The Four Elements And The Four Planes

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The four elements together with the four planes are an excellent framework within which we can order the vast amount of phenomena in the magical universe. This framework allows us to access any type of HOE we want to access. The model that we are about to describe is useful and comprehensive. But again I need to point out that we can make an infinite amount of other models that are equally valid.

Before I am going to describe the four planes I give you a brief description of the four elements. As you know, the metaphysical elements have little to do with the chemical elements. These elements are basic qualities rather than basic substances as the chemical elements are. The basic qualities of the metaphysical elements relate to our sensory experience and they are a projection of this sensory experience into the realms of finer density. Once we experience these realms of finer density, we are aware that the concepts of elements are generalizations that are convenient for our work.

The four sensory experiences that are at the root of the concept of the four elements are: hot and cold, dry and humid. The pair, hot and cold, we refer to as positive and negative. Dry and Humid we refer to as electric and magnetic. It is very important that you learn the table below:

Fire and Water are the two primary elements, opposite polarities, so to say. Air and Earth are considered to be secondary, or mixtures of the first two. This is a manner of viewing it.

Some researchers see air as an interaction between the two basic principles of fire and water. They consider earth to be the synthesis of the three. The symbolism of Divine trinities "above" the worlds of manifestation somewhat reflects this view. You find this symbolism in many pagan religions as well as in the Christian religion which is in principle a paganized Jewish religion.

Electric and Magnetic relate to the phenomena of electromagnetic energy and life energy. The fire element is electric-positive. On the material plane it is energy, or light, in its conventional meaning. The earth element is electric-negative. It is structured light, or "frozen light" as some researchers say. Modern physics somewhat supports this theory.

The air element is magnetic-positive. On the material plane it is active life energy, or free life energy. The water element is magnetic-negative, or structured life.

If we relate the four elements to the material plane, we can easily order the four elements. Earth and Water belong to the dense material plane while air and fire are part of the etheric plane. The labels "positive" and "negative" are references to density. The elemental references as being "fire, air," etc., are pictures to make us understand easier the basic qualities. The references to elec-tromagnetism and life energy, dense (structured) and volatile (etheric, non-structured) conform more with the realities of modern physics and magic of the future than would do the partition into five elements that includes the "akasha element" in leaning on Hindu philosophy. The four elements are a good representation of the physical realities of light energy (electromagnetic energy) and life energy.

Let's repeat here:

The four elements supply us with an excellent model for the planes of existence and in correlation with it planes of experience within ourselves. The earth element refers to that which is conscious, or the material planes. The water element refers to the human emotions and to the astral plane. The air element refers to the human mind and the mental plane, while the fire element refers to the human will and the causal plane.

Magicians see some "entities" or energies of a higher order that correlate to the four elements. These traditional elementals are the salamanders for the fire element, the sylphs are spirits of the air element, the undines are spirits of the water element, and the gnomes are spirits of the earth element.

Fire - volatile light - etheric electromag-netism - hot and dry - positive electric

Chi Lebensenergie

Water - condensed life energy - structured orgone (prana, chi) - cold and humid - negative magnetic

Air - volatile life energy - etheric orgone (prana, chi) - hot and humid - positive magnetic

Earth - dense ("frozen") light - structured electromagnetism - cold and dry - negative electric

In a technological sense we may view spirits as energies of a higher order that are made to manifest (personify) in the etheric plane.

In the following I am giving you a set of correlations for each element. These correlations will suffice for our present work.

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Fundamentals of Magick

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