Projection of Energy to Charge Spaces

This tool is used to charge a room, or house, or any space with a desired energy. You may use this tool to charge your house with vital energy, giving you a boost of energy every time you enter. You can charge your bedroom with relaxing energy to help you drift off to sleep at night. You can even charge your car with negative energy when parking in the city to keep away thieves. You can also use this tool with elemental ncrgy (fire, water, air, earth) or planetary energy.

You may want to charge your study with air energy to assist you in tellectual matters or fire energy for creativity or passion. You may want to charge your bedroom with the energy of Venus to create an amorous tmosphere. Elemental and planetary charging will become especially useful later on when you are working with specific gods or spirits.

If you are using elemental energies, you may want to face the appropriate quadrant of your inner temple. For all other energies, you may direct yourself in any way. It may be useful for you to imagine specific colors to assist you in drawing the appropriate energy into your environment. For general types of energy such as vital power, creativity, peace, joy, bliss, excitement, or relaxation, you may simply imagine .1 white or blue-white light. Table 11 (opposite) recommends specific elements or planets and colors for specific magical energies. You may ol course use any color that you feel is most appropriate in any case.

You can use the information in Table 11 as a leaping-off point lot getting really creative. You can also charge spaces with more generalized "white-light" energy for any ol the above purposes. Don't feel restricted by the elemental and planetary energies. A lot of people find them very effective, however, because they have been used this way for centuries and have a lot of built-in power.

You may also charge spaces at a distance. For instance, if you have an important business meeting, you can draw in vital power or earth energy and impress upon it a desire to have a successful meeting. You can then send this energy to the room where your meeting will take place. Your meeting will go amazingly well. Use your imagination and really use this tool co enhance your world. As with all of the magical cools ol the New Hermetics, it is important to believe that this will work. You should start with small things at first and build up to greater ones.

While you are drawing the energy that you desire, you must make a couple of decisions and impress them upon the energy you're accumulating. First, you must decide what specific purpose this energy will serve. Second, you must decide how long it will remain where you arc sending it. You may charge a space for five minutes, five days, five years, perpetually, or any amount of time in between. You must simply decide and project chat choice with the energy.

1. Lnter die altered state using your meditation anchor (see page 132).

2. Go to your inner temple (see page 90).

3. Perform the New Hermetics grounding and centering {see page 99).

4. Visualize the desired energy (vital power, ecstasy, Jupiter, etc.) as filling the entire universe in a diluted, but all encompassing, form (see figure 43, page 168). In this diluted form, it is mixed with all other energies. However, become aware of this particular energy by imagining an appropriate color, sound, or feeling.

Element/ Planet




nxl or red-orange

succcst. passion. sex, lust, creativity, intuition, strength, will


l)lue 01 bluc-grccn

friendship, love, tranquility, healing, emotions, rest, understanding


yellow or blue

education, memory, intellect, leaching, communication, travel, writing, theories, organizing


green. black, or brown

money, jobs, promotions, investments, health, business, physical body, construction, physical appearance


black or violet

structures, limitation, responsibility, seriousness, reincarnation, death, inheritances, old age


blue or violet

generosity, .iluindancc, leadership, v ision, acquiring wealth, legal issues, luck, expansion



justice, strength, force, violence, eneigy, war, aggression, courage, competition, athletics, masculinity


yellow or gold

harmony, balance, wholeness, health, regain youth, peace, illumination, obtaining money, divine power



love, desire, aesthetics, nurture, beauty, pleasure, art. lux my. aphroilisiac, perfume, femininity


orange or mixed colors

reason, communication, logic, knowledge, travel, writing, school, science, medicine, mathematics, the mind


vinlei, blue, or silver

imagination, instinct, subconscious, emotion, the astral world, clairvoyance, dreams, sleep, the se.i

Table 11. Elements, planets, and colors lor magical purposes.

Table 11. Elements, planets, and colors lor magical purposes.

5. Begin pore breathing (see page 98), drawing the appropriate energy into your body through all of your pores. Fill yourself with this energy until you feel you could nearly burst (see figure 44, page 169). Experience this energy palpably, visibly, inside your body, both in your inner temple and in your physical body.

6. Express to this energy THE specific purpose it will serve and how long it will remain in effect.

7. Allow the energy to move out of your solar plexus to fill the space you have chosen to charge. Visualize the energy filling the space you are charging (see figure 45, page 170). It is ideal for you to actually be in this room, but not absolutely necessary.

Figure 43. imagine rhc desired energy filling the universe in diluted form.

8. Repeat this process until you experience that the space is fully charged. You will know when you have succeeded by how you feel.

9. Perform the New Hermetics grounding and centering.

10. Return to normal awareness.

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