna (a vow of silence). This will help you. Considerable peace follows Mouna. The speech energy becomes transmuted into spiritual energy (Ojas). Sankalpas become much decreased. Will becomes stronger. Now you have shut out a big source of disturbance. You will rest now in peace. Meditate on God or Brahman now in right earnest.

Identity in the Lower Triangle

The basic problem with unresolved anger is that this vital energy is consumed and unavailable for living our lives and creating our dreams. Unresolved anger creates blind spots in our psyche, which results in indecision, the inability to commit and even the inability to know what we want in the first place It is my experience that when I know what I want, go for it and achieve results, I experience a sense of satisfaction in my life. I believe that this is true for all of us.

Stuck to Body during Exit

Heavy protein meals eaten before projection attempts appear responsible for many partial-separation problems. It takes a lot of energy to digest food the heavier the meal, the more energy is diverted into bioenergetic digestion processes. The energy body will virtually shut down for an hour or more after a heavy meal of any kind. After this time, just having a large amount of undigested heavy protein in the stomach can cause energy centers in that area to become sluggish and unresponsive to the projection reflex. The sub-navel storage center is also situated near the lower stomach area, and energy flowing to and from this important center may become restricted while the stomach is busy digesting a heavy meal. Trying to force primary energy centers open during a projection attempt in this case can cause varying levels of discomfort, cramps, and even pain during the exit. This is easily overcome by not eating such a heavy meal so late, and by cutting down on the amount of heavy protein...

The Rosicrucian Fellowship Method Of Healing Why The Rosicrucians Heal

Among all the foolish and fallacious nonsense which has been circulated concerning the Rosicrucians during the past centuries, there is one great truth Members of the Order aim to heal the sick and have superior means of accomplishing this benevolent purpose. Earlier religious orders have sought to advance spiritually by castigating and abusing the body, but the ROSICRUCIANS exhibit the tenderest care for this instrument. There are two reasons for their healing activities. Like all other earnest followers of Christ they are longingly looking for the day of the Lord. They know that Lucifer, the false Light of Lemuria, implanted passion, inaugurating BEGETTAL IN SIN, and caused sorrow, pain and death also that Christ, the true Light of the coming New Galilee, inaugurated the IMMACULATE CONCEPTION, and preached the gospel of redemption from sin by LOVE. Celibacy is expedient for the aspirants in the East, as those lower races are soon to die out, but is contrary to the scheme of...

Tribute To Lama Anagarika Govinda

Such misunderstanding could only have arisen among those who do not know that it is one of the oldest and most universal practices for the initiate to go through the experience of death before he can be spiritually reborn. Symbolically he must die to his past, and to his old ego, before he can take his place in the new spiritual life into which he has been initiated.

Projection of Energy to Charge Spaces

This tool is used to charge a room, or house, or any space with a desired energy. You may use this tool to charge your house with vital energy, giving you a boost of energy every time you enter. You can charge your bedroom with relaxing energy to help you drift off to sleep at night. You can even charge your car with negative energy when parking in the city to keep away thieves. You can also use this tool with elemental ncrgy (fire, water, air, earth) or planetary energy.

The Exodus From Egypt From Corporeality to Spirituality

It is written in the books of Kabbalah, that we can live in the Land of Israel only if we equalize its spiritual degree. Otherwise we will be expelled from here, just as we were two thousand years ago. At the end of the exile, the Creator brought our bodies back to this place, but it is our duty now, to return internally to the spiritual degree named the Land of Israel, meaning to be spiritually worthy of the Land of Israel. That is the only thing we need. The biography of Abraham the Patriarch testifies to that. As soon as he became a Jew, the Creator told him Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father's house, unto the land that I will show thee (Genesis 12, 1). And Abraham then moved to the Land of Israel in the spiritual sense and lived in it he began to grow spiritual vessels inside him, called Galgalta Ve Einaim, vessels of bestowal, of giving. Then came Isaac, and after him came 'little' Jacob - a spiritual state called Katnut (smallness), which...

