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with a Welz Generator. Once the triangle is filled with life energy you may call the energy by its name while focusing on its sigil. This way you establish the structural link with the HOE in the astral. You can either see a shift of life energy inside the triangle or you may feel the presence of the entity by a sudden rush of goosebumps.

Now you may begin to look into the mirror. Look at your face and see how its features change. Blank your mind during this practice and wait for any impressions that you may get. These impressions may be visions, thoughts, assurances, etc.

If you have built up the field of life energy with a Welz generator you may make a photo of the table. Chances are that the energy appears on film. When I make photos of this kind the energy takes some kind of shape or it appears as a light.

Practice #40B: Controlling the HOE

Control of the HOE is relatively simple once you have established your authority over the energy. There are many ways to establish authority. One of the most useful ways of establishing authority over entities is being aware of your Divine nature. You can do this by aligning the elements of will, emotions, mind, and consciousness within yourself. I like to work with a circle that represents the energies from the realms of creation to control the energies of a higher order. These energies set a barrier of near-chaos energy between myself and the HOE's that I cause to manifest. Conversely the creative powers help the manifestation of the HOE's that I call in by supplying them with energy. When I am one with the creative energies I have an excellent key to control the HOE's that I am calling in. Rune Masters have no problem with control of entities, provided that they studied the Sacred Futhork, or the eighteen creative energies of the universe.

Practice #40C: Dispelling the HOE

Dispelling is a form of control. You have to know the practices of dispelling before you begin with the exercising of other forms of control. Again Oneness with the Divine or awareness of your Divine nature by aligning the elements is your most powerful weapon.

If you have used a Welz Generator to make the energy manifest, you need to remove it from the triangle. The supply of life energy will stop.

You proceed by grounding the life energy. You have learned that life energy follows the direction that your mind gives it. Imagine the life energy draining from the triangle into the ground. This takes away the energy that the entity needs to manifest.

Then tell the entity to leave and thank it for its manifestation.

Controlling the Energy with a Field of a Higher Order

There are many practices that fall under this category. Some authors give the recommendation to identify with an entity that has a controlling power over the spirit that you intend to command. Oneness with the divine principle is more useful. This is so because all entities are subject to the Divine Will and because we are a reflection of the divine principle. Once you are one with the Divine and in tune with the higher planes, you can command the entities that inhabit these planes. You achieve Oneness with the divine by aligning the elements of will, emotions, mind and consciousness. I am teaching this practice in my Course on Cosmic Consciousness. You find this course for free on the Internet:

The practice that I have described under practice #40B also establishes a field of a higher order that controls the entity that you evoke. Another of my favorite methods is a universal pentacle that represents all the energies of the cabalistic system. If I put the square of a planet into that universal pentacle, I generate rapidly the corresponding planetary energy. Then I use this energy to control the entity that falls under its domain.

Many of the more ancient books of magic have evocative circles with some symbols inscribed. These symbols are structural links that connect you with the energies that are superior of the entities that you are going to evoke out of such a circle. You take the aspect of the controlling deity without actually evoking it. It is the part of that deity within yourself that is the controlling factor and not an exterior force.

I suggest that you examine well such a circle before you use it. Many of the old books contain mistakes that are put there on purpose or by negligence.

Another problem with these old manuscripts is the spirit with which they have been written. People for whom the books were written had a religious fervor that was a powerful protection. Hardly any one of the modern magicians can claim to have such a religious fervor. Therefore a modern magician needs to use other methods of control.

Controlling the energy with the threat of Destruction

Ancient grimoires abound with threats of destruction if the entity does not obey. The threat of destruction is for real. This does not mean that the entity will be wiped off the universe for good. It simply means that the entity will lose its astral body as related to the magician's realm. When it loses its astral body, the desire to manifest will cede to exist, and so does the chance to manifest in the material plane (etheric plane) of consciousness unless its astral body is reconstructed in some way. An entity whose astral body is destroyed is removed from its sphere of potential manifestation to which it naturally gravitates. The self-preserving spirit of an entity will do anything to prevent such an effect.

This is the meaning of having a dagger, sword, or trident on the altar. These tools relate to the mental plane that controls the astral world.

An excellent tool that shatters any astral form and makes it dissolve in the energetic ocean of the universe is the blasting glyph. Its design reminds us of

a trident, but it has some Uranian and Saturnian nature to it. Simply imagining the blasting glyph and giving it an etheric form is a powerful weapon! You can always use this tool when an entity refuses to leave. It is a tool that's quite convincing when you wield it against an entity.

psychic interference

At times magical work yields no results. This has several reasons. The main reasons are the following:

1. The magician failed to establish a sufficiently powerful field of life energy. Transfer could not occur for that reason.

2. The magician failed to establish the proper structural links, again with a lack of transfer.

3. The magician lacked the capability to control the spell energies.

4. The target blocked itself psychically by setting up protective measures. No transfer would reach it.

5. Psychic interference caused blockage and/or deviation of life energies.

The first three cases can be overcome with the appropriate training, technological devices, and proper power supply such as Welz Generators. Psychic interference and shielding need to be bypassed or overcome in other ways. This requires that the magician recognizes the nature of psychic interference and then takes the appropriate steps to be successful.

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