June 21986

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You will need a mixture of 9 parts pineapple juice and 1 part coconut juice for this set. Have 8-12 oz. available for each of the two times when you are required to drink your juice.

1. Raise your hands above your head, palms facing forward. Place the right palm against the back of the left hand with the thumbs crossed so that the right thumb is in front of the left. Grip the back of the left hand with the right hand. Then grip the right thumb with the left hand. Continue this action, alternating the grips rhythmically. Make a circle of your lips and breathe strongly and deeply through the mouth. Inhale and grip with one hand. Exhale and grip with the other hand. 10 Minutes.

We have two strengths: the life force and the re-creative strength of the life force which is within us.

2. Place your thumbs on the mound of the sun finger (ring finger) and close the fist around the thumb. Hold your fists on either side of your head. Inhale and hold your breath for 20 seconds while shaking your hands rapidly and powerfully. Exhale. Do this inhale, hold, and shake a total of seven times.

This movement will totally revitalize you if you really do it hard. Do it with such strength that your buttocks move to keep your balance during the shaking.

3. Drink 8-12 oz. of your juice. Relax 3 Minutes.

4. Panj Mudra: hold your arms out to the sides. The elbows are bent with the forearms and fingers pointing upwards. The arms are pulled back so that the forearms are a little behind the ears. The hands are about the level of the eyes. Touch your thumb and Mercury (little) finger and bring your hands and forearms in front of your face and then return back to the first position. Release the mudra. Touch your thumb and Sun (ring) finger and bring your hands and forearms in front of your face then return back to the first position at the sides. Release the mudra. Touch your thumb and Saturn (middle) finger and bring your hands and forearms in front of your face then return back to the sides. Release the mudra. Touch your thumb and Jupiter (pointer) finger and bring your hands and forearms in front of your face then return back to the sides. Release the mudra. Then begin the entire sequence again with the thumb and Mercury finger. It is important to bring the

movement from behind the ear to the front of the forehead. You will circle around the horizontal center of the skull. 13 Minutes.

5. Make a wide "V" of your arms. Each arm pointed up and out to the side at a 60 degree angle. The fingers of each hand are together but the thumb is stretched away from the hand. Your chin is tilted up and you breathe upward through the mouth. This is called the Akashic breath. The breath is in rhythm with the tape of "Sat Nam, Wahe Guru" (Indian version). The arms must not move. Breathe powerfully. 4 Minutes.

Inhale, tighten your arms and hands, and exhale. Hold your position and start to chant along with the tape. Close your eyes and keep your face turned upward in this posture of ecstasy. 1 Minute. Inhale and relax. Shake out your shoulders.

6. Arms are in front of the body and up at a 60 degree angle. The fingers are together with the palms flat, facing down. The tips of the thumbs touch each other. Close your eyes. Feel a ton of energy coming through your palms and pump your navel to the rhythm of "Bhor Na Marne Hoaa" by Ragi Sat Nam Singh. 9 Minutes. Inhale, stretch and as you hold your breath for 20 seconds, feel the life force energy in the third chakra.

7. Drink your second juice.

8. Lock your hands over your head in Venus lock. Twist your shoulders left and right. Your shoulders twist to the front of your body. This loosens up the rib cage and benefits the immune system. Sing along with "Sat Nam, Wahe Guru" tape (Indian version). 4 1/2 Minutes.

Ed. Note: When this set was taught in 1986, the first drink was pure pineapple juice and the second drink was pure coconut juice. In 1993 Yogi Bhajan revised this to provide more vitamin C in each drink by mixing the two juices in the proportions given at the beginning of the set.

9. With your hands in prayer pose above your head, lock your thumbs and keep your arms as straight as possible. Twist left and right from the base of your spine. 5 Minutes. Yogi Bhajan played "Walking up the Mountain" by Krishna Kaur and Gurudass Singh during this and the following exercise.

10. Keep your arms in the same position and bend forward to touch the ground and rise back up. Bend at the area of the 3rd, 4th and 5th vertebrae, bend way down. 3 Minutes.

Bend forward, rest your torso on the ground and stretch the lower back. 1-2 Minutes.

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