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This Master Karma ebook gives you a way to understand your life in terms of Eastern Philosophy and change your life in small be impactful ways. You will learn how seemingly tiny actions you can take throughout the day can actually make your life much better, and you will learn what you have to avoid in order to prevent bad karma from completely messing up your life. Dr. Steve G. Jones is a clinical hypnotherapist, and this book combines the science of hypnotherapy with the philosophy of karma to create an unstoppable healing force that helps you get out of the dumps and change your life. Karma is a natural force; it is as unchangeable as gravity. But that does not mean that you can't harness the power of karma to change your life; this book teaches you how to do just that. More here...

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Ragadvesha Constitutes Real Karma

Raga-Dvesha in the mind is the real Karma. It is the original action. When the mind is set in motion or vibration through the currents of Raga-Dvesha, real Karmas begin. Real Karma originates from Sankalpas of the mind. It is the actions of the mind that are truly termed Karmas. External actions manifest later on. It is desire that sets the mind in motion. When there is a desire, Raga and Dvesha exist side by side in the mind. Desire is a motive force. Emotions and impulses co-exist with desire. From Avidya emanates Aviveka (non-discrimination). From Aviveka originates Ahankara and Abhimana. From Abhimana emanates Raga-Dvesha. From Raga-Dvesha comes Karma. From Karma comes the body. From body comes misery. This is the chain of bondage with seven links. This is the chain of misery. If you do not want misery, do not take up the body. If you do not want body, do not do Karma. If you do not want to do Karma, give up Raga-Dvesha. If you want to give up Raga-Dvesha, give up Abhimana. If you...

The Rebirth Of Magic

According to Francis King in his most illuminating book The Rebirth of Magic, It is only since the 1950s that the Western magical revival, that long drawn out process of occult evolution begun by Eliphas Levi over a century and a quarter ago, has come to the attention of the general public. Over the last 25 or so years there has been an occult boom, a 'magical explosion', of a sort not experienced since the the later years of the Roman Empire. To give a detailed account of this cultural revolution would require many thousands perhaps many tens of thousands of words. All that we can even That the rebirth of occult magic has taken place in the way it has can be very largely attributed to the writings of one man, Dr. Francis Israel Regardie. It is not, of course, that all magicians approve of Dr. Regardie and his opinions - indeed some of them have an antipathetic attitude towards him and them. Nevertheless, there would be far, far fewer practising Western occultists working in either...

Death and Rebirth

Phe Zealot level begins with an exploration of death and reawakening nto eternal, spiritual life. This is a tool for rebirth into a higher life, an wakening into a higher level of being. Before you can truly experience higher consciousness in a practical way you must overcome the fear of death. This tool helps you overcome this fear and become aware of the eternity in which we all dwell. Go through these steps several times to get full benefit from this tool. It is one of the more complicated tools, with a number of separate pieces.

Proof For The Existence Of Mind

One is that it is Manas which renders all knowledge through senses possible. It is called Sarva Karma Vishaya Yoga. Sense-knowledge is the product of the connection between the mind and the sensory organs. That is why there is no simultaneity of the knowledge of the impressions received through the various sensory organs. People say, My mind was elsewhere. I did not see that. The impossibility of this simultaneity of knowledge through various sensory organs is an indication of the existence of the mind.

From the Bhagavad Gita

In the calm of self-surrender you can free yourself from the bondage of virtue and vice during this very life. Devote yourself, therefore, to reaching union with Brahman. To unite the heart with Brahman and then to act that is the secret of unattached work. In the calm of self-surrender, the seers renounce the fruits of their actions, and so reach enlightenment. Then they are free from the bondage of rebirth, and pass to that state which is beyond all evil.

The Goals Of Enochian Magick

Others will slowly unveil before you. As you approach the Uitimate Ritual, you will discover your true purpose in life (called your True Will) arad can then set about to express it in your daily life. Those who seek personal gain, psychic powers, or mastery over others, are advised to search elsewhere. The theoretical principies of Enochian Magick are too rooted in the laws of reincarnation and karma for any but the honest seeker who loves his fellowman to safely practice.

Linga Sarira And Antavaha Sarira

There is a difference between Linga Sarira and Antarvaha Sarira. Linga Sarira is astral body with seventeen Tattvas, viz., five Karma-Indriyas, five Jnana-Indriyas, five Pranas, Mind and Buddhi. Antarvaha Sarira is very pure. It is full of Sattva. It is free from Rajas and Tamas. It is with this body that a Yogi passes from one body to another (Parakaya-Pravesa). Lila, through the grace of Sarasvati, came out of the physical body and travelled to higher worlds with this Antarvaha Sarira. You will find this in the Yogavasishtha. Sri Sankaracharya, Raja Vikramaditya, Hastamalaka and Tirumular had Antarvaha Sarira. With the help of this special kind of pure body, they passed into the bodies of other persons. A Yogi with Antarvaha Sarira has Sat-Sankalpa or Suddha Sankalpa.

The Ethers And Their Functions

When the Ego is on its way to rebirth through the Region of Concrete Thought, the Desire World, and the Etheric Region, it gathers a certain amount of material from each. The quality of this material is determined by the seed atom, on the principle that like attracts like. The quantity depends upon the amount of matter required by the archetype built by ourselves in the second Heaven. From the quantity of prismatic ether atoms that are appropriated by a certain Spirit, the Recording Angels and their agents build an etheric form which is then plead in the mother's womb and gradually clothed with physical matter which then forms the visible body of the new born child.

The Three Doshas

Mala (such as Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha, Mada, Matsarya) is removed by doing Nishkama Karma. Mala means sin also. Without hankering after paltry, terrestrial, things and causing your mind to fluctuate thereby, may you be immovable as a rock Those who have no lower impulses drive away rebirths to a great distance from them.

The Major Magical Instruments And Weapons

Shape of a disk and enscribed with appropriate magical symbols. For each quality or idea engraved on a Pantacle, the symbol for its opposite should also be included so that the forces embodied are always balanced. In many magical operations the Pantacle is used to represent the karma of the magician (occultism defines the pphysicalbody as the crystallization of one's past karma). Its natural force is feminine. In Enochian Magick, the Pantacle is the magical symbol of Earth, and is especially used in those operations iinvolving the Watchtower of Earth.

Causes Of Mental Disabilities

When passion has wrecked the body in one life, it is stamped upon the seed atom. In the next descent to rebirth it is therefore impossible for him to gather sound material with which to build a brain of stable construction. He is then usually born under one of the common signs, and usually also, the four common signs are on the angles for through these signs passionate desire finds it difficult to express itself. Thus the powerful impulse which formerly ruled in his brain and which might be used for the purpose of rejuvenescence is absent he lacks incentive in life and therefore he becomes helpless--a log upon the ocean of life--often insane. Though mental disabilities, when congenital, are generally traceable to abuse of the creative function in a past life, there is at least one notable exception to this rule Where a Spirit, who has a particularly hard life before it, comes down to rebirth and feels upon entering the womb that the panorama of the coming life then shown it marks an...

Whereon She Rideth Also Concerning Transformations

It completely fulfils its ambition by an alliance of this extremely intimate sort with a Star. The magician, on the other hand, is able to transform and retransform himself in a thousand ways by accepting a retinue of such adherents. In this way the projection of the astral or Body of Light may be made absolutely tangible and practical. At the same time, the magician must realise that in undertaking the Karma of any elemental, he is assuming a very serious responsibility. The bond which unites him with that elemental is love and, though it is only a small part of the outfit of a magician, it is the whole of the outfit of the elemental. He will, therefore, suffer intensely in case of any error or misfortune occurring to his protegee. This feeling is rather peculiar. It is quite instinctive with the best men. They hear of the destruction of a city of a few thousand inhabitants with entire callousness, but then they hear of a dog having hurt its paw, they feel Weltschmertz

The Johannite Tradition

We hope the above quote will illustrate our point of view in the present undertaking. The long-term, big-picture scenario is necessary when relating the events of ancient times to the modern results they led to. This is in keeping with the Doctrine of Karma. The Karma of organizations, churches, sects and empires is no less exempt from resulting consequences than individual persons.

