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Two exercises must be done with a partner.

1. Sit in Rock Pose with your hands in Venus Lock behind your back.

Open your mouth and stick your tongue out as far as you can. Inhale in the up position and, as you exhale, bring your forehead to the ground, keeping your mouth open and your tongue out. This exercise corrects imbalances in the reproductive system.

2. Sit in celibate pose with your hands in Venus Lock on the top of your head. Inhale and twist left. Exhale and twist right. This exercise balances the glandular system. If it is painful to sit in celibate pose, it is an indication that the glandular system may be out of balance.

3. Sit in easy pose, back to back with a partner. Cross your hands over your heart (right on top of left) and press them tightly against your chest. Bend forward and touch your forehead to the ground and come sitting up straight and hit your back and spine against your partner's spine. Continue at a steady pace and be careful not to hit heads with your partner. This exercise adjusts the spine.

It is easier to prevent ill health than it is to correct an unhealthy condition once it has established itself. This set strenghtens and balances children's bodies to prepare them to face adolescence and adulthood.

4. Sit in easy pose, facing your partner. Put your hands around each other's neck with your arms straight and begin grinding your spine in a circular motion together with your partner. This exercise corrects menstrual problems and balances the sex glands. It also helps to prevent breast cancer.

5. Frog pose, inhaling up and exhaling down 52 times. This exercise stretches the Life Nerve and transmutes sexual energy.

6. Lie on your stomach with your chin on the ground. Make fists of your hands and beat them against your buttocks. Do this as hard and fast as you can. This exercise is very relaxing.

7. Stay on your stomach, turn your cheek to the side and fall asleep. Pre tend you are sleeping and snore. Whoever does this will not snore at night.

8. Bundle roll. Bring your arms to your sides and lock them there. Do not bend your arms or legs. Become like a log and roll, first one direction and then the other.

Repeat 7 or 8 times in each direction. This exercise will break down anything in your body that shouldn't be growing and readjust the magnetic field.

There are no set times for these exercises. Do them as long as the children have attention span to participate in them. (Adults doing this set can do each exercise for 3-5 minutes.) When teaching yoga to children, invoke their imaginations. Create a story or ask them to pretend to be animals-whatever it takes to create an imaginary environment in which the children can participate with enthusiasm and abandonment.


DECEMBER 31,1988

1. Lie down on your back and lift both legs up to 30 degrees. Shake your feet and legs - make your feet dance. Your knee and ankle joints shake but the legs are generally straight. Breathe deeply, shake in rhythm, and chant along with the tape "Har Har Har Har Gobinde" by Nirinjan Kaur and Guru Prem Singh. 4 1/2 minutes.

To develop invincible stamina:

Lie on your back and lift both legs up to 30 degrees. Shake your feet and legs, making them dance, breathe deeply and chant anything you want for 31 minutes.

2. Sit in Celibate Pose (Sit on your heels, then spread your knees and heels until your buttocks are on the floor between your legs.) Extend your arms with the hands slightly cupped, as if you were lightly holding something very precious in each hand. Begin pushing out your right arm as you pull back your left arm. The arm motion is almost like a punch, one arm moves out as the other pulls back. Let your body move left and right at the waist with the punching motion. Close your eyes and chant along with the same tape as in exercise 1 for 2 Min-^ utes.

3. Stay in Celibate Pose. Raise the arms straight up over your head and then bring them palms down to hit the ground on either side of your knees. Raise your arms straight up and continue. Hit the ground with great force, using your whole body weight. Move to the rhythm of "Har Singh, Nar Singh, Neel Narayan" by Nirinjan Kaur. 1 minute.

Then raise arms overhead, join them with the palms together with the Jupiter (index) finger extended and the other fingers locked over each other (as in beginner's Sat Kriya). Sit quietly and meditate on the music of the tape. Keep the spine pulled up and the arms straight. After 1 minute begin to chant loudly from the navel point. Continue chanting for 3 minutes.

4. Lie back with the legs still in Celibate Pose, but with the back on the floor. The hands are in the same mudra as in exercise 3 but now it is placed at the navel point, with the Index finger pointing straight up. Continue to chant along with the tape for 3 Minutes. If you cannot do this posture, there is dis-ease in your body.

There is a very powerful psychic power under the navel point. It sits there like a cobra snake and when it wakes up, it travels through the six centers of the body and awakens them with its touch. When it touches the seventh center, the man knows all. When it ingle-mingles with the aura, it delightfully enlightens the arc line and makes everything work out for the person.

5. This exercise is done with Ragi Sat Nam Singh's tape of "Jaap

Sahib." Sit on your heels with your hands in prayer pose in the center of your chest during the introductory prayer (about 45 seconds). Sing from your heart center. When the ragi sings the lines that begin with "Namastang" or "Namo", bow your head down to the floor and rise up again. Your hands are on the floor on either side of your knees. Stop at "Cha-chri Chand" 3 3/4 minutes.

(Even if you don't know the words, listen and try to chant along with the tape.)

6. Hans (Swan) Kriya

This kriya opens up the spine and invigorates the spinal serum, improves the quality of the blood, and rejuvenates the grey matter of the brain. It refreshes the capillaries, builds strength in the body and keeps the heart in good condition.

Sit on your heels with your hands on the floor on either side of your knees. Round the spine outward (which pulls the chin into the chest and rounds the back of the neck) and bow your head to the floor. Put the total weight of your upper body on the tops of your thighs as your head bows down. From this position arch your back and neck as in cobra pose, rising up into a sitting position and begin rounding your spine outward again. The movement is an undulation of the spine: rounding, arching, and stretching. Do this motion 108 times stretching the entire spine and neck.

When the Mughals conquered India, they destroyed the entire literature of yoga, because they so feared the capacity of yoga to make people unconquerable.

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Yoga For Beginners

Yoga For Beginners

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