The impure force of the world Atzilut step

Apart from this, the most remarkable difference between an expert and a common worker is that an expert derives pleasure from the work itself and its results, rather than from the wages for that work. Consequently, those who truly desire to elevate themselves spiritually should carefully check the environment and those who surround them. If it is an environment of people who lack faith in the Creator, then those who seek spiritual elevation are like experts amongst specialists in a different field. The goal of the expert is to grow spiritually, whereas the goal of the specialists is to acquire the greatest pleasure from this world.

The Return to the Creator

In our world, the difference between the pure and the impure powers is not apparent, just as there appears to be no difference between one who is spiritually ascending towards the Creator and one who does not develop spiritually. We ourselves are not capable of knowing the truth as to whether we are progressing or remain static, and cannot determine whether a positive or a negative force is acting upon us. Therefore, an awareness and confidence that our paths are true and correct is extremely deceptive, and often we may not have chosen correctly. This Force is able to rectify the creations, giving them the strength to improve themselves and begin to ascend spiritually. It is with the aid of this Force that the universe was created therefore impure egoistic forces can neither diminish its power nor use it to their own advantage, since the impure forces have an effect only where the pure forces are weak. It is of moments like these that it has been said Where you find the greatness of...

Tight Band around Head

Energy center pressure can be quite uncomfortable, even painful at times. Although this is rare, it can spark strong headaches, even migraines if you are prone to them. Actual pain will be more frequent if the brow and crown centers are being worked on more than the rest of the energy body, which I do not recommend. If pain becomes a problem, the best solution is to stop all stimulation and development work. Take a break and allow everything to settle down. This may take several days or more.

What Is Bloodroot Good For In Voodoo Curses

Devil Shoestring Hoodoo

BLACK SALT Black Salt is used in banishing and in binding rituals. Great for bothersome neighbors. Magically used to remove negative energies of thought forms from items. This type of salt is often used to remove hexes and other harmful or negative energies. Cleansing your magical implements in a bath of black salt and water, and then wash in a bath of sea salt to purify the items and allow in only positive energies.

Energy Exchange Ports

Energy exchange ports (tertiary system) are very small energy centers with very simple functions, much like the millions of tiny pores covering the surface of the skin. Their basic function is to absorb and discharge energies. The whole surface of the skin is covered with these, but they are more heavily concentrated in several main areas the soles of the feet, the palms of the hands, the nasal passages, the mouth, lips and tongue, and the genitals. The hands and feet are the largest energy conduits into the body and therefore contain the highest concentrations of exchange ports. So these are the most important areas to stimulate, develop, and make awareness-sensitive during early development exercises.

The Circulation Of The Body Of Light

Circulation Light Druid Ritual

Warning The Circulation of the Body of Light is a very powerful ritual. You may rock back and forth, feel dizzy or even fall over as a result of your direction of spiritual energy. In Eastern systems these sensations and their physical manifestations are known as kriyas, and the practice of their production is part of what is known as Kriya Yoga.

Spiritual Development

In fact, this is how we behave, since we were created to grasp that which enters us from the outside, that is, to react to outside forces. Thus, if we do not differ from others spiritually, and all our actions are standard and within the Having just been born spiritually, a person arrives at a spiritual level which is furthermost removed from the Creator, and gradually begins to master the levels of ascent to the Creator. The path from below to above, is known as personal comprehension and ascent in stages of spiritual growth in accordance with the laws of the spiritual realms. For this reason, Kabbalah focuses on the descent of the soul, whereas the stages of ascent must be learned independently by each person making this ascent, in order to be able to grow spiritually. The program of creation descends into our world from above downward the highest level begets the lower one, all the way to our world, where it is born in an individual of our world at a particular moment during one of...

The end of an action is determined by the original thought

Kabbalah was forbidden for almost fifteen centuries, until the Kabbalist Ari (Rabbi Yitzhak Luria) appeared and spiritually attained the whole Kabbalah. In his works he revealed The Zohar for us in 600 years of the sixth millennium the sources of wisdom will open up above and flow down. The soul is an I that everyone feels. On closer examination, the soul divides a force into our body, which vitalizes it, creating the animate soul, as well as a force of aspiration to the spiritual, known as the spiritual (divine) soul, which is practically nonexistent in spiritually undeveloped people.