Of The Banishings And Of The Purifications

That is, of the special arrangement of that furniture. Each object should have been separately consecrated beforehand. The ritual here in question should summarize the situation, and devote the particular arrangement to its purpose by invoking the appropriate forces. Let it be well remembered that each object is bound by the Oaths of its original consecration as such. Thus, if a pantacle has been made sacred to Venus, it cannot be used in an operation of Mai's the Energy of the Exorcist would be taken up in overcoming the opposition of the Karma or inertia therein inherent.

Death Of Samskaras Leads To Moksha

But, the thoughts and Samskaras of actions, enjoyments and thinking follow you after death till you attain Moksha. These are variable Upadhis that accompany you after death. They are variable because you carry different kinds of Samskaras each time when you die. In defferent incarnations, you create different kinds of Samskaras. The permanent Upadhis that accompany you after death are the five Jnana-Indriyas, five Karma-Indriyas, five Pranas, fourfold mind and the Karana Sarira which is the support or Adhara for the Linga Sarira or astral body. It is the death of the Samskaras, it is the death of the Karana Sarira that leads to the final Moksha. It leads to the attainment of Brahma-Jnana. You will be getting fresh births so long as there are Samskaras. You will have to take birth again and again till all the Samskaras are obliterated or fried up by the acquisition of Brahma Jnana. When the Samskaras are wiped out, Brahmic Knowledge shines by itself in its...

How To Eradicate Ahankara

You cannot, all at once, eradicate Ahankara altogether. You can easily give up wife, children, money, anger. But it is extremely difficult to give up Ahankara. Try to minimise it little by little. Remove one anna of Ahankara within three months. Within four years, you will be able to root it out completely. You will have to remove it either by self-sacrifice through Karma Yoga or self-surrender through Bhakti or self-denial through Vedantic Atma-Vichara.

Mahamudra Outline For An Intermediate Exercise

After success with one-pointed concentration, you will be ready to practice the exercise described below. This exercise will help you to remain conscious during sleep. Your dreams are a magical barometer of your spiritual progress and this exercise is designed to allow you to get the most out of them. You should take a Magical Oath to practice this exercise every night for a specific period of time. The ultimate goal is to be able to maintain an unbroken continuity of consciousness throughout the waking and dream states. Normally when you fall asleep, consciousness snaps and you lapse into an unconscious state wherein you are a victim of circumstances rather than in control of events. In the same way, when you wake up consciousness snaps back and you forget the many experiences that you underwent in your dreams. This interruption or break in the continuity of consciousness impairs growth. It also occurs at death and again at rebirth. This is the reason why most people do not remember...

Importance Of Sattva Guna

An ordinary worldly-minded man can hardly hear the inner voice of Atman. He cannot get pure thoughts or Vichara (enquiry into Self) also. Every Sattvic (pure) thought emanates from Sattvic Buddhi (pure intellect). In the case of worldlings, all thoughts proceed from the mind only. He who does Nishkama Karma Yoga (selfless service) and has purity of the mind, begins to entertain thoughts of God and meditation. Generally, the mind raises various sorts of curious, fantastic thoughts. It deludes all. It may pretend to do Vichara also. But, when it comes to actual practice, it will do nothing. If there is a serious determination in you to concentrate and, if you put it into actual practice for months steadily and, if the longing for Darshana of God or Self-realisation becomes keen and acute, then alone think that all these kinds of thoughts proceed from your Sattvic Buddhi only.

Benefits Of Thoughtcontrol

Thoughts are the sources of all actions. Thought is the real Karma. Thinking is the real action. Ifyou can root out all evil thoughts in the beginning, you will not do any evil action. Ifyou can nip them in the bud, you will be free from the miseries and tribulations ofthis world. Watch your thoughts with vigilance and introspection. Thought is the real action. Activities of the mind are the real Karmas. Once the Vikshepa of the mind vanishes, you will get good Nishtha (meditation). The mind will be very, very calm. Get rid of the impurities of the mind. Have mastery over the mind. Then all the miseries of the Samsara with births and deaths will come to an end. If you free yourself from the clutches of the mind, Moksha (liberation) will come by itself. There is no doubt about this.

Collected Fruits of Occult Teaching

For a few (relatively), very far on, special arrangements come into play. Dealing first with the enormous majority, including the savage and civilized races, the course of rebirth is guided not by blind laws inherent m matter, but by the will of Beings on an immensely high level of Divine dignity, thought of by occult students as the Lords of Karma. So far as we know their collective jurisdiction extends over the whole Universe. As regards this world we know of four such Beings, each, of course, presiding over an immense hierarchy of agents. One is concerned merely or especially with the savage races another with the rank and file of civilization another with the cultured minority these present Karmic problems of deeper intricacy than are usual with the less evolved majority. The fourth is concerned with the Karma of Nations, but that is a huge subject by itself which need not claim attention for the moment. finite causes and comes to an end. The loves and friendships do not corne to...

Importance Of Pranayama

Tamas and Rajas constitute the covering or veil. This veil is removed by the practice of Pranayama. After the veil is removed, the real nature of the soul is realised. The Chitta is by itself made up of Sattvic particles, but it is enveloped by Rajas and Tamas, just as the fire is enveloped by smoke. There is no purificatory action greater than Pranayama. Pranayama gives purity, and the light of knowledge shines. The Karma of the Yogi, which covers up the discriminative knowledge, is annihilated by the practice of Pranayama. By the magic panorama of desire, the essence, which is luminous by nature, is covered up and the Jiva or individual soul is directed towards vice. This Karma of the Yogi which covers up the Light and binds him to repeated births, becomes attenuated by the practice of Pranayama every moment and is destroyed eventually.

The Ten Quabbalistic Keys

This number is graphically symbolized by a triangle. The three is the number of akasa principle, of fate, of karma, and, planetarily seen, the three is attributed to the sphere of Saturn. Everything that was, that is and that will be, the mental as well as the astral and the material, originates from the akasa principle, wherein the three is also to be found. Number three is the original idea of procreation, which manifests itself in the plus and the minus, i.e., in man and woman who, in unification, beget the third, i.e., the child. In man himself, the three is represented by spirit, soul and body. The three

Sattvic Mind Needed For Atmavichara

A sharp, subtle, one-pointed, Sattvic (pure) mind is needed for Atma-Vichara (enquiry into Atman or the Supreme Spirit) and study of Upanishads. A gross mind or practical (Vyavaharic) Buddhi with selfishness and lust is absolutely unfit for Vichara and philosophical ratiocination. Selfishness clouds understanding. Selfishness is the bane of life. The mind of a worldling is ever ready to absorb sexual thoughts. It cannot imbibe subtle, philosophical ideas. It is callous and cannot vibrate properly to take in philosophical ideas. You can drive a nail in clay, but not in a stone. The mind has to be purified by Nishkama Karma, Japa, Pranayama and other spiritual Sadhanas. Mind is compared to a mirror. If the mirror is dirty, you cannot see your face clearly. Similarly, if the mind-mirror is dirty (full of Mala, impurities Kama, Krodha, Lobha, etc.), you cannot see God clearly you cannot see the Self clearly. The light of Brahman cannot shine efficiently. Clean it up with effort daily,...

The Nature of Transfiguration

Transfiguration offers the transformation of Adamic man. It offers liberation from the dialectic cycles of the World of the Archons and transfiguration into a Static Being, a child of the Treasury of Light. Transfiguration is based on the example of Jesus who through his Ascension to become the first Born of the Treasury of light opened the way so we can enter the spiritual Path. This Path is known as the Path(es) of the Dove and Serpent or the Path of Transfiguration. When a person enters the Path, the Pneumatic Spark or Light Self that has been frozen in time awakens and begins to grow once again. Sophia cleanses the Ruach, Nephesh and other constituents of the psychic apparatus and prepares the initiate for communion with the Logos or Mind of God. The process of rebirth is just that, a process. Nobody is immediately born again, the process of rebirth takes much time (even lifetimes) from conception (entering the spiritual Path) to final rebirth into the Kingdom of God....

