May 171992

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1. To balance the sugar and sodium in your body:

Sit in easy pose and lean backward. Your head is slightly back, your chin is in and your chest is out. There will be a pressure in the shoulder blade area. Spread your arms wide, with the fingers open. Be relaxed and full of ecstasy with no stiffness in your muscles. Begin breath of fire from your navel point, really move the navel with each breath. After 3 minutes, open your mouth and stick out your tongue and continue breath of fire for another 2 minutes.

2. To stretch the spine and keep you youthful and healthy:

Sit in easy pose with the arms stretched over your head with the palms touching. Stretch, pulling the spine, rib cage, and armpits upward. Fight gravity with your own will and keep stretching up for 3 minutes. Don't let the palms separate. (This exercise may be increased up to a total of 5 minutes, but no longer unless you have a full hour to relax afterward.)

Is yoga a religion? It is and it is not. In religion you have to believe something and in yoga you have to experience what you want to believe.

3. To balance the glandular system (must be done in conjunction with exercises 1 & 2):

Touch your thumbs to the mound below your sun finger (ring finger) and close your other fingers around them to form a fist. Lean back as in exercise 1. Stretch your arms out to the sides and begin quickly revolving your arms backward in small circles, keeping your elbows straight but not locked. Continue to make the backward circles as you raise and lower both arms at the same time. There should be pressure between your shoulder blades. 7 minutes.

4. To loosen up your spine and to balance the left and right hemispheres of your brain:

Sitting in easy pose, stretch your arms straight out to the sides so that your arms are in one straight line. Turn your left palm down and your right palm up. Keeping the arms in one straight line, raise one arm as the other one is lowered (like a seesaw). Move as quickly as you can. 3 minutes.

5. Sitting in easy pose, bend your elbows so that your hands are up by your ears. Put the thumbs on the mound below the Mercury finger (pinkie) and keep the fingers pointing straight up, the fingers are not touching each other. Close your eyes, look at your chin with your closed eyes, and pretend to watch one of your fantasies played on a screen in your chin. (You will never have a nightmare if this meditation is perfected.) Relax and meditate for 11 minutes, listening to Nirinjan Kaur's tape of the last four lines of "Jaap Sahib". Breathe long, slow, and deep. After 11 minutes, inhale, hold your breath, and tighten every muscle of your body as you sit in the posture. Exhale and repeat this 2 more times.

6. Stand up and dance. Shake and loosen every part of your body for 3-5

minutes to spread the benefits of the meditations all over your body.

7. Sit in easy pose and put your hands in prayer pose. The thumbs are gently placed on the part of the eye socket where the eyebrow begins at the side of the bridge of the nose. Don't press too hard here. Chant "Ong Namo, Guru Dev Namo" with Nirinjan Kaur's tape for 3 minutes. Inhale, hold your breath 10 seconds and exhale. Repeat this 2 more times.

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