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he purpose of this tool is to provide you with a powerful internal source for giving you advice on any subject, helping you to under-tand your internal experiences, and assisting you to remove blocks and end conflicts inside your own inner temple.

Your inner teacher knows everything about you and your universe, because this teacher is a representation in the aethyr of your own connection to cosmic consciousness. You have always had this inner teacher: it is the inner voice that gives you sound advice when you are troubled. Your inner teacher is a real connection with cosmic consciousness, and you will gain tremendously, spiritually and practically, from the use of this technique. You will have access to your inner teacher any time you need assistance through the use of this tool. As you proceed into the future, you can call upon this inner teacher anytime, to help you discover and enhance your creativity, solve problems, and guide you in your inner-temple experiences, lo some, this tool may appear to be merely a New Age meditation, but 1 suggest these readers make a siud\ of ancient Greek magical papyri, where similar techniques are legion.

Communications from your inner teacher may seem to come from your own mind, or they may seem to come from an entirely separate consciousness. You will be able to distinguish the messages of your inner teacher from the rest of your thoughts because they will always be loving and uncritical. Your inner teacher is an excellent resource for accessing internal wisdom any time you are in need. It will be with you ai all phases of your New Hcrmctics work, and you can always call upon this teacher in any situation.

Your inner teacher will also be an excellent resource in solving conflicts with others. When you are working with it to resolve a conflict with someone, tell it about your conflict, anil ask what this person sym-bolizes on the inner plane for you. Your inner teacher will then sho" you an image or symbolic representation. It may be a being, but it will not resemble the person with whom you are in conflict; rather it is the archetypal energy you are projecting onto them. Then you can ask thi figure or symbol if it will communicate with you. When it agrees, as' the figure to tell you how you can get along with it most beneficially; as it to work with you in the transformation of your life toward the posi rive. If the figure seems reluctant, hostile, or aggressive, ask it how you can relate more positively to ii. Consider any advice you receive, however strange it may appear, and thank the symbolic figure. This is an excellent tool lor dissolving conflicts with other people.

Use litis tool to meet your inner teacher. Once you are thoroughly familiar with your teacher, you can call him or her anytime, whether you arc in your inner temple, on the bus, or at your job. Your inner teacher will be available to help you whenever you're in need.

1. Enter the altered state (see page 73).

2. Go to your inner temple (see page 90).

3. Perform the New Hermetics grounding and centering (see page 99).

4. Look up at the globe of light above you. Visualize a figure in the middle of the light. This is your inner teacher, who has always been there, but you have never noticed before. Allow your teacher's wisdom, love, protection, and acceptance to flow into you. Feel this blissful exchange. Start receiving visual impressions of your teacher. Begin with the feet. Shoes? Bare? Dress? Body fat or thin? Short or tall? What kind of feelings do you get about your teacher? Is your teacher active or passive? Gentle? Extroverted? Your inner teacher will always have this same appearance from now on. It will not be anyone that you know, or any famous figure, historical or fictional. Most likely, the figures appearance will be vague at first. Do not worry. It is the connection that is important.

5. Ask your inner teacher to take both your hands. Feel this connection. Allow your teacher to give love to you. Allow yourself to feel an intimate connection with your teacher. You may ask your teacher's name, but do not be upset if you cannot hear it today. You will eventually come to know it if it is necessary.

6. Ask your teacher for guidance on any subject that you need to know about or for assistance in removing any blocks or problems in your life. Allow images and insights to be exchanged between you and your teacher. If you do not understand any messages that come to you, ask for them to be clarified, and they will be.

7. When you have finished communicating with your teacher, thank it and make sure it will be available when you need advice. You will be assured of this.

8. Perform the New Hermetics grounding and centering.

9. Return to normal consciousness.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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