First Steps Detachment and Controlled Awareness

When Buddha said all life was suffering he wasn't joking The perceptiveness of Gautama Buddha's understanding of how the Dialectic system is perpetuated cannot be underestimated. As Buddha expressed in his four Noble truthes, all life is suffering because we become attached to what happens to us and attachment leads to reaction and reaction to attachment. Buddha's solution is interpreted by modern scholars of the Buddhist traditions (Himayana and Mahayana) to be total detachment. There, however, is a problem. If we understand that the Dialectic system is sustained by action and reaction then total detachment and total attachment both will have ramifications and by logic, reactions. If we see 0 or no linkage to the Dialectic system as the goal then Detachment would be negative (-1) and attachment would be positive (+1). Both involve actions and reactions. Many Gnostic schools apply western versions of Buddha's logic the problem however is that when we attempt to totally detach from the...

Chapter Eight Geburah The Folding of the Robe

A brief digression can be made at this point to mention one of the over-utilisations of Gematria. As a system of numerology, Gematria is useful in that many Kabbalists used it simply as a form of code, as did Aleister Crowley. That there is a belief that each letter number embodies a unique essence, and that these can be equated with one another can be looked at as either real, or simply a useful form of thought-provoking letter play. However, one cannot take the belief, and then in other cases step outside of the structure that the belief has meaning within. The Golden Dawn society referred to this as one example of a confusion of the hierarchies . Other examples are common in the New Age movement as well, where beliefs are taken out of context of the systems which make sense of them (one that springs to mind is that of Karma ). A Gematria example occurs in Nightside of Eden , written by Kenneth Grant, the Outer Head of the Typhonian Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO). He links Samael,...

Tribute To Lama Anagarika Govinda

Here then is the key to a mystery which has been passed down for over 2,500 years - the consciousness-expansion experience - the pre-mortem death and rebirth rite. The Vedic sages knew the secret the Eleusinian initiates knew it the Tantrics knew it. In all their esoteric writings they whisper the message it is possible to cut beyond ego-consciousness, to tune in on neurological processes which flash by at the speed The new visionary chemicals and the pre-mortem-death-rebirth experience may be pushed once again into the shadows of history. Looking back, we remember that every middle-eastern and European administrator (with the exception of certain periods in Greece and Persia) has, during the last three thousand years, rushed to pass laws against any emerging transcendental process, the pre-mortem-death-rebirth session, its adepts, and any new method of consciousness-expansion.

Perception According To Sankhya Philosophy

According to Sankhya philosophy, the real back-ground of perception is the Purusha of whom the western doctors and psychologists have no idea. Fleshy eyes are only external instruments (Karanas) for perception. Eye is not an organ of vision. The organ of vision is a centre situated in the brain so is the case with all senses. Mind is connected with the Indriyas, the Indriyas with the corresponding centres in brain and the centres, with the physical organs, to the external object. The mind presents the sensation to Buddhi Buddhi takes it to the Purusha (which is pure Spirit, which is Immaterial). Now, real perception takes place. Purusha gives order to Buddhi. Then, Buddhi, after proper decision and judgment and after taking into consideration the pros and cons of the subject on hand, gives orders back to the mind, for execution through the motor centres (Karma-Indriyas or organs of action). Buddhi is the Prime Minister and Judge who hears the statements of the Advocate, viz., the...

Do Good And Introspect

Have an inner life always. Let a portion of the mind and hands do their work mechanically. An acrobat girl, while exhibiting her performances, has her attention riveted on the water-pot she bears on her head although all the time she is dancing to various tunes. So does truly pious man attend to all his business concerns, but has his mind's eye fixed upon the blissful feet of the Lord. This is Karma-Yoga and Jnana-Yoga combined. This will lead to integral development. This is balance. This is synthetic Yoga. Some Vedantins have one-sided development. This is not good.

Aleister Crowley Liber VII

Which means, the highest work is man. The entire phrase adds up to 326, the number for the word YARRY which means fate or providence in the sense of karma. Also 326 163x2, where 163 is the number for RIT which means mercy. AIQ BKR reduces 326 to 2, the number for duality. The letters of IAO add up to 96, the number for both QAA-OBZA, creation of duality and ELZAP-TALHO, the way of the Cup where Cup must be taken in its magi-cal sense. Also 96 48x2, where 48 is the number for TALHO which means cup. The cup symbolism explains the passive nature of this formula. AIQ BKR reduces 96 to 6, the number for life. IAO is the formula for a passive acceptance of life in the sense of karma-less action. The formula of lAO is that spiritual magical capability (Temperance Art in Sagittarius) together with spiritual insight (Hierophant in Taurus) will result in the best karma (Justice in Libra). The formula is therefore one to use to improve one's karmic burden.

Celestial Transfiguration

The amazing thing about this state is that it goes further than simply returning the soul to Perfection (Terrestrial Salvation) but actually transfigures the Self to become a member of the God family while in life This state of Perfection (Teleios) is inherent within the concept of spiritual rebirth and the nature of the New Man in Christ. As a Gnostic is reborn in the image of God, then the implication is that it is possible to fully reflect the nature of God. This obviously entails perfection. Some Biblical references will help you get some background

What Is Bloodroot Good For In Voodoo Curses

BALSAM FIR NEEDLES Balsam Fir or The Silver Fir is associated with the moon and with the planet Jupiter. This tree belongs to the triple aspect Goddess that are in Celtic lore, offering learning, choice and progress. The tree is sacred to many Goddesses. Silver Fir is also used for magic involving power, insight, progression, protection, change, feminine rebirth, and birth.

First Bardo Instructions

O (name of voyager), That which is called ego-death is coming to you. Remember This is now the hour of death and rebirth Take advantage of this temporary death to obtain the perfect state -Enlightenment. Concentrate on the unity of all living beings. Hold onto the Clear Light. Use it to attain understanding and love.

The Relaxation Ritual

I have a friend named Robin who usedtobea Satanist and a black magician. She told me that she could always tell when a curse or black magick spell she had worked had come to fruition because something unfortunate would happen to her This is not meant to be a lecture telling you that you should never do Black Magick. Rather, it is intended to show you what to expect if you try. Just as there is a law of gravity, so too is there a an inviolable law of what is called in the East, Karma, and by Kabalists Tikune (pronounced tee-koon). Put out good and you will receive good. Put out evil, even unintentionally, and evil is what you will get. Such is the law.

Chapter Eleven The Secret of the Seven Churches

This study is an introduction to one of the more important aspects of the Transfiguration process. At first glance the festivals of Aryan cultures may seem simply to be times for folk celebarations or social gatherings. However, behind these festivals is a special key which not only reveals and explains certain esoteric teachings found within the Kabbalah but which offers us a practical interpretation of the technology of rebirth. This technology is based on the understanding that the Treasury of Light and the World of the Archons work on opposing vibratory levels. The Static and Dialectic fields are not only opposite but totally exclusive, accordingly, if a person is in tune with the Dialectic fields it is not possible (in any sense) to commune with the Static fields. Therefore the World of the Archons not only has dominion over the physical plane but has full and utter control over all facets of the spiritual lives of those it dominates. The Solar Feasts offer a scheme by which the...

Earth Vs Gnostic Celebrations

Reflect the return and rebirth of nature and hence are a total corruption of the original Druidic festivals. Most modern pagan festivals in reality reflect the process of eternal re-occurrence - man living and dying and returning to the earth and the earth giving forth more of mankind. Nowhere in this mythology is there any room for the redemption of the earth or for the deification of mankind, the very central focal points of Gnosticism. In the original Druidic teachings as in the Gnostic festivals of the Sun, the celebrations are based on a similar series of feasts but focus on the Gnostic redemption of man through the Solar force and hence reflect the pure imagery of the Treasury of Light. The two interpretations of the Feasts show again how the same information can be twisted and distorted by the Demiurgic forces to lead man away from the truth, both Static and Dialectic forces use the same feasts, one to liberate, the other to enslave. For the Gnostic the Solar Festivals of the...

