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Did you ever wonder why someone who "has everything" could be depressed and unhappy and why someone who has very little can be so happy? Of course, we can answer that material wealth, beauty, situation, good environments aren't everything. (Sure are nice though :+)) But that explanation ends up seeming like a rationalization and not an explanation. Consider the idea that the answer could reside in our brainwaves. Certain brain frequencies promote a feeling of well being and certain frequencies promote a feeling of depression. The state of our brainwaves also influences our tendency to be overly reactive or detached. When our brainwaves are stable and we are in our neutral mind, we do not react at the slightest annoyance. When we do not react we are mentally available to respond appropriately to situations as they arise.

We practice Kundalini yoga and meditation to change our brainwaves so that we can be mentally and emotionally balanced. The meditation below specifically changes our brainwaves. With consistent practice, you will notice that we do not unconsciously react, things in life do not bother you so much and you will feel more stable and neutral in your life situations.


Sit in easy pose or posture with a straight spine. Bring arms comfortably to the sides of the body with the elbows bent. Hands in fists with the thumb over the last three fingers, facing forward. Forefinger or Jupiter finger up straight. Hold the Jupiter finger very straight, tight and stable, without tensing the rest of the arms and body. The forearms should be perpendicular to the ground. During the meditation check the position and move the elbows forward as needed to maintain the position.


Eyes slightly open, looking at the tip of the nose. MANTRA

Har Hare (ray) Hari Who He Guru

Chant in a monotone, enunciating clearly and moving the mouth in a very pronounced way. (exaggerate the lip movements) Pump the navel point with each part of the mantra. (Pull the navel point toward the spine.) Once I have perfected the above I like to add a slight root lock with the pumping of the navel center, which further stimulates the fire in my spine.

Har Hare Hari are the three aspects of God - Generate, Organize and Deliver

Who He Guru means ecstasy and imprints the mind with a feeling of cosmic well being.


Continue for 31 minutes. This can be done for 11, 15 and 22 minutes, but for the full effect do it for 31 minutes for at least 40 days.


Hold the position and listen mentally to the mantra for 2 minutes.

Inhale deeply, hold the breath, tense the whole body as tight as you can, exhale.

Repeat 2 more times or a total of 3 times.

Relax on your back or meditate afterwards. Do not jump up immediately. BENEFITS

This meditation will bring your brainwaves to the frequency of the neutral mind. In the neutral mind we are tolerant and we don't take things personally. This meditation is highly recommended for teenagers whose raging hormones cause their brainwaves to go out of control. (Pay them to do it. It is worth it!) It will help all of us keep our cool.

This meditation also opens up the heart chakra and activates the navel center. This mantra has also been given as a prosperity mantra. Like many meditations taught by Yogi Bhajan, there are many benefits that are uncovered as you practice.

I am currently doing this meditation and I love it. I thought I would just do 11 minutes, but I get so into it that I want to do it for the full 31 minutes. I experience that it works in all the ways mentioned above and am discovering more every day. I invite everyone to practice this meditation and share your results with our global KY class. It is good for beginners and seasoned meditators alike. One of the great things about the meditations taught by Yogi Bhajan is that no previous experience is required. Just tune in with ONG NA MO GURU DEV NA MO and go for it.

Positive results are guaranteed. If you have never done a 40 day meditation, by all means give yourself this wonderful gift.

Many blessings to all,

Gururattan Kaur


(Summary of answers given by Gururattan to questions about this meditation from students)


Pull the navel point toward the spine and release with each part of mantra.

Har Hari Hare Wha He Guru pump pump pump pump pump pump

I use meditations like this to play with the energy in my spine. Feels good and keeps me conscious and present.


Can I do it for less than 31 minutes one day (in case of time crunch) and still get its effects, if so how many minutes?

In a crunch do practice a shorter time that day. (11, 15, 22 minutes) It will maintain the vibration. Definitely try not to miss a day because the link with go.

You can also practice the meditation for less time during the 40 days (11, 15, 22 minutes) with less effects. I started with 11 but after four days I couldn't stop. I could feel this awesome energy build up and wanted to experience it. This energy is like an auric energy for me. I feel surrounded with a solid protection of dense light which also penetrates through my body. Sometimes I continue a few minutes longer to indulge in the experience.


Will the effect go if i miss a day or two before completing 40 days and will I have to start all over again without missing any day?

40 days without break is the rule. Of course, if you miss you continue, but you have to start counting again. After 40 consecutive days you experience a certain impact.

I am going for 90 days now. This meditation has got my attention. Something shifts each day. I am just being in the experience of what is happening. It is nonverbal.


I didn't understand the part about feeling that the space is me.

You will get this as you practice. First get an experience. For instance you may feel an energy around and inside you like you have shifted dimensions but are still there. Instead of thinking this is God, the Zone or whatever, think of this as your soul, you essence, your expanded pure light being. In this way you will begin to train yourself to find your identity in your expanded being and your internal identity. This is what you specifically requested -- to let go of the idea that you are a limited ego.


The 2 minutes of listening for the mantra before the 3 squeezes is in an approximate amount of time. Just relax and listen inside for the mantra for a time and then do the squeezes. You do not have to time this part.

I find that I need to deeply relax and let go after the 31 minutes for about 10 minutes. After that time I am very different, more alive and more at peace. Definitely do not jump up immediately afterwards. If there is a time crunch then do the meditation for less time and keep time to relax.

Now is anyone else tempted to practice this meditation?

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