The Ten Sep hi roth

The ten spheres ¡11 Figure 5, called sepbiroth in Hebrew, represent divine manations, or levels in the manifestation of creation. These emanations represent the evolution of the universe from the single thought of divine intelligence to the myriad forms of physical reality. This ten-fold volution is a very complete representation of the subtle development of reality.

The Tree of Life is merely a model, but it is very complete and prac-ical. It is a paradigm for looking at abstract ideas, and should not be nfused with truth. You will see that we can place many different conducts conveniently into this ten-fold division of the universe.

In Table 5 (sec page 39), I've placed the numbers and names of the phiroth, along with their planetary attributions and brief interpreta-jons, so that you can really begin to put all this together. If you look ack to Table 2 (see page 33), you will notice that this evolution has also been explained there.

I These energies can be seen in the numbered tarot cards. The archetypal energies of these symbolic emanations of divinity have been represented as gods in many cultures. By understanding these archetypal energies, you can really begin to understand the collective unconscious described by Jung. Table 6 (see page 39) gives a brief overview of this comparative process. It is merely meant to be suggestive.

Figure 5. The Qabalistic Tree »I Life.


Astrological Correspondence


9 10

Kctlict, Crown Chokmah, Wisdom Binah, Understanding

Chesed. Mercy Geburah, Severity Tiphareth, Beauty

Ner/ach, Victory

Hod. Splendor

Ycsod, Foundation Malkuth. Kingdom

Whole Universe Zodiac "b Saturn if Jupiter Cf Mars 0 Sun

9 Venus



Father, expansion, free flow of creation

Mother, limitation, field or womb of creation

Beginnings of time and space

Beginnings of force and motion in space/time

Son, the center, balance, beginning of individuation

Attraction of forces, gravity, clcctro magnetism, etc.

Laws of the universal structure, mathematics, physics Astral oraethyric matrix

Daughter, the physical world

Table 5. The ten sephiroth and their correspondences.


Greek God

Egyptian God

Hindu God

Nordic God



















































Tabic 6. The ten sephiroth and their corresponding deities.

Figure 6. The process of integration and awakening shown on the Tree of Life.

Ancient Models (or the New I lermetics 41

In the New Hermetics, you will systematically evolve your consciousness up through the sephiroth From the tenth scphirah of physical manifestation to the first sephirah of divine unity. Each of the levels of the New Hermetics deals with one of these sephiroth and the corresponding states of consciousness and practices that allow you to understand and integrate its special nature. The process of initiation or awakening to universal consciousness is reciprocal to the process of creation. Creation begins with the unmanifest singularity of the cosmic mind, and develops into the myriad forms of physical reality. The process of the New Hermetics system will assist you in returning your consciousness from the myriad forms of the physical world back to the singularity of cosmic oneness (see figure 6, opposite).

10—Malkutb: Level 1 Initiate This is the final sephirah in the process of creation. It is the physical universe as we know it and the sphere of the four elements. The gateway to the astral plane, or acthyr, leads off from this sephirah. It is the ultimate manifestation of the divine expression. It is also sometimes called Malkah, the Bride, or the Daughter. It is associated with the ancient element of earth, which can be understood as physical consciousness and the perceptions and images that you perceive, both externally in the world and in your mind's eye. At the Initiate level of the New Hermetics, you are instructed in the physical actions that will help to enrich you spiritually, in setting goals for your life in the world and in refraining your perceptions of pain and pleasure so that you will have greater control over your physical life and the ancient element of earth. You are instructed in how to gain balance between the ancient elements in your personality and character, in how to gain control over your inner senses, your experience of the astral plane or aethyr, and in how to visualize. All of the tools that you will use at the Initiate level give you a practical understanding of the sephirah Malkuth.

9—Ye sod: Level 2 Zealot The sephirah Yesod is the subtle framework or foundation upon which the physical universe is based. It is associated with the energies upon which the material world depends for coherence. In our bodies, these are our sensations, emotions and feelings, and the ideas that result in man-

42 The New I icrmctics Program ifestation. For example, if your emotions do not support your ideas and dreams, they will never manifest in the world, because your ideas will not pass through the sephirah Yesod. 1'his emotional world is the gateway between matter and spirit. Emotions are expressions of our minds and spirits, but they cause real chemical changes in our bodies that are the difference between health and disease, bliss and depression, action and hesitation. We can also change our physical bodies in ways that change our emotions, and thus change our minds and spirits. We can do this by moving in ways that energize us, activating the subtle currents ol the sephiroth Yesod. At the Zealot level of the New Hermetics, you are taught how to manage and transform your emotions in numerous ways so that you are in greater control of your emotional life and of the ancient element of water. You will also begin to learn how to create magical changes through the practice called "manifesting synchronicity." Through these practices at the Zealot level, you master the sephirah Yesod.

