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This tool is one method, the active method, of silencing thought. It is a "martial" method, requiring you to be focused and determined. It may take several attempts to master. The purpose of this tool is to teach you how the structure of your thinking process works and to provide you with a tool for making your mind silent. It is only in silence that true cosmic consciousness manifests.

1. Enter the altered state using your meditation anchor (see page 132).

2. Go to your inner temple (see page 90).

3. Perform the New Hermetics grounding and centering (see page 99).

4. Observe your thoughts passively, allowing yourself to calm and slow down.

5. As you do this, you will discover the place in your mind where your thoughts originate. Thoughts may come to you as images, words, or feelings.

6. You will become active, while remaining relaxed, identifying yourself with a desire to stop these thoughts at the point where they begin. As each new thought comes into your mind, cause images to explode, disintegrate, or fade. Turn voices down until they're inaudible. Jettison feelings out of your body. You will find finer and finer layers of thought as you go.

7. Once you are able to destroy each thought as it occurs, destroy your thoughts even as they are beginning to form. Destroy the beginnings of thought.

8. Finally, destroy the ultimate cause of thoughts, the thinker. Do this by simply shutting down all of your representational systems. You will be in pure silence. This is sometimes called the opening of the eye of Shiva—the destruction of the universe.

9. After a time, return to your inner temple.

10. Perform the New Hermetics grounding and centering.

11. Return to normal consciousness.



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