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Posture: Sit in easy pose, making sure that your spine is straight.

Starting Position: The elbows are bent and the hands are in prayer pose. All parts of the palms are touching and pressing together with equal force.

Mantra: The meditation is done to the tape of "Humee Hum, Brahm Hum" by Nirinjan Kaur and Guru Prem Singh. The chanting is done with the tip of the tongue.

You need grit. You need nervous strength. You need the totality of you.

Focus: The eyes are focused at the tip of the nose.

Meditation: Chant "Humee" with the tip of the tongue and press the hands together as you pull the navel point in and then release it. Chant "Hum" again with the tip of the tongue as you press the hands together and pull in on the navel and release. Chant "Brahm" and again apply the pressure on the hands and the pull on the navel and release. Chant "Hum" and again repeat the pressure, the pull, and the release.

(Yogi Bhajan said that the hand press was a compression, like the beat of the heart.)

Time: Do this meditation only for 11 minutes.

To Finish: Inhale and hold the breath, pull in on the navel and press the tip of the tongue against the roof of the mouth. Hold for 15 seconds and exhale. Repeat the inhaling, holding the breath, pulling in on the navel, pressing the tip of the tongue against the roof of the mouth and exhaling 2 more times. Relax.

When this meditation has been perfected in this form, it may be practised with the root lock applied.

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