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he first necessary step to succeeding at anything, whether spiritually or in any other area of your life, is to set goals for what you want to accomplish. If you do not know where you are going, you will never get there, he only way to manifest anything is to know specifically what it is ou'd like to manifest. By understanding what you want, you will be Ore able to take the actions necessary to accomplish your goals, and ou'll be less likely to do things in opposition to your goals.

It is for 1 his reason that, before you use any more of the tools of the ew Hermetics, you must set some goals for yourself. Because the New

Hcrmctics is a program to help you with all aspects of your life, the goals you set will he in all areas of your life, from the lofty heights of spirituality to other matters such as your financial life and your other material affairs. By looking at all aspects of your life and deciding what you want right now, you will he able to incorporate spiritual technologies into the accomplishment of everything in your life. You deserve happiness and fulfillment on all planes.

As you set goals, please think about what you really want. Don't be afraid to set goals that seem impossible or out of reach. Nothing that you can conceive of is impossible if you really want to make it happen, You are going to be getting in couch with the source of all possibilities and gaining access to infinite power. Please list the goals that will really make you happy and fulfilled. Make sure that your goals are so cxi. it-ing that you will want to do everything in your power to make them happen. Dare to dream.

The sole reason for doing this exercise is to help you lead a purpose-driven life, a life that makes you happy, fills you with hope and passion, and sustains you in your lifcs journey. As Joseph Campbell might say, it is to help you ' follow your bliss." Please be sure to think about what goals in life would really make you happy. As you get to know yoursel better throughout the New Hermetics, these goals will naturally change That is fine. Discover where you are now.

The New Hermetics separates goals into five categories, corrcspon ding to the four elements, and the fifth element of spirit. These five cat egories can be separated roughly as follows:

Spirit—Spiritual goals, your life's work.

Fire—Goals for your will, personal power, desires, creativity, and sexuality.

Water—Emotional goals, feelings, and relationships.

Air—Intellectual goals, goals about your ability to communicate.

Earth—Financial goals, physical appearance.

Set four goals in each of these areas, stating each in the positive future tense for now, beginning each statement with, "I will . . ." Figure 16 gives examples of some goals in each category (see figure 16, opposite).



W AT F i?



1. ! will experience a transcendental union with universal consciousness.

2. I will communicate with Angels.

3. I will radiate love to everyone I meet.

4. I will be an iconoclastic freedom fighter.

1. 1 will feel confident and loving with all people.

2. 1 will enjoy sex more and more.

3. 1 will cultivate a high-energy life.

4. I will paint three new paintings.


1. I will learn to manage my emotional states.

2. I will cultivate a natural state of" bliss and peace.

3. I will learn to take things less personally.

4. I will improve my friendships and love life.


1. I will get my master's degree.

2. I will master my communication with my sell and others.

3. I will learn to speak Spanish.

4. I will study more about the Qabala.


1. I will earn 5200,000 a year in personal income.

2. I will buy new clothes and improve my appearance.

3. I will drive a Corvette.

4. I will become more athletic and lose twenty pounds of fat.


Figure 16. Sample goals organized by element.

Of course, you can set whatever goals you like. Don't he afraid to he as creative and dramatic as youd like. But please make sure that yom goals are things that you really do want. If you set goals that you dom care about, you won't be helping yourself at all. You may always change your goals whenever you want, so just write down what's important to you at the moment. As you grow in all areas of your life, your goals will change and grow as well. You will review your goals often, so you will constantly have the opportunity to change and improve them.

In order to get the most out of anything in your life, it is really necessary to know what it is that you are looking for. I laving goals is absolutely essential to accomplishing anything in life. By really knowing what you want, you will be able to get so much more out of the New Hermetics than if you just begin practicing these exercises without any direction. If you take a few moments to decide what you really want, I guarantee that the upcoming exercises will help you to achieve it.

Before you begin writing, Id like to share with you a few keys that will help make your goals even better than the ones in Figure 16. If you follow these simple rules, your goals will be as effective as possible. I'hey are based on some of the principles of neuro-lmguistic programming.

1. State your goals in the positive. Write down what you want, not what you don't want.

2. Make sure your goals are things that you can do. Don't set goals that require others to do things. "1 want my girlfriend to stop bugging me," is a poorly formed goal. It will actually discmpower you, because you won't be able to guarantee results. "1 will figure out how I can get along better with my girlfriend," is something that you can definitely accomplish.

3. State specifically what you want—the amounts, environment—right down to the exact details you want.

4. State your goals in sensory terms. Try not to use vague words such as "enlightenment." State instead that you want to experience ecstasy all through your body and soul and feel an overwhelming sensation of connectedness with everything in the world. This makes your goals something real.

5. State goals in increments or "chunks" that you can believe in. Don't say, "I want to earn a million dollars," say "I'd like to work every day on improving my financial situation until I achicvc the state of abundance in my life."

6. You can put resources into your goals. Create subgoals to give you the abilities to achieve your goal. II you are interested in becoming a successful businesswoman, you will need assertiveness, confidence, focus, perhaps training. Include these factors in your goals.

7. Check the "ecology" of your goals. Make sure that your goals are really something that you want. Is there a part of you that is resistant to the goal? You must address that resistance or you will not succeed.

8. Clarify to yoursclfwhat the fulfillment of the goal will be like. Make sure you know specifically how you will know when you've achieved your goal or you may achieve your goal and not even realize it!

Once you have written down your goals in each of the categories, set a time frame for each of them. Do you want to accomplish them in six I months, a year, two years, or right now? Write the time frame next to each goal. Once you have done this, choose your five most immediate goals, and think of one thing that you can do right now to begin the process of accomplishing them (see figure 17, page 88). It doesn't have to be a big thing. If you want to learn Spanish, you could buy a book or look into a continuing-education class. If you want to buy a Corvette, you [could send awav for a brochure.

Now, go out and do these five small things. Don't worry about whether any of your goals are presently financially or emotionally out of reach. Simply begin the process, and you will discover the way to accomplish ¡your goals as you progress in the New Hermetics. Just make sure that you do some small thing to begin the process.

Throughout the New Hermetics, you will return to these goals and make changes in yourself and the world around you with the practices [of the New 1 lermetics that will make it possible to accomplish anything 011 can dream. This simple exercise will change your life.

You may find it very useful to begin keeping a regular journal of your ractice with the New I lermetics tools. Any sort of lined notebook will o. Don't bother purchasing anything too expensive or fancy, as you will feel compelled to record only important things in such a book. Rccord everything that comes to your mind. By keeping a regular record, you will be able to track your progress and really understand your expanding abilities as they start to blossom. If you don't keep a journal, you won't have any idea where you've been, and that will make it harder to know where you are going. Keep a journal of your thoughts, your actions, and any use of the New I lermetics tools for manifesting magical results. You will learn what is working for you, what is not, and how to change what you are doing to benefit you further in the future. You will discover an incredible amount about yourselfand the universe as you proceed. Do not forget to share these things in your journal. You can also download free workbooks for each of the levels of the New 1 lermetics at

My Five Most Important Goals


I will get my master's degree.

To begin moving toward this goal 1 will call up the admissions

office and get an application.


1 will buy new clothes and improve my appearance.

1 will make a ol clothing items 1 need.


1 will improve my friendships and love life.

I'm gong to call Clary! I haven't talked to him in ages!


I will radiate love to everyone I meet.

fm going to smile at ten people today.


1 will become more athletic and lose twenty pounds of fat.

I'll ask Can,' if he wants to play tennis.

Figure 17. Your five most important goals.

Figure 17. Your five most important goals.

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