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There has been some confusion about whether the New I lermetics is a psychological or a spiritual system. It is really just an issue oí models. In the psychological model, magick is viewed as entirely being "in our heads," while in the spiritual model, it is viewed as a connection with an admittedly invisible but very real and tangible spiritual world.

Many modern occultists view magick in more or less psychological terms, seeing it as a sort of colorful mental philosophy. The New Hermetics agrees with this wholeheartedly, but we do not wish to discard the spiritual model either. There are many phenomena that occur that defy our current scientific understanding of the universe. You may perform acts of magick, and you will get unexpectedly positive results. 1 can personally guarantee that you will continually be surprised. Still, many of the good skeptics among you may view these occurrences as coincidence.

However, il you pretend to have magical powers, and your current belief system prefers the psychological model, you will frequently experience inexplicable synchronicitics that indicate that there may be something more going on beyond it being "all in your head." But il you approach these experiments believing completely in the awesome powers of magick, you may find that you fail often enough that it is impossible to prove your powers statistically.

We reconcile this in the New Hermetics by pointing out that there is really no fundamental difference between the models. As a great occultist once said, "Its all in your head, you just don't realize how big your head really is." The spiritual world is in our minds, but so is the physical world. By changing conditions in the internal, spiritual world, you eventually create change in the physical world.

'To demonstrate, spend the next ten to fifteen minutes focused 011 how nice the people who live in your neighborhood arc. If you really focus on this intently, you may discover something remarkable. If you spend some time really thinking about all of the times when people have been kind to you and all of the pleasant experiences you have had with both friends and strangers, and that you have even had experiences where you did not get along with someone initially, but eventually you were good friends, you may feel pretty positive. And if you really focus, so that your feelings, images, and memories are vivid and powerful, you

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may feel very positive. Then go outside. You may find an amazing transformation. You may see friends and potential friends everywhere you look. With this simple mental process, you can transform your entire neighborhood! Now. we do this with ourselves and the negative opposite of this all the time. What you focus on transforms your reality. Just by being aware of this, you can become all-powerful whenever you are ready.

It can be argued that you are not really changing the world by this process, just your own mind, but this is really irrelevant. The moment that you have a pleasant experience with a stranger after you have done this exercise, you experience what Jung called a "synch ronicity." You have created an intentional, meaningful coincidence. This is the essence of magick. And argue as you may about cause and effect, you have made the change happen. By projecting positive thoughts into the universe, you cause positive experiences in your life. It is really quite simple and orks with all things.

Words, Colors, and Brain Change , The New Hermetics offers many more sophisticated methods of manifesting synchronicity (or magick) than the above creative visualization. It should be emphasized that simple creative visualization is an incred-bly potent and surprisingly effective technique. Still, with the New ermetics, you will be introduced to several methods of more distinctly nnecting with particular kinds of archetypal energy to manifest spe-ific kinds of synch Tonicities.

1 One of the most powerful ways of specifying your magical or mys-'cal intent is through the use of words. We humans are verbal creatures. By instructing our unconscious minds with specific desires, worded refully, we can manifest exactly what we want. Words can be used in any ways. They can be used rhythmically to create chants, incantations, invocations, or mantras. They can be used to describe, and thus ummon, the energy of some specific god. Words can be combined to reate glyphs representing our desires in abstract, pictorial form. You can create magical words by understanding the archetypal, Qabalistic energies of each letter.

However, one of the most simple and effective uses ol words is to literally describe our experience or the experience that we would like to have. If you describe an experience vividly, you experience it, because in order to reference the memory, you must return to the experience. In other words, if I ask you to describe an experience of deep relaxation in complete detail, down to every nuance of feeling, you have to experience it in order to describe it. As you describe each nuance, you are relaxing more and more, just to access greater detail. By creating simple instructions that guide us to experiences that we desire, we can literal!) transform our lives from within. We can even use this specialized language to create invocations, mantras, or other spiritually minded word constructions that are automatically transformational. This is exactly what the New Hermetics has done with the tools you will study in the rest of this book. Constructing experience with language is built into the fabric of our consciousness, and if you consciously take control of this, there is no limit to what you can do.

The power of color is also strong in effecting change in our brains and in our lives. It has been proved in studies that, when office walls are painted blue, employees complain that the temperature is too cold. If the walls are then painted yellow or red, employees start complaining that it is too hot, even though the temperature is exactly the same in both cases! In fact, many colors used in signs, traffic signals, and other practical institutions of government and business have been carefully researched to create maximum effect in human response. There is a definite correlation between certain colors and certain emotional states and even physiological functions.

Red: Aggressiveness, conquest, force, vigor, energy, warmth, love; stimulates, excites, and warms the body, increases heart rate, blood pressure, brain activity, and respiration. Orange: Success, expanding interests and activities; stimulates the appetite and reduces fatigue, lifts energy level. Yellow: Creativity, self-confidence and courage, inspiration; stimulates memory, raises blood pressure and pulse rate, cheers you up. Green: Vibrant color of life and growth; has universal appeal to our sense of balance and normality, soothing and relaxing body/mind, helps the aging to feel more vibrant. Blue: Creative force, peace, maturity, calmness, dependability, color of pineal gland, color ol spirit, calming effect on body; lowers

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blood pressure, heart rate, and respiration, has a profound cooling effect.

Violet: Spiritual color; soothes organs, relaxes muscles, and calms the nervous system.