Two paths of correction

A Kabbalist is any person in our world who attains similarity to the Creator. By studying and observing the spiritual laws, we develop ourselves spiritually to an extent where we become a part of the spiritual worlds. If sentence is passed according to the absolute laws of the spiritual worlds, then for every evil thought a person should be spiritually punished. Indeed, in spirituality this is exactly what happens.

Satanic Copulations Transformation of Therionick Desire

Lilith And Samael

A suitable description of a Sex Magick working by Pascal Beverly Randolph was to copulate with many different women on one bedsheet, never changing or cleaing it. Thus, it retained the cumulative life force of those couplings, mingled and preserved in crusted fluids. He then stretched the sheet as an artist's canvas, and painted upon it his visual image of a succubus. He used his imagination like a lens to bring the power into focus, flattering and feeding the spirit who then manifested through it.

Instructions For Physical Symptoms

The bodily symptoms you are having are not drug-effects. They indicate that you are struggling against the awareness of feelings which surpass your normal experience. You cannot control these universal energy-waves. Let the feelings melt all over you. Become part of them. Sink into them and through them. Allow yourself to pulsate with the vibrations surrounding you. Relax. Do not struggle. Your symptoms will disappear as soon as all trace of ego-centered striving disappears. Accept them as the message of the body. Welcome them. Enjoy them.

To Activate The Central Nervous System And Stimulate The Pituitary Gland

Kykladen Catoon

With your hands fixed in this claw-like position. Form your mouth into an O shape and breathe in and out through the O shaped lips. Move quickly and the force of your punching hands will create the breath rhythm. Use this motion to release your inner anger. Be physically, mentally, and spiritually aggressive. After 2 1 2 minutes, intensify your motion as if you really were a lion making a ferocious attack. Continue another 1 1 2 minutes. Inhale, hold the breath, and tense the entire body, and exhale. Repeat this inhale, hold, and tense two more times. This exercise will help clear away depression.

Question So in fact the barrier is a very high degree

There are a hundred men in the group, each wanting to reach the barrier and go on from there. This group will develop spiritually to become as big as a nation. The entire Israeli nation will climb to a spiritual degree, and all the nations of the world will follow. That is what Kabbalists aspired for throughout the generations. There are no secrets here, it is written in the books. But it is not just the books. We are here today because we see that this is the goal, the purpose and the reason for our existence.

Activating the Kundalini

Each of us in our own way is charming, creative and alive. We are each born with the innate capacity to able to both master and accept our circumstances. If we use our gifts wisely we can accomplish much and achieve happiness. The human path is about learning to connect with our soul essence, tap our vital energy and discover our gifts so that we can successfully navigate our life.

Effects Of Removal Of Physical Organ

It should also be remembered that wherever disease manifests in the physical vehicle that part of the vital body has first become thin, attenuated, and diseased, and it was its failure to supply the necessary vital energy that caused the manifestation of physical symptoms of ill health. Conversely, when health returns, the vital body is the first to pick up, and this convalescence is then manifested in the dense body. Therefore, if the physical spleen is diseased, it is a foregone conclusion that the etheric counterpart is also in subnormal health, and the wisdom of removing the organ is doubtful. However, if it is done, the body will seek to accommodate itself to the new condition and the etheric counterpart of the spleen will continue to function as before.

Between Man and a Woman

It happens because the egoism has grown to an extent where we can no longer live with anybody else, it is each one for himself. Only Kabbalah can correct this situation. Women and children participate in the framework of spiritual development as well. They partake in activities such as translations, proofreading, preparation for printing etc. The things we do together strengthen the family unit both spiritually and emotionally. Moreover, parents who study Kabbalah, brought their children to prefer people who study Kabbalah as their spouse, because they have spiritual aspirations. It is certainly a significant achievement.

Lovage Herb Court Spell

LEMON BALM Love, success, healing, and psychic and spiritual development. Use in love charms and spells to attract a partner. Use in healing spells and rituals for those suffering from mental or nervous disorders. Also called Melissa, Sweet Balm, Balm Mint, Bee Balm, Blue Balm, Cure-all, Dropsy Plant, and Garden Balm.

Love is the law love under will

Little circle (Energy Flow Expansion) Mentally define a smaller circle around just you, a personal circle that excludes all others. Start with Sign of Harpocrates, aura withdrawn, then, at whatever pace is comfortable, expand your aura to fill the little circle. Then, with Harpo., withdraw the aura again. Repeat this until the aura is quite dense.