Gigipaollo Gnapzsolprt

Enochian Spell For Healing

The letters of this formula express the idea that motion or action (the Chariot of Cancer) is on the left while death (Death in Scorpio) is on the right-a clear choice being available. However, surrounding death on each side is one's karma (Justice in Libra). The formula thus implies that the decision to accept death (the ultimate result of disease) or to restore health (the ultimate result of moving away from death) is purely karmic. The formula for healing in Enochian Magick must therefore take karma and the patient's personal karmic burden into account. This fact is further sustained when we consider that 118 59x2, where 59 is the number for BALTOH which means righteous or just.

Last Thought Determines Next Birth

Lord Krishna says in the Gita, Whoever constantly thinks of Me intensely and with one-pointed mind, to such steadfast Yogin, I am easily attainable and having thus reached Me and merged in Me, he is not born again in the fleeting world of woe and misery. O Arjuna While all the worlds created by Brahma are limited by time and have their moment of dissolution on reaching Me, there is no rebirth, therefore at all times, meditate on Me, the supreme Vaasudeva and with mind and intellect fixed on Me. Doubtless, you will attain Me (Chapter VIII-14, 15, 16).

Enochian Ritual Of

Let a dark cloud form above the Urn Create this cloud using all of your past Karma. Let your guilts and your failures and your wrongs-done-to-others leave your aura and lodge in this cloud. Let the dark cloud be seeped full with your Karma. Continue until your body is completely empty even as your Cup is empty. With the power of your Magical Will, let the loud which is your karma, slowly descend into the Urn. PART 6. The Consumption of Karma. Hold the Talisman of IAO before you in your right hand and hold your Talisman of LAHALASA in your left hand and say, May the penetrating power of the four Great Crosses Consume my Karma-Cloud. LAHA-ALAH-SALA-

Charging Sigil With Delta Brain Wave

Last, but not least, the Alphabet of Desire may be applied like all the other types of sigils discussed here, a point which pleases many a magician (dependent on temperament). Its possibilities are not exhausted in the slightest by this. In general, it can be said that the Alphabet of Desire should not so much serve concrete success magic but enhance experience (and creation) of oneself, of the internal universe and of its structure in images. Since the Alphabet of Desire will most likely consist of philosophical terms like truth, cognition, karma, etc., with which the unconscious is less familiar because of their abstract quality, a repeated or multiple usage of the sigils of the alphabet will, as experience has shown, assure success more surely than when used with the more uncomplicated sigils discussed before.

Oscillates Like A Pendulum

In a clock, the pendulum moves to the right and thence to the left. When the children play on a swing, the swing moves high to one side and at once rises high to the other side. Even so, in the case of aspirants who are not established or well settled in deep meditation, their minds also resemble the pendulum or the swing. They sometimes think of Karma Yoga, enter the world and do actions while, at other times, they run to the Himalayas for leading a contemplative life. There is struggle inside whether to take up Karma Yoga or Dhyana Yoga. You must decide it once for all and be firm in practising Karma Yoga or in shutting yourself up in a room or cave for some years in the practice of meditation. To run for work into the world for six months and then again into the forest for six months for meditation is no good. Decide one way or the other. Cut asunder the Gordian Knot. Work till you get Chitta-Suddhi. Then meditate till you realise. This is the wisest course.

Helping Others By Thought

Perhaps it is as well here to interject the remark that the half-instructed Theosophist should not take alarm, and refrain from giving to a friend any thought-asistance of which he is capable, by the fear lest he should be interfering with karma . Let him leave karma to take care of itself, and have no more fear of interfering with it than of interfering with the law of gravitation. If he can help his friend, let him do so fearlessly, confident in the fact that, if he can do so, that help is within his friend's karma, and that he is himself the happy agent of the Law.

Instructions For Reentry Visions

Afterwards, allow your own mind also to melt away gradually. Wherever the air pervades, consciousness pervades. Wherever consciousness pervades, serene ecstasy pervades. Abide tranquilly in the uncreated state of serenity. In that state, paranoid rebirth will be prevented. Perfect enlightenment will be gained.

Helping The Socalled Dead

In the world into which those freed from the physical body have gone, a loving thought is as palpable to the senses as is here a loving word or tender caress. Everyone who passes over should, therefore, be followed by thoughts of love and peace, by aspirations for his swift passage onwards throught the valley of death to the bright land beyond. Only too many remain in the intermediate state longer than they otherwise would, because it is their bad karma not to have friends who know how to help them from this side of death. And if people on earth knew how much of comfort and of happiness is experienced by the wayfarers to the heavenly worlds from these truly angelic messengers, these thoughts of love and cheer, if they knew the force they had to strengthen and console, none would be left lonely by those who remain behind. The beloved dead have surely a claim on our love and care, and even apart from this how great is the consolation to the heart, bereaved of the presence that gave...

Effects Of Suicide

When the Ego is coming down to rebirth it descends through the Second Heaven. There it is helped by the Creative Hierarchies to build an archetype for its coming body, and it instills into that archetype a life that will last for a certain number of years. These archetypes are hollow spaces and they have a singing, vibratory motion which draws the material of the Physical World into them and sets all the atoms in the body vibrating in tune with a little atom that is in the heart, called the seed-atom, which, like a tuning fork, gives the pitch to all the rest of the material in the body. At the time when the full life has been lived on the earth the vibrations in the archetype cease, the seed-atom is withdrawn, the dense body goes to decay and the desire body, wherein the Ego functions in Purgatory and in the First Heaven, takes upon itself the shape of the physical body. Then the man commences his work of expiating his evil habits and deeds in Purgatory and assimilating the good of...

Thought Power for Worldweal

Karma is action and also the law of cause and effect. All kingdoms below the human kingdom are 'mindless'. Therefore they cannot generate thoughts. Further they have no idea of right and wrong, what ought to be done and what ought not to be done and so they cannot create Karma.

Magic Mental Training IX

In the chapter referring to the magic psychic training (Step VII), I have already clearly dealt with the problem of clairvoyance. In this step I want to examine it closely once more. The various instructions that have been published to date for the attainment of this faculty did not bring about the desired success in anyone. Even people who are especially gifted in the mediumistic line have only attained a partial success that is getting lost sooner or later. But people like these are very often struck by different diseases such as weakness of the eyes, nervous disturbances, etc. The main reason for such ailments can be found in the fact that the clairvoyance has not been produced as a result of the mental or astral development, but has been conjured up by force and therefore is one-sided and morbid. Following any of those incompetent instructions leads without exception to an unnatural, morbid neutralization of an element that will result in an over-sensitivity of one of the sense...

Aleister Crowley Magick Without Tears

There has been a lot written about initiation and its importance in Magick. It is more than simply adding further knowledge. It implies a death of something and a rebirth of something else. After you are initiated, in the true sense of the word, you will not be the same as you were. Initiation always implies a drastic change. Initiation into Magick implies accepting a totally new outlook on life and even more important, a new view of yourself. Karma neither punishes nor rewards it is simply 'the one' Universal Law which guides unerringly and, so to say, blindly, all other laws productive of certain effects along the grooves of their respective causation.

Rosicrucian Monarch

He did not, however, find in the Strict Observance the occult knowledge he was seeking, and he became acquainted with a self-professed alchemist and Rosicrucian named Johann Georg Schrepfer, owner of a coffee house in Leipzig. Schrepfer committed suicide in 1774, but before doing so bequeathed to Bischoffswerder a machine for causing spirits to appear and a tincture for sustaining youth and strength. It may have been Schrepfer's influence that caused Bischoffswerder to be drawn towards Rosicrucianism. At any (rate, he joined the Gold- und Rosenkreuz on Christmas Eve, 1779. His letters at this period display a yearning for higher knowledge 'I sometimes see a speck of light, but it is too weak to penetrate to the truth.' He was also a man of genuine Christian piety 'I beg the Eternal-Almighty daily, nay hourly, to bestow upon me a Christian rebirth.''

