My Experience with the Millet Diet

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I began the millet diet at a time when I was very discouraged about my weight. I had been on many diets in the past with little success and had almost given up. I was able to begin this diet when I was house sitting and could have some time to myself. I think it was helpful for me to be out of my regular setting. I didn't tell anyone what I was doing because I wasn't sure if I could stick to it. To my glad surprise I found that the diet gave me enough food to satisfy my hunger and I began to steadily lose weight and feel better. Once I felt like I could do it, I made a commitment to stick to the diet for 40 days.

I adapted the diet for myself by starting the day with fruit or sometimes applesauce with a teaspoon of Spirulina mixed into it. Spirulina is nutrient rich green food harvested from the sea. Several commercial brands are available in most health food stores. I buy good tofu in packages that are about a pound and cook my daily meal with 1 cup of cooked millet, the daily pound of tofu and whatever veggies I have handy. I vary the seasoning using curries, garlic, and tomato sauce (check the label to find tomato sauces with no sugars or fats). I use a cast iron skillet and cook with olive oil Pam.

Pam is a commercial product available in most groceries. It is spray oil used for fat free cooking and comes in different flavors. Other brands of spray oil products are also commonly available. I flavor with Bragg another commercial product. Bragg's is a liquid soy protein flavoring, similar to tamari also called liquid aminos. Other spices I use are lemon pepper, or oregano. I use lemon juice or vinegar sometimes to add zest to my prepared meal. One cup of dry millet makes four cups cooked so I cook it up four cups at a time making daily food preparation very simple. When I want something sweet I eat fruit. If I want bread I eat a banana. I have not restricted my fruit intake at all.

I divide my tofu-millet veggie meal into two parts eating one part of it around noon and the other part around 4 PM. The diet calls for no caffeine. I cheat a little here and drink green tea and occasionally splurge with a diet coke. I use soymilk in my tea but limit the quantity to not more than one half cup per day. A few times I have felt extra hungry after 4 PM and have had some extra tofu but I really try to stick to the 4 PM rule. I often make an evening snack of fruit salad by cutting up fruit in applesauce and spicing it with cinnamon or ginger. The great improvement in my health and energy level are my incentive to stick to it.

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