Q Is there a difference in the study of Kabbalah between men and women

Man or woman, it doesn't matter. Women must also develop spiritually. The only difference lies in the method. The beginning of the learning process is the same. That is why in our introductory courses there is no difference between the method provided for men and for women.

Mundane Concoctions

Of temporary Constitution primary damage, or 1d4 hit points of secondary damage spread out over an equal number of rounds. In either case, a pregnant woman automatically aborts her fetus unless healing spells are promptly administered. Shivertog (Agitant) Mistletoe contains both forms of this trait, which stem from the same chemical. In small doses, the shivertog aspect remains dominant, but as the dosage increases the agitant aspect gradually subsumes the other one. Healers usually administer this to patients who suffer from acute convulsions and hypertension, but only if other, safer remedies aren't available.

Form Of Healing To Use Introduction

The form of healing to advise depends upon the nature of the sickness and the temperament of the patient. If it is a case of a broken leg, a surgeon is obviously the one to call. If there is an internal disorder and it is possible to get a broad-minded physician, then in certain cases he is the one to get. If, on the other hand, a mental healer, Christian Science healer, or anyone else who is spiritually minded can be brought in, HE MAY HELP A PERSON WHO IS HIMSELF STRONG IN FAITH, for, as a tuning fork which is of a certain pitch will respond when another tuning fork of the same pitch is struck, so will the person filled with faith respond to the ministrations of these last named ones. But where faith in their methods is lacking in the patient, it is far better to send for a regular physician in whom the patient has confidence, for health or sickness depends almost altogether upon the state of mind, and in the conditions of sickness where a person is enfeebled, he becomes...

Five Separate Circuits

The human energy body can be likened to an energetic reflection of the physical body, composed of stable and highly structured etheric matter (see chapter 28). It contains within it several different but interdependent energetic circuits. I have defined these circuits logically, through experimentation, observation, and what I consider to be sound reasoning. My definitions and descriptions strive to provide a good rule-of-thumb way of understanding and dealing with the pure-energetic processes of the energy body, without being overly technical or mysteriously esoteric. There are five basic energetic circuits within the human energy body. (I will not discuss the master circuit to any great extent. I have shown it here only to illustrate relationships between the different circuits.) Seven Primary Energy Centers (major chakras) Supporting Energy Centers Each circuit has many different functions on the physical, bioenergetic, and pure-energetic levels. All are interconnected and work...

Transformation of Our Nature

Although every endeavor to remove our life force and our life interest shakes our entire being, if we truly desire to ascend spiritually, we will welcome the chance to uphold faith above reason. By so doing, we will affirm our wish to liberate ourselves from personal pleasures.

Phenomena Of Yogi Psychic Breathing

Lying flat on the floor or bed, completely relaxed, with hands resting lightly over the Solar Plexus (over the pit of the stomach, where the ribs begin to separate), breathe rhythmically. After the rhythm is fully established, will that each inhalation will draw in an increased supply of prana or vital energy from the Universal supply, which will be taken up by the nervous system and stored in the Solar Plexus. At each inhalation, will that the prana or vital energy is being distributed all over the body, to every organ and part to every muscle, cell and atom to nerve, artery and vein from the top of your head to the soles of your feet invigorating, strengthening and stimulating every nerve recharging every nerve centre sending energy, force and strength all over the system. While exercising the will, try to form a mental picture of the inrushing prana, coming in through the lungs and being taken up at once by the Solar Plexus, then with the exhaling effort, being sent to all parts of...

Question How do you see your role

Answer As a contemporary Kabbalist, my role is to present Kabbalah in the most suitable way for anyone who whishes to grow spiritually, so that anyone can understand its importance, that it is the meaning of our lives and that it is our fate, our future and indeed eternity. It all depends on how much we learn to monitor our lives, and the system is what teaches us that. Who would not want to build his future scientifically and safely

Activating the Chakras

The mantra can be vibrated up the spine, chakra by chakra. Slightly pull on the energy centers as you chant each sound. This internal stimulation helps activate and align the chakras. Set your intentions and ask for healing for yourself, others you wish to include, the Earth and Yogi Bhajan. Then release these prayers to the universe. During the meditation concentrate only on doing the meditation, the mantra and the effects you are experiencing. Get into the sensory experience and awareness. The more you are present to your experience, the more effective you are in creating a sacred healing space. You will use the space that you have created at the end to share healing energy.