8—Llod: Level 3 Practitioner This sephirah comprises the laws and formulas of the universe. It is the divine intellect, the mathematical systems and concepts that form the universe as we know it. It corresponds, of course, with our own intellect, and the symbols, rules, and languages with which we all communicate and understand the world. It can be understood as the symbol systems and beliefs that we use to construct our perceptions of the world. At the Practitioner level of the New Hermetics. you are introduced to the archetypal symbology of the tarot and taught how to change your beliefs to give you greater power over your perceptions and control over your own life. You are also taught several ways to begin to use your growing powers and understanding of the universe to change your reality in a practical way and techniques for expanding and dramatically changing your mind's perceptions.

7—Nctzacb: Level 4 Philosopher This sephirah is the power of attraction between the forces that shape the universe. It is the sephirah of love. It is the attractive force that binds atomic particles together, keeps planets in their orbits, and draws lovers together in passionate embrace. In our minds, the sephirah Netzach represents the passions of our hearts, the morals and values that guide

Ancient Models ti>r the New H«rmetics 43

our lives, our driving emotions, our intuitions, and the highest aspirations ol our nature. It is also associated with the ancient element of fire, which is our will, our passion, and our creativity. At the Philosopher level of the New Herrnetics, you are instructed in the process of examining and adjusting the hierarchy of your values, so that they most effectively support the kind of life you want to create. You will also learn the method for invoking the forces and presence of the ancient gods, the importance of correspondences in the creation of talismans or magical objects, and the development of your intuition. You will begin to harmonize what you have learned and begin the practice called Rising on the Planes.

6—Tiphareth: Level 5 Adept This is the sephirah of harmony and beauty. It is the center of the Tree of Life and is associated with the Sun. It is the balancing and harmonizing power in the universe, often called compassion or bliss. Tiphareth is sometimes called The Son, because it is a reflection of the highest divine consciousness that exists in the first sephirah, Kether. This is the true center of human consciousness, and the sphere where we gain contact with the highest aspect of ourselves. It is our connection with universal consciousness, sometimes called our Holy Guardian Angel. At the Adept level of the New Herrnetics, you are instructed in how to gain pure contact with this cosmic consciousness and how to resolve and master the subtle demons of fear that still hide in the dark corners of your being. From the exalted perspective of higher consciousness, your fears and personal demons will become your faithful servants. You will also further balance your nature to become truly adept and learn to radiate Rosicrucian love out into the world.

5—Geburah: Level 6 Advanced Adept Geburah is the strength of divine consciousness—force in its most pure and undifferentiated state. It is the power of justice, the judgment of the divine. It is the will of God. In consciousness, it is the higher will of divine universal consciousness as it is expressed through the work of the Advanced Adept. The tools of the Advanced Adept are beyond the scope of this book.

44 The New I icrmctics Program

4—Chesed: Level 7 Perfect Adept This sephirah is the pure, giving, and merciful nature of divine consciousness, which gives purely of itself to create the universe. Chescd is form in its most pure and undifferentiated state, the beginnings of time and space. It is the sephirah of leadership, generosity, and abundance. The Perfect Adept is a leader in every sense of the word, dedicated to giving all to humanity. The tools of the Perfect Adept are also beyond the scope of this book.

3—Binah: Level 8 Master This sephirah is the quantum field in which the universe manifests—the womb in which creation takes place. Binah is sometimes called The Mother. It is the beginnings of form, the start of structure in the creation of the universe. It is the last dwelling of pure divine consciousness before it expresses itself through the time-space continuum in Chesed. The Master of the New Hermetics is fully identified with this divine consciousness and identifies purely with divinity.

2—Chokmah: Level 9 Mage This sephirah is the beginning of force. It is sometimes called The Father. It is the pure expression of divine consciousness flowing freely in the act of creation. It is not until it reaches Binah that it has any limitation. The Mage is a pure force of nature, the expression and expresser of divine creativity.

1—Kether: Level 10 Ultimate Master This is the first sephirah, which is pure unit)' consciousness without differentiation. It is singularity, the monad, the universe as one thing. As it expresses itself, it moves instantly into Chokmah and Binah. Kether and the Ultimate Master are really entirely inexplicable in words, at least by me. This is really true of Binah and Chokmah as well.

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