HP Blavatsky The Theosophist Vol V No 5

Nah-ess-sah-tah-nah-dah Zodah-zodah-seh). This fourfold formula can open up the Abyss. These are the first words that KHORONZON spoke to Crowley when he entered ZAX. Enochian Gematria results in a value for ZAZAS of 37, a prime number and the value of the words GAH BALT which means spirit of justice. Also 37x18 666, the number of the Beast, the role Crowley assumed for him-self. An interesting note here is that 37x3 111, 37x6 222, 37x9 333 and so on the number 37, in multiples of three, yields equal three-digit numbers and the word ZAZAS is spoken three times in the formula. The word NASSATANADA (a variant of the Hindu Sat-Cit Ananda or Being-Consciousness-Bliss) adds up to 150 and 150x4 600, the number for KHORONZON. Also 150 is the number for the word IM which means to apply in the sense of practical application, and also the word GROSB meaning a bitter sting. Furthermore, 150x3 450, the value of the magical word NIAKOD. The entire four-word formula can be added together to yield...

Vision 7 The Magic Theatre

The danger is that the voyager becomes frightened by or unduly attracted to these powerful figures. The forces represented by them may be more intense than he was prepared for. Inability or unwillingness to recognize them as products of one's mind, leads to escape into animalistic pursuits. The person may become involved in the pursuit of power, lust, wealth and descend into Third Bardo rebirth struggles.

Realization of a Desire with Electromagnetic Volts in Akasa

The magician who walked on the path of hardships up to this very point has balanced his karma with his troublesome exercises which were more than asceticism so far that it will do him no more harm. The magician is no longer subject to the ordinary influences of destiny he became master of his fate and nothing but Divine Providence in its highest aspect can influence his will.

Loading with an Electromagnetic Volt

In the right half of your body, accumulate the electric fluid dynamically with all your strength via your hand and finally through the forefinger. Project the accumulated electric fluid to a powerful electric spark and encase it with your imagination exactly in the centre of the talisman. You have got to see this spark as if it were red hot. Now do the same with the magnetic fluid, directing it through you forefinger of the left hand so that you wrap the electric spark with your magnetic fluid to such a degree that it becomes invisible in your imagination. Imagine the compressed magnetic fluid as being a blue colour. If you managed this, only a small blue ball ought to be left comprising the entire shape of the talisman. Herewith the volt has been produced and is ready to impregnate with your desire and duration of the effect. Supposing you wish to increase the loading later, which probably will not be necessary, all you have to do is condense the magnetic fluid, and the electric...

The Grand Rite of Luciferian Sex Magick

Participants Solitary or undertaken with initiated partner (a practitioner of the path). The elixir and venom of the Sabbat cup may be poured into the vessel of Ahriman, to ensorcel the power therein. The vessel is symbolic of the womb which creates the Luciferian and announces a rebirth and resurrection as a God in Flesh, thus aligning he or she with the current of Azoth, being the gnosis of the Fallen Angels and Watchers. The vessel is also symbolic of a tomb by which the magician's body of shadow and body of light is brought in union - the alchemical marriage of the Dragon Beast and Harlot, Samael and Lilith, thus bringing to the physical body and soul Cain.

Who Practice Grey Magick Spells In India

This is a type of White Magick which could be called White Sex Magick. It is an important part of Taoist Alchemy (also called Taoist Yoga) and Tantrik Yoga. Some purists may be upset that I am introducing Oriental elements into this course. However, as I have said, I am very eclectic. Since the writings of Helena Blavatsky, Oriental mysticism has been incorporated into Western mystical philosophy and practice. Even the Golden Dawn took much from the East. This includes both the ideas of Karma and the Tatvic Tides, a system which can help in understanding and working with the magickal elements. Also, it is unfortunately true that with the denunciation of sex for anything but procreation as taught by the Christian church for over 1500 years, much of Western sex magick had to be deeply hidden. This was not the situation in the East, and thus there is much more material, even if it is, in many instances, heavily disguised.

Magic Physical Training VII

Will be all the greater, and an elementary loaded to such an extent becomes all the more pervasive and far more effective of course. Sometimes an elementary can be condensed so much that it is visible even to an untrained physical eye. It is therefore up to the magician himself whether he wants the elementary to work visibly or invisibly as the case may be. The duration of life of an elementary depends on the purpose for which it has been created, and this purpose has to be fixed right at the beginning of its creation. As soon as the purpose is fulfiled, the magician must dissolve his elementary into its original element with the help of the imagination. Never omit this process of dissolution, because, having performed its task, an elementary can easily become independent due to its instinct of self-preservation, and if you forget to do so, it will escape from your sphere of influence and become a vampire. In this case the magician would have to face all the resulting karma caused by...

Akasa or the Ethereal Principle

Karma An immutable law, which has its aspect just in the akasa principle, is the law of cause and effect. Each cause sets free a corresponding effect. This law works everywhere as the most sublime rule. Consequently every deed proceeds from a cause or is followed by any result. Therefore we should not only accept Karma as a rule for our good actions, as the oriental philosophy puts it, but its signification reaches farther and is a very deep one. Instinctively all men have the feeling that something good can bring good results only and again all the evil must end up with evil or, in the words of a proverb, Whatsoever a man sows, that shall he reap . Everybody is bound to know this law and to respect it. This law of cause and effect governs the elemental principles, too. I have no intention to enter into details of this law, which could be expressed in a few words, as they are quite clear so that every reasonable man will understand them. Subject to this law of cause and effect is also...

Chapter Twelve Initiation

51 Just as no two people share the same spiritual history (karma), flaws, talents, or potential, each magician's career is entirely unique. Hence the Lord's comment to Solomon, Lo, I have given you a wise and understanding heart, so that there has been none like you before you, neither shall any arise after you like you.

The Nature of Theosis Deification

The concept of deification is found in the earliest religious systems, the rites of Kingship in both Sumeria and Egypt centred on the king being initiated through a secret rite of death and rebirth so that he could become a mediator between his people and God. As the mediator he was considered divine and was imputed with the symbols of divinity. In these early periods the way in which humanity contacted the higher worlds was through the Priest King, in these theocracies individuals could not be deified in their own right, but achieved the power to develop and grow through the mediatorship of the divine Priest King. While certainly the morality of these kings varied and so did the focus of their mediatoship (Archon and Aenonic), the principle remained, nevertheless, the same and the tradition continued. As the ages rolled on, mankind's interaction with the spiritual worlds changed, rather than theocracies non-theistic political systems developed and the role of mediator was replaced by...

Baptism Initiation and The Anointing

Baptism or immersion into water represents the first Initiation on the spiritual Path. It is a ritual recognition of the process of rebirth that has begun. The rite itself is not the same as the rite of Christening, there is no Biblical evidence for the initiation of minors. The rite of baptism is by full immersion into water and represents the descent of the Old man into death (the water) and rebirth as a new creation. This can be readily seen from Luke 3 3 where Baptism is specifically referred to as the Baptism of Repentance. Repentance as discussed earlier involves a radical change of life direction and hence can only be recognised in someone of mature age. Baptism is the first of the Seven Sacraments used by the Gnostic Church. The rite is only available to those who have entered the Path of Transfiguration. Baptism is one of three Initiations offered by the Gnostic Ecclesia Baptism by Water, Anointing

Instructions For The Wrathful Visions

O (name), As you are driven here and there by the ever-moving winds of karma, Your mind, having no resting place or focus, Is like a feather tossed about by the wind, Or like a rider on the horse or breath, Ceaselessly and involuntarily you will wander about, Calling in despair for your old ego. Your mind races along until you are exhausted and miserable. Do not hold on to thoughts. Allow the mind to rest in its unmodified state. Meditate on the oneness of all energy. Thus you will be free of sorrow, terror, and confusion.

