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Geometrical shapes take on a special meaning in the New Hermetics because of their associations with number and form. Below are summaries of the associations of a number of shapes that contribute to the power ol magick.

The Triangle

The triangle is the first solid shape. It is the first possible linear shape, and is appropriately associated with the scphirah Binah and the planet

Saturn. Medieval sorcerers used triangles to bind spirits, because they believed the limiting force of the triangle would confine the spirit. The triangle may be used in any effort to restrict, structure, or limit anything. The number three also indicates cycles and, therefore, time, also a limiting factor appropriate to Saturn. Talismans having to do with the energies ol Saturn should be triangular in shape.

The Square

The square is related to Chesed, whose number is four. Any talisman having to do with the energies of Jupiter should be square in shape. The shape of a square implies the form of a castle or walled structure, which somewhat explains its association with society, prestige, rulcrship, and other Jupiterean qualities. The square also symbolizes a sort of structure that is beyond simple walls; it represents a sort of completion or perfection. We all want a "square deal" and three "square meals" a day. 1'his shape also implies the four elements working in balanced harmony.

The Pentagram

The pentagram is the force of Mars and the sephira Geburah. The shape of the pentagram implies the human form. This corresponds to the strength of the human spirit over the four elements. We also have five fingers on each hand, the tools we use to manifest our wills in the universe. "I he structure of the pentagram also contains the geometry of phi," the so-called golden mean, which indicates infinite self-replication and the golden spiral of ever-increasing expansion. Martial talismans should be five-sided.

The Hexagram

The hexagram is made up of two triangles, one pointing toward the heavens, one coward earth. The number six is the number of I iphareth, the connecting point between humanity s animal and divine natures. The number six represents balance, a perfect equilibrium between forces. Solar talismans are six-sided.

The Septagram

The number seven is associated with the days of the week, the seven ancient planets, the seven colors of the rainbow, the seven seas, and a number of other natural phenomena. It has always been considered a beneficial or "lucky" number. Seven is a number that has always had a mystical, mythical quality associated with it. Talismans associated with Venus should be seven-sided.

The Ocutgram

Eight is a number associated with systems. The octave of musical notes, the eight Chinese trigrams, and Learys model of consciousness are a few examples. This number implies science, patterns, and knowledge of all sorts. Talismans of Mercury should be eight-sided.

The Enneagram

Nine is the number of the Moon and the sephirah Yesod. The number nine has long been associated with the emotions. The nine muses of ancient Greece are perhaps the most obvious example. Lunar talismans should be nine-sided.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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