Thought Power and Practical IdealismIII

The disorder and disharmony of the physical body is called a physical disease and the conflict of the mind is called a mental disease. Both of them have their ultimate root in ignorance and can be cured only by the knowledge of reality. When you worry about the experiences of the world, a depressing mental disturbance originates in your mind. By the effect of mental disturbance, the smooth and regular flow of vital currents is disturbed. When the vital currents flow improperly, the Nadis become disorganized. Some of them get more vital energy and some get less. Thus, the whole system becomes out of order. In this way mental disharmony is the cause of physical diseases, which can be cured only by removing the cause.

Battling for the Perception of the Creators Oneness

In Kabbalah, the masses are known as the homeowners (ba'al bait), because they aspire to build their own house (an egoistic vessel, kli) and fill it with pleasure. The desires of one who is ascending spiritually stem from the Light of the Creator, and focus on the task of building a home for the Creator in one's heart, in order for it to be filled with the Light of the Creator.

Interview for Vesty newspaper July 2001

When one realizes that there is only one way to fight, to the total victory, and that no agreements can be made with evil (according to the thought of creation), then it is understood that we must attack the evil spiritually, precede it inwardly and outwardly. The knowledge of Kabbalah allows man to cope with war in this world, and control it spiritually, fully conscious of the certain victory.

Vital Need For Moral Strength And Courage

A spiritual aspirant will have to face boldly misrepresentation, calumny and misunderstanding. That has always been the lot of those who tried to raise themselves above their fellows. Moral strength and courage are necessary to meet that and to enable that man to maintain his position and what he thinks right, whatever those around him may think or say or do. People will despise and persecute you. You will have to stand boldly on your moral footing to live for your own convictions. As aspirant who has outgrown the rules of society should act according to the dictates of his pure conscience and pure reason. Then alone he can grow spiritually.

Suffering Sent As Absolute Kindness

This is necessary if one truly desires to be born spiritually, in accordance with the principle the suffering for pleasure determines the pleasure that is received. Therefore, we must study Kabbalah for the sake of Kabbalah that is, to reveal the Light and the Creator. If one does not attain this objective, one feels tremendous suffering and bitterness. This condition is known as a life of suffering. Yet one must, nevertheless, continue to exert effort. The fact that one did not attain the Revelation of the Creator should prompt that person to increase efforts until the Creator will reveal Himself.

More Phenomena Of Yogi Psychic Breathing

Thoughts may be projected by following the last mentioned method (Distant Healing) and others will feel the effect of thought so sent forth, it being remembered always that no evil thought can ever injure another person whose thoughts are good. Good thoughts are always positive to bad ones, and bad ones always negative to good ones. One can, however, excite the interest and attention of another by sending him thought waves in this way, charging the prana with the message he wishes to convey. If you desire another's love and sympathy, and possess love and sympathy for him, you can send him thoughts of this kind with effect, providing your motives are pure. Never, however, attempt to influence another to his hurt, or from impure or selfish motives, as such thoughts only recoil upon the sender with redoubled force, and injure him, while the innocent party is not affected. Psychic force when legitimately used is all right, but be aware of black magic or improper and unholy uses of it, as...

Healing Expansion and Evolution

Incorporating the following thoughts into your healing ritual and into your general awareness during the day will facilitate your healing process and your contribution to global healing. Mata Mandir has recorded his own version of this mantra on his Self Healing CD - part of his Yoga of Sound series. I was on the Yoga Technology site last night and came across the Ra Ma Da Sa CD by Gurunam. I played the small clip. A few minutes later I realized the sample was over but I could still clearly hear the music I had never heard this music before but really recognized it deeply within me. One of the suggestions for me to do daily to help increase my pranic energy is to listen to this or chant daily. Last night when I went to bed I heard the music clearly as what I heard on the CD for over two hours. I could feel it vibrate throughout my body. Even right now the music is playing again inside me. I can hear it clearly and feel its vibrations.

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