Thought Power Changes Destiny

Some ignorant people say Karma does everything. It is all destiny. If I am destined by my Karma to be like this or that why then should I exert It is my destiny only. This is fatalism. This will bring inertia, stagnation and misery. This is perfect misunderstanding of the laws of Karma. This is a fallacious argument. An intelligent man will certainly not put such a question. You have made your own destiny from within by your thoughts and actions. Dacoit Ratnakar was changed into Sage Valmiki. Jagai and Madai were transformed. They were rogues of the first waters. You can become a Yogi or a Jnani. You can make your destiny. You can make your Karma in any way you like. Use the Power of Thought. Think rightly, think nobly. You will have only to think, and to act. By right thinking, by right desiring, by right acting, you can become a Sage, a millionaire. You can attain the position of Indra or Brahma by good thought and action, by good Karma. Man is not a helpless being. He has a free...

Thoughtforms Techniques Matos Spells And Magic

Whether the evocation be in truth a necessary part of the Karma of the Universe, as he has stated in his own Oath (See Cap. XVI, I). For if this be a delusion, success is impossible. It will then be best to go back to the beginning, and recapitulate with greater intensity and power of analysis the Oath and the Invocations. And this may be done thrice.

Four Methods Of Preventing Reentry First Method Meditation on the Buddha

O (name), tranquilly meditate upon your protective figure (name). He is like the reflecting of the moon in water. He is apparent yet non-existent. Like illusion produced by magic. If you have no special protective figure, Meditate upon the Buddha or upon me. With this in mind meditate tranquilly. Then causing the visualized form of your protective ideal To melt away from the extremities, Meditate, without any thought-forming, upon the Void Clear Light. This is a very profound art. By virtue of it rebirth is postponed. A more illuminated future is assured.

Matos Spells And Magic Thoughtforms Wish Grey Magick

It is because a true magician understands the law and workings of Karma. A magician realizes that he she is totally free to choose to do whatever is desired. However, the true magician will invariably choose the path of Light, what is called by non-magicians the morally correct choice. The true magician chooses the path of Light not for moral purposes. Rather, this path is chosen because the magician realizes that whatever is done will come back to him or her. Such is the universal law of Karma. Thus, for the true magician there is no such thing as White, Grey or Black Magick. There is only magick. Period. It so happens that because of the understanding of the law of Karma, a true magician will assiduously avoid what non-magicians or beginning magicians would call Black Magick. People who are not aware of the law of Karma behave morally because they are given a code of morals or a set of laws to follow. Because they cannot see an immediate effect from breaking that code there is...

Matos Spells And Magic Typhon Spell

The nature of the different spheres, but with the inner meaning of each. Of course, it is not necessary in every case to push the 154 practice to exhaustion, as described in the instructions, but this is the proper thing to do whenever definitely practising, in order to acquire the power of Rising. But, having obtained this power, it is, of course, legitimate to rise to any particular plane that may be necessary for the purpose of exploration, as in the case of the visions recorded in Liber 418, where the method may be described as mixed. In such a case, it is not enough to invoke the place you wish to visit, because you may not be able to endure its pressure, or to breathe its atmosphere. Several instances occur in that record where the seer was unable to pass through certain gateways, or to remain in certain contemplations. He had to undergo certain Initiations before he was able to proceed. Thus, it is necessary that the technique of Magick should be perfected. The Body of Light...

Tribute To Carl G Jung

The reality experienced in the Chonyid state is, as the last section of the corresponding Bardo teaches, the reality of thought. The thought-forms appear as realities, fantasy takes on real form, and the terrifying dream evoked by karma and played out by the unconscious dominants begins.

The Mechanism of Reincarnation

To understand the way in which reincarnation works we have to examine the effects of our actions. Now, in generally held Christian views there is a belief that actions do not have an effect, we ask for forgiveness and all is gone. This is obviously not correct, every action has an effect. Even if the moral (and the If is big ) punishment was removed from an act by asking for forgiveness the natural effect of that act remains (For example, I get Hepatitis from a heroin injection, while I may be forgiven for damaging my temporal physical vehicle, I still have to deal with the disease ) This process of cause and effect is found in many different traditions, in some forms of eastern philosophy it is known as Sanskaras or Karma.

Unconsciousness is Dangerous

The most dangerous thing in this world is to live unconsciously. The state of the world is a stark testimony to this fact, as is the condition of the lives of most human beings. When we are not conscious, we are not only ruled by our subconscious programming, we are a puppet of the global unconscious. Now that is scary We all have examples in our lives where we have created turmoil and conflict without consciously choosing to do so. Who wouldn't choose prosperity, loving relationships, vibrant health, joyful living and rewarding work Then why are so many people suffering from poverty, painful relationships, depression, illness and unrewarding work Why do we create so many problems and then have to spend so much time and energy dealing with them The answer is lack of consciousness, which links us to the cycle of karma and struggle.

Magic Psychic Training IV

Influence of the negative side of the elements. The very moment the scholar has achieved the magical equipoise, he is standing in the centre of all events, and will be aware of all the laws, all the constitutive moments and processes taking place in the universe, in the true perspective. The scholar is spared from many illnesses producing an effect of balance on his own karma and thus on his fate he becomes more resistant against any dangerous influence. He is cleaning his mental and astral aura, strengthening his mental and astral matrix, he is reviving his magical faculties, and his intuition will become of universal character. His astral senses will be refined and his intellectual capacities will rise.

The Pantacle

The Pantacle is then in a sense identical with the Karma or Kamma of the Magician. The Karma of a man is his ledger. The balance has not been struck and he does not know what it is he does not even fully know what debts he may have to pay, or what is owed him nor does he know on what dates even those payments which he anticipates may fall due. Now consider that this Karma is all that a man has or is. His ultimate object is to get rid of it completely -- when it comes to the point of surrendering This idea of Karma has been confused by many who ought to have know better, including the Buddha, with the ideas of poeticjustice and of retribution. Karma does not work in this way at all. Karma does not act in this tit-for-tat-way. An eye for an eye is a sort of savagejustice, and the idea ofjustice in our human sense is quite foreign to the constitution of the Universe. Karma is the Law of Cause and Effect. There is no proportion in its operations. Once an accident occurs it is impossible...

Magick Talisman Stop Time

One law which everything in our world must live by is the law most commonly called Karma, the law of cause and effect. Every action you take has its own consequences which will come upon you whether you are prepared for those consequences or not. Practitioners of Low Magick tend to go one step further than the as you sow, so shall ye reap idea of Karma. They say that whatever you do will be returned to you threefold. This threefold law states that if you do something good you will be rewarded with a similar amount of good three times over. However, do something negative and you will be rewarded with three times as much bad coming your way. And Karma is carried over from one life to the next. Suicide or death does not expiate Karma. Karma is amoral, meaning it has no morality. It is perfectly and totally just. There are no exceptions to the law of Karma any more than there are exceptions to the law of gravity. If you do Black Magick, whether or not you originally intended it to be...

The Glory Of Jnana Yoga

A Hatha Yogi starts his Sadhana with the body and Prana. A Raja Yogi starts his spiritual practice with the mind. A Jnana Yogi starts his spiritual Sadhana with the Buddhi and Will. To be more accurate a Jnana Yogi starts directly with Brahman. He repeats constantly Aham Brahmasmi. He who is attempting to fix the mind on Brahman is really doing the highest Karma Yoga, highest Yajna, highest duty and highest charity. He need not visit Tirthas. He need not distribute charity.

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu U

Akasa The oscillation of letter U , in the akasa principle, bestows on the quabbalist the faculty of comprehending this principle from the point of view of the creative act and karma. If the quabbalist masters this oscillation, which he will achieve by repeated practice, the original source of everything that exists in all its forms will be revealed to him so that he will fully comprehend it and have it close at hand in his consciousness. This faculty cannot be acquired by anything other than the oscillation of letter U . Mental The U oscillation evokes the highest form of intuition and inspiration in the mental body, and at the same time renders it possible for the quabbalist to explore and master his own karma and its modification.