People have used color to create magick and to inspire religious feeling since the earliest times. In the New Hermetics, you will usespecilic colors for creating specific effects based on modern research as well as ancient Hermetic and Qabalistic correspondences. They correspond Imost exactly. We all naturally associate color with universal archetypal energies. The tendency is built right into our brains. We involuntarily sociatc red with energy, passion, expression, blood. We associate blue ith tranquility, the sky, water, peace. We associate green with jealousy and, by analogy, desire—also growth, nature, and, with Americans, even oney. I could go on and on, but I'm sure you've picked up what 1 can. The power of color is so pervasive and effective that it is sometimes all that is necessary to cause changes in yourself and your world.

Mind Travel, Aethyr, or the Astral Pl/ine he real secret of magick is that it is much simpler than most people could ever believe possible. This automatically protects its mysteries from the foolish who chase after complex "occult" theories or who dis-

Eiss it, calling it "mere imagination."

In fact, the whole of magick is summed up quite well in those two ords, "mere imagination." Magick is the science of imagination. In order to develop magical powers, it is only necessary to develop your imagination into a finely tuned instrument, and then to direct your will ihrough your imaginings. I know, it sounds coo simple, but really, this Us what it is. There are some who may argue with me on this, but I can assure you that they are most definitely not really practicing magick. You see, the aethyr that 1 have mentioned a few times is really just our imagination, the world chac you enter when you close your eyes, here is a bit more to it. The part of your imagination with which you re familiar is only the beginning of your true inner world. After you ork with the New Hermetics for a time, you will discover deeper and cepcr layers of your imagination. You will encounter other worlds and hetypal figures, beings of light and of darkness. Some of these beings and landscapes will seem to he just figments, but others will have .1 uniquely compelling quality. These deeper, more compelling visions will be such powerful experiences that you will be transformed by merely encountering them.

However, even the fleeting images of your undeveloped imagination are sources of incredible power. All of the forces in your mind are trans formative. You should consider every internal experience in your mind and body as a successful act of magick. Then you will begin to under stand your immense power and responsibility. If you create images, words, and feelings of power, you will be powerful. If you create images, words, and feelings of depression, you will be depressed. Our brains are so incredibly effective at creating the realities that we imagine for ourselves that most of us don't even realize our responsibility. If you learn to direct your thoughts in new and empowering directions, your life will transform. 1 guarantee it.

When you are using the New 1 lermetics' tools, even if you only seem to be pretending when you see an image of the goddess Venus, please realize that this pretend image is still powerful for transforming your life. If you allow yourself to experience the most vivid imaginary experience of the Goddess of Love that you can create, you will be experiencing the Goddess of I .ove.

If you are practicing astral projection, you may feel that you are just pretending to leave your body. This is perfectly okay. You may still feel yourself sitting in your chair as you imagine your astral body floating upward. Just stay with your imagination and you will succeed in your magick. Do not worry about "silver cords" or any of the other fancif ul descriptions of many occult writers. I have experimented with astral projection for over fifteen years, and I have experienced "complete separation" many times. But I have also had totally successful astral journeys that started with me "just pretending" to leave my body. I've discovered that there really isn't any difference once you get involved in a vision. Just imagining that you are in your astral body will soon result in a realization that you have left your body far behind.

Emotional Energy Most of us are really rather tormented beings. We have conflicting impulses, morals, values, and beliefs. We struggle with self-doubt, sadness,

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ger, boredom, and all sorts of other mental conflicts. Basically, all of these fuggles are based on fear. We fear rejection, loneliness, death, physical reats, and a million other things. All of these fears lodge themselves in ur bodies and block our awareness completely from the love and bliss that are waiting there for us to discover.

Synchronistically, the places where we experience our fears in our dies correspond roughly to the seven Eastern chakras. We feel the loss bfa loved one in our hearts, physical threats in our stomachs, intellectual fears in our foreheads, etc.

These unpleasant bodily sensations are really natural helpers that are there to assist us—to warn us of impending danger, to tell us that we pre involved in unhealthy situations. However, because of the complexity of our human brains, we apply these same fear signals to entirely internally created and unreal threats. We have become so habitually fearful that we misfire these warning pains all the time. We experience fear and anxiety when it is unnecessary and not useful to us. We have unintentionally instructed a part of ourselves to give us a pain signal in some situation, and this part continues to fire off this signal, this old instrucción, in situations where it is totally unnecessary and no longer useful, tow many of us have felt frightened at the thought of approaching an {tractive member of the opposite sex? That attractive person is most ily not going to harm us in any way, but we fire off the same signal It might fire off in the presence of a wild animal. This is a total misfire-fa fear signal that can cripple us from getting the most out of life.

By learning to become more aware of our bodies and our emotions, IS can clear ourselves of these misfires and unconstructive negative otions. We can reframe our internal representations so that they are Vnpowering rather than debilitating. Once we have learned how to ¡manage our emotional states, we can really begin to experience the joys of life and become more aware of our inner power and cosmic scope.

/« can experience the joy of an unconvicted How of bliss throughout bur being.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

Magick is the art and practice of moving natural energies to effect needed or wanted change. Magick is natural, there is absolutely nothing supernatural about it. What is taught here are various techniques of magick for beginners. Magick is natural and simple and the techniques to develop abilities should be simple and natural as well. What is taught on this site is not only the basics of magick, but the basics of many things.

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