May 211986

You will need a small to medium sized apple for this set.

1. Sit in easy pose. With your right arm out to the side, place your apple in the crook of your elbow and close your arm around it. You will press hard on the apple. The fingertips of the right hand touch your right shoulder. 2 Minutes.

2. Keeping your right arm in the same position, bend your left elbow and bring your left hand up a little above shoulder height. Put your left hand in gyan mudra and begin twisting this hand left and right at the wrist. Do breath of fire and move the hand quickly. 4 1/2 Minutes.

3. Staying in the same posture and continuing to rotate your left hand, begin twisting left and right from the base of your spine. Continue breath of fire. 5 1/2 Minutes.

Life is experienced in direct proportion to your mental love. If you love a great ideal, you become great. If you love a small thing, you become small.

4. Lie down flat. Put the apple on your navel and press it hard with both hands (one on top of the other). The apple should disappear into your belly. Pump your navel, keeping the downward pressure on the apple with your hands. 3 Minutes.

5. Leave the apple at your navel. Lift your legs and spread them wide. Grab onto your toes and balance on your spine. Tighten your belly and press your navel up against the apple. If the posture is correct the apple will sit, if it's wrong, the apple will slip. Go to sleep in this posture. 9 Minutes. Yogi Bhajan played the gong during this meditative nap.

6. Lie flat and stretch your legs out straight. Take the apple in both hands and hold your arms straight up. Allow no bend in the elbows. Listen to "Walking Up the Mountain with You" by Gurudass Singh and Krishna Kaur. 7 1/2 Minutes.

7. Rise up and eat your apple. Chew it well. 3-5 Minutes.


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