Second Bardo Preliminary Instructions

O friend, You may experience ego-transcendence, Departure from your old self. But you are not the only one. It comes to all at some time. You are fortunate to have this gratuitously given rebirth experience. Do not cling in fondness and weakness to your old self. Even though you cling to your mind, you have lost the power to keep it. You can gain nothing by struggling in this hallucinatory world. Be not attached. Be not weak. Whatever fear or terror may come to you Forget not these words. Take their meaning into your heart. Go forward. Herein lies the vital secret of recognition.

The Training For Meditation Preliminary Remarks

The oil consecrates everything that is touched with it it is his aspiration all acts performed in accordance with that are holy. The scourge tortures him the dagger wounds him the chain binds him. It is by virtue of these three that his aspiration remains pure, and is able to consecrate all other things. He wears a crown to affirm his lordship, his divinity a robe to symbolize silence, and a lamen to declare his work. The book of spells or conjurations is his magical record, his Karma. In the East is the MagickFire, in which all burns up at last.

Expanding Your Consciousness to Fill thi Universe

This is a tool thai can be used to begin to comprehend the infinity ol the universe, and that your consciousness is capable of encompassing this infinity. You have already experienced this infinity to a certain extent in your initiation, as well as in your death and rebirth experience. The purpose of this tool is to get you used to the idea of an expanded iden tity so that you will be able to operate with greater and greater power in your life and be prepared for the cosmic consciousness experience. With this tool, you will learn to expand your consciousness in a more or less intellectual way to encompass more and more of the universe. In your initiation, you basically just visualized expanded consciousness. In the Zealot phase, with the Death and Rebirth tool, you began to feel expanded consciousness emotionally. With this tool, you will come to understand expanded consciousness intellectually. Likewise, at the Philosopher level, you will expand your consciousness with your will,...

General Description of the Third Bardo

A third sign is a kind of restless, unhappy wandering which may be purely mental or may involve actual physical movement. The person feels as if driven by winds (winds of karma) or shunted around mechanically. There may be brief respites at certain places or scenes in the ordinary human world. Like a person travelling alone at night along a highway, having his attention arrested by prominent landmarks, great isolated trees, houses, bridgeheads, temples, hot-dog stands, etc., the person in the re-entry period has similar experiences. He may demand to return to familiar haunts in the human world. But any such external placation is temporary and soon the restless wandering will recommence. There may come a desperate desire to phone or otherwise contact your family, your doctor, your friends and appeal to them to pull you out of the state. This desire should be resisted. The guide and the fellow voyagers can be of best assistance. One should not try to involve others in one's...

Instructions For The Alldetermining Influence Of Thought

O (name), you may now experience momentary joy, Followed by momentary sorrow, Of great intensity, Like the stretching and relaxing of a catapult. You will go through sharp mood swings, All determined by karma. Be not in the least attached to the joys nor displeased by the sorrows. The actions of your friends or companions may evoke anger or shame in you. If you get angry or depressed, You will immediately have an experience of hell. No matter what people are doing, Make sure that no angry thought can arise. Meditate upon love for them. Even at this late stage of the session You are only one second away from a life-changing joyous discovery. Remember that each of your companions is Buddha within. You mind in its present state having no focus or integrating force, Being light and continuously moving, Whatever thought occurs to you, Positive or negative, Will wield great power. You are extremely suggestible Therefore think not of selfish things. Recall your preparation for the session....

Lesson Five183

The Instant Relaxation Ritual On Elemental Water Exercises to Master Elemental Water Construction of the Water Chalice The Rose Cross Ritual, Including How it Differs from the LBRP The Rite of Self-Dedication Reincarnation Past Lives Reincarnation and Tee-Koon (Kabalistic Karma) Invoking and Banishing Pentagrams The Supreme Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram The Soul, the Ego, Why We Have Trouble Remembering Past Lives and the Four Worlds Signs of Physical Fitness and Health Vitality, Appetite, Deep and Sound Sleep, Good Memory of the Past, Present and Future, Humor Infinite Giving Clear Thinking and Precise Action Realization of Oneness The Five Rites of Rejuvenation Review Bibliography.


But when their eyes were opened (as told in the story of the Fall ) and their consciousness was directed outward towards the facts of the physical World, conditions were altered. Propagation was directed, not by Angels, but by man, who was ignorant of the operation of the Sun- and Moon-forces. His consciousness became focused in the Physical World, although things did not appear to his vision with clearly defined outlines until the latter part of the Atlantean Epoch. Still he came by degrees to know death because of the break made in his consciousness when it was shifted to the higher worlds at death and back to the Physical World at rebirth.


It is ostensible that this fatal germ arrives to the planet Earth submerged within the electromagnetic currents from the Constellation of Cancer. By all means, cancer is the karma of fornication. It is obvious that ancient wise men knew in depth this very special type of Nemesis.


In addition to reading and comprehending Enochian Magic as well as other works on Magick, you would do well to assume a Magical Name, take a Magical Oath, and begin a Magical Diary. Initiation into a magical organization is not necessary. Self-initiation is just as reliable. The important thing is to malee your Body of Light, or your Magical Personality, as real as possible. Under normal circumstances a Magical Name and the Oath will aid in this objective (an oath taken by yourself to yourself and for yourself is as binding as any other kind of oath as far as karma is concerned).

The True Will

Yet, there is a separate reality within each of us which is often ignored unless we seek it. This inner self is in magick called the 'true will'. The true will is the center of consciousness and identity. It is the 'real you'. Everything else is an interface or link to it from the outer (illusory) world. Since that interface is based upon our model, it is conditoned and may sometimes produce false information. 'Do what thou wilt' (Crowley) is an axiom of magick for the true will expresses our exact desires. And what we truly want ('down deep') we tend to automatically get. This isn't always in our best interests, since the true will can be conditioned (tricked) by the illusion and then we might desire and obtain that which is not ultimately good for us. (Karma strikes again ) The task of the magician therefor is to awaken his awareneess of the true will, to be free of conditioning, and thereby to transcend maya. ('My will unconditioned is magical' -Spare).

The Vedantic Theory

When you pass through a mango garden, a ray of the mind comes out through the eye and envelops a mango. It assumes the shape of the mango. The ray is termed Vritti. The enveloping process is called Vritti-Vyapti. The function of a Vritti is to remove the Avarana (veil) that envelops the object and the Upahita Chaitanya. The veil that envelops the mango is removed by the Vritti or the mental ray. There is Chaitanya associated with the Vritti (Vritti Sahita Chaitanya). This Chaitanya illuminates the object 'mango'. This is termed Phala-Vyapti. Just as a torchlight illumines an object in a flash, this Vritti-Chaitanya illumines the object. Then only does perception of the mango take place. Mind makes Sankalpa-Vikalpa Is this a mango or not Buddhi comes to help the mind and determines (this is a mango) through previous experience. Chitta makes Anusandhana (enquiry) How can I get the mango May I ask the gardener or the proprietor Ahankara asserts I must get the mango anyhow. I want it....

The Moon

The Moon, partaking as she does of the highest and the lowest, and filling all the space between, is the most universal of the Planets. In her higher aspect, she occupies the place of the Link between the human and divine, as shown in Atu II. In this Trump, her lowest avatar, she joins the earthy sphere of Netzach with Malkuth, the culmination in matter of all superior forms. This is the waning moon, the moon of witchcraft and abominable deeds. She is the poisoned darkness which is the condition of the rebirth of light.


In addition to the entities already mentioned who dwell in a sin body made by themselves, and who thus suffer entirely from their own deeds in the period of expiation, two classes were found which were similar in certain respects although different in others. In addition to the divine Hierarchies and the four life waves of Spirits now evolving in the Physical World through the mineral, plant, animal, and human kingdoms, there also other life waves which express themselves in the various invisible worlds. Among them there are certain classes of sub-human spirits which are called elementals. It sometimes happens that one of these elementals takes possession of the sin body of some one of a savage tribe, and thus adds extra intelligence to that being. At the rebirth of the spirit that generated this sin body, the usual attracting brings them together, but on account of the elemental ensouling the sin body, the spirit becomes different from the other members of the tribe, and we find them...

