The Tarot

The system of the Tarot is a set of archetypal representations of fields of life experience. It has a link with the zodiac and its energies. Each card represents a specific energy of a higher order. It would go too far to give you here an introduction in the tarot and into astrology. I recommend that you purchase the appropriate books and learn these systems.

Practice #32: Tune into the energies of Tarot cards using a Welz Generator or projecting life energy into the cards.

Practice #33: Put a planetary square into the radionics device. Energize the device with life energy. Then put a transfer diagram onto the stickpad and feel the planetary energies on the second transfer diagram.

Practice #34: Do the same with cards of the Tarot. In each case it will be useful if you keep record of the radionic rates (the settings) so that you can use them in the future.

The Power Radionics™ Programs

/4s is the case with the Radionics Device, the purpose of the Radionics Program is to establish structural links. The purpose of a Welz Chi Generator® is the generating of life force, or Chi energy. Our programs are Power Radionics™ Programs, because you can connect them structurally with a Welz Chi Generator®, which adds Power to your radionics operations.

The RI2400 CD Radionics Program and Interface for PC

About Power Radionics™

Radionics was first discovered a century ago. It is a technology that involves interaction with the human consciousness. This technology helps you to project at any distance energy (life force) and trends that give inclination to desired effects or results. In the transfer test you have experienced proof that distance is irrelevant in work with radionics. You can use the radionics device to project energy and trends to yourself and to others. This fact makes radionics a powerful tool in your hands, provided that you have the open mind to make use of this exceptionally effective technology.

We have shown you that such projection is possible with the help of life force and structural links. This works as well in the case where such structural links are of a purely abstract nature in the form of radionics settings, or "rates". In other words, the technology of radionics can now easily be explained as a direct consequence of the characteristics of life force: Its transfer at any distance by way of structural links and its negative entropy! Assumptions of "esoteric" speculations, or assumptions, such as non-measurable "frequencies", "higher planes", "astral energies", "morphogenetic fields" and the like certainly are a thing of the past, obsolete, and no longer necessary for a scientific explanation of the amazing effects of radionics!

Power Radionics™ is the logical consequence of this new understanding of radionics: While the purpose of the radionics device is the establishing of structural links, the purpose of the orgone generator® (Welz Chi Generator®) is to provide the radionics device with massive life energy in order to get far reaching results faster, easier, and more effectively than ever before!

This combination of the new Welz Chi Generator® with the radionics device, Power Radionics™, opened the door to many new ways to benefit from radionics more effectively than ever before. For this reason, the new Power Radionics Devices and Power Radionics Programs are very effective tools with near-infinite potential!

Why Power Radionics™?

Power Radionics is a gigantic step ahead of all conventional radionics devices and radionics programs (see the diagrams on page 13): It adds massive life force to radionics. This means continuous power driving towards the results that you programmed into your computer. The continuous flow of life force is made possible with a special structural link that connects your life force generator (Welz Chi Generator®), the Power Radionics™ Program and the target of your operation: Therefore, each program comes with a fully individualized transfer card and the corresponding file on your program that connect the trend and target settings of your radionics device directly with the trend and target functions in your program.

Another important feature that makes the Power Radionics Program much more effective than the rest is the fact that we included four settings in addition to the "Trend" and "Target" settings in the average radionics program:

(1) an orgone transfer function to energize the Power Radionics Program (see above about transfer cards)

(2) a basic energy ("Basic Action") setting that boosts the trend-to-target connection with the principal energy field

(3) a setting for a trend energy that is exerting an influence upon the environment of the target, for a more rapid overall success, and

(4) a setting for an alternative target. This alternative target can also be used as a "grounding function" to prevent repercussion to the operator when the trend energy cannot reach the envisioned target for reason of interference, blockage, etc.

You find these extremely important settings only in our Power Radionics Programs. The obvious lack of such overall flexibility naturally makes any other radionics program on today's market inferior to the Power Radionics Programs from HSCTI !!!

You can use the program by itself, especially when connected to an orgone generator (Welz Chi Generator®). It works best in conjunction with an orgone radionics device: the RAD 2000 or the RAD 2400 HD, and, especially, with the RAD 5 with its 5 heavy duty orgone generators®, one for each setting of the RI 2400 CD. In fact, the RAD 5 was fashioned after the RI 2400 CD.

Actually, you can run as many radionics operations simultaneously as you want and your computer permits. For simultaneous operations, the RAD 5 or the ATGS 3000 are ideal Chi Generators®. With the ATGS 3000 you can run up to 12 simultaneous power radionic operations!!!

The Power Radionics™ Program comes with well over 1,000 images — a smorgasbord for every serious operator!!!

Especially the magician will appreciate that addition of the talismans of the Key of Solomon the King, the Abramelin Squares, the talismans of the Faust Grimoire, of the Sage of the Pyramids, of the Goetia, and a great many more.

The PR 2000 CD Power RadionicsTM Program for PC

Like the RI 2400 CD, with additional features:

b. Easy Solutions for your Challenges:

Power RadionicsTM comes with thousands of ready-to-use filters for every purpose. You can also use your own easily created filters or images for limitless possibilities. « SureRate System: The Power Radionics™ Program is equipped with an interactive stickpad which ensures the correct radionic settings or rates for your application simply by moving your mouse over a designated area of the screen. There is no guess work! e Translucent Chi Transfer: /4s an option, you can have Power Radionics™ create an exact filter by combining the Chi transfer and link image together to form a pass-thru on every point.

This new combination of the Welz Chi Generator® with the radionics device, i.e., Power Radionics™, opened the door to many new ways to benefit from radionics more effectively than ever before. This is the reason why the new Power Radionics™ Devices and Power Radionics™ Programs are very effective tools with near-infinite potential!

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