Muladhara Vrittis

When a Vritti subsides it leaves a definite impression in the subconscious mind. It is known as Samskara or latent impression. The sum total of all Samskaras is known as Karmasaya or receptacle of works. This is called Sanchita Karma (accumulated works). When a man leaves the physical body, he carries with him his astral body of 17 Tattvas and the Karmasaya as well, to the mental plane. This Karmasaya is burnt by highest knowledge obtained through Asamprajnata Samadhi. He who has firm faith in Srutis and Shastras, who has Sadachara (right conduct), who constantly engages himself in the service of his Guru and who is free from lust, anger, Moha, greed and vanity easily crosses this ocean of Samsara and attains Samadhi quickly. Just as fire burns a heap of dried leaves, so also the fire of Yoga burns all Karmas. The Yogi attains Kaivalya. Through Samadhi, the Yogi gets intuition. Real knowledge flashes in him within a second.

Reawakened10 points

Reincarnation is a fact in the world of GURPS Voodoo, and some people's memories of previous existences survive rebirth (see sidebar, p. 23). If combined with Split Personality, for example, one personality could belong to the PC's previous life. A person with Reawakened can remember skills and even mystic rituals learned during other life cycles. These skills and rituals must be purchased normally this Unusual Background advantage explains how the PC learned them, but does not grant him any point cost breaks.

Reentry Visions

According to the Bardo Thodol, the level one is detined for is determined by one's karma. During the period of the Third Bardo premonitory signs and visions of the different levels appear, that for which one is heading appearing most clearly. For example, the voyager may feel full of godlike power (asuras), or he may feel himself stirred by primitive or bestial impulses, or he may experience that all-pervasive frustration of the unhappy neurotics, or shudder at the tortures of a self-created hell.


A sage living in a Himalayan cave can transmit a powerful thought to a corner of America. He who practises Nishkama Karma Yoga in the world purifies himself through disinterested works and he who meditates in a cave in the Himalayas and tries to purify himself really purifies the world, helps the world at large through his spiritual vibrations. Nobody can prevent his pure thoughts coming out and passing to others who really want them. Worldly-minded social workers cannot understand this point.

Elemental Evolution

The buried treasures remain guarded by the elemental guardians. These treasures are only found when these elementals deliver them by command of the Lords of Karma. These elemental guardians can carry their treasures to other places and place them in a Jinn (enchanted) state. This is how no one can trespass over the will of the Lords of Karma.

Third Lecture

I have treated yama and niyama at great length because their importance has been greatly underrated, and their nature completely misunderstood. They are definitely magical practices, with hardly a tinge of mystical flavour. The advantage to us here is that we can very usefully exercise and develop ourselves in this way in this country where the technique of Yoga is for all practical purposes impossible. Incidentally, one's real country -- that is, the conditions -- in which one happens to be born is the only one in which yama and niyama can be practised. You cannot dodge your karma. You have got to earn the right to devote yourself to Yoga proper by arranging for that devotion to be a necessary stage in the fulfilment of your True Will. In Hindustan one is now allowed to become 'Sannyasi' -- a recluse -- until one has fulfilled one's duty to one's own environment -- rendered to Caesar the things which are Caesar's before rendering to God the things which are God's.

Part Eight

Once this is understood, instead of looking at what is included in these books, notice what is omitted. In the grimoires, the knowledge of karma and the need to do a divination before doing any Grey Magick is never discussed. The teacher would have instilled these ideas very strongly into the head of a student.

To be Born again

The actual nature of the process of Transfiguration is important to define, so is the way of entering into it. The fundamentalist Christian concept of simply giving your life to Jesus is utterly alien to the real teachings of the Master Jesus. The process of being born again is just that, a process. Just like a child takes nine months from conception to birth, so the process of being reborn takes a long period of time, perhaps even many lives. It is an apt description, birth brings us into the fallen words, rebirth takes us out of it The moment of conception is that time when you decide to enter onto the Path of Transfiguration. From that conception you begin to grow and transform from a person of the flesh to a being of spirit, from a slave of the Archons to a centre of Light. The choice of reproductive imagery is deliberate, since the Gnostic tradition is anti-reproductive, in some sense to be born again is to be de-born as well as reborn, you have chosen to create a new self within...

General Conclusion

The way in which this teaching is effective, even for a voyager already in the Sidpa Bardo, is as follows each person has some positive and some negative game-residues (karma). The continuity of consciousness has been broken by an ego-death for which the person was not prepared. The teachings are like a trough in a broken water drain, temporarily restoring the continuity with positive karma. As stated before, the extreme suggestibility or detached quality of consciousness in this state ensures the efficacy of listening to the doctrine. The teaching embedded in this Manual may be compared to a catapult which can direct the person towards the goal of liberation. Or like the moving of a big wooden beam, which is so heavy that a hundred men cannot carry it, but by being floated on water it can be easily moved. Or it is like controlling a horse's bit and course by the use of a bridle. It liberates by being seen or heard, without need of ritual or complex meditation. This Profound Teaching...

The Two Paths

The first Path is known as the Terrestrial Path or that of the Dove. There are actually two paths within the process of Transfiguration. Before anyone can enter the Path of the Serpent of Wisdom or the Celestial Path they must have passed through the Terrestrial first. The Terrestrial Path is the path of rebirth for most Gnostics, it is a demanding way which transforms the Dialectic into the very substance of the Treasury of Light. In the New Testament it is the Path of the Called. In the secret teachings of Valentinus those who enter the Path of the Dove are known as Psychics, while those who follow the secret Path of the Serpent are known as Pneumatics. (Fig 17) The Path of the Dove has seven stages as shown in figure 18. These seven stages illustrate the process of the Terrestrial path, after the Gnostic has worked through these stages he can rightly be called a Child of the Treasury of Light. At this point, depending on his destiny, he will reincarnate and teach and assist others...

Aleister Crowley

The three degrees are all called 'madras' which can mean symbolic positions (you may already be familiar with the mudras as hand positions used in meditations). This is the first and lowest stage. It is Magick using an external partner. Any magical operation which is conducted by two or more people which calls on or uses sexual forces or currents is of the Karmamudra type. If you are interested in this degree, you should study Sex Magick by Louis T. Culling and The Magick of Sex by Melita Denning and Osborne Phillips. Both of these references are Llewellyn publications. Be advised, however, that the name 'karma'-mudra is not without meaning here. NOTE In spite of what you may have read elsewhere, the Karmamudra stage is the lowest and most dangerous to . practice. If you have any reservations, skip it and proceed to Jnanamudra. The sole practical benefit of Karmamudra, as far as Enochian Magick is concerned, is that successful practice will often allow you to advance to...


The regulating monad, the Primordial Monad permits the activity of all of its subordinates inside the human organism, until the time indicated by the Law of Karma. The difficult thing for the Essence is to become unbottled, to escape from its prison, to come out of the Lunar Bodies, to abandon the Pluralized I. Each person's Karma is definitive in this matter. When the deceased has relived the entire life that has just passed in a retrospective manner, he then has to appear before the Tribunals of karma in order to be judged. The Return to a new womb is carried out in accordance with the Law of Karma.


Some ill-prepared subjects unconsciously impose a medical model on the experience. They look for symptoms, interpret each new sensation in terms of sickness health, place the guide in a doctor-role, and, if anxiety develops, demand chemical rebirth - i.e., tranquilizers. Occasionally one hears of casual, ill-planned, non-guided sessions which end in the subject demanding to be hospitalized, etc. It is even more problem-provoking if the guide employs a medical model, watches for symptoms, and keeps hospitalization in mind to fall back on, as protection for himself.

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